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Alabama Days
by Big Cigar

The following story is true and occurred in Eastern Alabama several years ago. I had been dating a girl, Sue whom was obsessive about having status in a group that I was in by "invitation only." Sue loved the fine things that this status brought her and would do anything to retain this status. Unfortunately, at one of the get-togethers, I over heard her say to someone, "I wish I were with your man." This slammed me emotionally, as I had planned on giving her a ring down the road.

About two days later, I told her that it was best that we not see each other, never mentioning what I overheard. She freaked. She begged and begged and begged to stay together. Knowing her heart, I did not wish to do this at all. But she went through her whiney ass routine that I never did like and finally out of anger, I said, "OK, fine, the first time you do not do EXACTLY what I say, you are out of here!!!" She agreed, thanking me profusely. What occurred the next few weeks you can only imagine, but the highlight of my relationship with her actually came two weeks later when we visited her grandparents in Alabama.

I had only met her grandparents once and instantly hated them. They tended to look down their nose and any one whom would be qualified as a skilled or a trade person. Immediately, upon arriving, the two old timers walked up to door to greet us, and "granny" looked in horror at my big cigar in my pocket. "We don't smoke in this house..." she started to say, but Sue interrupted immediately and said in a low tone, "Granny, it won't hurt anything and if he gets offended, he will just have us back in the car in two minutes and we will be driving back home, which was a great distance." So, due to the fact that Granny and hubby NEVER got company from the family, she would not jeopardize this and decided that I could smoke whenever I wanted too.

It was in the afternoon of the second day, Granny and Gramps decided to take a fresh baked pie to their next door neighbor who lived the next drive up from theirs. As they were heading out the door, I slipped off to the back bedroom and pulled a hardcore porn mag out from my suitcase. I had walked into the living room and sat down on the couch and began thumbing through it. She knew these southern baptists would have a heart attack if they discovered this little baby.

So, as the old folks walked out the door and headed next door to drop off the pie, Sue walks through the room to see what I am up to and says really bouncy, "Whatta ya got there?" When her eyes focused, she said in horror, "Oh No!!! Please put that up, if they see this they will croak!!!"

I looked up from the mag and said, "It's a little bit too late for that now, I already woke up the giant, and I ain't putting up this book until he goes down again." She knew I meant it. She raced to the front door and saw them halfway to their destination. By the time she literally ran all the way back up to me in the room, she practically did a Pete Rose slide down between my legs. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a Cohiba and lit it and she worked furiously with the belt and the jean snap. I watched her pull my zipper down and grope in and haul out my dick. She threw her mouth on my cock and sucked for all she was worth. I stretched out with my ass toward the end of the couch and my head up on the big fluffy pillows and watched her bob up and down on my cock like she was in the cocksuck Olympics.

Oh, what a life, I thought. A good cigar and a head in your lap - who could want more? Just as I felt that familiar feeling, I said, "By the way, it would be a shame to stain this beautiful couch or this new carpet, now wouldn't it?" She knew what I meant. I knew she knew what I meant. As my hips tensed up she swallowed her mouth all the way down to the root of my shaft and I unloaded my spunk in her sweet mouth. I eased my hand down to the shaft so that I could jack the remainder of my load down her throat. She cleaned me up with her tongue. I handed her the magazine and she took it back to the suitcase. As she was departing, I called after her, "By the way, leave those panties you are wearing with that magazine." Of course she obeyed.

Sue had been wearing a knee length jean skirt and I knew that the panties were not on. She actually had a uneventful day for the rest of the day, except for the fact she had to be in full concentration not to forget and actually flash her grand dad. In the layout of their home, the love seat where Sue was sitting was next to their ancient television. Across from the television in two recliners snoozed Grandma and Grandpa. I sat in the far back of the room facing the television and loveseat but behind Grandma and Grandpa. I looked in the bay window above the television and I could see the old timers reflection. I turned and stared at Sue until she looked up at me and our eyes met.

She was reading a book, uninterested in whatever was playing on the screen in the room. It was 9:30 pm. I pointed my hands toward her legs and I indicated "SPREAD" with my hands. In horror, she looked at her grands and began to open her legs. I cupped my hands over my eyes like make-believe binoculars and looked downward to her crotch. Again, she looked over to her grands and spread her legs. I could see her little triangle of hair and I knew if either of them would open their eyes, so would they. I held one finger in the air. Then I motioned like a catcher on a baseball team with my hand now between my legs but where she could see one finger move back and forth.

