The Best Erotic Stories.

A Chance Encounter Pt. II
by Dave HTT

Dave stood panting at the edge of the undergrowth, hurriedly trying to sort out the zip on his trousers. The instant he'd seen Martin and Amanda panic had set in and he'd run. He looked back over his shoulder, checking for any signs of pursuit. Once he realised all was quiet he slowly started to regain his composure, only then did his mind turn to the events of the evening.

He picked up the previously hidden golf clubs and started to step from the undergrowth, to make his way to the car-park. A figure appeared on his right, and he hesitated - staying in the shadows.

"I can see you."

Dave's heart bounced, he shuffled his feet - but said nothing.

"I know I'm not much to look at, but you didn't have to run away quite so fast."

It was her. Relief flooded through Dave, he'd thought it to be Amanda - and with Martin not far behind her.

"I wasn't running from you, I just got scared, frightened out of my life!"

"Oh well, at least that's something. So, what happens now? Do we each go our own way and never see each other again, or will we bump into each other here again?"

Dave was recovering fast, sliding the golf bag onto his shoulder, he walked the short distance that separated them.

"Let's walk. Have you a car nearby?"

"No, I don't drive."

"Can I give you a lift anywhere? We could go for a drink!" Dave was desperate to find out more about this mystery woman, he wanted to see her in better light.

"That would be nice, but only if you're sure?"

"Why wouldn't I be sure?"

"Most men don't like to be seen out with me." Sensing the question through the silence, she went on. "You can t see me properly in this light can you? Otherwise you wouldn't have asked, but don't worry - I'm used to it."

Dave stopped, looking at the ground - investigating his shoes while he sorted his thoughts.

"You're pretty quick to judge aren't you? You've made my mind up before I've had a chance to make it up myself. Think about it for a moment, how do you know what I think? How do you know that whatever your problem is, I haven't got something worse wrong with me? I honestly don't have an opinion at the moment. How can I have? Once I know all the facts I can make a decision, but don't try and put words in my mouth because of men you've known before - they weren't me." Dave finished speaking with an emphatic nod of his head, like a punctuation mark. He took hold of her hand and they continued walking.

"First things first I always say," He spoke as they walked. "I don't even know your name."

"It's Karen."

"Karen, that's a nice name - sort of friendly sounding, safe and secure. Mine is David, Dave."

Dave stopped, turning to face Karen.

"I don't mind telling you, you almost gave me a heart attack tonight. You must have thought I was a real sad case, standing in the bushes wanking and watching that young couple screwing?"

"I was there too remember! I didn't think to myself Oh there's a sad bloke having a wank I'll go and give him a shag! , I was doing what you were doing - so we're both sad cases."

"But why? I can understand why I do it, but not a woman with a body like yours. I'm a middle-aged man who lost his wife, and who knows he hasn't got a chance in hell of ever finding another woman interested in a man past his prime like me. So I watch and wank, until tonight"

"You'll understand when you can see me better. Oh, I used to be good looking enough - I've had my share of men running after me - but all that changed some years back. I'm not good looking any more, and the only way I can get a man is in the dark. Mostly I don't get a man at all, so I also watch and wank - just like you."

"Come on then, Let's see what this is all about." Dave strode off, Karen's hand still in his - pulling her towards the car-park and the lighting she seemed to fear so much. The nearer the car-park came the lower Karen's face dropped, until her chin was almost on her chest. As the light began to have an effect upon the darkness, Dave sneaked sideways glances from the corner of his eye.

Eventually, with light pooling around their feet, they stopped beside Dave's car. He turned, took her chin in his hand and lifted her face to meet the light. One side of her face showed a normal, quite pretty, woman - maybe a few years younger than Dave's 44. The other side was an angry assortment of blotchy red and purple hues from just underneath the eye, to her chin.

No wonder she was worried Dave thought to himself, calmly looking her straight in the eyes. I can understand why men have been put off. Luckily, or unluckily for her, I've seen it all before and it doesn't bother me.

Dave slowly and deliberately let his gaze travel down her form and back up again. "Okay," he said, "I've looked. Where s the problem?"

Karen was silent for a moment. "My face doesn't bother you? You're making it up - you're just being kind."

Dave fumbled in his pocket, removing his keys and unlocking his car. Walking round to the rear, he opened the boot and put his golf clubs inside. He opened the passenger door.

"Get in the car." He ordered. Meekly Karen obeyed, and once she was seated Dave closed the door ,before moving round the other side and getting in himself. "Don't say anything, not a word!" His tone was one that didn't allow for argument.

A short drive later they pulled up outside a house in the middle of a terraced row, Dave turned off the engine and walked round to open the door for Karen. He locked the car, then unlocked the door to the house. Holding the door open, he gestured that she should precede him into the house. He closed the door, switched on the lights and led the way into a small sitting room.

"Would you like a drink my dear lady?" He enquired. "Please sit down." He indicated the sofa. With the drinks Dave brought a book, and sat beside Karen. Handing her a glass, he opened the book.

"I suppose you d describe this as the family album." He turned the pages one by one. " This one's of Sally - my wife."

"She's very pretty."

"She was indeed, and some said that I was quite handsome when I stood beside her." He turned another page. "This was our wedding day."

"What a lovely dress."

"Yes it was." Dave flipped through more pages, then turned the final page. "This is Sally too."

"Oh!............ Oh!" The page showed Sally's face and it bore an almost exact pattern to Karen's.

"Car crash." Said Dave, "She got burned too, and eventually died - so don't ever dare tell me what I will or won t be able to accept."

Karen stood up, "I'm very sorry Dave. I can see I was wrong about you, You're different to other men I've met."

With that, Karen held out her hands, took Dave's in hers and pulled him to his feet. She put her arms around his neck, and smiled. "Well, we've had a shag - isn't it about time we had a kiss?" They kissed long and soft, finally stopping for breath.

Karen stepped away from Dave, and pulled her jumper over her head. She wore no bra, and her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath she took. She placed her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt and wriggled off her hips, allowing it fall in a pool at her feet. She reached out, grasping the buckle of Dave's belt and undoing it. She unbuttoned his trousers and allowed them to fall, then freed his cock from his underpants. Dave took his own shirt off, and almost tore Karen's panties from her hips.

"Have you got any baby oil?" Karen enquired.

"No, sorry." Replied Dave

"Show me your kitchen then."

Karen followed as Dave led the way into the kitchen, then she searched until she found a bottle of olive oil. "This will do nicely, even if I'm not extra virgin!" She smiled. "Now, take me to your bedroom."

Dave led the way upstairs. In the bedroom, Karen pushed him back so that he lay full length, and told him to remain where he was. She searched the cupboards until she found some neckties. She then tied Dave to the bed, so that he was spread-eagled from corner to corner. Next, she poured some of the oil onto his belly and straddled him. "I'll bet you've never had this kind of massage before!" She proceeded to straddle him, rubbing the oil all over his body with her pussy. Long, slow, sliding motions caressed Dave's whole body until he was erect, and felt about to burst.

Pinching the tip of his foreskin carefully, Karen extended it and poured a little oil into the pouch she'd made. She then pinched it closed with one hand, while squeezing the air pocket she'd created with her other hand. As she released his cock, olive oil spilled out. Karen pulled his foreskin back, gently tracing the outline of his tip with a fingernail. Leaning over she poked out her tongue and eased it into the hole in the tip, gently wiggling it for greater effect. Dave writhed, helpless. Karen smeared her oil covered hands across her breasts, pinching and squeezing her own nipples so that they erected, glistening with the oil. Her hands continued, down across her flat stomach, reaching between her legs and parting her lips - raising her body so that Dave could see the shining entrance.

Holding her lips apart, she shuffled backwards - until she was poised above the tip of Dave's cock. Gently she lowered herself, until just the very tip of his cock touched her outer lips. She held herself in that position, feeling Dave's cock twitch and move. She moved her hips forward, feeling the oil covered cock slide backwards moving between the cheeks of her ass. She rose and fell, enjoying the sensation of feeling the slippery beast between her buttocks - then returned it to her cunt lips and sat down on it sharply. Dave exhaled, his eyes wide. Karen rocked gently backwards and forwards.

"Tell me, when you were watching that couple. Did you imagine that it was you screwing her?"

"Yes, my hand was on her fanny."

"Your cock was in her fanny then??"

Dave looked puzzled, then realised. "Oh, yes - metaphorically speaking."

"How long has it been since you had your cock inside a real woman?"

"Before tonight?"

"Before tonight!"

"Almost three years, just over two and a half."

"So long, and then just a hurried shag in the bushes. We'll soon put that right!"

With that, Karen rose and took hold of Dave's shaft. She wriggled into position, then lowered herself until the tip of his cock was at the lips of her pussy. Reaching behind her, she spread apart those lips - with some difficulty due to her oil covered hands. Squatting, she felt her cunt begin to open - so she slowly increased the downward pressure until the tip of his cock was inside. Karen puffed out her cheeks and blew, she could feel every centimetre of width he had. She paused, getting used to the feel of it. Slowly her pussy adapted and spread to make it more comfortable.

"How does that feel?"

"Incredible, its like being inside a fist that's soft and warm."

