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Angela's Close Shave
by White Knight

Rebecca stretched the last remnants of sleep from her lithe frame as she came down the stairs. She absently pushed a tangle of long red curls from her face and adjusted her silk robe as she wandered into the living room. She smiled in bemusement at her blonde roommate, Angela, who was engrossed in a movie.

"A little early in the morning for porn, isn't it Ange?" Rebecca asked as she got a look at what was playing.

Angela shrugged as she watched a leggy blonde eagerly suck a huge black cock on the TV screen. "Mike must have left it in the VCR last night," she said, referring to her live-in boyfriend. "It just started when I turned it on. We can't leave those boys alone for ONE night and expect them to behave."

"Oh, sure... RIGHT, it was you and you know it." Rebecca retorted sarcastically. She ducked nimbly as Angela fired a pillow over the back of the couch in her direction. "Seriously though, is it a good one?"

Angela shrugged. "Probably by Mike's standards. Lots of nymphomaniac women who live to suck guys off and get their faces sprayed with cum"

"That's why he dates you, isn't it?" Rebecca chuckled, her brown eyes twinkling.

Angela's aim was better this time, and the pillow caught Rebecca on the side of the head, knocking her off balance. She had to steady herself on the back of the couch.

"Hey, your boytoy was here too." Angela stuck her tongue out at her roommate.



The insults were the usual banter between the two close friends. Rebecca leaned over the couch and settled her pretty face in her hands as she watched the action on-screen. The actress had finished the black man and was now lying on her back as another man prepared to impale her with his huge cock.

"Jeez..." muttered Angela in appreciation, "Where the hell do they find these guys"

Rebecca giggled. "I dunno...but if you find out, I'll have two!"

"She certainly looks like she's enjoying it, at least."

Another girl, a brunette, entered the picture and positioned herself over the blonde's face. The blonde girl began licking the brunette's hairless pussy and Angela abruptly turned down the volume on the TV set as moans echoed loudly across the room.

Rebecca raised herself up on her elbows. "Have you ever shaved yourself like that?" she asked, pointing with her chin at the brunette on the video. The actress was obviously enjoying this particular scene.

"Mike wants me to," frowned Angela, "but...I don't know. I think it would be awkward and it's very sensitive skin down there."

"Why not let HIM do it?" suggested Rebecca.

"Have you ever seen him after he shaves himself? I'd bleed to death. I'd trust him with my life... but I'm not sure I'd trust him with a razor near my pussy."

"Well..." said Rebecca hesitantly, "would you trust me?"

Angela stopped the tape and turned to face her. Her eyes were curious, cautious. "What exactly are you suggesting, Becks?"

Rebecca shrugged. "Hell, I've seen you naked plenty of times. This is just like... I dunno, washing your back so you can wash mine. Ron would be just as surprised at me shaving mine as Mike would be at yours...lets give the boys a thrill. Blow their little minds." She grinned mischievously.

Angela snorted derisively. "Oh, like THAT'S hard," she said, "Ok, let's do it. But me first!"

"Where should we do this?"

Angela thought for a second. "Somewhere we can stretch out... two of us in the tub would be like shaving in a phone booth... my bed? The guys won't be back for hours."

"Meet you there," the redhead said with an eager grin.

Unfolding her long legs from the couch, Angela started up the stairs. Rebecca went up to the bathroom and filled a plastic bowl with water as hot as she could stand it. She gathered a pile of towels and cloths, and took Mike's razor from the sink. She knew he wouldn't mind when he saw what she did with it. She replaced the blade with a new one, and took one more fresh blade for good measure. Finally, she grabbed her can of shaving cream and followed her roommate to the bedroom.

With a little time to herself Angela had begun to get a little apprehensive. She removed her panties and sat on the edge of the bed in her short nightgown, but fidgeted, unable to sit still. Finally she sat back, pulled her knees up to her chest and crossed her arms in front of them. She looked up and bit her lip as Rebecca came in the bedroom door.

"Gee whiz, Ange, if you don't want me to do this, I won't." Rebecca sat on the edge of the bed and looked into her friend's worried blue eyes. "You look like I'm about to rape you or something."

"No, it's not that. I trust you... It's just... Well... This is a little more personal than we've gotten before, Becks... Are you sure about this?"

Her roommate smiled slightly and put her hand on her friend's knee. "This is no biggie, Ange, I'm just doing a favor for a buddy. Now, are we going to do this or not?"

Angela returned the small smile. "Ok, but quick before I change my mind." Rebecca spread a towel over the comforter, and waited for a moment while Angela made herself comfortable on it. The blonde laced her fingers together and lay them over her trim belly.

"You're going to have to relax a little more than that, Ange," said Becky. She lightly pushed Angela's silk nightgown above her hips then slightly parted her legs. "I can't shave it if I can't see it"

Angela exhaled slowly through pursed lips and opened her legs further. She knew this was the final step; there was no going back.

