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A Dangerous Erotic Cruise
by Tawny T.

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"God, they are just like your Mother's. So firm and so soft." She breathed in my ear. "Your nipples are hard and erect. You watched us! I saw you looking through the door and getting yourself off while your Mom ate me. Do you and Lisa eat each other? I'll bet you do. I'll bet she sucks your sweet pussy and sticks her tongue deep inside you. You didn't run away, you watched, and it got your really hot watching us, didn't it, Love? Why didn't you join us? I'll bet you wanted to didn't you, you gorgeous woman? I'll bet your pussy was drenched. Is your clit hard and aching?"

Her hands were moving over my breasts squeezing. She leaned down and her mouth came to mine. Her lips moved over mine, her tongue slid into my mouth. I couldn't have pulled away if my life depended on it. I slid my tongue into her mouth. The pussy juice was on her face and I could smell the delightful odor of it. I licked her lips tasting my Mother on her. Her tongue slid into my mouth, the same one that had slid deep in Mom's pussy. I sucked on it, hard, drawing it into my mouth.

Jen didn't say a word, she pulled back and moved around in front of me. She knelt on the deck and spread my thighs wide. Her hands went to the ties on my bikini bottom and she unfastened them. Her hands went behind me and she pulled my hips forward on the chair, to the edge. I was spread wide for her. The soft light coming through the bridge windows lit her face and my spread pussy.

"Oh God, your pussy is beautiful. As beautiful as your Mother's." She whispered looking at it. She looked up at me. "You want me to eat you like I did your Mother, don't you Lin? You want my tongue inside you! Your pussy juice will be sweet as your Mother's. Is Lisa's pussy juice sweet? Tell me you want me to eat your wet pussy. Tell me!"

I was hotter than I had ever been in my life. My thighs were spread wide. Her mouth was inches away. I could feel her breath on my hot wet center. I burned with desire, lust. "Oh yes, Jen, eat my pussy. Make love to me. Eat me. Please!" I cried out almost in anguish. "Eat my pussy like you did my Mother. Stick that tongue inside me. Suck me. Suck my clit till I explode. Please, oh, please!" My voice pleaded.

Her mouth came down on my pussy and I screamed in ecstasy as she sucked my pussy, and her tongue slid deep inside me. It had been so long since I'd been made love to. Lisa and I hadn't made love in almost a month, though I'd wanted her to. I was starved. Desperate for release. She pulled my hips against her mouth and burrowed into my pussy. Her tongue flicked in and out of me, long and so talented. She wiggled it from side to side. Her lips sucked hard, drinking my juices. I knew my pussy was almost flowing, I was so hot.

My hands went to her head pushing it harder against me. I thrust my hips forward, fucking her face with my wet, aching, burning, swollen pussy, seeking release. Her lips moved upward, and she found my turgid, bursting clit and sucked it hard. Her tongue laved it again and again, and I exploded, crying out her name, the sound blowing back across the waters. I screamed over and over. She sent me into one climax after another.

I cried out for her to stoop, but she drove me to another, and another climax. My body went wild with ecstasy. I wanted her to stop, I wanted her to give me a thousand more orgasms. Mercifully she pulled back, and her mouth came up to mine. I opened my mouth wanting to swallow her lips, her wet, pussy wet lips. I licked, sucked her lips, cleaning my juices off of her. I was insatiable, I wanted to devour her. My pussy was still on fire, aching needing release.

Jen stood up. She turned around and pulled the throttles way back, so we barely made headway. She looked at the radar, then all around. The area was clear. She took my hand and pulled me after her, toward the stairs, down into the boat. I followed. I would have walked into Hell for her at that moment. My body was on fire, white hot.

She pulled me into the stateroom. Mom lay on the bed, still, asleep. She lay on her back, legs spread. Jen moved to the light switch and turned it till the light just came up, giving the cabin a warm soft glow.

"Go over to her. She wants you. Kiss her lips. Kiss your beautiful Mother!" Jan whispered to me, pushing me onto the bed, between Mom's spread thighs. I moved like a robot. She was so beautiful, still, and lovely, open beneath me. I bent and kissed her rounded stomach lightly, she stirred slightly. I knelt between her thighs and reached up and cupped her perfect breasts, kneading the firm soft mounds. I shivered in delight.

