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Afternoon Delight
by Kymberley

Kymberley had grown up too fast her parents had always said. Having developed at such a young age, she knew could use her looks to get ahead. Looking at her, one couldn't help but gaze into her sapphire blue eyes that seem to sparkle in the sunlight, mesmerized by her gaze. She had long flowing blonde curls. The curls accentuated some of her best facial features. The contrast from the golden curls brought attention to her sensual pouting pink lips. A man would look at those soft full lips and want to taste them, to nibble on them tenderly, to press his lips against hers in one of those kisses you feel for a lifetime. Her soft, strong cheekbones that seem to peak out from underneath the curls would leave you wanting to gently stroke the back of your hands across them. The curls perfectly outlined her slender neck.

Despite all that, Kymberley wanted to succeed with her talent and brains being what propelled her through life. She worked hard for what she wanted and would do what it took to get there. Sometimes, she took advantage of the beauty and charm to get her foot in the door. Then all she had to do from there was to tell them what she could do for their company and she had them every time.

That morning as she looked through her closet trying to decide what to wear, she kept thinking of what she would do to celebrate her new contract. She was so confident she was going to get it. Rifling through the skirts that hung in front of her, she picked out the black leather mini. Kymberley laughed as she thought about what the looks on those men's faces would be when she walked into the meeting dressed to kill in this outfit.

When she slid that black leather mini skirt over her slender thighs, she felt as though she was unstoppable in it. Selecting the red silk sleeveless blouse to compliment her skirt was the right choice. As she slid it over her and then slid her sleek arms into the blouse, she wondered if showing this much cleavage was a good idea. Reaching for her red leather heels and slipping her bare feet into them, she reconsidered wearing the stockings. Glancing at her silky tanned legs, she knew she could pull of this outfit without any stockings to hide their glow. She slid her hands over the leather skirt and lifted it just a little higher on her creamy smooth thighs.

Standing in front of the mirror taking one last look, Kymberley twirled slowly around. Her eyes moved up her trim waist running her hands over her full hips, and stopped at her firm breasts. Yes this blouse definitely showed off just the right amount of cleavage, and allowed anyone interested, to see how the soft curves of her voluptuous breasts were. She loved the way the men would stare at her wanting to be the lucky one that would get to touch them and the way their women would glare at her because theirs began sagging after the kids were born.

Kymberley grabbed her purse as she left her bedroom, stopping into her office that was an addition of the side of her house; she smiled as she went over in her mind, what her plan of attack would be. Stepping up into her truck, she thought of how many heads she would turn when she pulled up to the office and stepped out the truck. She laughed when she pictured the scene from Basic Instinct, where Sharon had uncrossed and re-crossed her legs while being questioned by the police. Picturing herself flashing just a little bit of her blonde mound of thick curls as she stepped out, she wondered for a brief instance, should she have worn that thong after all. No, she did not want any panty lines ruining her look; the choice to go natural was the right one.

Kymberley walked out of the meeting that morning with the property Management Company knowing that the contract was as good as signed, sealed, and delivered. The men who worked in this business couldn't seem to resist her charms she thought to herself. Or maybe they just could not think straight to tell her no when she walked into the office. She was strong willed and went after what she wanted with the intention of winning always. Kymberley knew that when it came to business, any female in a man's world had to play hard ball. She had learned that from watching her father all those years she spent working for him at his construction company. She remembered how when she wanted something done by one of the foremen, it was as simple as turning on her southern charm and knocking them off guard.

Feeling so good about how it all went, she stopped on the way back home to pick up a bottle of wine. The kids were gone for the weekend and with only having a few things to work on back at the office, she would call it a week and take sometime to enjoy the peace and quiet of home. As she pulled into her driveway, her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller ID as she was answering it. It was about the contract.

"Hello Kymberley Christian," she answered.

The voice on the other end was not one she recognized. He told her he had just received the copies of the contracts and would have them sent over this evening for her to look over. When she hung up, she really did have a reason to celebrate now. Sliding out of her candy apple red pickup, she walked to the door of the office. Remembering she needed a glass for the wine, she went in the house first, grabbed a crystal wineglass, and headed back out to her office door.

Kymberley walked in and kicked off her red heels watching as they flopped onto the plush silver carpet under the table that she kept in there for the kids to do their homework on. She smiled again. Not as cheerful as she thought she would that they would be gone for the weekend, but so looking forward to the break from all the plans they seem to make every weekend for her.

She walked over to her desk and sat down at her computer. She loved this DSL connection; just click and you are online. She went to check her email, hoping to find something worth reading and not the mindless dribble that seemed to fill her account everyday. While reading over some jokes and looking at a few pictures sent to her by some friends, she felt a little hungry. She went through the back door of the office and to the kitchen and made herself a sandwich.

