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A Day In Bed
by IndianAsian

Archie lies prone on the bed completely relaxed after his shower wearing only a pair of white silk pajama bottoms. Soft classical music plays in the background. Occasionally a breeze flutters through the sheer curtains and chills his bare skin. Suddenly humming accompanies the classical music and he realizes that he is alone no longer. A small crooked smile spreads across his face and he lazily turns his head toward the direction of the sweet familiar voice. Betty enters the room freshly showered hair still wet wearing only an open untied robe. She busies herself moving her freshly laundered lingerie from a wicker basket into her top dresser drawer. Archie watches his lover's every move savoring every glimpse of her lovely now familiar figure as she unselfconsciously moves about the room humming all the time. Even just a half a second glimpse of the roundness of her breast or the softness of her belly or the curls between her legs was worth the wait. She moves about so freely seemingly not even noticing he is in the room. She turns around toward him to retrieve an errant pantie that has fallen from the heap and as she leans down the entire front of her robe gapes open giving Archie a full view. As she rights herself after retrieving the lingerie her eyes meet the hungry eyes of her lover. His sexually intense gaze is unmistakable as his eyes drink her in. She looks down and realizes the cause of his intensity. She simply smiles back at him enjoying the affect she has had on him. "Betty honey, can you get that later?"

Without answering his question she turns back to the laundry and slowly puts the rest of it away continuing with her prior routine as if never interrupted, but she is contemplating her next move. Archie continues his fervent gazing imagining just what he would like to do to her. Betty even more deliberately places each piece of lingerie in her dresser drawer allowing certain more choice pieces to dangle tantalizingly from her fingertip. Then slowly and casually she moves toward the bed. She feels a draft through the window that makes her robe flutter open again and just before reaching the bed she moves to close the window much to Archie's frustration. As she approaches the bed again, Archie rolls over and reaches his arms out to her shooting his sexually intense gaze undeniably at her.

She sits on the bed next to him as he moves to remove her robe. Betty stops him, "In such a hurry?"

"Betty you are so beautiful. I need you now" he pleads as his intense gaze takes on a little of a "lost puppy dog" look. She puts her finger to his mouth and indicates for him to roll back over. He hesitates at first, but then willingly obeys her wishes knowing that Betty must have something in mind and her plans never disappoint. She slowly starts to massage his strong shoulders and the back of his neck. Her soft hands are surprisingly strong. "Betty that feels so good". She takes her time and moves her hands massaging down his back squeezing firmly the sides of his waist and then lower around his hips. She presses her hands hard against the base of his spine and just under the band of his pajama bottoms. She straddles her body over his legs so that she may put all her weight into the massage.

"Oh God Betty that feels great." She then moves down even lower under his pajamas and starts to squeeze his cheeks. Soon the pajamas have become too much of a nuisance and she gently tugs them down as Archie lifts his hips and allows Betty to easily remove them. Once freed of the pajamas she restraddles his legs and leans over and teasingly licks the base of his back. Archie lets out a groan. The sensation of Betty 's warm and wet pussy pressed against his leg and her soft tongue on his back and his increased sensitivity to her scent starts to drive Archie wild. Archie attempts to roll back over, but Betty stops him and holds his arms down to the bed. "Betty, I need to touch you" Archie pleads. Betty softly responds "Not yet". Still holding down his arms she leans over and more zealously licks and bites the flesh on his back. Finally confident that Archie will obey her wishes she releases his arms and once again massages his ass starting from the hips and then moving in and down toward his balls. She firmly and slowly almost torturously slowly massages the back of his thighs moving closer and closer to where he wants her to be. He parts his legs slightly to allow her greater access. Archie's groans increase in frequency. Betty gently bites his ass as her hands move to cup his balls and then slowly massage them. "Oh Betty yes . . .yes. I want you"

Archie attempts to roll over and this time Betty permits him. His erection springs up much to Betty 's delight as he releases it from underneath himself and she continues massaging and then sucking his balls and then running her finger from between the balls and up and under his shaft. Back and forth she moves her finger as Archie almost involuntarily grabs at her breasts hanging from the robe. He squeezes them and then tugs at her hard nipples. She slowly draws her mouth from the base of his shaft to the sensitive head kissing, sucking and licking every inch of his hardness.

Archie's hands make their way from her breasts to her head. "Betty take it all . . . take it all" Her wetness is soaking his leg now and her scent is overwhelming him. Betty eagerly engulfs his entire erection with her mouth until he feels the tightness of her throat around the tip. He thrusts against her mouth as she sucks his hard on and continues to fondle his balls. In and out he moves the waves of pleasure overwhelming him. His legs start to tremble and she feels the cum pulsing in his hard balls.

