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Angela's Domination
by Lady Elvera

Being the shy and timid girl that I was it was hard to believe that Ron the captain of the football team would be interested in me. Not that I am not attractive I just never would flaunt it around like the other girls they were whores. They dated boys and got flowers and rides in their cool cars for letting them touch them in their panties and bra. No way I was going to let a boy do that.

Not until after marriage, just like Father O'brien always says. As I walked home from school the same three blocks like always thinking about my date tonight. I would be great fun Ron told me we would just be attending bible study at his rather large house out by the lake. HE even brought up the issue of my virtue. Asking me if I was indeed a virgin. Making me blush deeply. I told him of course silly. He of course commended me on my choice and agreed with me that some women were just plain trashy. And said It was good to find a wholesome catholic school girl these days. So I know we under stand each other.

As I got home I found both mother and father drunk again God help them to save their souls. They would stay drunk for weeks at a time both of them retired now. They never even knew what was going on I take care of everything the cooking cleaning. Sometimes I feel like Cinderella. Well tonight I was getting ready for the ball. I went and picked out some clothes and ran my bath.

Undressed stripping of my simple school girl uniform and cotton underclothes. I stepped into the water just a bit to hot on my tender young cheeks. Lathering the sponge and washing pausing a moment on the area between my legs I rubbed there again laying my head back thinking how nice it would be to go out on my first date. Thinking of Ron I found the sponge almost had a mind of its own. Rubbing and rubbing until my father bust in screaming he had to use the bathroom. I had to hurry up. So I waited for him to leave when he didn't I got out of the tub and wraped in my towel and walked out not liking the way he was learing at me.

I finished getting ready for my date without interuption. Brushing my long red hair leaving it down instead of up in it's usual bun.I put on my clothes White cotton bra and panties. And a pretty white sundress. Waiting for Ron He came right on time. Seven o'clock sharp I went out on the porch telling my two passed out parents that I would be home shortly. He came up looking handsome like always. Tall blonde great smile. So many muscles. It always makes me hot to stand next to him. He came up the walk with a dozen yellow roses. I could have fainted at the site.

We got into his thunderbird and cruised to his house making small talk along the way. He commented about how pretty my hair was and I told him I really liked his car. We got to his house and he told me the rest of the study group would be here in a about an hour. Asking me if I would like a drink I got nervous and told him I don't ever drink. He said not to be silly he didn't drink either just an iced tea. I told him yes that would be fine it was such a hot day.

I took the iced tea and smiled at him I started to drink it and thought hmm this must be mint tea or something I could taste something bitter. Next thing I knew I was cold and it was pitch dark. I felt the tapes next. the two tapes around each wrist and the tapes around each ankle. I really could not see at all. Then came the touchs I felt fingers on my breast and thighs. Then I heard hey princess are you awake now huh. Did the sleeping powder I gave you finally wear off honey. I recognised Ron's voice and also laughter from others.

Suddenly I felt very afraid. Then the lights cam on and those same people who made fun of me at school were there looking at me in just my white bra and panties and I was tied up yo an old dr.'s table the on the kind that they used for Gyn. visits. Ron was standing there obviously drunk and naked except for the white dr.'s coat. He had some lude device in his hand and said it was a pussy spreader and we were gonna take a look and see if I was a virgin.

Some people got nervous and left the party in my honor but the sick nasty ones stayed on to help abuse me. Ron started to rub my panties threw the thin cotton. I tried to move my hips away but I couldn't go any where. Then my hips took on a mind of their own and started to move toward his hand thats when he declared to he rest of the onlookers that I wanted it. I was just like every other bitch in heat. Even Virgin Angela she wants my cock too...

He told Stacy the head cheerleader to come over here and get me ready for his dick. She came over and expertly rubbed my panties and removing them buy ripping them off she started to lick the tender folds of my flesh. It felt funny sort of wierd and really nice. She licked and bit on my clit and I was going crazy thrusting my hips up to her face. Then she used her finger to maneuver me to orgasm.

She was thrown aside by Ron who came over putting his huge cock right in my virgin hole stopping half way in only because he had to it was so tight. He forced himself on me slamming his large cock in me as had as he could. I felt a tear running down my cheek he saw that then grabbing at my breast pulling each nipple fiercly bruising the delecate flesh around the nipple. I somehow started to move my hips almost involuntary meeting each thrust.

Until he came pulling his cock out grabbing up Stacy by the hair and cumming all over her pretty face. she licked her lips and smiled and they all left and went up stairs. I tried to rest but mind kept wandering back to Ron's cock. I awoke with a pounding head ache also an ache in my back and legs from being in same position for what seemed like days. Only I imagine it had only been hours. I felt the warm soapy water being poured over my body starting at my breast. Then the sponge. I opened my eyes and saw a lovely lady in all black leather standing to the side of a even sexier companion also female who wore nothing but a collar attached to a leash.