When Kymberley walked back into her office, she was surprised to see that Steven was there. He asked how her meeting went. She told him how she won the bid on the contract. He was so pleased for her. Then he chuckled something about how it must have been that outfit she was wearing. Kymberley smiled. "Do you think it was the black leather mini skirt or the low cut red sleeveless silk blouse that did the trick?"

Steven laughed again, "Well Kym, I definitely think it was the total package as well as the presentation."

Steven was quite a treat to the eyes as well. He had statuesque build, standing 6'3"and towering over most men. Looking at his chest, so big and strong, would intimidate most people who crossed him. With his perfectly trimmed waist, he reminded you of a Greek God. His light brown hair would turn a pale shade of blonde in the summer, the highlights streaking through the straight no nonsense style that he wore it. Women would swoon when gazing into his blue eyes. Exceptionally bright blue, like that of the clear afternoon sky on a lazy spring day. Sparkling and twinkling as he gazed at her, igniting such burning desires deep in Kymberley's soul.

The small talk continued for a little while and as always, Steven would throw in a tease every once in a while. Kymberley loved his teasing her; it always made her so excited. She could feel the creamy fluids building every time they were together. He would nibble at her slender neck and kiss her softly, once in awhile telling her how he would push her away from her desk while she was working, and tease her for hours before he would allow her to reach that climax that would eventually leave her sated.

"So Kymberley," Steven asked, "Tell me, do we have the place all to ourselves, and will I have your full attention?"

Laughing and smiling, hoping that he was finally about to make some time for her, "The kids will be gone the entire weekend. Looks like mom gets to finally play without worrying about them catching her." Kymberley answered him.

Without another word, Steven twirled her around in her chair and gently took her glowing cheeks into his hands. Softly kissing her luscious lips as he brushed away the blonde wisps of hair from her forehead. As Steven knelt in front of her, he ran his strong hands over her silken legs. He parted them slowly and tenderly as he slipped in between them, pressing his hips to the inside of her thighs.

Kymberley's lust for him urged her to seek his tongue, savoring his sweet kiss hungry for his passion and silently needing to feel his touch. Her body ached for his warmth and his tender caress. She yearned for the feelings she gave up so long ago when she knew that she had to put her kids first and her passions last. She knew that Steven sensed her desires and that he would fulfill them more than she had even dreamed possible.

As Steven slowly broke the kiss, pulling his lips just a whisper away from hers, she felt his heated breath floating over her throat bathing her neck as she looked into his brilliant blue eyes. He inhaled deeply, filling his nostrils with the fragrant scent of her lust, the hunger for him betraying her. She needed Steven to show her what she missed so much now, needing him to completely take control over her desires and release the passion that she locked away.

Kymberley pulled him back to her lips, sucking on them tenderly while his hands pulled her blouse from within the waistband of her miniskirt. Sliding his strong hands over her belly, he lifted her blouse to expose her red laced bra. He moved his lips over her chin, kissing her neck, blowing softly on it then his mouth trailed over her blouse to the nipples protruding through the lace. His breath heated her flesh, teasing her as he nibbled on the pink tender nipple. The wetness from his mouth leaving spots on the lace, he moved his mouth to her other nipple, swollen and aching to be touched by him.

Steven moved his hands and lightly grazed her skin with his nails as he reached behind her to find the hooks on her bra. One at a time he released the hooks. Kymberley lifted the blouse over her head and tossed it aside. She stared into his blue eyes as she watched his eyes sparkle. As he unfastened the last hook, he slid his hands to her shoulders and eased the straps off. Sliding them down her arms until he removed it from her hands, he then let it fall to the floor as he stared at her voluptuous breasts.

When his hand took her breasts and lifted them to his mouth, Kymberley let a soft moan escape her lips. His tongue teased her nipples, swirling around them as his lips kissed and nibbled at them. She ran her fingers through his hair trying to bring his mouth harder against her aching nipples. She needed to feel the heat from his mouth enveloping them with his lips.

Steven pulled away from her breasts. He did love to tease her so. This time it was his game and he was calling all the shots. Though Kymberley would feign a protest to his teasing her once again, it truly was this game of his that he had mastered so well that kept her coming back to him almost always having to hold herself back from begging for more. She loved how he made the desire for his time grow and how it turned her on with each word he spoke.

He reached behind her and unzipped her skirt as he stared into her sapphire blue eyes. Even his looking at her was a tease to her, allowing her a glimpse into his mind. Steven tugged the bottom of her skirt as she sat in the chair. He pulled it over her hips and past her firm ass. Pulling it over her thighs, he allowed his fingers to tease her skin. He watched as the goose bumps ripple over her body from his sensual touches. He threw the skirt over his shoulders and Kymberley watched it as it landed on the floor.

