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A Dangerous Erotic Cruise
by Tawny T.

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

We walked down the dock toward our boat, three tall, blonde, well endowed, good looking women. Heads turned, men's and women's. We appeared to be triplets. I was in the lead, and Mom and Aunt Jen were behind me. They are twins, and Mom, and I look so much alike that we are very often mistaken for twins ourselves. She's only 16 years older than I am, and is very young looking. . I'm a half inch taller than the two, at just under six feet. . All of us are the same build - built - to use the vernacular. The bra sizes vary an inch or so, but we are all C cups.

We all were wearing identical outfits. White shorts that fit like second skins, T-shirts without bras and deck shoes without socks. As we walked, our generous breasts moved under the thin cloth, our nipples tenting the material. Mom always says, "If you got it flaunt it!" We did. We all had duffel bags hung over our shoulders. We were going on a cruise of celebration. Some might think it odd for a recent widow to go on a cruise. If they only knew - we were celebrating.

I'm sure you read it in the papers, multi-millionaire dies in plane crash. Private jet augers into the Rocky Mountains in a storm, all aboard killed. That was my step father, the bastard. Some years after my Dad died, Mom had married a man who appeared to be the catch of the century, handsome, charismatic, very rich, and attracted to her. After the honeymoon, the verbal and physical abuse started on her, as well as my sister Lisa and I. We are identical twins also.

He tried to get my sister and I both in bed, but we went straight to Mom, and she threatened to make the whole thing public if he didn't stop. We were both under age at the time. After Mom received several beatings, we took dated pictures of her numerous bruise marks, and gave him copies. That stopped the physical side, but the mental abuse only doubled. How she stood it, I don't know. That's why we were celebrating , discretely at sea - his demise. The estate settlement was in the process of being finalized. Mom is the only heir to his vast fortune. Our boat trip was for all apparent purposes, for us to "recover" from the "dreadful loss of a loved one." The four of us knew better.

The sleek 40 foot cabin cruiser was stocked, fueled and ready to go to sea. We were leaving from St. Augustine to Grand Abaco to the modest seaside house that was Mom's. We were looking forward to the silence and beauty of the small island.

Mom took the wheel, and Jen and I let the lines loose. Mom backed out, and swung the boat about like the seasoned mariner she is. Dad had always owned boats, and she and I both were skilled in handling them. We cleared the port and headed out to sea. The boat had the latest navigational gear with GPS [Ground Positioning Satellite] , and an autopilot. The GPS homes in on satellites and is accurate to a few yards anywhere on the earth. We purred out to sea, the big twin motors driving us along at a good clip. The weather was beautiful and it looked like a perfect start.

After we had cleared the shipping lanes we relaxed and slipped into our smallest bikinis. Aunt Jen took her top off, and laughing, we both followed suit. I looked from Mom to Jen and marveled at how exact twins they were. I noticed a tiny mole just under one of Mom's large areolas. That seemed to be the only difference. The sea breeze had caused all our nipples to harden and stick out. My breasts are almost identical to theirs, full, almost no sag, and rounded cones. For some reason mine seemed to swell a little, and I had the urge to cup and fondle them.

"Let's celebrate." Mom said. "Lisa gave me a bottle of champagne to celebrate on. It's too bad she felt bad and couldn't make the trip. She said she'll fly down to join us in a day or two. Must have been something she ate." Lisa is my twin sister.

"Yeah, I wish she could have made it too." Jen said. "I've been a little worried about her lately. Have you noticed she just doesn't seem to be her wonderful bubbly self lately?"

"She has had some moody days. She's usually so up. I noticed that too." I added.

"Well, open the champagne, and lets toast that Bastard ex-husband and the wonderful pilot who flew him into the side of that mountain. I hope the bastard saw it coming and screamed his lungs out just before they hit. I only wish it had been a slow and painful death." Mom said with bitterness in her voice.

Jen popped the cork and filled our glasses. We raised them in a toast and toasted, "To the Rotten Bastard, may he burn in Hell." We sipped the champagne.

"Ugh, I don't like this brand, it's too bitter." I said after several sips.

"Silly, it's dry champagne. I'll bet you're used to the stuff that's not dry, and is sweeter. You'll have to learn to acquire a taste for it. You are going to be a very wealthy young lady." Jen said downing the last of the glass and refilling it.

