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Angler's Delight Pt. IX
by Long Strongdaily

Alex didn't reply, the action was far more interesting than any comment I could make! Allen now noticed me taking some close up shots of him sucking pussy so he obligingly raised his head a little so as to expose his tongue caressing Virginia's hot cunt! The sight of a black man doing a white woman, for some unknown reason, has always excited me! The sight of my wife being done by one, was profound. The fact that the white woman was my wife being done by not one but two black men was more than I could have had ever believed could happen! Both had credentials way beyond anything I, or my wife, could ever muster up in our wildest fantasies! Allen then began to finger fuck Virginia's cunt hole! His fingers were almost as large as his cock. I am sure that Virginia probably felt it was cock that she was getting! The love juices flowing from her cunt was more than I had ever witnessed in all our years together! She was moaning, gyrating, squealing, shouting:

"Oh! Oh! God! Oh God! It's so good! Don't stop Don't stop! Oh! God! Lick it! Suck it! Fuck it! Oh it's s-o-o g-o-o-o-d! It's-s-s-s So-o-o-o-o g-o-o-o-o-d!"

I knew from her reaction that she was about to have the orgasm of her life time! Allen fastened the pace of his finger fucking and used his free hand to finger fuck her asshole! Allen directed extra attention to licking her clitoris! It was as much as Virginia could take! I moved the camera to her face as she exploded into Allen's face! This orgasm lasted for several minutes! Her body convulsed so intensely I couldn't help but ask her if she was all right! Virginia didn't respond, just opened her eyes for a moment, similed and cried: "Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o-!" Relaxing, She gently pushed Allen away as she lay for several minutes enjoying the wonderful afterglow! I shut the camera off and looked at Allen on the floor! He was now seated with his legs spread and his cock experiencing an erection so hard that it hurt! I was still amazed its magnitude! Pure black, it reached almost to his chin! Truly something any man of any race would be proud of! He looked at Virginia's exposed pussy and then up at her! She had now gained most of her composure and returned his gaze!

"Did you like that? It was for the great blow job you gave me! I wanted to return the favor!" Allen said.

"What do you think! I only managed to make you go once when I sucked you off. You made me go three times! Every go was better than the one before it! Do you think I liked it!"

Virginia completely ignored my presence. However I knew why, and it didn't bother me in the least! In the meantime I had turned the camera back on to catch all the conversation, as well as whatever else there might be to tape!

"I think you loved it! That's what I think!"

"You're absolutely right! I did!"

"How's Pee Wee! Is he recovered yet!" Virginia inquired, directing her attention to Alex.

"No! Not quiet! Just a little longer and he'll be ready for you again though!"

"Do you think that your Pussy Tamer would like to say hello to this horny sweet courageous little hot pussy of mine right now!" as she directed her interests to appeasing Allen's needs, as well as her own carnal desires!

To our amusement Virginia reached down between her legs and with both hands spread her pussy lips wide! Allen stared into her wide opened cunt with disbelief! His excitement almost caused his cock to burst with anticipation of fucking it!

"Why don't we ask him!" Allen responded, getting onto his knees between her legs!

He then placed the head of his cock at the opening her honey hole! He held it there and massaged her cunt with its massiveness in a circular motion! Virginia watched his every move with heightened passion, moaning with delight as the black monster massaged her horny cunt! Her passion consumed her entire being!

"Be careful! Don't hurt me! It might be too big to go all the way inn! I don't want it to hurt me! Oh-o-o-o! Oh-o-o-o-o" God that feels g-o-o-o-d!" Virginia screamed.

"No! I won't shove it in until you want me to! Do you think you'll be able to handle it all! I won't hurt you! You just take as much as you can handle! God that feels g-o-o-o-o-d! I just want to fuck your God damn brains out! Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o! God that feels good!" Allen's anxiety and comments edging Virginia further on!

Virginia now began shoving her pelvis towards Allen's stiff cock, cautiously telling him to be still each time! Her cunt was stretched to its limits by the very mass of his huge black intrusion! Virginia's passion to be impaled upon his monstrous black cock was far greater than any other concern she may have had for any damage it may, or may not, do to her poor ravenous pussy! After several serious attempts at gaining entry into her love nest, she yelled:

"Oh God! I think it's in me! It's in me! Oh God it feels tight! Oh-o-o-o! It's in me? It's in me-e-e-e-e-e-e?"

