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Angler's Delight Pt. IV
by Long Strongdaily

We bid them farewell for now and watched as they disappeared around the bend in the river as Virginia and I left for the short hop to the chalet. Arriving back at the resort I took our salmon to the chef to prepare it for dinner that evening. We agreed with the chef that we would have dinner at about nine p.m. and made restaurant reservations for that time. We then headed down the path towards our cabin. It sat at the edge of a high bank over looking the very first fishing pool from the mouth of the river! From the verandah we would often see both salmon and sea trout jumping in the waters below. Later, arriving back at the cabin, we showered, changed and I took a cold bottle of wine from the refrigerator. I filled our glasses and, taking the remainder of the bottle with us, we sat outside to smell and hear the sounds of nature and enjoy the beautiful sunset. It was now less than twenty-five minutes till sunset!

"By the way young lady! What's up with you?"

"What do you mean? What are you talking about?"

"Well I knew that you were turned on this morning by what you saw! I mean a big stiff black cock blowing its load and all! That would turn any woman on! But when those two arrived at that last pool, you seemed to be turned right on again! Were You? Tell me the truth!"

"Well it certainly bought back memories of this morning! Didn't it for you?"

"Yes! I guess that I have to admit it! By the way what would you really do if you ever got a chance to play with one of those big black beauties!"

"What do you think I would do with it!"

"Hmmm! Let me guess! I figure you'd first play and tease it for awhile!" I started.

"You'd probably then suck it off! After which you'd let it screw the daylights out of you!

Yeah! That's what you'd do! Isn't it?" I finished.

"Maybe! But what would you do while I was enjoying all that?"

"Enjoying it! So you would enjoy it! You'd love to fuck one of those guys wouldn't you?"

"No more than you would enjoy watching us do it! It's been your fantasy! Hasn't it?"

"But it's your fantasy now and you're enjoying it! I always thought that you didn't have any fantasies!"

"Not till now I didn't! Not till I saw the real thing! The sight of that guy this morning really made me fantasize! I mean it was so big and black! Besides it's only a fantasy! Isn't it?"

"I guess! But I never ever though you'd be turned on like you are! I told you a real live black cock would turn you on! You would never believe me! Would you?"

"Oh well! I do now! If I got a chance I'd screw those two till their eyes dropped out! I'd make them beg for mercy for sure! M-m-m-m-m! Be nice, wouldn't it!"

"If those two got hold of you, it wouldn't be their eyes that would drop out! Those black guys really get turned on when they get a chance to screw a white woman and these two, if you can believe them, never ever had a chance to screw a white girl!" I anxiously said to Virginia.

"Can you just imagine how turned on they'd be if they were give a chance to get at your white pussy! You'd get screwed till your eyes dropped out! They'd fuck you silly!" I added.

"M-m-m-m-m! Good-bye eyes! Hello-o-o-o silly!"

"God! You sure as hell are turned on by those two! I believe you would screw them if the opportunity presents itself!"

"It was always your fantasy, wasn't it! I got this strange feeling that perhaps your fantasy is about to come true! That is if you willing to let it come true!"

"After all these years why would I not let it happen! But I'll believe it only when it happens!"

Almost as if from nowhere our two canoeist appeared in the pool below us! It was now almost sunset. We stood up, called and waved to them. They were surprised at our presence as we were of theirs. Neither of us had inquired earlier where the other was staying. It now appeared that they were staying at the same lodge as ourselves. We watched as they tied their canoe to the moorings and headed up the bank to the lodge's main office! Virginia and I again sat to enjoy the beautiful sunset, almost forgetting our two black friends. Later they stopped by our cabin as they made their way to their cabin.

"Allen and I didn't know that you were staying at this lodge! Is this where you are staying?" Virginia said inquisitively, adding: "We didn't think earlier of asking where you were staying tonight!"

"Yes! We're in the fourth cabin up from here! It's a beautiful place isn't it?" Allen replied.

"Yes it is!" I responded.

"Have you two made plans for dinner this evening?" Virginia said, much to my surprise.

"No! No we haven't! The front desk told us that the dining room is booked solid till midnight! The lady promised to call us if there are any cancellation before that!"