"Well, it's not the best I've ever tasted either. Must have been an off year." Mom said. "But I'll drink it - to - 'That Rotten Bastard'." She downed her glass. Jen refilled it.

We sat and they drank half of the bottle while I sat at the wheel and took over for a while. Mainly all I had to do was watch out for other boats.

This champagne is making me horny." Jen said. She stood up and took off her bottom. She stood, legs apart, and I saw her lovely pussy for the first time. She had it completely shaved. I got a little tingle in my clit as I looked. Her inner pussy lips didn't poke out at all. Her outer lips were smooth and lovely, her slit a barest seam.

"I didn't know you shaved your pussy, Sis." Mom said. She stood up and pulled her bottom off too. Her pussy was shaved clean too. She put her arm around Jen and they turned facing me. "OK kid, are we identical twins or not? Not bad for two old broads."

"I'll say" Jen said looking over at her beautiful sister. She reached over and put her hand under Mom's breast and lifted it slightly. " What do you think Lin?"

"You are both very beautiful and desirable women. You really are both in perfect shape. I hope my body is as good looking when I get your age." I said sincerely. Jen's hand stayed a little longer under Mom's breast, then gave it a little squeeze. 'Whoa!' I thought. I definitely felt my clit twitch. Mom's pussy matched Aunt Jen's - beautiful.

"I'm famished suddenly." Mom said. "Lets you and I go down and fix a bite to eat, Sis. Take over, Cap'n. " She said slurring her voice a little. They turned and made their way down the ladder. I turned on the stereo system and chose some soothing classical music. The boat rocked only slightly as we drove through the calm sea.

I felt a little horny too, and guessed it was the champagne too, though I hadn't had 'that' much. I looked around and slipped my hand into my bikini bottom and between my pussy lips. They were very wet. Mnnn, that felt good. Lisa and I both keep our pussies shaved clean too. Thinking of Mom and Aunt Jen, and their shaved pussies, I thought that was a coincidence. I ran my finger up a little and found my clit was swollen and ached a little. I resisted bringing myself to an orgasm as they might pop up the ladder at any moment. I took my hand out , and laid it between my thighs and pressed gently against my clit through the thin cloth. Ohhh, that felt so good. Damn, I was horny.

They were gone for a very long time, and I wondered what had happened. I climbed down the ladder after a check of the area and a look at the radar screen. All was clear. When I got to the bottom, I heard a moan. I was immediately anxious. I stepped toward the stateroom. The door was open just a crack. I got the surprise of my life.

There on the bed were Mom and Aunt Jen in a passionate embrace. Passionate hell! They were in a 69! I couldn't tell who was who in the dim light coming through the curtains. I could see mouths fastened on pussy flesh, and hear the little slurping sounds they were making. Both of their heads were bobbing up and down.

I moved a little closer to the door and watched through the crack. My pussy ached and burned as I watched. I pulled my bikini bottom to the side, and began to rub and stroke my aching clit. Mom/Jen cried out as one of them climaxed. I wondered how long they had been making love. The other rolled over and spread her thighs wide.

"God, Sis, that felt good to have you give me a fantastic 'cum' again. I'm so glad we got together on this trip. I've missed making love to you. It's been too long!" Now I'll eat your sweet pussy and finger fuck you. God, I'm horny." The voice was so hoarse with passion I still couldn't tell who was who.

The second figure moved between the legs of the other, and began to kiss her thighs and stomach, then moved downward to settle between the spread thighs. I moved as close as I could to the crack and could just make out the spread pussy lips of one lover. She reached down and spread her pussy lips wider, making herself available to her sister/lover. Her hips thrust upward further, giving freer access to her lover/sister. A long tongue slid out and ran up and down the wet slit, gleaming in the dim light. Two fingers probed and moved slowly up into the wet depth of the spread pussy. From my position, I was also looking at the rounded ass of the kneeling one, her pussy lips were swollen and red, gleaming with her juices and her lovers/sisters saliva. My mouth went wet with my own saliva.

"Oh, yes, finger fuck me, Sis. Eat me, Lover. God, you're so good. Yes. There! Ohhh!"