Without another word, Steven bent his neck forward and licked her belly softly. His hands parted her thighs as he lifted her legs up and placed them on his shoulders. Pulling her ass down the seat until she was on the edge of the cushion, Steven placed his lips against her wetness and kissed her tenderly where that fragrant aroma he had been inhaling for the last half-hour was coming from. His tongue tasted for the first time the creamy sweet juices that Kymberley had felt flowing from within her so many times, from his teasing.

Kymberley laid her head back and closed her eyes as he showed her why he was such a master at this art of cunnilingus. He had always bragged to her how the women loved his tongue and how he never failed to please them. Although she would feel a twinge of jealousy each time he said that, she knew he was not lying. Her body started to heat up more as his knowing mouth took control.

Steven ran his tongue over her lips, parting them as he licked the nectar glistening from them. His tongue swirling over the sensitive skin that was shaved so smoothly, as she pushed against his shoulders with her legs. Lifting her sweet pussy to his mouth as he continued to trace the outlines of each lip. Nibbling on one lip then other on and pausing for just a quick moment to blow his hot breath across her swollen clit.

Kymberley writhed beneath his fiery breath. Steven took such delight in his slow teasing of her. Swirling his tongue in small circles around her clitoris, as he would leave little butterfly kisses on the wetness surrounding it. He would nibble hungrily on the soft folds of skin that covered her rosebud while his fingers would gently rub across her nipples. He ran his tongue over every delicious inch of her pussy, slowly across from one side to the other. Starting on the v shaped opening of her lips and not stopping until his tongue had followed the delicate flesh around her tight ass.

Pausing for a moment whenever he felt she was too close to losing her control and sending her mind racing once more before he would again lavish her with his tongue. Steven ran the flat of his tongue across her clit one more time, then lifting her cheeks firmly gripped in the palm of his hands, he thrust his tongue deep inside her. Lapping at her juices that his teasing had cause to flow from deep within her, he licked at sucked them eagerly.

Kymberley wiggled her hips as she moved her pussy against his mouth. Grabbing her breasts and fondling her nipples, she whispered her soft lusty moans. As she felt his tongue plunging in and out of her, she ground her clit against his nose, rubbing it in small circles as she tweaked her nipples. Pinching them and rolling them, and finally Kym lifted one breast to her mouth and ran her tongue over the aching nipple. She sucked her nipple into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it slowly.

Steven continued to feast himself on her sweetness. His mouth knowing how to drive her wildest desires into high gear until she begged him to let her feel the orgasms he kept stopping her from having. Steven laughed slightly and lifted her one more time. Pulling her pussy to his mouth as he bit at her flesh another few strokes of his tongue over each lip before grabbing at her clit with his teeth and grazing it gently with the tip of his tongue as he held it.

Without any hint of what Steven had in his mind, Kymberley laid back in her chair completely at his mercy. He slid his hands underneath her cheeks and moved them up her back. Lifting his shoulders and causing her legs to shift onto his arms, he moved them down her thighs and then let her legs fall slowly to the floor. He held her hips as his tongue explored the mound of hair that glistened with her juices then lifted her off the chair and slid her onto his thick shaft.

Kymberley felt his cock penetrating her slowly and deeply as he again controlled her movements. Not allowing her to take control, he placed her arms on his shoulders as he lifted her by her ass up and down onto his cock. Thrusting his hips forward as he buried its thickness deep inside her heated lust, he felt her nails digging into his shoulders as he looked into her eyes. He lifted his lips to her mouth and let her taste the pleasures he had enjoyed from her juices.

She sucked at his lips as the moistness from her body still clung to the whiskers around them. She was surprised at how she enjoyed the flavor of her own nectar and did not know if it was his kiss that made it taste so much sweeter than she had imagined or whether she just loved the way she tasted on his tongue. As Kymberley nibbled his lips, he was plunging his cock deeply inside her fiery pussy. The lips squeezing tightly around his shaft as his thrusts became harder and faster.

Kymberley moaned and whispered against his lips to please let her cum. Steven smiled sweetly and then shook his head no. He lifted her up with his hands holding firmly to her cheeks. She was waiting for and hoping for that to be followed by another thrusting blow against her swollen clit as he plunged his back into her pussy and his pelvic bones pressed against her.

Steven pulled his cock out from under her and shifted back onto his heels. He set her on her knees then grabbed her face and pulled it to his lips as he kissed her deeply and passionately. The hunger and passion to feel his cock buried between her thighs was unbearable. Kymberley begged him softly to please allow her to feel him sliding back inside her. He never answered her pleas.

