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Autumn Day
by Blustrz

The leaves are a golden yellow, the breeze is fresh and cool. The sky is a bright blue that is only seen the crisp mountain regions. Looking up through the trees, the sunlight plays with the leaves, creating dancing shadows on the forest floor, the smell intoxicating with dry leaves, fresh air and the scent of you. What an Adonis you are, standing there among the trees without your shirt, dark fur curling on your chest, muscles showing strong arms and shoulders, blue eyes reflecting the sky's colour, full of love and smoking desire. Your eyes pull me closer, daring me to touch that spark and be warmed.

Walking among the trees, we talk about our plans, the day, how beautiful it is, you turn to lift me on to a stump so I face you. You slip your hands under my dress; I smile ever so mischievously as you hands find that I have forgotten my underwear. As your hands explore, so do mine....I run my hands through your hair, over your shoulders, play in the dark and silver curls on your chest. My hands work over your body, finding my way to your manhood which is responding to my touch ever so wonderfully...strong, erect. so very hard and wanting me so your eyes I see your smoky desires flaring into a fire.

Your body is strong, hard, molding to me, our hips are even, we feel each others heat and desires...anticipation grows. My dress is a light, spaghetti-strap affair that ties at the side, you find the ties, loosen them, allowing my breasts with their hard nipples escape into your talented hands. As you play, I feel my honey pot warm, the honey starts to flow, how delicious.

My legs go around your waist, you hold me tight as you look for a place to lay me have found a wonderful moss-covered rock that is flat and at an angle about waist high...perfect. You lay me down on the moss, peel away the dress, fold by fold, starting at my calves. You massage my legs, working your way up, stopping at the honey pot, finding the magic switch; nibbling and sucking while your fingers play isn't long before I am in ecstasy on that moss-covered rock. Your hand move upward, finding my erect, impatient nipples; I open my eyes to find your lovely hard cock with in reach...taking you in my mouth, licking the end like a Popsicle, enjoying the juice...mmm...what a treat!

As we give pleasure to each other, the great outdoors congratulate us with song birds and gentle cooling winds. As we bring each other to the top, I take the sweet cream and swallow as a hungry lover does, we kiss, mixing each others creams in our mouths, the taste is so sweet. You are still as hard as the rock I am laying on; we find a large tree, soft ground. You sit, inviting me to join I lower myself to my knees in front of you, you stop me so I can feel your tongue in the honey pot again...what pure pleasure! You play me like a violin, bringing out music I did not know I had in me! As your hands and tongue play their way up my body, stopping to caress, nibble and kiss my breasts; I ease your waiting hardness into myself, the electric shock rocking both of us. Holding on tight to each other, the kisses are hard and sensual, I move so I can feel your rock against my clit, within seconds my world is rocking in ecstasy!!

I am so lost in my own world you take my ass and keep me moving until I recover enough to participate again...I start slow again, you are so hard and I want you so much...we can't take slow anymore. You put me on my back and pull my legs up high and thrust your log-size hot cock in hard and fast...minutes go last sweet release comes as we scream our pleasure and delight. Winding down slowly, drained of energy but not of love, the kisses the caresses go on and on...sleep takes us for time, it is so quiet and peaceful here. We wake, lay close, dream of other days like this...who is only morning...we have all day here......

End of story....


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