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A Different Kind of Therapy
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

I was, at that very moment, a picture of abject humiliation. My wet saliva clung to her shoes and I was groveling in front of her, with my nose pressed to the floor and my ass raised high in the air. I was undressed except for my unbuttoned shirt and a pair of jockey shorts - to make things worse my bulging hard-on was straining at the seams of my underwear trying to escape its imprisonment. I admit that although it was physically uncomfortable, this position was, paradoxically, a very enjoyable position for me. Being in this position allowed me to re-experience a kind of erotic pleasure that I hadn't known in many years. I stayed frozen in that pose while she sarcastically reminded me, that she had read every word of my 'dirty little' essays. She said that she were aware of and familiar with all my perverted thoughts and submissive interests and informed me that she would determine which, if any, of these she might allow me to experience.

It was clear that she was enjoying dominating me as much as I was feeling humiliated by her and that she wanted to have some fun at my expense. She ordered me to take off her boots. In my haste to please her, I started to do that. Just as I was reaching for the zipper of the boot closest to me, she stopped me and informed me that she'd not yet finished her instructions. She scolded me for anticipating her instructions and said that this was normally a punishable offense. She demanded and expected to see 'better listening' from me in the future. Then she completed her instructions telling me to use my teeth to unzip her boots. She warned me of the serious penalties for failing to do so correctly. It was obvious that she would not settle for anything less.

Being required to perform this degrading task and the threat of punishment, was another in a series of humiliations. Yet my erotic feelings were heightened once more. I felt my face flush, tingling feelings shooting through my body, goose bumps raising on my skin, a detectable stirring and throbbing of my erect cock and more pre-cum leaking from my 'pee-slit' . Because my eyes were focused only on her feet and she had not permitted me to raise them, I was unable to see to observe her reaction to these involuntary but revealing responses. I was hoping that she had noticed my body's physical responses too. Believing and/or sensing that she was aware of these reactions only served to heighten my sense of humiliation and further intensified the sexual excitement further. I managed to finish the degrading task assigned using only my teeth without too much trouble and quietly awaited her next order.

She commanded me to remove the shoes from her feet and to line them up in front of me, reminding me again that I wasn't to raise my eyes any more than needed to complete the task. She also allowed me to change positions, but still forbade me from raising my eyes. I was kneeling on the floor. She warned me again to keep my eyes lowered and not to look up any further than was necessary to accomplish any subsequent task she might assign me. She said that under no circumstance was I to allow my field of vision to rise above the level of her knees unless that was her specific order to me. She warned me to keep my hands behind my back at all times unless they were needed to comply with her commands. Mistress Barbara warned that if I was unable or unwilling to follow these instructions it would be necessary for her to blindfold me or tie my hands or both. She was completely in control and was manipulating me like a puppet.

She then ordered pick up her shoes, one at a time, to sniff them and make oral love to both their inner and outer surfaces. She told me to imagine that I was worshipping her pussy instead. Although I couldn't see her, I could feel her eyes watching my every move as I pushed my nose once again to the leather and began to inhale a multitude of foot and shoe odors. I extended my tongue, allowing to slither up, down, over, and around the surface of her boots.. I had almost finished this sweet labor and was sliding my tongue down the heel when she stopped me. She mocked me and ordered me to take the point of the heel into my mouth and begin sucking it. As I began, her instructions became very specific. Within seconds I was rhythmically frigging my mouth with the long thin pointed heel of her boot. It was clear that she had really become my Dominatrix and that I was savoring every moment. So much so that she reminded me that her heel was six inches long. She said that it was about the same size as a hard cock, and she began calling me her 'cock sucker'.