Her mouth dropped open. She knew I wanted her to frig her pussy in front of her sleeping grandparents. Very slowly she snaked her hand down to her cunt and began to rub her pussy lips back and forth and up and down, doing beautiful circular motions. I enjoyed the show. When I began to notice her eyes fading back in her head, I realized for safety reasons, since she was not fully paying attention to them anymore, we should move this show somewhere else. I motioned for her to FOLLOW me. We walked down the hallway and I motioned her into the master bathroom which was two rooms down the hall to the left. Sue was extremely hot and breathing hard. I lifted her ass up on the sink and grabbed her legs and spread them wide. Then I began to undo my belt and haul my dick out.

"What about the door....the door is open!!"

I looked at her and just said "So?" I slid my dick into her sopping pussy and began to fuck her long and deep. Sue was always a screamer but she knew she could not be loud with them just two rooms away. She could not wake them up with the sounds that they may recall from aeons past. I sit there and long-dicked her until I could see she was about to cum. She was on fire and in three minutes she had leaned forward and held me tight while I just rhythmically sawed her cunt, in and out.

Finally she started thrashing her wildly and her finger nails anchored onto my back and she bucked and bucked and bucked and then finally she collapsed over me, my cock still fully stretching her pussy apart. I reached her and pried her off of me and leaned her back where I could be in more control. I begin to stir my dick around in her moist pussy and then I sank in all the way down with a slap. I slid it almost out of her cunt and then slammed it all the way to the hilt. I began a series of power pumps in her hot box, my balls slapping her ass and I told her what was it like being a slut who got well fucked at grannies house. Finally, I slammed all of the way in her and spasmed as my dick unloaded its second wad in one day. I pulled out of her pussy and dripped on the floor. She hastily bent down and cleaned the goo off the tile with a Kleenex.

I said, "I am going to bed, what are you gonna do?" Sue said she would go back into the room and finish reading her book. It was about 10:15.

In the middle of the night I woke up in a start. It was a jerking startledness. I looked down and Sue had turned on a little night light. The clock on the table said 1:20am. Immediately, I was angered and I was very aggravated. She looked up to me apologetically with my cock in her hand and her mouth inches from it. I could see the moisture of her saliva on my dick. "Just what in the hell are you doing?" I asked, not trying to show the anger of being awaken after being asleep for 3 hours, soundly.

"I'm sorry, I did not think I would wake you..."

I ripped the blanket off my body and stared at her quite hard and said, "You mean you think you can suck on my dick and it not awake me? Is that what you thought? Why did you do this?"

Sue said, "I am sorry, I just wanted to see what I tasted like on you.....on your cock."

By now, my dick had begun to arise again. Acting a little madder than I really was, I said, "So what you are telling me is you want me to fill your tummy full of some more cum because you are a suck slut, is that it?"

Before she could answer, I said, "Go get me a cigar". She did. "Light it". She put the cigar in her mouth and lit the lighter and held it to the end and I saw puffs emit from over her head. "Now give me that," I said, leering at her in the process of trying to wake up. She stood by the bed as I placed several pillows behind me so that I could be somewhat sitting up. "Well" I said, "Last I heard you wanted to suck my dick off....get to it.." Sue glanced down now at my raging boner and stared. "NOW" was just the thing she needed to hear to break her trance.

She scampered onto the bed and leaned down over my cock. She engulfed it in her mouth and began to suck it in long smooth strokes. "Is this your first time"? I asked sarcastically. "Suck that wanted to wake me up to suck cock, so suck it, suck that fucker off!"

I grabbed her by her hair and shoved her head all the way down to my balls. I held her head there as I began to buck her mouth. Her loud sucking noises drove me wild. I leaned back and let her take my dick in her hand and jack it as she sucked with all she had. I took long hits off my Cohiba and just watched her devour my manhood. Finally, I said, "Alright, are you ready for a tummy full of cum, huh?"

Mmmm Hmm she muttered not allowing her head to leave my fuckstick buried in her mouth. I don't know how I came as hard as I did, but I thought it was going to tear her head right off. She finished swallowing all my love potion and then I casually asked for her to suck on my balls while she had her head down there. She did this expertly too until it got to feeling too good....almost painful.

When I dozed off, the last thing I remember was she had moved my cigar from my hand to an ashtray and was licking my nuts all over. Love those Alabama vacations!


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