Rebecca took a pair of scissors from the night stand and began to snip her roommate's blonde pubic hair away. "Do you want it all shaved, or should I leave a thin strip of hair like we saw on the video?"

"Do it like the video, at least for now." Angela giggled nervously. "Maybe next time."

Nodding, Rebecca continued to snip the golden curls away, then wet a cloth and wrung it out. She placed the steaming cloth against her roommates' pubic mound. Angela squirmed as the hot material contacted her sensitive skin.

"That feels... really good" she said softly.

Rebecca removed the cloth and sprayed a small ball of cream into her palm. "Here goes nothing," she thought as she began to spread the white cream over her roommate's pussy.

The sudden contrast of the cool cream after the heat from the cloth made the blonde gasp slightly. She closed her eyes tightly and willed herself to relax as she felt a gentle touch massage the shaving cream into the remaining stubble. The small but agile fingers felt very different from Mike's. Almost against her will, she started to become aroused by the soft touch.

A strange sort of detachment came over Rebecca as she worked the cream into a lather. It was almost as if she was watching someone else's fingers on her friend's pussy. She finished her work and rinsed the razor in the hot water to moisten the lubricating strip on the blade. The redhead chewed thoughtfully on her upper lip as she concentrated on her task. She started at the top, gently running the razor along Angela's fair skin, leaving a thin strip of soft hair in the middle. She lightly stroked the exposed flesh with a fingertip to ensure she wasn't leaving any stubble. Gradually she worked her way down to the more sensitive areas.

Angela clutched the bed sheets in her fists as she felt her roommate's slow, soft caresses move across her mound. The skin, newly shaven, was even more sensitive than usual and she was beginning to abandon any attempt to stifle her arousal. She had never felt anything quite like this before, and she was enjoying every moment of it. Her breathing quickened and the air in the room felt cool against her flushed body.

Rebecca smoothed the skin around Angela's pussy, pulling it taut and very gently shaving in short strokes, slowly working her way toward the center. She put her fingertip in the bottom of Angela's vagina, gently pulling it so she could shave the inside of her friend's labia. Rebecca's fingertip was swallowed by Angela's pussy as the digit slid effortlessly into the slick opening. She gently moved her finger in and out, marveling at how wet her friend had become. Rebecca glanced up and noticed the blonde's nipples had become erect beneath the sheer fabric of her nightgown. She tore her gaze away, stretched the skin tautly again and deftly finished the last few strokes with the razor. The scent of her friend's arousal was beginning to affect her as well. She could feel her own pussy aching to be touched as she softly wiped the remnants of the shaving cream from Angela's now smooth pussy.

Moaning softly at Rebecca's touch, Angela could feel her pussy becoming even wetter. Her legs closed slightly, the soft skin brushing against the silk of Rebecca's robe.

Rebecca ran her hand over Angela's pubic mound one last time, making sure she hadn't missed a spot. Angela's moans became louder at her touch, causing Rebecca's pussy to twitch involuntarily. She'd never before so much as thought about sex with a woman, but at that moment Angela's pussy was the most desirable object she had ever seen. She parted her labia and gently blew a stream of warm air across her damp pussy.

Angela pushed her hips forward and put a leg over Rebecca's shoulder, pulling the redhead toward her. Rebecca lowered her face to Angela's pussy and experimentally ran her tongue along her slit. Angela gasped at Rebecca's touch, her fingers reaching for her friend's hair, tangling in it, pulling Rebecca's face to her pussy as she ground her hips against Rebecca's mouth. Rebecca snaked her tongue into Angela's pussy, curling it back and then thrusting it forward, fucking the tight pussy with her little pink tongue.

Rebecca worked her tongue up to Angela's clit, her tongue bathing the newly shaved skin. She spread Angela's labia with her fingers, and slowly stroked the inside of the pink lips with her index finger. She circled the hard nub of flesh with her tongue as her finger slid around the opening to her vagina. Angela rocked her hips against her mouth, trying in vain to force Rebecca to stop her gentle teasing strokes. Rebecca complied, suddenly sucking Angela's clit onto her mouth and plunging two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. Angela's moans changed to hoarse cries as she came closer and closer to the brink. Rebecca sucked harder at the sensitive button, flicking the tip with her tongue as she held it between her lips. Her fingers stroked in and out, faster and faster. Rebecca felt Angela's legs tighten against her as she arched her back, pushing her throbbing pussy onto Rebecca's fingers. Rebecca's pussy was aching for release, dripping with its own juices. With a short, sharp cry, Angela came explosively, her pussy clamping down suddenly on Rebecca's fingers, her finger pulling her hair almost painfully.

Angela released a breath that she hadn't realized she was holding. Rebecca's tongue circled her clit once more as the redhead slowly withdrew her fingers from the blonde's shaven slit. Angela felt a final shudder pass through her, like an aftershock as her friend lay beside her on the bed, enveloping her in her arms.

"Mmmmm... Ange, hon... I've gotta try this."

Angela sighed contentedly. "Is now good for you?"


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