I could see that she had taken about the first three or four inches of Allen's cock! Allen had his eyes closed and, in the heat of passion, didn't even hear her speak! Virginia implored him now to hold still as she attempted to swallow more of Allen's gift deeper into her angry and hungry pussy! He obliged showing great restraint for fear of hurting her!

"He's got about four inches into your hot cunt! Do you think you can take more!"

"Oh yes! Yes-s-s-s! Oh God it feels so good! Allen fuck me! Fuck me! Oh-o-o-o!"

Allen responded in kind! His first thrust drove his cock into her a full five or six inches. She screamed with passion and pain caused to her pussy by Allen's black intrusion! Allen's black cock glistened in the camera light, wet with Virginia's love juices! Allen, knowing that she had now handled this much cock, began to pump harder and faster! Virginia literally came right of the sofa, screaming with passion!

"Can you take more? Do you want him to shove it in further!"

Although I had grave reservations of her ability to do so!

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Give it all to me! I want it all! I want all you can give my hungry pussy! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pus-s-s-s-y! Oh-o-o-o!"

Allen didn't need coaxing! With gentle strokes in short increments, he gave her as much as she could handle! I couldn't believe my eyes as she took his first eight inches!

Even Alex was now gazing at her ability to take this much of his brothers brutal weapon! Allen didn't take notice of either of us! Virginia was now taking almost all Allen could offer as she exploded into the wildest craziest orgasm I had ever witnessed! It seemed to last forever! Upon hearing her scream Allen blew his load deep within the loving walls of her cunt! He screamed as if he were a pig being slaughtered! Virginia reached up and grabbed Allen by the hips and refused to let go, forcing Allen's cock deeper to where it would unload it's love juices! Allen kept pounding her now over-stretched cunt! The sight of this monstrous black cock pounding away at Virginia's white pussy was everything my wildest fantasies thought it would be!

Virginia was enjoying every inch and every stroke Allen gave her! Allen, having had spent his load in Virginia's love nest, began to retrieve his cock from her pussy, very slowly and gently! Virginia moaned in pleasure as he did so! She knew she had had enough for awhile and badly needed a rest from all this action and wild wonderful sex! Virginia watched Allen's cock as it gracefully exhumed itself from her swollen hot, satisfied for now, pussy! She delighted in its massive blackness and wetness attained from the depths of her hot cunt! The fact that it was much lesser a mass now than when it had gained entry into her cunt, gave her a sense of self satisfaction! She had accomplished what some had considered an impossibility; her cunt had taken Allen's all! I now observed her cunt lips were a blazon red from all this wear and tear, and swollen to proportions that I would never have had believed possible! Her poor pussy not only needed, but also deserved, a rest! Once Allen had withdrawn his all, the love juices of their engagement began to drain from her pussy! It felt hot to her engorged and hot pussy lips! Virginia reached between her legs to see if in fact it may be something other than love juice! The thought, at first, that she might have had been damaged by Allen's cock momentarily frightened her! Allen recognizing her concern, looked into her face and remarked:

"Looks like all that love juice that I blew into your hot pussy is not wanted in there! Your pussy is spitting it all out!" His comment settled her as she moaned with unreleased passion!

"Would you like me to lick it out for you! Would you like that? I'll lick her out real good for you if you want me too!"

Virginia, nor I, could believe our ears! She laid back in anticipation of Allen doing so, something that she always wanted me to do but never succeeded in! Allen didn't need, nor did he receive, a verbal response! He lowered his head to her cunt and began a slow and gentle lapping up of her juices, which now flowed freely from her cunt! Virginia screamed with delight as she grabbed his head and forced her pussy firmly into his face! He lapped and sucked furiously as she came again! Allen looked into the camera, cum dripping from his lower lip, but never missed a lick! A moment's hesitation and he was back at her cunt hole again with new and renewed vigor!

"Can't waste any of this precious stuff can we!", as he continued till he was satisfied that there was no more to be had.