She was the one washing me. Carefully rubbing me down squeezing water from the sponge over my titties and bending down to suck them. After a command from her Mistress. She began to rub the sponge into my crotch. Loving stroking just inside the lips with the sponge it felt so naughty. However I could not help it I let out a tiny moan from my lips and closed my eyes again. I could feel the water pouring over my pussy. I felt the delicate young fingers pulling at my clit and stroking the opening to my new womanly pussy.

I heard the Mistress tell her to suck my nipples harder and harder gradually until I moaned out loud. As she smacked the lovely round ass of Lisa her slave girl. With a riding crop she now tucked under her arm. Standing there smiling at me. Still fingering my ever so wet pussy she began to suck at my large nipples. Then she started to nibble just a little bit and tugging with her teeth. The Mistress had moved closer to watch and she began to kiss my lips biting down on my lower lip and and whispering in my ear that I was her play toy now and I would do as I was told. She told me that Lisa would enjoy licking my pussy and I was to be a good girl.

Then almost on cue Lisa traced her tongue across my belly to find my sweet pussy. Licking quite a bit more gently with her tongue than Stacy quick little licks at my clit her tongue moving down sliding into my hole she even ventured down to lick the pucker of my virgin asshole. That felt strange yet also good at the same time. The lighting was very bad in the basement room until now when I raised my head as high as I could I saw a man in a chair in the corner stroking his very large penis. The Mistress slapped across my breast with her riding crop. I was quite already taken with Lisa's expert pussy licking. So I laid back and closed my eyes letting a few moans escape from my lips.

I felt all of a sudden a wonderful sensation an eclipse of my inhibited nature I screamed yes oh God. I think I had my first orgasm tied up down here in the basement. Not with my husband but this lovely devil woman who made me feel so good. My Mistress told me she was going to remove the tape bonds and I was to do exactly what I was told. I would do whatever she asked to feel like that again. Lisa removed the bonds and I noticed the man again it was Ron's father the Judge. Still a good looking man in his early fifties and still quite sexual I see.

I scooted to edge of the table and I was told to get on my knees and crawl over to the Judge and suck his long hard cock. I had no idea what to do but I dropped to my knees and crawled over to him. Getting up on my knees and looking up at him he smiled and said that I liked being a slut didn't I? For some reason without thinking I nodded my head. Looking up at him with innocent eyes. I felt the riding crop on my ass and my Mistress commanded me to do as I was told and suck his cock now.

I took the large head of his cock into my mouth and started to suck just the tip and then the Mistres came over and pushed my head down she said to make nice long strokes on the cock almost gagging me. I closed my eyes and tried to relax as she kept pressing down. Then I heard him tell the Mistress not yet and pulled my hair and head to jerk my lips from around his cock. She told me to get down on all fours like a dog. So I did and she yanked Lisa's collar like some unspoken command lisa laid down on the floor with her pussy in my face. Then I heard the Mistress say to me Angela I want you lick Lisa's pussy just like she did yours.

So I put my face into her wet, honey sweet pussy. Feeling the huge cock head bumping into my pussy scared me a little but, I did enjoy licking Lisa's pussy she tasted so good. I was trying very hard to make her feel like she made me feel. Then I felt the slam of the hard cock from behind in my already sore pussy. He was pushing it in with hard deep strokes then pulling out and doing it again. Pulling the cheeks of my ass apart while he was fucking my aching throbbing pussy. He left his huge cock in me thank God and started to rock back and forth with a pleasing rhythm.

I stopped licking Lisa's pussy long enough to see that the Mistress had found a seat on Lisa's face knelt over her and moaning in delight. Sucking on the end of her riding crop like some huge phallus she inserted it into her ass and moaned with pleasure. Slowly moving it back and forth she seemed to really enjoy it too. I went back to thrusting my tongue deep into lisa's wet pussy. The judge was breathing harder now I knew from the few other boys that I had seen he was about to cum.

He pulled his huge cock out and jammed it in my virgin asshole I let out a scream and he pushed it alll the way in and I felt the hot cum running up in side of my ass lubricating his cock still gentlely rocking in my ass. He pulled my hair and yanked me up from my sweet pussy,but the Mistress took over and they laid on top of each other in some lude position. The judge was kissing my neck and grabbing at my breast I could feel his cock sliding in and out of my ass even soft it was huge. He never took it out.

I thought I would scream. He started to touch my clit and maneuver it back and forth very quickly. I started to feel real good again I came all over his finger and he pulled it out of my pussy and put it in my mouth I started to suck at his finger greatfully. I was wondering was this the end? Do I have to go back to being that tight prude catholic school girl?

Looking around the basement and smiling I didn't think that was going to happen...

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