"You haven't felt anything yet!" So saying, Karen began to move. The stress on her leg muscles was incredible, and tiring - yet the pleasure was immense, and obviously so for Dave too by the look on his face. His eyed were closed, his face screwed as if concentrating - his bottom lip trapped firmly between his teeth as his breath game in gasps.

Balancing herself on one hand, Karen brought the other one to her pussy lips and began to manipulate her clitoris. "Open your eyes, I want you to watch!"

Dave did as he was told, seeing Karen before him - riding up and down the cock embedded in her, while she fingered her clit like a demented pianist. Now it was Karen who had her eyes closed, concentrating one her own pleasure. One finger changed to two, bumping and rubbing - and suddenly she was there. She collapsed along the length of Dave's body, causing his cock to spring free from her cunt. Gasping for breath she smiled at him.

"That was magical!" Then she looked behind her, seeing his still erect cock. "But I haven't been fair to you have I? We'll soon put that right!"

She took his cock in her hand, rubbing it against her nipples. "Next time, you can tie me up - and you can fuck my tits. For now you'll have to do with splashing them with your come." Karen speeded up her hand, using her other one to alternately fondle his balls and play with the entrance to his anus. Dave jerked and gasped, guttural noises came from him - he panted, faster and faster. With a groan he came, releasing his semen to splash across Karen's breasts. Gently she squeezed the last drops from his wilting cock, making certain they smeared over her nipple. Releasing his now relaxed member, she massaged his come into her breasts - smiling, and watching his face as she did so.

With a grin on her face, Karen leaned forward - dangling a breast in front of Dave's face. "Open wide." She instructed. He obeyed, and Karen lowered the come covered nipple into his mouth. Dave sucked greedily, circling the nipple with his tongue - then alternately flicking it gently with his tongue and gently nibbling it with his teeth. "That's enough." Karen rose and left the room. Dave heard running water, and moments later Karen reappeared carrying a sponge and a towel. "Let's get you cleaned up." She gently washed his cock, and rubbed it dry - taking care to get into each crease of skin.

Karen returned to the bed, stretching out - easing her aching legs. Her head lay across Dave's legs, his cock an inch from her lips. She kissed the tip, wetly slurped the whole length - then it eased from her mouth as she fell into a doze. Dave too fell asleep, all in all it had been quite a day.

The need to go.

Drifting slowly through infinite layers of consciousness, Karen became aware of a need. It niggled at her, insisting that she answer its call. She woke, knowing that she needed to pee. She opened her eyes, and there before her was a limp cock! Memory flooded back, dreams now forgotten. She smiled, Dave wasn't awake yet, but she knew just how to wake him. Ignoring her need she slowly moved her head toward his cock. Slowly and gently she took the whole of what she could see into her open mouth, cock and balls. It felt kind of nice, and she closed her lips around it and gently started to lick blindly at whatever her tongue touched. She could feel it becoming aroused, it was a wonderful feeling - she wouldn't be able to keep it all inside her mouth for much longer. Slowly his cock uncurled and grew, leaping to fill her mouth. She had to open her mouth and let the balls out, sucking now just on the extending shaft.

Dave murmured, and Karen reached over and untied one of his feet.

"I feel stiff." He commented.

"You are stiff." Karen mumbled from a mouth full of hard cock. Moving, she untied his other foot. Releasing his cock to stand free and erect, she untied both hands too.

"Good morning you wonderful man." Her lips closed on his. Dave rolled over, trapping Karen beneath him. Karen could now feel his cock hard against her thigh. She could also feel his weight pressing on her stomach, making her full bladder register its disapproval.

Before Karen knew what was happening, Dave had tied her hands to the bed with the ties she'd just released him from. As she thrashed about, trying to free herself, Dave calmly grabbed each leg in turn and tied that too. Dave stood back, looking and grinning. Nodding to himself, he took hold of a pillow and pushed it under Karen's bottom - elevating her. " Now the dog can see the rabbit." He said.

Dave knelt at the base of the bed, leaning forward until his lips came into contact with Karen's cunt lips. He extended his tongue and licked slowly from the bottom to the top, then wiggled his tongue over the tip of her clitoris.

"Dave, I need to pee, I'm bursting."

"Then you'll just have to wait. As the man said - I've started , so I'll finish!"

Dave pushed his tongue into Karen's cunt, inserting it as far as he was able. At the same time he slid his hands beneath her, cupping one of her ass cheeks with either hand. He pulled Karen towards him as he thrust his tongue into her, moving his head from side to side in an effort to open her lips and let his tongue delve deeper. Karen writhed uncontrollably above his head, sensation flooding through her. It was like being fucked with a cock that went from side to side - as well as in and out. Dave slid his hands back a little, and used his thumbs to part her lips even more. Once his tongue was as deep as he could make it, his thumbs trapped Karen's clit between them - stretching, pulling, and rubbing her to orgasm.

As she came, Karen felt the slightest dribble of pee break loose and roll down to where Dave was now sitting. He straddled her, edging up her body so that his knees were in her armpits. Taking hold of his cock, he gently wanked it in front of her face. "I know what this stuff tastes like, isn't it about time you tasted some?"

Karen shook her head. "Not right now Dave, I really do need to pee!"

"In a minute."

Dave lowered his hips, allowing his cock to fall between Karen's breasts. He sat back, flattening her stomach with his buttocks - while using his hands to squeeze her breasts around his cock. Slowly he thrust, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, sometimes squeezing tighter - sometimes releasing the pressure. It wasn't getting him where he wanted to go, and was difficult to manage - so he released her breasts and sat back. the merest glimmer of pre-cum was glistening at the tip of his cock. Carefully he wiped it on the nipple of her right breast. He bent forward, sucking the nipple of the other breast, then lifting the breast - he licked the skin underneath, where previously flesh had only been kissed by flesh. He massaged, he rolled, he squeezed and manipulated. Finally, he took Karen's right breast and lifted it to her lips. "Open wide." Karen complied, opening her mouth while Dave fed her own nipple into it. her mouth closed, her eyes closed and she licked and sucked at her own breast.

"Good Girl, now we're even."

Dave untied her hands, then her feet. "Race you to the bathroom, I'm bursting too!"

"Let me go first Dave, Please!"

"Come on then." He held out his hand and led her to the bathroom, watching while she sat and peed seemingly without end. At last she let out a contented sigh of relief, and sat there looking at Dave. "Come on then, I need to go too!"

"Only if you'll let me drive." She insisted.

"Let you drive?"

"Stand here. No, face the loo. That's it. Now let me drive!" With that she reached around from behind him and took hold of his cock, pointing it at the bowl. A flood appeared to come from Dave's cock, then it slowed as he became aware of her breasts thrusting into his back and her other hand cupping his balls. "Can t you do it?"

"Not with those things making a hole in my back."

"OK then finish by yourself while I take a shower."

Dave took hold of his own cock as she turned away. Finishing, he shook the drops from his cock. He could see Karen's figure through the shower cubicle, distorted by running water. She bent, and her buttocks pressed against the glass. Dave felt himself grow again, and started to wank gently while watching.

The cubicle door opened. "Aren't you going to join me?" Karen asked, then seeing what he was doing, "Stop that, don't waste it. Get in here."

Dave obeyed, immediately feeling the warm water cascade down his body. He closed his eyes, head tilted back - shaking his head as the needles of water hit his face. Karen knelt, wanking his cock. He looked down to see her smiling at him. "Fancy wanting to get even for me making you taste one drop of your own come, I like the taste - I'll show you." She increased the speed of her hand, but relaxed the pressure of her grip. Dave put his arms out wide, hands pressed against the sides of the cubicle - keeping his balance as his knees wobbled. Karen put a hand through between Dave's legs, stroking the cheeks of his ass - running a finger down the valley between his buttocks. Dave was swaying, he was almost there. Karen could sense this and increased he speed once more. Deep down Dave could feel the familiar volcano begin its explosion process, there was no turning back now!

Karen could feel Dave's buttocks begin to clench, her mouth enclosed his cock, her hand cupped his balls. As he pumped his semen from his cock, Karen massaged his balls, milking him of every last drop of fluid. Then she stood up and smiled, taking his face between her hands and planting her lips on his. Dave felt her tongue against his lips, and opened his own to receive it. Karen's tongue ran along his teeth, and Dave felt his mouth flooding with saliva. He broke contact, breathed deeply, swallowed, and returned to Karen's lips. His mouth was filled with a salty sensation, unusual, but not unpleasant.

Karen broke the kiss and smiled at him. "Remember one thing Dave, I never get mad - but I always get even!"

Realisation flooded through him, anger crossed his face - then he laughed aloud.

"You bitch!"

"Yes, I know - I deserve a good fucking, and I hope I'm going to get it!"

"You are indeed, my dear, you are indeed.!"

Dave kissed her, his hands roaming over Karen's soapy breasts. Her nipples erected, he bent to lick one - then continued done her body, tracing a trail with his tongue. He paused at her belly button, worming his tongue into it, his hands grasping her ass as her hands tangled in his hair. He moved on, bending his knees until he was eye to eye with the dripping pubic hair of her pussy. He licked upward, savouring the water flavoured with her juices. He massaged her buttocks roughly, grasping each in turn. She bent her knees to descend to his level, but only succeeded in causing them both to fall to the floor. they sat laughing, water cascading over their heads.