Hearing those words coming from her mouth was a real shock to me since I 'd never before heard her use any kind of profanity. Obviously the insulting characterization struck home because I began sucking the long pointed heel even harder. I wanted to demonstrate to her how well I could suck a 'cock'. She must have also seen the subtle reaction of my body as more lubricating fluid seeped out of my piss hole, signaling that the degree of sexual excitation I was experiencing had risen yet another level. She kept calling me a 'cock sucker' and continued taunting me. She commented that the enthusiasm and skill I demonstrated in sucking her stiletto heel meant that I must have really enjoyed cock sucking whenever any Mistress had required me to suck a dick. She wondered aloud how large a 'cock' I could handle or 'how many cocks' I would be able take in my mouth at the same time. She suggested that she might want to test me sometime. Observing the growing wet spot in my crotch, she said that I probably needed some kind of absorbent pad to catch further leakage and to prevent me from wetting my 'panties' any further. She hinted that she had a solution for this problem. I would find out exactly what she had planned soon enough.

Finally, after what seemed like a long time but in reality was only a few minutes, she told me to stop sucking and to remove my 'toy'-- that was the term she used -- from my mouth.. She even complimented me on my good 'work'. Then she got up and stood over me. All I could see were her shapely stockinged feet and calves and not much else. She handed me a black silk scarf and ordered me to blindfold myself. When that was done she helped me to my feet, tightened the knot and confirmed that I could see nothing. As I stood there I heard what sounded like a muted snap and next a very subtle, almost inaudible, brushing noise that sounded like laundry being folded. I could also feel the warmth of her body hovering around me. I smelled her perfume and felt the feathery touch of fabric touching the hair on my head. She told me that she was going to temporarily remove my blindfold so that I could watch what was she had in store for me. I lowered my eyes toward the floor.

I blinked as she removed the blindfold. When my vision cleared I could see that she held a pair of panty hose in her hands. She mentioned that she'd been wearing them almost continuously for more than a day-and-half. Then she stretched them out to their full length so that I could see them very clearly without raising my eyes. She ordered me to move two steps forward toward her. With a quick motion she took the panty hose and ran them like a bow across a violin very slowly, from right to left, across the width of my crotch and then back again in the other direction. Although there was a thick layer of ribbed cotton underwear between them and my cock, I could feel the sensations and the texture of the sheer nylon fabric touching its sensitive skin. That touch sent more tingles zipping up my spine.

The next thing I knew, she pushed the panty hose against my nose and ordered me to sniff them. As she held them there, she continued talking as the feet, toes, crotch and back side of the hose was passed directly under my nostrils. She reminded me how fondly I 'd written about my experiences and my special talents for orally stimulating those parts of the female anatomy.

This ordeal must have lasted ten minutes until she were thoroughly satisfied that I 'd had my fill of the rich variety of aromas that danced under my nose and wafted up into my nostrils. Then she removed panty hose and ordered me to watch while she folded them again and again. Soon there was nothing left but a piece of nylon about two inches square which was folded twelve or thirteen times, so that it was now many times its original thickness. She placed the square in my left hand, and instructed me to place the thumb and index finger of my right hand on the elastic band at the top of my shorts and to pull them away from my body. She cautioned me not to touch my penis except with the nylons. Next she told me to place the folded nylons inside my under shorts so that they completely covered my cock and handed then me several pieces of surgical tape to hold the folded pantyhose 'patch' in place. When I 'd finished the taping, I was wearing a thick nylon sanitary pad to prevent any further wetting of 'my panties' (those were her words). She tweaked my imagination and my heart palpitated when she hinted that she might have for this nylon sanitary pad. My mind played games trying to guess what kinds of pleasurably humiliating experiences might await me.

Once again the black silk blindfold covered my eyes. Placing her hands on each of my shoulders she guided me down onto the floor so that I was now lying flat on my back. Although blindfolded and unable to see anything, I could sense her body standing over mine. She told me to lower my shorts down around my knees. The gentle pressure of her foot rubbing across my belly and over my encased genitals was the next sensation that I felt. She teased me and asked rhetorically whether I 'd ever fantasized that she would be 'playing' with my penis. She also reminded me of how helpless and vulnerable I was lying there under her feet saying that some other Mistress might not be as gentle with me as she was being. She reminded me how fragile an organ the penis was, how easily it could be harmed, and how my 'balls' could even be crushed if there was any misstep or if someone were to step on them too hard. She asked me to imagine how painful that might be. A wave of fear and anxiety came over me listening to those words but, at the same time, the erotic feelings that were already so profound intensified up yet another notch.