I stood outside, my finger running over and around my now swollen, aching clit. I dipped my finger lower to wet it in my slick juices. My Mother and my Aunt were making love, not four feet from me. Obviously they had been doing it for years. I don't know why I was so shocked, except that it happened to be my Mom, and my Aunt. Lisa and I had discovered each other too, and had been making love for several wonderful years. I wondered how many identical twins had discovered each other. The wonderful feeling is almost like making love to yourself.

Fingers slid up into the pussy, while a long tongue flicked over an exposed clit. I could make out the pink flesh of the clit, poking out to be sucked and licked. The fingers slid in and out, I could see the wrist rotating as it did. Lisa and I had read that in a book about Lesbian lovemaking techniques. It really adds pleasure to the finger fucking.

My fingers became a blur, as I rubbed my clit, and the other hand squeezed my aching swollen breast, and pulled at the hard erect nipple. Watching the two was so exciting, so erotic. Faster and faster my finger flew as I imagined those lips sucking my own clit. My Mother's, or my Aunts. I was on fire. Then I came, I bit my lips to keep from crying out. I accidentally leaned against the door and it slid open just a little. Neither person on the bed seem to notice. I backed away and heard a quavering cry of ecstasy from inside. I didn't know from whom it came. I managed to make my shaky way back up the ladder.

I slid into the captains chair and checked the horizon and the radar. There was a radar trace off our starboard stern. I checked it's course. I couldn't see it yet, but the radar could. It was moving fast on an intercept course. That was bad in these waters. Drug runner's sometimes pirate boats like ours and kill all aboard. I eased the throttle up, moments later, the other boat corrected. No doubt, it was intercepting us. We were in a vast open area, no boats or land near. I threw the throttles full forward, the engines growled deeply, and the bow came up sharply, then settled on a plane. The spray whipped by. This baby could move.

Mom came up immediately, still naked , and Jen was right behind her. "What's up Baby? Trouble?" She knew that if I hit full throttle, something was wrong.

"Boat on an intercept. No question. Better get ready. They are definitely tracking an intercept." I said as I reached for the radio. "Coast Guard, Cost Guard, Mayday, Mayday. Mayday." I gave our boat name, GPS coordinates, and told them a possible hostile boat on an intercept course. They came back immediately. They were in the immediate area of the coordinates but had nothing on radar at all.

"What the hell! That can't be! We should have them on radar, or they should certainly have us. Mom, fire a red flare." I told the Coast Guard to watch for the flare. The flares could be seen for some 40 to 50 miles. Mom fired off a red flare, it shot high and burned bright red. I queried the Coast Guard and they didn't see it at all. We were in trouble. Mom fired a second. The Coast Guard didn't see either one. Shit!

"OK your Father had this one figured out. Someone is in for a big surprise. Bet they think we're three helpless females. Come on you bastards. Come on." She unlocked a cabinet and reached inside and came up with an old fashioned .45 caliber Thompson machine gun, complete with a drum magazine. It was fully automatic and we had the legal papers on it. Dad always make us carry it when just we women were out. We'd followed his wishes after his death. In this part of the Caribbean it made very good sense.

We spotted the boat now off our stern, slipping up on us fast, a big long black, cigarette boat, no chance of out running that boat. We could see three men in it. One had a pistol in his hand. Jen got on the radio again and told the Coast Guard what was happening. I had my hands full trying evasive maneuvers. They replied that we weren't on their screen and they didn't know where we were, but would send a helicopter up to take a look.

"Mom, fire a burst across their bow. Let them know we are armed." I yelled at Mom, a magnificent naked goddess, who was up on the top of the cabin, giving her better coverage. I waited and waited.

"Mom, shoot! Give them a burst! Mom?" I yelled.

I heard her curse. "The gun won't fire. There's a shell in the chamber, and the safety is off. I'll clear it and try again. Shit, it still won't fire. Something's wrong with it. Damn." The black cigarette boat was along side us, we could see the men laughing and pointing at Mom, struggling with the Thompson. One was pointing at his chest. They matched our speed. One reached for a microphone.