Dave sat back, his legs splayed before him. Karen parted his legs, shuffling her bottom forward until her pussy almost touched his cock. She lifted her legs over his to lay outside them, then shuffled forward another few inches. She gripped his cock hard, seeing the head bulge - then steered it into her eager cunt. They rocked to and fro, enjoying the sensation as his cock gently penetrated the opening of her cunt. Deep sensation just wasn't possible, but they kissed and rocked for ages. It was Karen who grew more insistent, trying to get an extra inch inside her - lifting her legs, trying to get them over his shoulder - and keep upright.

It didn't work, so Karen stood and ran to the bedroom - throwing herself backwards onto the bed. "For god s sake Dave, come here and screw me properly."

Dave followed Karen, and stood looking. "You really want it? Want it badly? Want it deep inside you?"

"YESSSS" Shouted Karen.

"Okay." Dave picked up her legs, folding them so that her breasts were squashed by her knees. He leaned forward, trapping her legs - Karen held herself with a hand behind each knee, to make it easier. Dave leant forward, taking his weight on his hands - probing with his cock, trying to find the entrance to Karen's cunt. He moved, an inch at a time prodding with his cock. Without warning he found what he was seeking, and slipped into her.

"Oh, that's so deep, so good." She responded.

Dave agreed, he was all the way in alright - he could feel his balls banging against her with every stroke. Strangely, the position seemed to loosen her up, it wasn't so tight in there - so he could keep this up for a while. He increased his speed, ensuring that every stroke was made almost to the point of withdrawal - before slamming the whole length home again. Karen was chewing her lips and making little noises, shaking uncontrollably. Her hands let go of her legs and gripped the bedclothes, she was coming. Dave realised that Karen had come, there were squelching noises abounding. He determined to keep going, to see if he could make her come again. He drove onward, as Karen just gripped the bed and looked amazed. She was dribbling now, from the corner of her mouth - but she didn't care, this was building to a major orgasm. Dave was slowing, but he now considered this to be a matter of honour. he could see Karen's breast flushing red, as though her tits were blushing. He could also feel his own orgasm approaching now.

It was as though she'd been struck by lightning, Karen jerked and writhed - gasping and repeating over and over "Oh God." Barely seconds behind, Dave also exploded, his load feeling as though it had come from his toes. On and on, waves of come seemed to keep pulsing from his cock. He rolled sideways, pulling out of Karen and off her legs. Karen's legs remained in the air, still shaking as though made of jelly. Slowly she lowered them, rolled onto her side and threw her arms around Dave. "That was the best, the best EVER! I've never had an orgasm like that in my entire life."

They kissed, and curled up fitting the curve of each body together - at peace with the world and totally sated.

Moving in and moving on.

Looking back, Dave could see just how lucky he'd been. He had found Karen, but he could just as easily have been found - by Amanda and Martin, by the police, it could have turned out much differently to how it actually did. But all that was in the past now, yet he found it strange how fate could contrive to bring two lives together. he'd always visited Martin and Amanda s place on a Sunday, Karen had always gone there on Saturdays - until that fateful day when she'd been a day later than usual. Sure, they lived together now - but they still made their life adventurous. They still occasionally returned to the place where they d met, or dreamed up other fantasies to enact.

They had played out so many scenario s since they had first met, Dave now knew Karen's body almost as well as his own - and her capacity for enjoying sex was the equal of his. When he thought of the wasted years, he realised just how lucky he'd been. Karen was inventive, and her body was amazing. From the tip of her flame coloured head, to her cute little toenails - she was all the woman Dave could ever ask for. The lengths to which she would go to satisfy his, and her own, urges was incredible.

Like today, Dave found today intensely stimulating for some unknown reason. It was something he would never have suggested, he had far too much respect for women, but Karen had insisted. Karen had in fact cajoled, pouted when he'd raised objections, and threatened a sex-strike unless he had agreed. In the end Dave had given in, and now found the prospect something he looked forward to immensely.

It had taken a lot of planning. They had to find somewhere safe to act out the fantasy, then there was the costume and equipment elements to consider, then all the minute details to make certain it all went exactly to order. All that was now behind them, and right now Karen was in position and waiting for it to unfold. She'd always had this fantasy, ever since she had been a schoolgirl and had felt drawn to her Guidemistress. Now, here she was dressed as one, and her fantasy was about to happen.

The area had taken a lot of finding, sufficiently isolated to allow them free reign without too much likelihood of being discovered or disturbed - yet near enough to home to allow them to arrive separately and add more life to the parts they were playing.

Karen heard the faint sound of a car approach, distant sounds of tyres on stones, then quiet. The breeze carried the familiar chunk as a car door slammed shut, here we go she thought. She dropped to her knees, and crawled head first into the tent - leaving her behind outside the canvas. Her uniform skirt was intentionally short, so that in this position Dave would be able to see that she wore no knickers. In fact, her knickers swung damply from one of the guy-ropes - a little extra that she'd thought of without telling Dave about it.

"Good afternoon."

That wasn't Dave's voice! Quickly she scurried backwards and stood. A stranger met her eyes, a man. Karen looked him over, not tall, quite old and fairly chubby - dressed in tweed, with binoculars slung round his neck - and with a thumbstick for support. Stout boots told that he was obviously a walker, or a birdwatcher. "G..Good afternoon." She stammered in reply.


"Yes, that's right."

"On your own?"

Karen thought quickly, "For the moment, someone else is due anytime now."

"I'll leave you to it then, have fun - I hope the weather keeps kind for you." With that the stranger wandered away, towards the woods behind her.

Karen breathed a sigh of relief, in all the times she and Dave had checked the area they had never seen anyone else here. She looked, the man had disappeared now.

Again Karen heard a car approach. Looking around her, and seeing no sign of life, she adopted the same position as before.

"Good afternoon."

Relief, Dave's voice!

"Good afternoon." She replied, remaining where she was.

"Lovely view from here, a real beauty spot."

"I like it."

"That's obvious from what I can see, I think I'll take some pictures."

Karen heard the noise of a shutter clicking, and a camera winding film forward. That wasn't in the script! Still, if she could add some little details, so could Dave. Karen slowly reached back and pulled her skirt an inch higher, why didn't he start?

"Hello old man."

Karen's heart skipped a beat, the stranger was back - she froze.

"Afternoon." She heard Dave reply.

"Admiring the view?"

"And taking some snaps."

"It is a pleasant spot, its surprising what one can see up here sometimes."

"Isn't it just."

"Such sights should be enjoyed don't you think, as well as photographed?"

"My thoughts exactly, I was planning to do just that before you came along."

Karen heard whispered voices, but was unable to discern what was said. This was all going wrong. Without warning she felt her ankles grasped and pulled. She felt herself being towed backwards, her skirt riding up to her waist. Some sort of covering was thrown over her head, and the world became dark.

"Don't fight, or you'll only hurt yourself."

Dave! Good, it was all back on course. She allowed herself to be pulled to her feet and led away. She heard and felt branches brushing against her, and knew where she was being taken. One hand was pulled upwards, and she felt rope encircle her wrist. Her arm was held in place. The other hand received similar treatment, then her ankles - this was great.

She was stretched out, in a cross - arms held above her head, legs spread wide apart. Karen felt her uniform being unbuttoned, hands roughly fondled her breasts before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra. She felt the bra pulled forward, but it wouldn't come off. She heard a snick, then her bra was gone. Tearing sounds, and her uniform was loosening - one side was free, Dave was cutting it off with a knife. The other side received similar treatment, then she was naked from the waist up. Hands fumbled at her waist, button - zip, and her skirt fell around her knees, held up only by the spread of her legs. More tearing, then the only clothing she wore were shoes and white ankle socks - apart from those - and the covering over her head she was naked.

Karen felt something nudge the cheeks of her bum, she wiggled it and felt something warm bobble about - Dave's cock! It slipped between her legs, he must be bending his knees - he was too tall to do that standing upright. She felt the cock slide backwards and forward, barely touching her cunt lips - then it was gone. Now it reappeared, this time from the front, rubbing full and beautifully against her cunt. Hands groped her breasts, kneading and pulling at her nipples. OH! The cock slipped inside her, just for a moment, then withdrew. She heard the camera click again, wind, then another click. That hadn t been part of the plan, but she didn't mind - it would be fun looking at them later. The cock returned, slipped inside her again - then she heard the camera shutter fire off another shot. The cock disappeared, then she felt it probing her anus - the camera clicked and wound once more!

Karen felt a release of pressure as her right arm was untied, it was a relief - it had started to become tiring, Dave must have guessed. Her other arm was freed, then she was bent forward to kneel . A stick was placed under her arms and across her breasts and tied in place - inventive! Then she felt the rope tightening, trapping her in that position. The covering over her face was adjusted, pulled away from her face - then that tearing sound once more. he'd cut a hole in it, and Karen hoped it wasn't just so that she could breathe better! Her wished were answered when a stiff cock was placed through the opening, nuzzling against her lips. She gladly opened her mouth to allow it entrance, sucking it greedily inside. There was that camera noise again! She sucked happily on the cock, then it withdrew.

