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A Chance Meeting I
by Queed

Today is the first day of vacation. 'That means a break from routine and some idle time to myself,' she thinks. She washes and dresses for the day and then does only those chores that must be done. Gathering a change purse and a tote she descends the stairs to the beach.

A light fog hangs over the glassy water this morning. The air is enjoyably cool now; a good time for a walk. The beach patrol have not cleaned the sand yet and she enjoys identifying the shells strewn there. The boardwalk is in sight before she knows it.

There is much early morning activity on the boardwalk with bicyclists and joggers. She climbs the stairs onto the boardwalk and turns left to walk down beach. Pigeons in prettily colored feathers strut along the chevroned boards. They scatter from her path as she walks. There is a coffee shop a block away and she looks forward to the rich café' au lait.

She walks into the shop and selects a newspaper. She orders her coffee at the counter and finds a table in a room full of strangers. Vacationers here for the summer fill the little shop this morning. She opens her paper and the counter woman sets down her coffee and her check. She smiles at the woman and tries to be friendly. Helen usually works in the morning and always has a pleasant greeting. She misses seeing the familiar face. The shop must have put on some summer help to cope with the crowds of vacationers. She glances up to see a man looking her way. Not just looking but openly staring. She smiles and nods and then returns to her paper. When she's finished her coffee she leaves money for a paper, coffee and tip on the table with the check and continues on her way.

Her first stop is the mongers shop. Fresh fish lay gleaming on a bed of crushed ice. She chooses from among them a shiny one with the smell of the sea still clinging to its lifeless fins. She can bake this one and eat it for the next 3 days . She looks forward to not having to heat the stove more than she must. The next stop is a flower shop where she chooses some deep pink miniature carnations. Their scent wafts to her as she tucks them into her tote.

She returns to the beach for the walk home. The sun already has warmth but little wisps of morning fog still dance like ballerinas on the waters surface. Her glance is friendly as she walks past other people on the beach. A man walking toward her stops and smiles. He looks vaguely familiar. ah yes! They met in the coffee shop this morning. She smiles and he falls in step with her and they walk together in wet sand next to the water. He is pleasant company and so they walk and talk of this and that enjoying this time. The time goes quickly and ends much too soon.

The air is now very warm and she invites him to join her for a cool drink. He agrees and she shows him to a roof top garden where he sits in the shade of potted trees. She shows him an entertainment center with CD's and tapes. He chooses some music while she prepares some refreshment. The mood like the music is mellow and they spend the heat of the day enjoying the music together. While they look through CD covers, she studies his face and finds it pleasant. He's tall and lean with an interesting jawline. his eyes have a very direct look as though he doesn't have much patience with the trivial. As the afternoon air cools into early evening they see the beach clearing of families. The gulls return to clean up the crumbs of vacationers and life returns to normal.

They venture onto the beach for a walk. the air is cooler now and they walk close to each other occasionally touching. She can feel his gaze on the top of her head and looks up to meet his eyes. They are smiling into hers. 'he has a lot of confidence, this one,' she thinks to herself. By mutual consent they turn and walk back to the little house

Salt from the sea air and from the afternoons heat cling to her skin. 'Have you made plans for the evening,' she asks?

He nods his eyes laughing into hers again. 'I thought we might spend the evening together.'

'I would like that,' she says 'but I need a shower before anything else.'

'Me too,' he says, still smiling into her eyes.

When she goes to the cupboard she removes two towels and two wash cloths and hands one set to him.

'Yes, that's what I had in mind.' they both smile.

She shows him to a guest room where he can undress and then walks through the bathroom to her own room. She can hear the spray of the shower and the noise of the plastic rings on the shower curtain. She unties her dress letting it drop onto the bed; removes her panties and ties up her hair. She walks into the bathroom. suddenly unsure she asks, 'would you like someone to wash your back?'

'Of course. Was there ever any doubt?'

'I suppose not,' she smiles and then steps into the shower behind him. Good to her word she washes his back and then washes down over his hips and onto his thighs. When he turns she begins to wash his chest.

He holds her hands, 'It's my turn to wash your back.'

She turns and waits as he soaps a cloth. His touch is gentle and slow and sensuous. She can feel herself becoming aroused by his touch and his nearness. He continues washing her and now she needs to tell him and see his face. She turns and looks into his face. She sees the gentleness there and the passion that requires no words. She sees it first in those bright eyes and in the swelling of his lips as he bends toward her. She raises her arms to him as his arms surround her. Their lips meet for their first kiss.

'I knew this afternoon it would be like this,' she thinks. his kiss is firm but hungry.

Her body responds to his need with her own need. She arches her back and steps half a step closer to him. She runs her hands up and down his back, over his thighs and between his legs. She finds him hard and that makes her own body ache in response. She cuddles his balls in her hand, lifting them and feeling their weight Then she strokes his shaft putting it between her thighs tight against her lips. His heat brings a moan from her. He turns her around, she reaches through her legs and puts his cock back between her thighs. He massages her clit and runs his fingers around and around the inner lips finally dipping inside of her. She spreads her legs for him wanting only to feel his cock inside her now to relieve the ache. She pushes back against his fingers and the muscles tighten around his fingers as he spreads the moisture around the opening.

She massages the muscle behind his balls stroking over the balls and shaft loving the feel of them in her hand. She grasps the shaft and spreads his pre-cum over his cockhead with her thumb. The shower washes it away as quickly as she spreads it but the pleasure is in the doing. She guides his bulbous cockhead to her opening. He holds her hips and pulls her over him taking his time with short strokes to push all the way inside of her. She moans and puts her hands on the shower wall ahead of her. Once inside she tightens the muscles and stands up straight. Laying her head on his shoulder. She kisses his neck and face touching his sweet face. He runs his hands up her body under her breasts, rolling and squeezing her nipples. They kiss and fondle each other this way until their need to fuck can no longer be denied. She reaches forward once more to brace herself and feels his long strokes in and out of her. This is good...more, more....he is relentless he wants to please her an! d in so doing he pleases himself as well. She lets him slide into her and then makes a game of tug of war tightening the muscles to hinder his retreat. The game heightens the passion and they move to each other faster and harder wanting more and more of each other to satisfy their cravings. there comes a point at which flesh grinding to flesh and bones grinding on bones are still not enough. the body screams for what it must have. Finally she feels that spot deep inside her where only a lover can reach and she knows what she must have. She must have the hot seed from him. That part of him that is hers to keep when he is gone. Her body begins to milk him to tighten over him becoming very hot and tight, massaging his shaft demanding to have her way. His cock flares inside of her. She pushes back tight against him. Her muscles taunt inside waiting to receive his gift to her. She feels the hot splash of his cum inside of her the muscles flutter around his shaft and her hot sticky! cum rolls down over his shaft. The craving relaxes and all the tender emotions flood over her.

There is nothing that she could deny this man at this moment. He who has relieved the craving, he who has given her his gift. He stretches over her back and kisses the back of her neck still stroking her as they cool down. When finally they are finished they remove the outward signs of their passion. She begins washing her hair and he moves the bubbles over her hair. They stay close to one another as though their new bond is tangible. When the magic of the moment fades will they remember this bond? Only time will tell.


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