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A Casual Threesome..?
by Please Clothing Off!

They were both kind of bashful at first. The one thing that annoys me about guys is how unwilling they are to have a threesome- with two guys and a girl. For some reason, whenever I suggest them (threesomes), they figure they're going to get butt-rammed or something. Well, what they don't know is how greedy I am; I want all the cocks in _me_, no sharing. So anyway, Andy and Chris were finally willing to at least try a threesome, most likely because I told them I wouldn't fuck either of them until they agreed. I love how easily I can manipulate boys on the threat of no sex.

We were all at Andy's apartment in the living room, the big sofas looking rather inviting to me, but I knew Andy and Chris were both scared. I knew I would have to be the demanding one, so without hesitating, I took off my shirt and pants, leaving me clad in only a thong and my bra (a cute leopard print set). Andy stood over by the kitchenette, a beer in hand and Chris was still lingering by the door. Me, I sat down on the couch, one knee up to my chin and looked first at Andy, then at Chris.

Neither of them moved, so wanting to be "fair," I didn't approach either of them but instead took off my thong and, settling back on the couch began to rub my snatch gently. I knew they couldn't resist. I sighed deeply and tilting my head back to rest on the couch arm, I unsnapped my bra and threw it across the room. Still rubbing at my cunt, I began to tightly squeeze my nipples with my other hand. Andy was the first to give in.

He walked over to the couch and picking up my torso sat down and rested my head back in his lap; I could feel the hard lump under his pants. I rolled over onto my stomach and unzipped his pants, pulling them off and revealing his gigantic cock, which drooped as he noticed that Chris was watching; it was quickly brought back to life when I licked the tip. Pulling off Andy's shirt, I sensitively stroked his cock while waving my legs in the air. After throating Andy's dick once (a deep sigh rising in his throat), Chris finally approached and kneeled at my feet.

He too had a noticeable lump in his pants and tentatively started to stroke my calf, slowly moving up and eventually running his hands over my legs and naked ass. I looked over at Chris and squeezed my cheeks at his touch, and I saw his lump quiver gently against the confines of his pants. Turning so that my legs were across Andy's naked lap, I was now face to face with Chris. I leaned into him and kissed his neck, sucking and biting as I undressed him. Chris's dick sprung out at me, and I sized both guys up, deciding that Andy was a little bit thicker; I love nice thick cocks. Sitting up, looking from Chris to Andy and back again, my eyes translated the message that I was ready, _now_.

Sitting up, I kissed Chris once again and then crawled over to Andy. Thrusting my breasts in his face, he began to suck and lick them until my nipples were pert and red from the extra attention. Shoving them in his face, I climbed into his lap, and when we were face to face, I let myself down to be impaled on his wondrously thick cock. Moaning with the entrance, I wrapped myself onto Andy's body, clamping him within my arms and legs. He tried to pump into me, but I knew that I had to be in control and roughly shoved my crotch against him; he got the clue and sat like a good boy. I

motioned Chris over and raising myself off of Andy a bit, beckoned his penis towards my asshole. He came over and knelt between Andy's legs, his cock pointing at just the right place. He spread my cheeks and gently probed my hole with his finger before easing his penis gently and smoothly into my ass. Now filled in both entrances, I again loosely wrapped my arms around Andy and began kissing and licking his neck. Chris wrapped his arms around my waist and as I started pumping, a double rhythm filling me alternately, I felt Chris licking my back in a swirling pattern. I tilted my head back, the pleasure of having two such massive cocks in me at once filling me with ecstasy. I could feel Andy was holding back to keep from cumming, so biting once at his neck, I lifted myself off both boys.

I eyed Andy before lowering my mouth to his cock; the sight of it slicked with my wetness was beautiful. I put my mouth over Andy's cock and tasted my fragrant juices, still warm from our fucking. I massaged Andy's cock with my mouth slowly, teasingly to keep him from erect. Chris sat, watching and stroking his cock as I brought Andy nearer and nearer to orgasm. Andy was so tense, and I was so wet still; I hated to stop off as much as they both had. It seemed as though Chris were reading my mind when he came up behind me, his erect cock pressing against my back and shoved his fingers into my warm, moist pussy. I moaned and brought myself down hard on Andy's cock to keep from screaming from the bliss. It wasn't long before I felt that I had to be fucked or I would die.

Pushing Andy back against the couch, I once again mounted him, leaving Chris once again with the back door; I hoped he couldn't tell I liked the size of Andy's dick better. I rammed myself down on Andy and as I started to pump vigorously, I felt Chris's dick once again invade my asshole. I couldn't help but scream as I felt these two huge cocks pounding away inside of me, both tense and about to burst. I could feel Chris's balls tighten against my ass and I knew he was about to blow.

At the same time, I felt ready to explode myself. Grinding myself against Andy with such force that my knees are still red (from rubbing against the couch), I felt the first spray of Chris's orgasm spew into me. He quickly pulled out and I could feel the warm jets of cum drizzle onto my back and down my ass. This left only Andy and me. Andy was one of the first and still one of the best fucks I've ever had, even after all this time. For over 6 years, we've been fucking at least once a month, even if my boy toy of the time (currently Chris) didn't like it.

As Andy and I ground ourselves against each other harder and harder, I felt Chris try to mount me once again; I reached back with one hand and shoved him away, resting my head against Andy's shoulder as we both climbed towards orgasm. I could feel myself about to orgasm, and I (as is the habit) bit into Andy's shoulder, my teeth clenching his shoulder and my pussy clenching his cock as I felt those familiar but always welcome spasms of my vaginal walls. I orgasmed while still holding on to Andy, and I knew he was also about to burst. Tilting my head back, I saw that he was clenching his teeth to keep from cumming.

Deviant as I am, I shoved myself down on his cock with all the force I could and simultaneously shoved my tongue deep into his mouth, causing him to cum all at once, his juices spewing into me, my lingering orgasm welcoming the new streams of cum. I continued to fuck him, his penis still spurting gently.

When I knew that he was done, I passionately kissed him once more before climbing off of him and kneeling to lick him clean, still ignoring Chris.


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