Once again Karen felt her cunt lips parted from behind, only this time the cock went wonderfully all the way in! She wriggled back onto it, making certain that was as deeply embedded as possible. Another photo! Karen wiggled her ass, she wanted fucking! It seemed funny to her, but Dave's cock didn't seem to be as far in as usual - maybe it was the position she was in? Not that it mattered, the cock was sliding in and out as smooth as a piston. Karen felt her knees tremble, and in the throes of an orgasm - a trickle of fluid seeping down her thigh. The cock withdrew.

She sensed movement before her, and felt her arms brushed by flesh - her head tilted, trying to see through the mouth hole to find out what was going on. It seemed that legs were being pushed through the gap between her hands, yes - she could feel them alongside her own legs now. Hands on the back of her head, pulling down! She got the idea, and opened her mouth ready to envelop the cock she knew would be there. She took it deep into her mouth, fully to the back of her throat - then gripping it with her lips, she slid to the tip. With her lips she pushed back the foreskin, rolling her tongue over the exposed head - hands gripped her dangling breasts, then gripped the nipples and pulled downwards.

Without any warning, Karen felt the cheeks of her bum parted - and a cock slid into her pussy. WHAT! How the hell? Then she forgot as the cock began pumping. The cock paused, slowed - as did the cock in her mouth. Then the two cocks began moving as if in unison, as the one in her mouth pulled out - the one in her cunt pushed in, and vice-versa. It was wonderful, like being fucked the length of her body by one huge prick! Karen clenched her muscles around the cock in her cunt, and lightened the grip of her lips around the one in her mouth. God, this was amazing! Her mouth was full, her pussy was full, her nipples were being tweaked - if only....

As if in answer to her unspoken prayer, both cocks slowed, she felt a hand on her back - then fingers at her clit. Now every part of her was being used and pleasured. She almost gagged on the cock in her mouth as an orgasm shook her and her body fell forward. the hand on her back disappeared. Now she was being ridden from behind at a ferocious pace, she gobbled at the cock in her mouth. Another orgasm shook her, then another - and she collapsed sideways onto the ground, her right arm held uncomfortable straight out. Both cocks had disappeared as she had slipped. It had never been this good before! Hands lifted her, brushing debris from her body. She felt her hands untied. God, but that had been magic - it was a shame it had to end.

But it wasn't over! A cock entered her pussy from the front, and fucked her hard, with no attempt at timing on this occasion. Her body shook as it slammed in and out, she felt her knees go again as yet another orgasm shook her, but hands held her upright. As soon as she had her balance, the cock in her pussy went at it. Soon Karen felt the tell-tale final thrust and wetness running down her legs.

Gently she was lowered to the ground, laid flat on her back and kissed, two hands on her breasts and two at her clit. Then her feet were untied and the sack covering her face was removed. Before her eyes, two limp cocks and two red faces became clear. It was the guy she'd seen earlier, the birdwatcher - who was with Dave! Both looked embarrassed and guilty. Karen rose to her knees and grabbed both cocks, squeezing them hard and pulling them towards her. Briefly she took both cocks into her mouth together, then let them slurp out.

"Just so that you both know - there's no hard feelings!"

Three s company.

There wasn't much that Dave wouldn't do, to satisfy the urges of either Karen or himself -- although there were lines that he would never cross. He remembered old actors, saying never appear with children or animals -- and that just about covered what he wouldn't do sexually as well. Today he was about to leave behind another of his old taboos. Dave had never had the fantasy that most men seem to dream of; of having two women in bed at the same time, He'd never been able to see the point in it. He figured that he only had just the one cock, so what was the point in having two women?

However, Karen had made him see it from a different point of view -- hers! She had reasoned that Dave had allowed her to be used by two men at once, so why shouldn't she enjoy having another woman there too? Dave had agreed, but said that two men was acceptable -- women had more than one hole to fill, but one man couldn't pleasure two women at the same time! Karen had nodded knowingly and agreed, then said that one man and one woman could pleasure another woman. Karen had gone over the permutations in her mind and decided that she liked the ideas she came up with.

She reasoned that, although Dave was a good lover, if she were doing those things to herself -- she would do some of them differently. All it would take was just a slightly lighter touch here, a heavier touch there -- an inch to the left, one minute longer. She figured that another woman would know what a woman's body wanted better than a man, and was determined to try it, but she couldn't do it on her own -- not just her and another woman. She wasn't going without a cock in her for any price!

So she had worked on Dave, just dropping it into the conversation here and there -- until when she suggested doing it, he couldn't do anything but accede. Dave hadn't realised of course, not until it was too late and he'd agreed without realising it. Clever creatures these women, they crept up on you. So, Dave sat trying to word an ad in order to find the woman Karen wanted to join them. They had discussed how to go about it, local press -- magazines -- dating services -- escort agencies, had all been talked about. Finally, they decided on the Internet.

Since Karen had moved in and brought her computer with her, they had enjoyed the chat rooms on the various services they had available. ICQ was their favourite, more than once Dave had pumped away at Karen while she typed and talked dirty to a guy somewhere in the world. So they decided to use the service to find what they sought. Dave had been most surprised when Karen had dragged him to the photo-booth at the local store, and even more surprised when she'd insisted he get his cock out behind the curtain and hold it against her exposed breasts. He'd even been pleasantly surprised when, after three flashes Karen had put his cock in her mouth for the last picture -- they'd be keeping that one! Dave had guarded the exit chute for the snaps most carefully, so that no-one should see what they'd been up to.

They had taken the photo's home and Karen had scanned them onto her computer's disc, the pictures had been cropped and enlarged so that each one filled the screen, then they had been re-stored ready to send. All that remained was the wording of the advert. That was what Dave was delegated to do. He finished, and saved the file to show to Karen later. Once she had approved the ad would be submitted.

Karen read the ad aloud. "Sensible middle-aged couple seek a young female to join them for a shagging session, must have big tits and like sucking both cock and pussy. Photo essential, come and stay with us for a great fuck weekend."


"It lacks something Dave, and I think we might change the words just a little." Karen thought silently. "How about this?

Passionate and adventurous couple; F48 bi-curious, M50 straight; seek to enlarge their performance repertoire and experiences. Bi-female (any age) sought to spend a weekend of exploration at our place or yours; must be adventurous, and willing to please both partners. Photo appreciated -- ours by return. Surrey area"

"You won't get any replies if you tell them I'm 50!"

"Its best to be honest, what would you say 38, 40? Then what would happen when whoever answers sees the photo? Let's just put the ad on the web tonight and see what happens, we've got nothing to lose have we?"

Later that night Karen did just that, visited a web site contact board and placed the ad. The next evening, when they checked their mailbox, they were amazed at the number of responses they'd received. They read through the responses together, some had included photographs -- which made the choice a little easier. Not that Dave and Karen were in any way judgmental on looks alone, but Karen felt that there had to be some 'spark' -- some sort of chemical thing that would signal a fancy for the person who's image she was looking at. That spark didn't appear in any of the replies that night, and it took them quite a while to send polite refusals to all those who had taken the time to get in touch.

As Karen pressed the button, to send the replies they had written, she activated Outlook Express's send/receive function. After sending the e-mails, new ones began to arrive. They decided to read them straight away, then they could also respond immediately -- rather than leave it until tomorrow. From the new receipts, there were two that took Karen's fancy because of what they had to say, so Karen replied to those -- including a photo from their newly created file and requesting one by return.

Karen printed out the two she fancied, and showed them to Dave -- who read them as she sent replies.

"Hi, I'm Jackie, a 26 year old female. I'm blonde with blue eyes and a 36-24-36 figure. I saw your ad and decided to reply. Yours sounds just the situation I could slot into nicely. I broke up with my boyfriend some months ago, and I'm not ready for another steady relationship just yet -- but I miss the great sex we used to have. It's not easy for a single girl to find the right situation for sex without complications. Also, I've always wondered about sex with another woman, but I've never got around to trying it. I'm willing, very adventurous and free. I also live in Surrey, (Banstead) so maybe we aren't too far apart and can have some fun on a regular basis."

Dave turned to the second letter.

"Hello, my name is Sam and I live in Leatherhead - is that near you? I read your ad, and I'd like to join you. I'm 35, a redhead and have a full figure. My husband works overseas, so I'm missing out on my share of sex and I'd like to do something about it. I have had sex with another woman, and it was wonderful. I'm not looking for a boyfriend, or anything complicated. I love my husband, and normally wouldn't think about being unfaithful. Therefore, I would agree to joining the two of you for fun, but not to being penetrated by the male in your partnership -- if that's alright. If you reply I can send a photo, although its quite an old one."

Dave turned to Karen and enquired which of the two she favoured. Karen asked Dave how he felt about the two, worried that the fact of him not being able to have full sex with one might put him off the idea. Dave wasn't concerned at all, as long as he could still shag Karen it was alright with him. They decided to wait and see. Both the women lived close enough to make it a distinct possibility that a visit wouldn't be difficult.

Karen wondered, the time on the e-mails she was replying to was very recent, maybe the senders were still on-line. If that was so, she might get a reply back before bedtime! She decided to check. Outlook Express came up with a further bunch of e-mails, including replies from the two she had sent less than half-an-hour ago. Both replies contained more details, and both contained photo's.