By now I was so aroused, that my balls were aching. It hurt so bad that I thought something inside me was about to burst. I could only think about how much I wanted to masturbate so that I could release the pent up energy and tension that was causing my discomfort. The thought of masturbating in front of her or any other Mistress is particularly arousing to me. I kept wondering if she would allow me that privilege. I 'm not sure how long her feet continued massaging my crotch. Occasionally, one of her toes slipped underneath the edge of the taped 'sanitary pad' and made direct contact with the wet sticky skin beneath. I wasn't sure whether these slips were accidental or intentional but the touch of her foot against my flesh was very sensual. Finally she stopped, gave me a moment to cool down, she ordered me to pull my Jockey shorts back up and helped me back into my kneeling position.

There was another wait before she allowed me to remove the blindfold. She warned me again to keep my eyes lowered and not to let my line of sight to rise above the bottom of her knee. This time the admonition was accompanied by a not so veiled threat of the actions she might take should I fail to heed her. When I released the blindfold and recovered my vision, I was treated to the sight of her feet dangling not more than six inches in front of my face. Without any further hesitation she pushed the sole of her foot up against my face and ordered me to treat it as well or better than I had treated her boots. From her reading of my fantasies, she was aware that I enjoy the sight, smell and taste of feminine feet and find them extremely erotic. The experience of oral foot service is a real turn-on for me. I sometimes think that beautiful feminine feet are as provocative and erotic as the female breast -- and all of the toes of lovely feet are like beautiful hard nipples to me. A second later I was eagerly tonguing her feet, being careful not to miss even the tiniest area. She forced my mouth open with her toe enabling her to stick additional toes and more of her feet into my mouth. She pushed her toes as far into my mouth as she could without choking me. I reacted like an infant with a pacifier, I couldn't get enough of the toes. Since I wasn't able to see her face, I wasn't certain that the experience was arousing for her. She certainly was able to see how sexually stimulating it was for me . Still, even in the excitement of attending her feet, I could hear the rhythm of her breathing. It had become more rapid and pronounced. Was I really turning her on?

As I continued to suck her toes, taking each of them into my mouth and then sucking several of them at the same time, she began another barrage of verbal abuse. This onslaught was like music to my ears. She reminded me that only a few minutes before her toes and soles of her feet had massaged the area around my cock and balls. She reminded my that it had even penetrated beneath the 'sanitary pad' touching my cock and the moist sticky area of my own pre-cum lubricating fluid that had pooled around it. She said that by sucking her cum moistened toes I was sucking my own cock by proxy. How could she have known that for many years I have had wet dreams fantasizing about sucking my own cock and wondering what the experience would feel like? She knew, of course, from reading my 'homework' assignments that some of the Mistresses I'd served before had forced me to suck cocks. She was also aware that after the first few times when I resisted, I actually began to enjoy the experience of 'giving head. In fact, I had admitted that I actually got to be very skilled, and actually looked forward to doing it, even though I 'm usually heterosexual. I had told her that there were times when I want to be forced to take a flaccid cock into my mouth and hear my Mistress order me to 'make it stiff.' I had admitted that at times I still yearned to feel the explosive spasms of ejaculation cannonading in my mouth, shooting hot sticky liquid bullets of cum one after another against my tonsils. But I have never had the experience of feeling the head of my own penis enter my mouth.

Some of Mistresses I'd served previously would entertain themselves and their friends by ordering me to suck my own cock. I would bend and twist my body into a variety of unnatural positions like a contortionist trying to accomplish this task but I was never able to do it. The Mistresses used my failure to accomplish this as an excuse for whipping me. I was so turned on by the idea of doing it that, even after being freed, I tried this feat again many times for my own pleasure while my muscles were still supple enough to accomplish it, but I never succeeded.