Her nipples pressed hard against the palms of my hands. I squeezed slightly, closing my eyes as I did. God they felt so warm in my hands, so alive. I bent forward and kissed one breast, sucking the hard, erect nipple into my mouth. She stirred and her hands went to my head, pressing me against her. I opened my mouth and took as much of her breast into it as I could. Her skin tasted an smelled so sweet. I moaned aloud.

Suddenly, I gasped, for behind me, Jen slid one, then two fingers into my sopping pussy. In and out, they moved. I moaned as her other hand moved and a wet slippery finger found my clit and rolled it around and around. I sucked Mom's breasts and nipples going from one hot wonderful breast to the other. My body went wild. I moved forward and lay atop my Mother. Jen's fingers pulled out of me. My tongue licking the soft wonderful flesh. Jen's long tongue slid up and down between the hills of my ass, wet, slippery.

I slid between Mom's thighs, mashed my breasts against hers. My pussy mound pressed down into her spread slippery pussy, burrowing against her. I kissed her lips and they opened, and her tongue slid out and into my mouth. Her hands went to my head and ran trough my hair softly caressing. I began to rock my hips up and down, hunching, sliding my bare pussy against hers. Her beautiful blue eyes were open, looking at me. I could feel her hard clit poking up and out, pressing against my burrowing pussy.

Our tongues fenced and probed as I rocked against her. Her breathing became hot, and she moaned into my mouth. I put a hand between us and grasped one breast and squeezed it, feeling its firm flesh under my hand. I rocked harder and faster, determined to bring her off. My pussy lips rubbed on either side of her clit, stimulating it. Faster and faster till she cried out and her body went rigid and her hips pressed upward against mine. She screamed out as she came. Her pussy was wet and slick against mine, her abundant juices wetting me. Then she fell back, mouth open wide, gasping for breath.

"Turn around Lin, let her eat your sweet pussy. She wants you. Let her eat you. Eat her sweet, wonderful, wet pussy." Jen whispered huskily behind me.

I was still on fire, insatiable, I turned quickly and lay back down on my mother. There were no preliminaries. I buried my face into her pussy. I felt her hands pull down on me, and her face went to my pussy. I slid my tongue into her and sucked. Her sweet salty juices filled my mouth. Her center was liquid, I drank from her. Her lips moved up and down my pussy, sucking, her tongue probing into me. I cried out, my cry muted by her sweet hot, delicious flesh. I found her clit, still hard, and sucked it into my mouth, letting my tongue play over, and over the hard feminine spear. She cried out against my pussy, and her face moved from side to side.

I sucked her clit and felt something move against my face. I raised my head slightly and found a huge long, flesh colored dildo moving slowly toward her deep red opening. It was almost as big around as my wrist. I looked up, and found Jen in front of me, a long dildo strapped to her beautiful body. I turned my head slightly to allow it to slide into Mom's pussy, while I continued to suck her clit. Mom cried out as the huge flared cock head, pushed her pussy lips wide and tried to enter her vaginal opening. I watched from inches away as it pushed her wet lips impossibly wide, hesitated a moment, then slid in, and her dripping, ruby colored pussy lips closed over the shaft.

I had never seen one used, and it heightened my rampant passion. Jen moved it back and forth letting the copious pussy juices lubricate it as it slid into Mom, inch by inch. I sucked her clit and tongued it. It must have been a tremendous stimulation to have that huge dildo inside her, and at the same time have her clit sucked and licked. Jen slid it as far into her as my head would allow, and began to pump it into her faster and faster, swiveling her hips, so it moved against the walls of her vagina on all sides.

Mom's tongue was flicking my clit and her lips were sucking it. I screamed out as I came. She went on and on, never letting up. I seemed to go from one climax to the next while under me, her body went rigid again and again as I sucked her firm clit and Jen fucked her pussy with the huge dildo.