Jackie's photo showed a young blonde, naked and with a vibrator stuck in her pussy. The letter said that she was pleased at their interest and would be pleased to her from them at any time. A telephone number was given, and Jackie said that she was available at any time in the next week. Sam had also sent a photo, which proved that she was a natural redhead, with a much fuller figure than Jackie's -- more like Karen's own. She was also available, but gave no contact number. "Well?" Dave asked.

"I like them both, I can't make up my mind."

"Try them both then, they needn't know about each other. It's only 10 o'clock, ring that Jackie up and arrange something."

With shaking hands Karen picked up the phone and dialled the number. "Hello" Enquired a female voice.

"Hello," Began Karen, nervously. "This is Karen, you sent me your picture a while ago." That said, and the ice broken, the conversation flowed. Occasionally Karen would hold her hand over the mouthpiece to discuss something with Dave. Eventually Karen told Jackie where they lived and invited her to call round as soon as she could. Jackie had responded, saying that she'd be over right away. So there sat Dave and Karen nervously waiting the doorbell's summons.

Karen jumped as the doorbell chimed. She looked at Dave, who indicated that she should answer it. Gathering her courage, she opened the door. Jackie stood there, looking just like her picture -- except that she was clothed. Karen invited her in and offered to take her coat, Jackie refused -- clutching it to her tightly. Karen ushered her into the lounge and seated her in an armchair. Dave enquired if she would like a drink, and made them all a whisky and ginger. Three drinks were sipped nervously, waiting for someone to start the conversation.

'This is silly' thought Karen to herself, 'I wanted this to happen, I shouldn't be nervous.' She rose, and went to sit on the arm of the chair Jackie sat in. Taking a deep breath she bent and kissed Jackie full on the lips. All Karen's tension disappeared as Jackie returned the kiss, and her tongue probed Karen's lips. "That's better," Said Karen, "now I don't feel so nervous." She unbuttoned her blouse, slipping it from her shoulders -- then bent and kissed Jackie again. Karen got the response she'd hoped for, as Jackie placed a hand on the slope of Karen's breasts and nervously let her fingers play across the surface.

Karen broke the kiss, and turned her back to Jackie, who understood what was wanted -- and unclasped Karen's bra. Karen turned back round, her breast offered to Jackie's lips. Jackie gladly took a nipple in her lips, and breathing a deep sigh, rolled it around with her tongue tip. At the same time, she unbuttoned the front of her coat -- revealing that she wore nothing beneath it. Karen took hold of a nipple and tugged it gently, running her other hand encouragingly through Jackie's hair. Karen stood up, and eased off her skirt -- she then pulled Jackie to her feet and slipped the coat from her shoulders. The two women embraced tightly, breast squashed against breast.

"I don't know what to do next." Jackie whispered to Karen.

"I do." Replied Karen, bending to kiss Jackie's stomach and run her tongue over her pubic hair. Jackie's hands now ran through Karen's hair, and she looked at Dave beseechingly. Dave rose, and went to stand behind Jackie -- fondling her breasts. Jackie grasped his cock through the material of his trousers. Dave dropped his trousers to his ankles, and gasped as Jackie's fingers found their way inside his underpants to gently grasp and wank his cock.

"Enough of this," Said Karen, "let's get comfortable." With that she walked around the room gathering every cushion she could find and throwing it on the floor, then picked up all the clothes and dropped them on an empty chair. Karen reclined on the floor, holding out her arms to Jackie who quickly joined her. Dave stood watching, his cock erect -- uncertain of how to play his part.

Karen and Jackie writhed on the floor as Dave watched. Soon they had their heads between each other's legs. Then Karen lay flat, while Jackie knelt at her pussy. She beckoned to Dave, who knelt beside her and began to play with her breasts. Karen grabbed his cock and pulled it to her mouth, sliding it in and out. "That's nice and wet, why don't you try Jackie and see how it fits?"

Dave looked at Jackie, who lifted her head and nodded before returning to Karen's pussy. Dave knelt behind Jackie, and gently introduced the tip of his cock into her cunt. Jackie wiggled her bum impatiently, so Dave began to ride her.

"Don't you dare come in her Dave," Said Karen, "I want some of that too."

Dave groaned, he had been close to shooting his load. He withdrew, and positioned himself so that he could lick Jackie's clit while she did the same for Karen. It wasn't satisfactory for everyone, so Karen ordered some rearrangement of bodies. Eventually they all lay on their sides, Dave with his head between Jackie's legs, Jackie with her head between Karen's -- and Karen sucking Dave's cock. Hands were everywhere, touching breasts, feeling for clits, cupping balls, squeezing and stroking bottoms.

Jackie was the first to come, then her tongue caused Karen to orgasm -- Dave looked hopeful. Karen rearranged them all once again. This time she licked Jackie, Jackie sucked Dave and Dave tongued Karen. Again both women had an orgasm, while Dave began to think it wasn't his night. "I've changed my mind, Jackie can have your load after all Dave."

Dave's cock twitched at the prospect. He waited while Karen lay across the sofa, then positioned Jackie's pussy at her face. As she began to lick, she beckoned Dave forward. He needed no further encouragement, and slipped into Jackie's juicy hole. He sank to full length, and felt Jackie tremble. Karen broke off "Don't hold back Dave, let her have it all -- hard and fast."

Jackie looked over her shoulder, nodding her agreement -- Karen went back to Jackie's clit. Dave's buttocks were a blur, he slid in and out of Jackie as fast and as hard as he could. It was wet in there, and not as tight as he'd have liked -- but he was on his way and nothing was going to stop him. With a grunt, and a violent thrust he exploded into Jackie -- who squealed with delight as Karen's tongue brought her to orgasm.

Jackie stayed that night, it was cramped in the bed -- with all three of them in it, but the bonus came the following morning. It was Jackie who woke first, bleary eyes scanning the room, wondering where she was -- then remembering. She gently drew back the covers, taking in the sight of Karen's body. Jackie took her hand and placed it on her own breast -- examining, feeling. Then she transferred her hand to Karen's breast and did the same things. Her fingers lightly traced the outline of the whole breast, then rippled over the nipple. Karen moaned in her sleep. Jackie traced the outline of Karen's nipple with feather-like caresses, then making a fist she brushed the nipple with the ridges of her knuckles. Her hand enveloped as much breast as it could hold, and squeezed gently, then her attention passed to the other breast.

Karen awoke, aroused by Jackie's attentions. She reached out, touching Jackie's leg -- gently brushing from knee to stomach. Jackie's head went to Karen's breast, sucking and licking. Karen found Jackie's bush and insistently parted her legs. Karen traced the outline of Jackie's pussy, gently parting the lips. She slipped a finger tip inside, angling it upwards to massage the roof of Jackie's cunt. Jackie writhed in pleasure and began to nibble at Karen's nipple as she lowered a hand to brush Karen's bottom lovingly. Karen slipped a finger all the way inside Jackie, then withdrew it. Jackie urged Karen on by squeezing her buttocks, and clamping her mouth fast to a breast. Karen slipped two fingers inside Jackie, then withdrew them. She took Jackie's clit between finger and thumb, rolling and squeezing the sensitive organ. Jackie arched her back.

Feeling behind Karen, Jackie found Dave's limp cock, and began to gently masturbate him to wakefulness. Karen now had three fingers firmly lodged in Jackie's cunt, while her thumb flicked and excited her clit. Jackie's hand now went to Karen's pussy- rubbing, exciting and lubricating. Her other hand now held Dave's stiff cock. Jackie pulled Dave towards Karen's rear, steering his cock into her cunt from behind. Dave couldn't move, only the tip was actually inside Karen, but any movement was out of the question, he grabbed a breast instead.

Karen pushed back as hard as she could, meanwhile Jackie's hand was busy at her clit and Dave was massaging her breasts. Jackie half-pushed, half-rolled, Karen on top of Dave. She lay with Dave's cock barely inside her, and now Jackie was parting her legs to lick at her clit. Dave was getting very aroused. As Jackie licked up and down at Karen's cunt and clit, her tongue also licked Dave's balls and part of his shaft in its journey. Not only that, but Jackie's ministrations were causing Karen to buck and twitch. Dave was being assaulted on two fronts, and he could feel the storm beginning to brew. Dave wasn't alone, Karen was getting awfully close and her organs were leaping with delight. She could feel her cunt tightening around Dave's cock with each sweep of Jackie's tongue. She could feel Dave's cock beginning to twitch too, and she knew what that meant.

Dave couldn't hang on any longer, he came. It wasn't a gush, or an explosion -- he just dribbled his come into Karen's pussy. As he wasn't far in, it wasn't long before he felt the wet stickiness descend to his own groin. Karen groaned, and she came too. Jackie sat up looking pleased with herself. "You can wipe that look off your face my girl," Said Karen, "you've made a mess, now you'll have to clean it up." Karen sat up, and pointed to the mess between Dave's legs. Jackie sighed, and lowering her head began to lap at Dave's cock. Karen looked at Jackie, ass in the air while she licked Dave -- and couldn't resist the urge she was feeling. Carefully kneeling across the bed she trapped Jackie's legs beneath her own, and spanked her bum loudly. Jackie jumped, her mouth leaving Dave's cock. Then she relaxed as she felt Jackie's tongue licking her buttock, and her fingers probing the inside of her cunt.