"That's too bad! I took my salmon to the chef to cook for dinner for us tonight! It's a long standing tradition we have at the lodge here! We've been doing it for years and is part of the reason we come back here year after year! Would you like me to make arrangements with him to save some for your dinners! You said you loved salmon!" I replied in response to Virginia's invitation.

"Would we? We'd be deeply in your debt for a dinner of fresh salmon!"

"No problem! I'll phone the chef right now! By the way, what's your last name?"

"Allcock! Allen and Alex Allcock!"

"Great! Just wait a minute! I'll be right back!"

I made their dinner arrangements but had no luck in convincing the maitre'd to make room for two more! I thus advised Allen and Alex. We concluded plans for the next day and bid them good night. Virginia and I later headed for the restaurant for dinner! Upon our arrival at the restaurant we were met by the maitre'd who advised us that the table she had booked us for was still in use, would we mind taking a different table or would we prefer to wait till our reserved table was free.

"Which table is free?" Virginia inquired.

"That one by the window in the far corner!"

"That's the one we wanted when I made reservations! I was told it was booked!"

"We'll take it!"

"The people who reserved it just phoned and told us that they'd be half an hour or more late. We'll worry about them when and if they get here!"

We were seated at the best table in the house. It had a gorgeous view of the river that was alight with a full moon and subdued outdoor lighting. The table was beautifully set and, from past experiences at this lodge, we knew that our meal would be prepared for us as if we were royalty. I ordered a bottle of the best red wine in the house! The waitress returned and filled our glasses as we reminisced of our past trips here and what tomorrow might bring, enjoying every moment of the evening. Later we were told that our salmon was prepared and we could eat whenever we wished.

"Too bad that Allen and Alex couldn't get earlier reservations!" I said.

"Why not invite them to join us at our table? It's already set for four!"

Virginia's enthusiastic interest in the welfare of Allen and Alex surprised me! She had never been this concerned about anyone before. It was totally out of character for her! Especially since we looked forward every year on this trip! Or so I thought!

"Are you sure?"

"Why not? The salmon won't be as good later! It'll be a shame if that was to happen!"

"I'll telephone them to join us then if that's your wish!" Suspicious of her reasoning but turned on by her interest in them, upon returning to our table, I remarked: "They'll be down shortly! Allen just showered and Alex is showering now! They'll be here as quickly as possible! There's something I want to know!"

"That's nice! They'll enjoy fresh salmon for dinner!"

"Listen! Let's be honest with each other! Are these guys consuming your fantasies! Or what? Did you want them invited for dinner, or are you enjoying being turned on by them! Perhaps you want to turn them on! What is it?"

"Maybe all three! What do you think the first one is?"

"Probably thinking of getting laid by one of them!"

"Maybe! Maybe not!"

"Giving them a blow job then!"

"Hm-m-m! That would be something wouldn't it! You'd enjoy seeing me go down on one of them wouldn't you!"

"Your more horny since you saw that guy masturbating than at anytime since I've known you! Aren't you?"

"Maybe! Maybe not!"

"Maybe not my ass! You've had a one-track mind since this morning! You can't get your mind off those guys! I'm right! Ain't?"

"Well if you say so! Wouldn't you like to see me play with one of their big black cocks! When you're horny you fanaticize about me doing a big black one! Isn't that true?"

"Well if it happens it happens! I'll not talk you into anything and I won't talk you out of anything! I'll believe it only when and if I see it happen!"

"What's the "If" something? You always wanted something to happen between a black man and me! Now is maybe your chance to see something happen! Are you afraid something will happen! Or what?"

"You horny little devil! I think you're really ready to take on one of those guys! Aren't you? I'll only believe that when I see it! Nothing more nothing less! Besides I don't believe a word of what you told me this morning about how he's hung! Yeah! No doubt that you saw his pecker but no one is hung the way you said he was! Impossible!"

"You're just trying to edge me on! Aren't you? Just to prove to you that what I saw I saw!"

"Maybe! But remember what I said! Enjoy if you wish! Tell me! What do you suppose you're going to do!" As if she had confirmed her intent.

"Let nature take its course I always say! What will be will be!"

"That's o.k. with me! I'll not do anything to spoil your fun! The ball is in your court! Perhaps I should say: "His balls are in your court!"

"You'd like to think that wouldn't you!"

To Be Continued...

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