Spent, I collapsed on top of my Mother, then rolled off to one side. Her body was heaving, gasping for breath after the many climaxes she had enjoyed. Jen moved forward over her and got between her thighs. Her hips pumped back and forth driving the huge dildo deeper into Mom's pussy. I was watching my Aunt, fuck my Mother. My hand went to my pussy, and I found my clit swelling again. I couldn't believe how hot I was. Jen's hips moved like an experts, side to side and up and down in circles. I wondered how many women she had fucked with that huge monster. Her movements told me she was an expert in its use. She and Mom kissed and their tongues probed. Finally Mom writhed, her body bowed upward, and she screamed out as she came. Jen's hips gave one final thrust, then she lay on top of Mom for a moment before getting off of her.

Jen slid the dildo out of her and removed it. Jen straddled Mom's upper body and did something I had never dreamed of. She spread her pussy wide and placed it directly over Mom's heaving breast. He grasped the breast and held it firmly against her pussy and began to rock back and forth, using the hard, erect nipple against her clit. Her wet pussy pressed down, sliding back and forth against her sister's firm breast and hard nipple.

I did something I would never have dreamed of doing. I sat up, leaned over and wetting my finger in my mouth pressed my finger against Jen's perfect small brown asshole. She cried out a "Yes!" and pressed backward against my finger. It slid into her hot bowels. I pressed it as far as I could, and began to slide it into her in time with her hip thrusts. She moved her hands sliding the nipple and breast against her pussy, fucking herself onto her sister's breast. She began to scream her pleasure as she came. Her pussy juices leaked out and ran down the slopes of her sister's breasts, wet streams of her intimate juices. She cried out again, as she came one last time. She fell forward on the bed, my finger sliding out of her anus. She lay there gasping for breath.

I had been frantically strumming my swollen clit with the other hand, and I climaxed moments later. I screamed out my passion. Mom and Jen's eyes watched me. They lay panting on the bed.

I went up into the bathroom and washed up, then went back up on deck. I left them lying side by side on the bed, cuddling spoon fashion, Jen's arm cupping Mom's breast. It was dark outside, the stars shining brightly. I slid the throttles forward, checked the heading and the GPS markings on the screen. My head was fuzzy. Something was wrong, but I couldn't figure what it was. I tried to make myself concentrate. I was missing something.

I looked at the clock and groggily did an estimate of how long we had been out and how far we should have come. We should have sited Grand Abaco on this heading long ago. I went back and tried to see if we had been off course long. No. The heading and GPS said we should be abreast of Abaco, the lights clearly visible. There was only darkness. The stars ahead had disappeared, suddenly moving lights were far above me. I looked at the radar, there was an impossible picture blocking the whole forward side of the screen.

Then I saw it a huge wall of moving steel plates blocking out the world. My mind went crazy, I spun the wheel hard over. The boat bucked as a huge wave hit us. I fell out of the chair, to one side, hitting my head. I saw stars. When I got up, the supertanker was gone, it's stern lights glowing astern of us

Groggy, my head splitting, I made my way down the ladder to the main cabin. Jen and Mom lay still on the bed. I went to them and shook them. There was no response. As I bent over, blood from my head dripped onto Mom's white flesh. I tried yelling at them, I slapped their faces. They were still, but breathing shallowly. Something was very wrong! I tried everything my fogged brain could think of, to wake them up, but to no avail.

Help, I had to get help! On my hands and knees I crawled up to the bridge leaving a trail of dripping blood. I took the mike down. I cried out "Mayday", over and over. Finally I heard the Coast Guard's faint reply and ask my position . My eyes didn't want to focus, but I was able to give them my coordinates. They came back shortly, and told me that was impossible. I would be in the middle of the island of Abaco. I looked again, and told them that that was what the GPS said. My head was spinning. I reached over and took the champagne bottle and tilted it up and drank some of the bitter wine. It seemed to help a little. I put it back in the ice bucket.

The Coast Guard came back and told me to lock the mike button down and they would ride the radio beam to me, they had a long range chopper out looking for us, after our position had been wrong, and we'd reported the pirate boat. We'd never reported back to them. I took another swig of the champagne, then lay down on the deck and that was the last thing I knew till the world turned white with a terrible roar that filled my head and rocked my body. I heard strange booming voices I couldn't understand. Impossible winds buffeted my nude body. My pussy was in fire. I plunged my fingers up inside myself trying to climax. I was one huge pussy, wanting, needing, demanding fulfillment.