Karen's fingers speeded up, and she squeezed a second hand through to pinch Jackie's clit. Jackie collapsed on the bed as she came, Dave's sticky cock sliding up her cheek to rest on her face.

The three relaxed, and in turn headed for the bathroom. Karen made some coffee, which was gratefully drunk before they said their good-byes. Dave and Karen waved from the doorway as Jackie left, a date for the weekend having been arranged.

"One down, one to go." Said Karen as she smiled and closed the door.

Into Reality.

These then were the stories that he'd written for her, five tales of lust and sex. It had been what she wanted, to help fill an empty sexual life with a little imagined passion. They had all been his own fantasies, sex-games he would have made into reality given the opportunity. he'd put it all on paper, metaphorically speaking, and they had both enjoyed the process. Dave had often grown hard and excited as he'd typed the tales -- while Karen had eagerly anticipated the arrival of the next one. She would print out the pages from the e-mail file, strip naked then draw the curtains and lie on her bed to read the latest offering. As she read, her fingers would be busy at her own body -- following, as much as she was able, the action contained in the words.

As Dave typed and his cock grew hard -- he would often pause, and as he thought -- he would also rub his erect member to gain inspiration. He often imagined the moment where Karen would be unable to contain herself, her body shuddering softly as she brought herself to arousal. Dave had felt confident, because words were just words -- and he'd always had a way with them.

This was different; now he was in a state of panic. On paper, and in his imagination, the situation was always under his control. Now all control had gone, blasted away by one fateful e-mail.

He still remembered his own disbelief as he'd read the message:

"Dave, I've got some amazing and exciting news. I've won a competition! First prize! I'm coming to England! I get to visit London to see the sights and shop for a week. Great eh?

Most of my time is sort of planned, I have an itinerary to follow -- as the press want to photograph me doing the expected things -- but there's no way I can come to your country and leave again without meeting you!

I've arranged to have two whole days for myself, and if possible, I want to get together with you -- and spend all the time screwing!"

The message had hit him like a bombshell. he'd never -- even in his wildest dreams -- ever imagined that the e-mail affair would ever become anything approaching reality. he'd agreed to the meeting without giving it a second thought, then the panics had set in. He was so glad that he had never made himself out to be anything that wasn't true. Right from the start he'd been honest about his age and appearance. Karen had always said that it didn't matter to her -- but that had been when a meeting had been the last thing she might have considered.

Today was different. She would see him exactly for what he was -- and Dave had no confidence that what he had to offer would be enough. He shuffled nervously from foot to foot, growing ever more conscious of the sun beating down on his head. His head had once had hair, but that was a long time ago -- and now the top was bare. His beard refused to grow properly, leaving a bare patch from under his bottom lip to his chin. It was well flecked with grey too -- as was what hair his head still carried. He tried to suck in his stomach in an attempt to hide the extra pounds he carried.

Karen had always told him that appearances mattered little to her, that it was the person he was inside that was important -- but that was before she'd had a chance to actually see for herself what he looked like. Dave knew he wasn't the best specimen manhood had to offer, and that Karen could easily have done better. he'd thought of a hundred excuses for not turning up, and one for ignoring them all. Karen -- and sex! No, that was two reasons. He wanted to meet Karen; after all he'd been having an affair with her for quite some time -- and she had mentioned screwing him. So here he was, at the appointed time and place -- waiting.


He turned, and realised that he would have known her anywhere. Like himself; Karen had been honest about herself -- and here she was, in the flesh. "Karen?"

She looked him up and down, slowly - from head to toe, then looked him straight in the eye. "You shouldn t put yourself down so much Dave, you're not as bad looking as you seem to think you are. Don't forget, you sent me some photo s - if I hadn t liked what I saw I wouldn't be here now."

Dave blushed, "And look at you Karen, talk about all woman!" His eyes filled with admiration, but secretly he felt that there was now no chance of Karen going through with their arrangement - not now she'd seen him. "What would you like to do first?" He enquired. "Sightseeing? Go for a drink?"

"Don't go all shy on me Dave," Karen replied, "What I want to do first is get you well and truly shagged. Shall we go to my hotel, or is there somewhere nice close by to do it in the open air?"

Dave was amazed, she still wanted to go through with it! "Maybe your hotel would be best."

Karen took Dave's hand, and led the way to her hotel. They swept up to reception, where Karen asked for her key, then into the elevator. Karen held open the door of her room, inviting Dave to precede her into it. Dave looked around the room appreciatingly. His eyes took in the furnishings, the bedroom, the complimentary bowl of fruit on a table, the sweet-smelling flowers in a vase. "This is nice."

Karen placed her hands on his shoulders. "Never mind nice, get your clothes off!" She kissed him, long and hard. "I guess that kinda breaks the ice, doesn't it?"

Dave blushed. "I wouldn't mind taking a shower."

"Great idea," Said Karen, "follow me." She led the way to the far corner of the room, dropping clothes in her wake.

Dave followed Karen into the bathroom, and stood looking nervously around him - trying to avoid looking at a now naked Karen. "Come on, get those clothes off - do you want me to help you?"

Dave backed away, "I might not look too good without my clothes on," He insisted, "they tend to hide just how much of me there is."

The shower was running, wisps of steam rising from the open door. "OK, have it your way." Karen unbuttoned his shirt, ripping it open when the last two buttons refused to do the bidding of her fingers. Her hand went to his waistbelt, "Need any more help?"

"Uh, no thanks. I can manage. Could you turn your back please?"

"Why, are you shy?"

"Actually, yes - I am"


"I can t say, I always have been."

"Have you got me here under false pretences?"

"False pretences?"

"Are you going to screw me or not?"

"Oh, I see. Yes, I hope so. That is.. I want to...., but...."

"Okay, I can see this isn't going to be easy. Let's go and sit down and have a drink."

They went back into the bedroom. Karen put on a robe, and prepared two drinks. "Now, tell me all about it. What's wrong."

Dave was silent for a while, sitting - sipping his drink occasionally. "I'm scared." He said.

"Scared, of me?" Karen was puzzled.

"No, of the whole thing."

"Scared how?" She asked.

"Scared of being no good at it!" Dave replied, "We've never met before today, yet we've swapped fantasies. I've written stories for you."

"Very good stories too." Karen interrupted.

"But that's all they were, just stories - fantasies from my imagination. I've never actually done anything remotely like what I write about. You must think that I'm going to be fantastic in bed, and I don't know if I can live up to it." He took a sip, and held up a hand to stop Karen speaking. "The truth is that I don't have much experience, sexually speaking. Writing is a different matter, I have plenty of experience there. I've been married twice you know, and both times I got it wrong from a sexual point of view. I grew up in the 60 s. It was supposed to be free love and a sexual revolution. I never saw any of it!

My first wife hated sex, not just disliked it - but actually hated it. We were married for 16 years, and I doubt if we had sex more than thirty times. She refused to let me do anything other than lay on top of her and get it over as quickly as possible. I wanted to try so many things - for her as well as me, but I never got the chance.

My second wife, my present wife - who I love very much - wasn't too much different. Of course, we were older when we got married - maybe if I d met her earlier, who knows? We made love more often than my first marriage, much more - but she had no sense of adventure. I went down between her legs once, and she told me to stop - she didn't like that! Oh we had sex, but always in the missionary position - except once, when she let me do it from behind. Just once, never again.

Then she went through the menopause quite early, and we haven't had sex since. She just lost all interest, and now we even sleep in separate rooms. She's just not interested, at all!

So, that's the history of the great lover you've come to meet. A guy who doesn't know if he's any good at it and has practically no real experience. Sure I write a good story, but that's pure imagination. Will I let you down? Suppose you want me to lick you? I've never done it, but I want to. What happens if I don't like it? I write about fantastic sex sessions, but I probably won t last two minutes before its all over. I just know I'm going to be no good and disappoint you. Oh yes, and I'm not very big in the trouser department."

"That was quite some speech, but how do you know you'll be no good unless you try? If you weren't going to try - if you didn't want to - you wouldn't have turned up, you d have made an excuse. Now you listen to me, you can t write about sex the way you do without wanting it. I can read the longing in your words. If it turns out that you're not very good, what have you lost? You'll have had a day out and had sex with me. That's better than anything you've had recently, surely. I don't expect anything from you, I want to please you, and I want you to please me too - size isn't everything - it aint what you got, but what you do with it that counts! If - as you say - its all over in two minutes, so what? We can try again later can t we? I do know its been a long time for you, and I am aware of what might happen. I'll make allowances Dave, but you've got to try!"

"I do want to."

"Then get undressed, and Let's get in the shower. I'm going in now, you join me when you're ready - but try not to keep me waiting too long."

Dave sat and sipped his drink, deep in thought. Everything she said was true, but he couldn t help being the way he was. Was he going to pass up a chance like this? He decided, draining his glass in one swallow. He stood, and removed all his remaining clothes. He walked to the bathroom, hearing the sound of water - and Karen singing an Eagles song New York Minute . He knew the song, and joined in as he opened the door to the shower. "In a New York Minute."