Virginia was now too tired to react! She removed herself from around Allen's head, excused herself and left the room. Allen didn't protest. Retrieving and placing his shorts back on, he stretched out on the sofa and relaxed! He held his limp cock in one hand, closed his eyes and relished the afterglow of his experience!

"I couldn't believe that she took all that cock! You know she's the first woman I ever met who could handle that much of my cock! It's the very first time in my life that any woman was able to take that much cock!"

"God! I never dreamed it could feel so good to get that much of my cock buried deep into a pussy! She was great!" Allen stated afterwards.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it! You know, it's always been a fantasy of Virginia and I to have a black man screw her! We never ever met one she was willing to screw till now! This is just pure raw sex! We never dreamed of two black guys doing her at the same time!"

"Virginia is a beautiful woman and what man worth their salt would turn her away! EspeciallY since she's so horny. She just had to have these cocks shoved into her tonight! We've had horny women but nothing like her! She loves stiff cock! Especially big stiff black cock!"

"Virginia, no doubt about it, just loved those cocks to suck on and have them shoved into her poor tight little cunt tonight! I've never ever known her to be so God damn horny! I don't know about you guys, but I don't know if she's had enough yet even! We'll have to wait and see! What do you say! Have a cold drink anyone!"

"Yes! A cold beer would be just great!" Just then Virginia returned.

"We're having a beer! Like one?"

"No! But a nice glass of cold wine would be great! I also think everyone would like something other than pussy to snack on! I think everyone is hungry!"

Virginia's vileness was both a turn on and a surprise to me! She was still undoubtedly in the game for more good stiff cock! Virginia retreated back to the bathroom while we retreated to the kitchen. I provided the drinks and moved the fourth chair to the table and we sat drinking beer awaiting Virginia's return. Hearing the shower coming on I looked at Alex and Allen and said:

"Sounds like she's grabbing a shower! She really needs to freshen up!" I said laughing!

We sat at the table and began to discuss our plans for tomorrow, although they had no interest in the topic whatsoever. Alex noted the time and suggested that perhaps we should put our plans off till later in the day! Allen agreed, so I conceded, after all it was now near three o'clock in the morning! I poured a glass of wine for Virginia just as she returned to the kitchen. She was dressed in another outfit no more concealing than the previous one she had discarded. She smiled and went directly to the deep freeze in the back porch. Virginia returned with four frozen dinners.

"I guess these will be alright! They'll take ten or twenty minutes to get ready in the oven."

"That will be great!" Alex and Allen replied in unison.

"Did you pour me a glass of wine, Honey? I'll get these ready!" Virginia inquired.

"I already did! I poured it when I heard the bathroom door open!"

Virginia placed the dinners in the oven and returned to the table. Never being one not to express what's on her mind and always willing to give me little jolts from time to time, Virginia said:

"Well guys! Did you enjoy your little bit of fun tonight! I did! I never ever thought I could so bad, but I loved every inch of what you two gave me! I've even got a sore pussy from it and I even love that! You guys were great! Without offending you!"

"Your cocks were even greater!" Virginia added without a blink!

We looked at each other, one wondering how the other might respond to Virginia's bluntness!

Allen spoke up!

"Well! When it comes to giving sex you were the greatest! Nothing could ever compare with the work out you gave me tonight! That was the best fucking I ever got! The best, in point of fact, that I thought I would ever get! Just great!"

"I didn't get the chance to sample all your goodies as Allen did, but what I did get I'll never complain! Your were just fantastic!" Alex added.

"You don't think that I'm about to let you go home disappointed do you? I have some tasks that Pee Wee hasn't attended to yet! He's not out of here tonight till all his work is done!"

Virginia remarks were an obvious response to a reference by Alex that Allen had perhaps received a little more of her goodies than he had! In the meantime, I couldn't believe my ears! Virginia had become an instant sex machine! I didn't know how else to express her actions! She had turned into a wild nymph! No question about it! Alex's eyes lit up as if he were a kid anticipating Santa Clause! We then enjoyed a light lunch and finished it off with several more glasses of fine wine!

To Be Continued...

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