A strange apparition floated from the sky. Helmeted, strange, and huge, floating down to me from the sky. The answer to my desires! It swung tantalizingly over me. I spread my thighs wide and wanted it to slid inside me, fulfill me. My hand pumped in and out of my pussy. Then suddenly it stood in front of me, dark and foreboding. My vision gave it an unearthly purple glow, green, then red, swelling, blinding me. I could see into the figure, inside it, see this huge phallus, huge and long, two feet long and thicker than my thigh. I wanted it inside me.

I reached out and grasped it with both hands, clawing for it. I had to have it! I heard an unearthly scream! Mine? It's? I wanted that monster cock inside me. I saw a huge dark object coming toward my head, then the universe exploded. I was far above the galaxy spinning down, bright stars as far as the eye could see. Billions, trillions of stars. There in the center, the Milky Way Galaxy, our galaxy, was a spinning black hole, drawing me in. No light could escape, nothing could escape it. I drifted down, drawn to it. Faster and faster I sped to its center, encompassing it. I was one with the universe. I was The Mother Universe. Then blackness.

White, soft white, was all I could see. I moaned. A beautiful face appeared over me, filling my vision. Deep blue eyes looked at me. Soft red lips opened. "Well! Hello young lady. We were worried about you. How do you feel?" She soft angel voice asked.

"Where am I? Who are you? What happened?" I managed to ask, my head swimming, everything unreal, distorted, strange. My world was wrapped in soft fuzzy cotton.

"You are in Miami, in the hospital. In intensive care. You had a concussion, and other problems. You've had a rough time. Your Mother and Aunt are here too. They are in the next beds. They are coming along just fine. You'll all be out of her in a few days. Sleep for now. Everything is fine." She faded slowly away.

We were in the hospital the rest of the week. One day a cute Coast Guard man came by to check on me. He had rescued us from the boat. I somehow vaguely remembered him.

Then I blushed. "Did I attack you when you tried to help me? Did I hurt you?" I asked him, afraid of the answer.

"Mam, you were out of you head! Yes you did grab me in a very vital and painful area." He grinned and leaned close, looking to see if anyone could hear him. "They said you were bombed out of your skull. You were on the deck naked, spread wide, your hand buried, well, you were spread out wide. You grabbed me in a sensitive area, and I'm sorry to say, I had to cold cock you. You gave me no choice. Damn, I hate to hit a lady, particularly a very lovely, naked lady, but I had to. I couldn't get loose from you! You seemed to have the strength of ten men. I'm really sorry." He said shaking his head.

Well, the rest you probably read in the newspapers. It hit the papers coast to coast ,and around the world. My sister Lisa had sabotaged the GPS system, giving us a false course. She's a genius at computers. Somehow she, or she had someone, sabotage the Thompson submachine gun , but she forgot about the flare guns, luckily. Lisa drugged the champagne with Angel Dust, plus some other drug that sent all three of us out of our skulls, and acted as an extreme aphrodisiac. The combination almost killed all three of us.

As a backup, she sent the cigarette boat out to kill us. We were supposed to have been bombed out of our skulls, and defenseless, by the time they got there. No trace was ever found of the pirate boat as the coordinates of the event were, of course, useless. If the pirates had not gotten to us, we would have gone on toward the cost of Africa, our navigation system useless, and run out of fuel and supplies. We'd have been just another ship, mysteriously lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

Lisa would have been the sole heir to the multimillionaire estate. When arrested, they found she was high on drugs, and she's in an institution now, but the prognosis is good. She'll still have to stand trial for attempted murder, and tampering with a maritime navigational instrument, a felony.

How much of what happened between Mom, Aunt Jen, and I, they retained, I don't know. They had a heavier dose of the drugs than I did, as I didn't drink as much champagne. Sometimes I get some thoughtful, sidelong glances from Mom, as if she is trying to remember what happened on the boat. I don't think I would have gone through with having sex with my Mother without the drugs. Maybe, maybe not! I guess I'll never really know.

My clit still tingles when I get around Aunt Jen though. I also get some very long appraising looks, and slightly longer then necessary kisses and touches from her.

Hmmm! Maybe???


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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