At any rate when Mistress Barbara raised the specter, I felt another electric-like twinge run through body and returned to task of licking her feet and sucking her toes with renewed ardor. I was like a puppy relishing a meaty bone. Worshipping feet is always a sexually exciting experience, this time I got the feeling she experienced the same pangs of excitement. I 'm not certain how long my tongue continued to minister to her feet but after what seemed a very long time finally ordered to stop. Although the feelings in my mouth and elsewhere in my body were pleasurable, my tongue and cheeks were aching and my lips were dry and beginning to chap. I watched her feet as she walked out of the room for a short time. Before she left, she gave me a drink of water and ordered me to get back down my knees blindfolding me again. I had to remain there until she returned.

It is difficult to accurately gauge the passage of time when you don't have a watch and you are kneeling on the floor blindfolded and semi-naked. After a short time I felt the vibrations of her footsteps as she walked lightly across the carpeted floor. She had returned. Suddenly I experienced the sensation of sheer fabric being rubbed against my cheeks and under my nose and a pungent odor entering my nostrils. A pleasant warmth radiated onto my face followed by the faint sound of fabric brushing against flesh. She took my hand and carefully guided it forward until I was touching soft and warm flesh. She allowed my fingers to linger there for only a moment before guiding my hand back to its original position behind my back. I felt a body which I assume was hers moving ever closer until my forehead, nose and lips caressed her soft feminine flesh. I heard her warn me to be still and anticipated that momentarily she would order me to taste what I could only imagine to be her pussy and to sample and savor its delightful odors, but that was a privilege I had not yet earned. She was preparing me for the ignominious humiliation of the next act she had in mind.

Mistress Barbara ordered me to get back into a groveling position pushing my nose into the carpet. She told me to creep forward until told to stop. When I got to the place she'd selected she stopped me. She instructed me to push my head forward and to pick up an object lying on the floor with my teeth. I had to carry it wherever I was told to. I felt like a dog bringing his mistress a newspaper. From the texture and taste I immediately knew that I was carrying a pair of her worn panties in my mouth. She made me crawl around the floor with this lacy object in my mouth. Since I was blindfolded she used the sound of her voice to guide me. Though I couldn't see her face, I could hear her laughing when I clumsily bumped into the wall a couple of times. I suppose that my performance was satisfactory because she ordered me to "stay" on my haunches and took the object from my teeth.

The next thing I knew was that the silky fabric of her panties was being pushed against my face. They felt slightly moist. A variety of scents and odors wafted through my nostrils. First there was a subtle but pleasing bouquet of a cologne or perfume. Next I smelled the very faint smells of detergent and vinegar. The stronger aromas were there too. The most pronounced was the ammonia-like odor of dried urine and a musky odor which was familiar but enigmatic. After a few seconds I realized that what I was smelling was the lubricating juices that must have flowed from deep within the recesses of her pussy. I was in heaven after figuring out that one because that meant that at some time either before our "training" session began or sometime afterward the scene that she was directing must have sexually aroused her stirring her sex juices. To further make the point of her total dominance over me and of my absolute readiness to comply with her every wish, she held the panties tightly against my nose. This action impaired my breathing. For a split second, I thought I would suffocate.

In a firm and unmistakably serious tone, she commanded me to open my mouth. I felt fabric being pushed slowly into my mouth and began to taste a variety of distinctive and pungent flavors. I don't know how many times she had worn these panties. I was certain that I was tasting a build up of layer upon layer of perspiration, urine, vaginal secretions, dried menstrual blood, and even smeared stains of feces that had adhered to the surface of the delicate silk panties. I tried to visualize tongues of fabric literally French-kissing the hot lips of her pussy and anus time after time and being permeated with her essences. At first tasting the fabric and the richly diverse soaked in flavors I thought that I would gag and vomit, but I didn't. She warned me that there would be dire consequences If I did. Then she asked whether I could breathe comfortably. I tried to answer but with her panties filling my mouth I could only gurgle gibberish. So I nodded my head.



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Gregory Lee Hunt.

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