He pulled her onto her kneels and spun the chair around behind her. Steven lifted her up and turned her towards the chair pressing her stomach against it as he pulled her up and kneeled behind her. Kymberley turned her face to look at him; he smiled and kissed his way from her shoulders to the small of her back. He moved his hand around in front of her and slid it between the quivering petals that covered her swollen bud and covered his fingers with the wetness. Running his finger around her clit then slipping it once more inside her, he gently bit at her flesh.

Steven ran his tongue over her the cheeks of her ass, licking them as his mouth moved closer to her tight little hole. He parted her cheeks with his fingers from one hand and lowered his tongue to swirl around the opening he was going to explore next. Flicking his tongue back and forth, then the tip teasing her asshole as she puckered it tightly then tried to relax. Kymberley knew that Steven had always sensed that her wild side was what drove her desires and made her the woman she was. He was determined now to test how wild she would let him be.

Steven's tongue entered her ass just enough to see her reaction to being probed in such a way. When Kym did not pull away, he knew it was going to happen. He slipped the finger that he was fucking her pussy with out and ran it up the crease to her little hole. Steven gently placed it against her, letting her know that he was about to enter her. She lay against the cushion as she lifted her cheeks just enough for him to see her eagerness for him to continue.

As Steven used the moisture from his fingers to lubricate her, he kissed her back gently. Then he pulled her hips back to him as he rested the tip of his cock against her hole. When he knew that she was ready as he listened to her take that deep almost panicked breath, he eased it slowly inside her. He felt her ass pucker around the head of his cock as he held it in place to allow her to adjust to the first few moments of pain.

Kymberley gasped for a brief second and tensed her body tightly. She exhaled slowly as the pain shot through her then eased away. He moved his cock in a little more, slowly inching deeper as she held her breath with each small push. Finally as the base of his shaft rested against the cheeks of her ass, he moved his hand around to her pussy and slid two fingers inside her.

Steven slowly began moving his hips forward and gliding his cock in and out of her ass. The tightness of her little hole arousing him more than he thought it would. Knowing that Kymberley had been without such affection for so long, Steven strives harder to please her immensely, his cock thrusting to a slow steady rhythm as his fingers plunged inside her pussy.

Kymberley began to forget those first few moments of pain and now was caught up in the feeling of such a strong thick cock filling her ass. She moved her fingers over her belly, found her clit, and rubbed it as she felt his knuckles against her hand. She rolled her clit between her fingers as his fingers thrust steadily with his cock. Deeper with each plunge her body had never felt such wicked desires before.

Fucking her ass gently but taking advantage of her eagerness to please him, Steven began to quicken his pace. He knew that Kymberley would not be able to stand much more teasing and when her orgasms came; she would ignite such a fire in his body that his cock would release his juice so violently fast and hard. As his pounding against her cheeks picked up, so did Kym's whimpering. He listened to the soft moans as he felt her body tightening again. Squeezing his fingers inside her pussy and her hole around his cock, he knew it was now the time to push her over the edge.

Steven thrust once more inside her ass then as he pulled back and she waited for the next one, he withdrew his cock from her ass and plunged it hard, crushing against her lips as he entered her hot pussy once more. Pulling her hips back as she started moaning louder, his thrusts becoming faster and deeper until he felt her body quivering, beginning to convulse from deep within the dark wetness that his cock was buried inside.

Kymberley threw her head back as he thrust once more. Her screams broke the sounds of the heavy moans and breaths that had filled the office. "Oh my God Steven," she cried out. Her muscles holding tightly to his thick shaft as her body began to shake.

Steven felt her juices exploding around his cock as he crashed against her lips again, then he felt his cum beginning to seep from his cock and grabbed her shoulders. Forcing his cock into her as the juices ran down his shaft, he filled her pussy with his steaming cum thrust after thrust after thrust. Holding her against his cock as he released the last few drops of his seed deep inside her.

Kymberley wiggled her hips and pressed against him milking each drop from his cock. Steven moved his hands around her and cupped his breasts in his hands as he pulled her back to his chest. She turned her head to look at him as he leaned over to kiss her. He felt the beads of sweat covering the soft skin between her breasts.

Slowly he withdrew his cock from within her; easing himself out as her quivering continued on. She laid against the chair as he kissed her back and tasted the drops of sweat the sprinkled the flesh on her back.

Kymberley's mind was spinning from the orgasms. She lifted herself back into the chair. Steven kissed her softly as she whispered thank you across his lips.

As reality began to settle back in, Kymberley looked at the clock. Realizing it was so late, she told Steven she had some errands to take care of. Being a business owner himself, Steven did not complain.

"Steven," she typed on the next ICQ message, "That was one of the best cyber sex images I have ever had. Thank you." She logged off the computer and went and cleaned her vibrator, then wrapped it back in the silk cloth and placed it back in the desk drawer.


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