"Hey, Gringo Putas [white whores], heave to. You can't outrun us. We're going to get some of that high class ass, so you might as well let us. We don't want to spoil that beautiful boat by putting holes in it. Come on, you can't shoot us with that beautiful gun. I got a big hard dick to stick in that beautiful pussy of yours!" His laugh echoed over the speaker system. "My gun works" He said cupping his crotch.

"Shit, someone sabotaged the gun. Somehow he knows it won't work. Fuck!" Don't slow down. Swerve back and forth." Mom yelled down at me. I swerved erratically keeping him away. He easily matched my maneuvers. We were lost and in deep trouble.

"Think! Think.!" My mind screamed. What else did we have? Then suddenly it came to me. "Jen, get the other flare gun, we have two. Load it. It's there in that drawer. Yes! Mom, take your flare gun and reload. I'll slow down and put up my hands like we are surrendering, when they come close, both of you fire a flare into their boat. Aim for the cockpit. Hope you rupture a fuel line, or at least burn the pilot. Keep the flare guns out of sight till I say 'Go.'" I hoped it worked, if it didn't we were sunk, literally.

Mom and Jen nodded. They held the flare guns down, out of sight. For the uninitiated, a flare gun is essentially a 12 gauge pistol that fires an incendiary charge that starts burning the moment it leaves the barrel. The heat is some where over 1500 degrees, and burns for about one full minute. Not something you want shot at you. I slowed and threw up my hands in mock surrender. The boat slowed with us and came close. I watched till it was almost touching us. The man with the pistol had it held pointed down. Closer, closer, I could see their leering faces, see the growth of unshaved beards. Ugly, mean looking mothers. Mom and Jen were both naked and I was topless. I think that distracted them a lot.

"Now" I yelled. Both flare guns came up. Jen's hit in the cockpit and bounced around inside. One would-be pirate jumped around trying to avoid the burning flare. The other hit the pistoleer in the chest, and bounced off of him into the boat, leaving flaming phosphorus on his chest. He screamed and beat at the phosphorus burning into his flesh. His pistol went overboard. Mom and Jen both were calm, and reloaded quickly before the boat could move away.

Two more flares went into the cockpit, seconds apart. The pilot hit the throttle but the boat only slowly responded for some reason. It was a little ahead of us. The flare gun in Mom's hand bucked again and we all watched as the flare went through a hatch leading to the bow of the boat, and we could see the bright red glow inside. I slammed the throttles to the stops swerving away, and we surged away. The boat came to a stop. We saw the three men jump overboard and start to swim away. A moment later there was a tremendous fire and explosion. Flaming gasoline covered the water. A flaming inferno erupted for a dozen yards around the boat. Smoke roiled up.

"Don't stop Baby, they deserved it. They would have killed us all." Mom said climbing down. I was glad I was sitting down, my knees were shaking so hard. I pulled back the throttles, and went to the long range cruise settings. I picked up our original course and heading. Something was niggling at the back of my mind.

Jen cam up to me and kissed me on the cheek. Her firm breasts were against me She felt me shaking, and pulled me close in her arms and held me. I could smell her subtle perfume, then she kissed me gently on the lips. I could smell the distinct odor of pussy juice on her lips, Mom's pussy juice. My mind was in a whirl. Our breasts pressed together and both of our nipples were hard and taut from the excitement and the cool wind blowing.

"That calls for a toast. Let's finish off that bottle of champagne." Mom said. Jen moved away from me. My heart was beating fast from the excitement, and also her touch. Damn.

Mom gave us each a glass of champagne and this time I drank almost the whole glass. God, I needed that! I tolerated the slight bitter taste, this time.

"Wow this really makes me horny." Jen said. "I've never had champagne do that to me before."

"That's what you said an hour ago, Sis." Mom said laughing.

I looked over at Jen and she winked at me, and slid her tongue along her lower lip. I must have colored, for she burst out laughing. She had her back to Mom. She cupped her pussy and I fascinated watched as one finger slowly disappeared into between her lips. Mom didn't see it.

Mom said, "I'm going down the cabin and lay down for a minute, this has tired me out. I'm a little dizzy from all the excitement." She disappeared down the ladder.

Jen came over, and moved behind me. She leaned over and kissed my neck. I stiffened a little. Her hands came around and gently grasped my breasts, cupping and lifting them.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Tawny T.

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