Karen smiled at him. "That's about how long as it took you to make up your mind then?"

"In the end it all seemed pretty silly, I might as well find out what it is that I've been missing."

"That's the first sensible thing you've said. Now get in here!"

Dave entered, closing the door behind him. The water bounced off his head, making him conscious again of his baldness, then Karen's breasts brushed his arm - and he forgot all about it. Taking his courage, and one of Karen's globes, in both hands - Dave kissed her, hesitantly at first, then stronger. "Was that really so difficult?" She asked.

"No, but it wasn't the thought of kissing you that made me nervous."

"You're still worried about it all being over too soon aren't you?"

"I just want it to be good for you, and it s been so long..."

"Let's get this out of the way immediately. Okay, it happens - you come. Big Deal! Is that it? Or will you be ready to go again in a little while?"

"Normally, yes, but...."

"No buts, no ifs, no ands! If I have to wait a while I will do, willingly and without complaint. In fact I hope you do come quickly, so I can prove it to you. Now stop being silly about this." She thought for a second. "I know, come on - dry off, I know exactly what to do to you."

Karen didn't wait for Dave to dry off, she grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. She sat him at the end of the bed and stood over him. "Okay mister, don't forget I know a few things about you. Things you've told me, questions I've asked. All this stuff you write, its all from imagination isn't it, you've never actually done it have you?"

"No, only in my dreams."

"From what I remember, you've always wanted to try it with a woman on top - no don't interrupt - also, you've never actually had your cock sucked - and you've never had your mouth near a pussy. You can open your mouth and look at me, but if any sound comes out of it I'll fill it with something to make you keep quiet. I know you've never done any of those things, and I can tell by the way you write about them that you want to. Well standby for lift-off, Mr Astronaut, this is where lift-off begins. A small step for mankind, but a giant leap for you."

Karen pushed him backwards, so that he lay flat on his back on the bed with his legs hanging over the end. She knelt, "This is just a taster, just to get it out of the way." She leaned forward and slid the whole length of his cock into her mouth, she bobbed her head once, then twice. "No mystery there anymore! Like it?"

Dave made appreciating noises, he couldn t speak - IT had actually happened, and happened to him! It was true, some women DID do IT! Karen knelt on the bed, a leg either side of Dave, she positioned herself carefully - then lowered her hips until her pubic hair brushed Dave's lips. Tentatively Dave stuck out his tongue, testing. He stuck it out some more, and found the lips of Karen's pussy. His tongue wriggled, parting her lips and his tongue was actually inside her! He sought her clit, and nibbled at it with his lips. Karen moaned appreciatingly. "For a guy who s never done this before you're a quick learner. Ready for the next step?"

Dave was about to reply when the downward pressure on his face increased slightly, and his cock was taken in Karen's mouth again. She slid up and down its length slowly and wetly, wiggling her hips as she did so. Dave got the message, and applied his tongue once more to her clit. Both his arms went around her, stroking her thighs and bum as he lashed at her clit with his tongue. He could feel himself getting to the point of no return, and wondered what to do. Should he just come in her mouth, or tell her so that she could get out of the way? He needn t have bothered, Karen had also got the message, and stopped her ministrations. She turned to lay alongside him. She kissed him, two wet mouths meeting and leaving passion as the unspoken message.

"Ready or not, here I come." Said Karen, and threw a leg across Dave. She grabbed his cock, and fed it into her pussy. "Now," She said, leaning forward, "I believe you wanted to suck a breast while you get screwed. Try this for size." Dave felt as though he was drowning in breast, lapping furiously at the nipple - while Karen's hips thrust backwards and forwards, driving him ever closer to paradise. He couldn t hold on, he came - shooting what seemed like an endless stream into Karen. He made strangled noises and clasped the bedclothes, then relaxed with a huge smile all over his face.

"Feel guilty?" Karen enquired.

"Actually, no - I'm still enjoying the sensation. I'm still in orbit!"

"Good, now if you wouldn't mind, I think I deserve some serious kissing for services rendered - while we wait for Mr Skyrocket to point towards the heavens again."

Dave pushed Karen back, and rose above her. He kissed her neck, nibbled at her earlobe - slowly working his way round to her face. He kissed each eyebrow, then the tip of her nose - before finally fastening his lips to hers. When he did, it wasn't what Karen had expected. His kiss was so soft, featherlike and gentle - he didn't try to use his tongue, he just massaged her lips with his. It seemed as if the kiss would never end, it just went on and on. Karen had never been kissed like this before, with so little pressure - but with so much passion. Her heart leapt. Without breaking the kiss, Dave let his fingers trace a soft trail down to her stomach, he brushed through her pubic hair and on down her thighs - as far as he could reach. He didn't miss an inch of her body, and all the while his kiss just went on and on. He traced the outline of one breast, then the other. Squeezing gently, insistently, moulding her flesh.

Karen felt as if she was floating, had this man really never done this before - had two women really wasted this talent? FOOLS , she thought. Dave's fingers continued their dance, teasing and brushing - never heavy, always the lightest, tenderest, most loving touch. Her stomach muscles rippled as he moved lower, just to where her mound stood proud. Again he brushed her pubic hair, gently parting it to investigate further. He brushed the lips of her cunt from top to bottom, pressing gently on her clit as he passed - promising more pleasure to come. His fingers parted her lips and a finger entered her, exploring, seeking, gently probing. It withdrew, and left a wet trail down her thigh. The finger returned, sliding in and out - slowly and gently, and all the time his kiss just went on and on. Karen felt an orgasm approach, and a gentle sensation pulsed through her. OOohhh!

Dave's lips parted from hers, and he smiled down at her. She felt his cock stirring against her leg, and put a hand on it. Dave's cock immediately grew stiff, and Karen was determined to have it without delay. She pulled him across her and wriggled her body beneath his, her legs opened and she drew her knees up. Dave needed no telling, he felt Karen's hand lead his cock into her pussy - and he started to make love to her. This wasn't screwing, or shagging, or fucking - this was lovemaking. He kept a steady pace, driving his cock in and out of this wonderful woman who lay beneath him. She urged him to go faster, but he ignored her frantic requests - whispering "Patience, orbit takes a while to achieve." He was relentless, unstoppable. Karen felt two small orgasms pass through her as Dave drove on. It was starting to become unbearable, if only he'd speed up! Dave kept going, Karen had never known anything like it, this was building into a volcano of serious proportions! She couldn t help herself, it just came over her suddenly - wave after wave of incredible pleasure. She was coming like she had never come before, and she couldn t stop! Dave slowed his pace, letting her come down gently. Finally he stopped, rolled from above her and kissed her again with one of THOSE kisses, while he continually stroked her body.

Karen was amazed, where had he been all her life? This was a man who doubted his ability? Yet he'd already given her the most memorable screwing she could ever remember.. This promised to be an unforgettable couple of days!

Feeling Fruity.

Dave could feel his arm going to sleep, pins and needles starting to play with his muscle. Karen's head lay on his shoulder, with his arm trapped beneath her - and she'd dozed off, so he couldn t move. He tried clenching and unclenching his hand, to get some movement into his arm muscle and help the discomfort. His mind replayed the events of just a short time ago, and he felt his cock stir once more. Sex with a woman like Karen wasn't like anything he'd known before. It was better than his dreams, because it was real. He felt that he could try anything with Karen, anything he'd ever dreamed of doing. An idea came to him.

Slowly Dave eased his arm from beneath Karen, and rolled off the bed. He stood for a moment, just looking down at her, admiring her body - what a woman she was! Dave ached to please her, her experience obviously outweighed his own - but he could try, and he would willingly do anything she asked. Now though Dave was on virgin territory, his imagination leading him onwards - searching for a way to let Karen know how much he appreciated being set free, and a way to give her as much pleasure as she deserved. He had an idea, but wasn't sure whether it would be going too far. Could he go too far with Karen?

There was only one way to find out! He went into the living area, gathered some things and went back to the bedroom. Karen lay on her back, her legs slightly apart - Dave could see her bush beckoning to him. He carefully sat on the bed, and gently moved her legs further apart. Karen moved, one leg rising - a hand dipping between her legs. She relaxed again, and the raised leg fell sideways. Dave made his preparations, peeling a long banana while sitting on the bed. Carefully he inserted it into Karen's cunt, pushing slowly - until only the very tip could be seen protruding from between Karen's lips. Dave lowered himself, and took the exposed banana in his mouth - he clamped his lips to Karen's pussy, and began to eat the banana slowly.

Karen awoke, experiencing pleasure - her stomach muscles contracted, and the banana slid out of her cunt and into Dave's mouth. Dave pushed the banana back in with his tongue, and kept chewing away. Before long, the banana was gone, and Karen was covered in pulp. Dave licked her clean, paying particular attention to her clit. Karen experienced a satisfying orgasm. "That was lovely Dave, really lovely. You deserve a reward, and you shall have one - what would you like to do?"

"In what way?"

"Well, presumably you didn't just do that because you want to watch TV?"

"Oh I see. I just did it to please you, not for any particular reason."

