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Adopted Daughter
by Kip Carson

Ted and Brenda had found out early in life that they couldn't have children, so they adopted a girl from an Asian Country. Little Mai Lian arrived to them when they were both in their early 20's. Mai was a small child. They raised her as their own, and she led a very happy family life with her adoptive parents. When Mai turned 18, Ted and Brenda were both in their early 40's. Ted and Mai's world collapsed when Brenda was killed in an accident.

Ted and Mai grew quite close after the accident. Ted would watch the 18 year old as she strutted quite sensuously through the house. They weren't blood related, and this didn't make the erections she gave him so taboo. Ted was content with staying home and watching Mai. He didn't have the desire to date, he lusted after his adopted daughter more and more each day. Today was such a special day, Mai stepped from the shower wrapped in only a towel. Ted was napping on the couch, and Mai entered the living room wearing only her towel.

As Ted lay there on his back, his long thick cock was quite hard. " He must've been having some hot dream!" Mai thought, as she checked out the large lump beneath the sheet. She continued to stare at his cock, feeling her pussy moisten with desire. Mai slid her hand beneath her towel, and felt her dripping pussy. She ran one of her long red fingernails along her wet pussy slit, and moaned softly. She carefully slid the sheet from her father, and looked at his magnificent bulge as it pressed tightly against his briefs. His cock head was protruding above the waistband. Mai was amazed and thrilled at how big he was. She slowly slid to the floor, and leaned towards her sleeping father's stiff cock.

She gently licked his massive cockhead, and he softly moaned. He remained asleep, but his cock was very much awake. Mai carefully slid his briefs downward, until his enormous cock, and large balls were totally bare. She began licking up and down the length of his cock. Moving her wet tongue along the sensitive cockhead. Ted would moan softly each time her tongue lapped at his pulsating cockhead. Mai took his large cockhead into her mouth. Her tongue swirled magnificently around the bulbous cockhead. Ted awoke, and looked down as his lovely Asian daughter sucked diligently on his throbbing cock.

"Oh God," he moaned. He watched as her long jet black, silky hair moved as she bobbed her mouth up and down his stiff cock. He could feel her wet wonderful tongue as it worked around his thick throbbing shaft. Mai's towel fell, and her small breasts were fully exposed. Ted looked at the beautiful tiny brown nipples, he had imagined in his mind so many times. They were even prettier than he had fantasized, if that was possible. He reached towards her small breasts, and his fingers pinched at the erect brown nipples. Mai softly moaned as she hungrily devoured his enormous cock. All 10 inches were buried in her throat, and Ted softly thrust against her. She sucked so well.

Ted moaned and yelled "I'm gonna cum, stop now" Mai looked up at him, and he could see the lust in her eyes. She sucked him faster and harder. Ted thrust wildly, and she removed her mouth from his cock. Mai gripped his thick cock in both hands, and began stroking him furiously. Her mouth moved towards his balls, and she gently began sucking on them. Her hand slid up and down his cock, making him thrust against her. As he moaned loudly, she placed her mouth over his cock head. "God, yes OH God" he yelled. His hot sticky cum shot into her mouth with great force. Mai slightly gagged as the hot fluid splashed into her throat.

She greedily swallowed all of her father's sweet sticky semen, and continued milking his cock with her wonderful mouth. She sucked the last droplet of cum from his cock, and quickly removed her mouth. As she stood, Ted could see her exquisitely beautiful fine pussy hair. It wasn't very thick, and he could see the pretty brown and pink flesh of her hot cunt. Ted pulled her towards him, and spread her legs widely apart. He began kissing the thin black hair between her legs. He could smell the pefumy smell of her hot dripping pussy. His tongue slithered between her tight brown pussy lips. Mai groaned as he began fucking her moist slit with his tongue. "Oh yes, Daddy!" she yelled.

Ted found her swollen wet clit, and began to suck it gently between his lips. Mai groaned, and thrust her pussy against his face. Ted continued to lick her sweet juicy pussy. He marveled at how beautiful the brown lips were. He spread the pussy hole widely apart with his fingers, and peered into the wet pink hole. He thrust a finger deeply into her. Mai grunted, and climaxed. Her petite body shook and quivered, and she moaned loudly. "G0D, OH GOD" she moaned. Ted slurped her tasty pussy juices loudly, tasting her sweetness. Mai held him by the head, grinding her pussy against his mouth.

Ted sucked her clit, and finger fucked her until she came again. Mai then pushed his face from her wonderful pussy. "Fuck me Daddy!" she begged. Ted sat her on the couch, spreading her legs widely apart. He rubbed his engorged cock head against her tight wet pussy slit. "OH yes, shove it in me, make it hurt!" she moaned. Ted thrust his cock deeply into her pussy. Mai grunted loudly as his long thick cock tore her pussy apart. She wrapped her legs around him, holding him deeply inside of her. Mai grunted, and her body shook beneath Ted's. She climaxed, and her pussy tightly held his thick cock between it's vise like lips.

Ted moaned, and began fucking her hard. His cock slid in and out of her wet tight pussy, as he rubbed her clit with his finger. "Oh yes' she moaned. Ted grunted as his cum squirted into her hot pussy. "Oh yes, fill me up!" she moaned. Ted continued pumping into her pussy, filling her with his hot cum. Mai climaxed again, grunting loudly. Ted took her pretty brown nipples into his mouth, and began working on them with his tongue. "oh yeah..." she moaned, as he bit her tiny nipple. Ted pumped the remaining drops of his cum into her, and then quickly removed his cock from her tight pussy. He pulled her upwards, and their mouths met.

Ted slid his tongue into her mouth, passionately french kissing her. Mai's own wet tongue found his, and they moaned as they explored each other's mouths with their probing tongues. Ted's cock rubbed against her wet pussy as they continued kissing.

To Be Continued...


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