She sucks and licks even harder holding the base tighter and squeezing his balls more firmly unable to wait much longer for his delicious explosion. "Give it to me Archie . . . I want it now. I want you to cum in my mouth". With one last strong thrust against her mouth he explodes with a roar releasing almost all his cum in one powerful shot. She greedily swallows his fluids as his cock spurts out the little remains and then she licks up the excess not missing a drop. She slides her body up his and passionately attacks his mouth. His own taste in her sweet mouth being one of his favorite experiences. She relentlessly probes his mouth with her tongue not for a moment letting the intensity decrease with her slick hot pussy now soaking his belly. Almost having to free himself from her mouth Archie insists on moving his mouth lower as he rolls Betty on her side saying clearly to her in their own private language "your turn". He then moves her on her back her robe falling to the bed completely exposing her body to him. His lusty kisses move down her neck as she sighs and then across her shoulder blade and then he cups her left ample breast and at first gently kisses the nipple and then attempts to sucks at the entire breast. He moves to the right breast and gives it similar attention and then he moves lower. His kisses and licks move to her naval and then around the soft roundness of her belly. He begins to salivate as her scent encompasses him. Betty 's soft sighs have turned to gentle moans as his lips move down toward her soaked pussy. He gently kisses the tops of the curls as he massages her soft inner thighs. Betty 's moans increase in volume as she spreads her legs slightly more for him as in invitation. His mouth moves to her inner thighs, which he kisses, and ever so gently bites. Soon Betty can feel his tongue on her lips. He slowly licks her lips savoring the taste. "Mmmm Betty . . . so good". He spreads her thighs a little wider and then teasingly touches the tip of his tongue to her throbbing begging clit. Her entire body convulses at the touch. "Oh my God Archie" breathlessly escapes her lips. His tongue unabashedly continues sliding in and out of the wet folds and then quickly he plunges his tongue into her vagina and then up and over her clit again, but this time more aggressively and satisfying. Her body spasms again as she grabs for the mattress and then grabs for Archie's head. "oooooooOOOO" she almost screams. He continues to plunge his tongue into her vagina and then tightly up and over her clit in a quickening rhythm amazingly his tongue seems to go deeper each time. Betty is becoming dizzy with pleasure. Every nerve ending on her body seems to be at attention and her body is awash with warm tingles. The pleasurable sensations overwhelm her and soon she feels completely weightless. The shocks just spread and spread seeming to never stop. All sounds have been muted and she hears a faint buzzing only occasionally interrupted by her lovers' irregular breathing and his masculine voice singing her praises and proclaiming his adoration.

She continues to float and soon there is something different . . . a different sensation and then Archie's gasping mouth is over her own gasping mouth. His slightly damp from perspiration body is briefly pressed against her heaving chest. Then she realizes that her hips are grinding rhythmically against his as his hard cock slides in and out of her. He lifts her back slightly as he finally frees her of the robe. The only sounds she hears now is her own ragged breathing and that of her lover and the sound of her vagina eagerly taking him in. They move together as one for what seems to be a most amazing eternity. She tightens and relaxes her pelvic muscles in order to increase his pleasure as him being pleased pleases her. Archie's response to this is immediately indicated by his louder groans and almost growls. He lovingly runs his hand through Betty 's still damp hair and mouths against her lips between gasps "Oh Betty . . .you are such a beautiful woman". Over and over again he proclaims his undying affection. Betty responding back similarly. Their movements quicken to a frenzied pace. Betty feels completely dizzy and almost ready to pass out as her body begins to convulse uncontrollably. His hands continue to fervently explore her body and each placement of his hands seems to, if possible further ignite her fire within.

"Oh my God, OH MY GOD, you feel so . . . so good" Betty screams out filling the room with her deafening moans. He thrusts even deeper and harder and then finally erupts. Betty screams out his name as his hot cum fills her pussy. He collapses on top of her and for a moment both are completely spent and lifeless. He slowly starts to kiss her lips and face to help bring her down safely. Betty continues to gasp for breath and then pulls his mouth to hers as if she may be able to receive oxygen from him. She desperately tries to revive herself and soon her breathing starts to slow and a sense of complete tranquility and well being encompasses her. She wraps her arms tightly around Archie who continues to tenderly kiss every inch of her face and neck and wipes away the beads of sweat that had accumulated on her forehead. With his hands he thoughtfully brushes her hair into place and then rubs the nape of her neck with his first two fingers. Once she is completely relaxed, Archie eases out of her and roles on his side as he continues to run his finger from the nape of her neck across her shoulder and down the outside of her arm. Betty sighs with utter satisfaction and a huge smile creeps across her face.

"Betty . . . happy?"


He smiles a crooked grin back at her and continues to caress and kiss her face and body. She runs her fingers delicately across his back. They quietly savor their exquisite experience.
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