"Honestly Dave, its like getting blood out of a stone sometimes. I enjoyed what you did, now I want you to screw me - all I'm asking is if there's any particular way you've got a fancy to try?"

"Oh....... well.......... I'm not used to.......... whatever you like."

"No Dave! Whatever YOU like!"

"Really? Anything I like? Truly? Oh, in that case..... if you don't mind........ I d rather like to try it standing up and from behind......... if you know what a mean?"

Karen stood, walked to the dressing table and leaned forward. With her hands taking her weight, she thrust her bum backwards. "Like this you mean?"

Dave put his arms around Karen, giving her a hug - then gripping a breast with each hand. He gently pinched and twisted the nipples. Karen put a hand behind her, grabbing his cock and placing it at her cunt lips. "None of that slow and gentle stuff this time please, I couldn t take another orgasm like that quite so soon. I want it hard, and I want it fast - and I want it now!"

Dave placed his hands on Karen's hips, and with one hard thrust drove his cock deep inside her. He smacked the cheeks of her bum, causing her to jump and squeal - then got down to satisfying her request. In and out he pumped, Karen's body shaking violently with each stroke. "YES! Harder.......... Give it to me!.........Come on, really do it!......Oh yes..........FUCK ME!.................... FUCK ME!...................... YESSSSSS!.................FUCK ME HARD!" Karen balanced on one hand, the other diving between her legs to find her clit - as she fingered herself, she could feel Dave driving in and out of her.

Karen found herself kneeling on the floor, the orgasm having taken her legs from under her. "Wow! You certainly know how to make a lady go weak at the knees! Mmmm, now while I'm down here, why don't I..........." Karen's voice trailed away. Still on her knees she turned around, and found herself face to face with Dave's erect and sticky cock. She wanked it slowly, juggling his balls - pressing upwards just behind them. Leaning forward she took one of his balls into her mouth and sucked on it, then repeated the process with the other. Her hand went between his legs, to stroke the cheeks of his bum. She opened her mouth, and took his cock inside - sliding up and down its length. Using her teeth, she pushed back his foreskin - exposing the head of his cock to her tongue. She ran her tongue all over the head, noting which spots got the greatest reaction.

Karen put her hands on his thighs, and proceeded to bob her head backwards and forwards. Dave started to thrust in time with her movements, but she stopped him with a smack on his leg that told him she wanted to do this her way. Her head moved faster, and she squeezed his balls - feeling them contract. He was almost there. She could feel it building inside him, feel the warning shudder that told he could hold back no longer. She slid his cock as far back as it would go, clamping her lips tightly around his cock as it emptied its load down her throat. She massaged his balls, making sure that every last drop of come was milked from his cock. She kneeled a little more upright, rubbing her nipples with his now limp cock.

Dave knelt beside her, taking her head between his hands and giving her one of those kisses she was learning to love so much. "I never knew anything could be like that.........I just never knew. Not even in my wildest imaginings did I dream it could be like that!"

"Have you got anything else locked up inside your head? Anything else you've dreamed of doing? This is your chance to try everything you've ever wanted to. What fantasies shall we make reality?"

"Well, I have always wanted to....... No, its too much to ask."

"Come on, out with it."

"Ok, but say no if you don't want to. I've always wanted to do it outdoors, in the open air - but somewhere public, where there's a chance of being caught. I don't want to be caught, but its exciting just thinking about it."

"Have you got anywhere in mind?"

"There are a few possibilities.... If you're sure, we could go for a walk and check them out. Maybe decide and go back tomorrow."

Karen showered first, then Dave - while Karen dressed. A tight blouse to show her figure, and a floating skirt that wisped around her legs - almost see-through. Dave made appreciating comments the moment he saw her. they left the hotel, and Dave led her to a nearby park. Hand in hand they strolled across the grass and through the trees to a small lake. "Its a pity they lock this place up at night," He said, "it would have been perfect."

"It is nice here, but there are quite a few people. Can we sit for a while?"

They lay on the grass, holding hands - his thumb caressing her palm continuously. Karen couldn t remember the last time she'd had her hand held in public, or the last time she'd been treated like a young girl. Emotion welled up inside her. She rolled onto her side, her lips inches away from Dave s. He couldn t resist, he kissed her. Karen unbuttoned the first two buttons of her top, allowing Dave to see she wore no bra.

"Here? Now?" She asked, her voice husky with desire. "Shall I sit on top of you, or shall we walk to those bushes over there?"

"We couldn t........... You wouldn t................ would you?"

Karen grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. "There's only one way to find out!" She tugged him towards the undergrowth.

Immediately, they stepped into a world that changed before their eyes. The brightness of the day was gone, replaced by shadow. Tall trees and spreading bushes lay at each side of a meandering path, , the light subdued by the canopy overhead. It was cool and quiet, even the birds seemed to have stopped singing. Karen stood entranced. "Its lovely, so cool. Come on Dave, Let's do it here."

Dave looked around nervously, it seemed alright - but maybe a bit further in would be safer. Karen threw caution to the wind, undoing the rest of her buttons and exposing her breasts. Dave licked his lips, his cock grew hard. He put his arm around Karen's shoulders and led her further along the path. A huge rhododendron bush appeared before them, Dave stooped and lifted the bottom branches to allow pathway to its centre. Inside they were surrounded by branches and leaves - like a green cave, a tunnel leading ahead of them.

Dave put his hands on Karen's breasts, then up to her shoulders - slipping the top free and hanging it carefully on a branch. Karen twirled, enjoying the coolness on her naked flesh. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt, and slid it down to show Dave that she wore no underwear beneath it - then pulled it back up. Dave pulled her to him, then knelt - flicking her skirt over his head. He nuzzled at her cunt, his tongue not quite able to reach her lips. Karen pushed against his shoulders and he fell back. Like flash she unzipped his fly and withdrew his stiff cock. Squatting, she lowered herself onto it - tossing her skirt forward to cover his face. Dave's hands found her breasts again as Karen rose and descended the length of his cock. Unlike the previous occasion when she had ridden him, Karen didn't slide over his cock - this time she rose above it, before bending her knees to spear it into herself.

Slowly she rode him, her head cast back - concentrating on the pleasure she was getting from his cock. A rustle, and a stranger appeared before her - his face a picture of amazement. Karen froze, what should she do? the man smiled, unzipped and pulled out a huge limp cock. In his hand the beast grew, until it was hard and stiff - and the head could be seen, glistening purple. He started to wank. Karen relaxed, unable to take her eyes from the monster cock - and began to ride the cock within her once again. Unaware of what was going on, Dave puzzled as to why Karen had paused - he moved a hand to her clit and began to finger her as she resumed moving.

Karen was awe-struck by the size of the stranger s cock, she beckoned him forward with a motion of her head. The stranger approached, his hand leaving his cock to urge Karen's head towards his groin. Karen kissed the tip, then opened her lips and accepted the cock into her mouth. It was huge! It filled her mouth and she almost gagged on it. Her hand delved inside the man s trousers, and found a pair of balls of a size to go with the cock. The hand on her head was joined by a second hand, holding her head still as the huge cock fucked her mouth. She sat down on Dave's cock, squirming her bottom to try and drive it deeper. She couldn t breathe, and took her hand from the man s balls to wank his cock instead. The man smiled, rocking back on his heels and thrusting his hips forward - his hands running through her hair. His knees buckled slightly, and he shot his load all over Karen's breasts. Karen wanked the last few drops from the tip of his cock, as the stranger bent and rubbed his come into her tits - finally putting a finger between her lips for her to suck clean. He put his cock backed into his trousers, threw Karen a mock salute and walked off - disappearing back from whence he came.

Karen stood, feeling Dave's cock leave her cunt. Carefully she kept his face covered with her skirt as she turned around and knelt to suck his cock from the side. She felt a cool breeze waft over her pussy, and hoped that she wasn't mistaken. Her bum moved from side to side as she busied herself on Dave's cock.... a hand on her ass, she was right - the guy hadn t gone, he had still been watching and read her signal. She wanted that monster inside her! Karen felt her bum stroked, then her cunt lips spread - then something huge was introduced into her hole. It sank all the way in, filling her. She pushed back against it, feeling every inch - then it withdrew to the lips of her pussy, before sliding all the way in again.

Karen doubled her efforts on Dave's cock, making little mewing noises in her throat as the monster shagged her. It was too good, too much to bear - she heard the familiar squelching noise as she came, her pussy overloading with lubrication. She held a hand up, and the cock withdrew. A voice whispered in her ear, "Same time tomorrow?" Karen held up a fist, with the thumb extended. Dave came, filling her mouth with salty fluid which she swallowed.

"Wow Karen, when you get going you really do get going - for a while there I was on a different planet. But what about you, how shall I satisfy you now?"

"That was just for you Dave, just to fulfil your fantasy about having it outdoors. Did you enjoy it? Shall we come back and do it again tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is your turn, tomorrow we do whatever you want to do - tomorrow is up to you."

"Really, anything I like - no matter what it is?"

"Anything at all."

"Then I'm looking forward to tomorrow already."

"Why, what's cooking?"

"Tomorrow I get my fantasy, and you get a surprise."

More to follow...


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