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A Daughter's Promise II
by J

I heard the front door close downstairs and then Dad got into his car and drove home. I lay on the bed, my naked, tanned body still covered in a film of glistening perspiration. As I licked my lips I could still taste Dad's semen. I re-lived again in my mind that last hour since I had first stripped off for him. I felt dirty and cheap and I loved it. Sex with my husband, John, was good but incest is best. I knew that I wouldn't see Dad again until Saturday when he and Mum and John and I went to visit Grandad.

We did this about once a month since Grandma died about two years ago. I fantasised about what I would wear to tease and tempt Dad to the point that he'd have to make an excuse to get me on my own. It didn't matter how provocative my outfit was, because everybody is used to seeing me dress like a whore, I always had. However, on Friday all my plans were dashed when Mum phoned me to say that they wouldn't be going to Grandad's place tomorrow because Dad had been invited to play golf with his club team. I felt so disappointed that I nearly said to John that I wouldn't be going either, but something changed my mind. I don't know what it was, maybe woman's intuition, but as you'll learn, I was sure glad to heed it.

We'd been at Grandad's house for about two hours when I offered to make us all something to eat and drink. Grandad took John out into the garden to show off his prize roses. As I opened the door to the kitchen, Grandad's pet labrador, Rex, shot passed me and up the stairs to the bedrooms. I know he's not allowed up there so I chased after him. Typically, there was a door open. It was the door to Grandad's bedroom. I went in, calling after the dog, but could not see him anywhere. As I walked to the far side of the big king size bed, Rex bolted passed me and down the stairs. I was just about to follow when something caught the corner of my eye. On the carpet under Grandad's bed I saw a magazine. Curiosity got the better of me and I bent down to pick it up. It was one of those pornographic jobs that tells a story in photos a bit like a comic book. I looked out of the window and could see that Grandad and John were still in the garden, so I had some time.

It began with a young woman knocking at the door of a house. She was wearing a lapel badge that said 'Help in the Community'. The door was opened by a middle aged man who invited the girl in. She was wearing a black blazer, which came off pretty quickly, under which was a tight white blouse and very clearly no bra. Her skirt was shortish in a very distinctive orange and black plaid. Her shoes were flat and black and she wore these with white ankle socks. The next few pages saw her doing a variety of light household chores which afforded her the opportunity to display her assets to the homeowner. He then offered her a soft drink which he spiked with a heap of vodka and sat down next to the girl on the couch. When the girl became tipsy the man made his move. Over the next few pages her clothes all came off and the hard sex photos began.

Grandad had my admiration. There can't be many sixty eight year old men who can still manage to jerk off. After a couple of pages of some good oral shots, I was beginning to get a bit worked up myself. A quick look through the window showed me that I was still OK so I undid the zip of my jeans and put my hand down my panties. As I flicked the pages with one hand the other was busy furiously rubbing my clit. I was reaching a climax just as the girl had been told to get on her knees while the man, with dick in hand, was ready to pump her from behind. At that point I couldn't get the next page open, they were stuck together. This was clearly going to be Grandad's favourite page.

When I eventually managed to pry the pages apart, what I saw made me come instantly, but I had to keep my noise down because the window was open. I couldn't tell whether the girl was enjoying being fucked from the rear because her face wasn't there. Instead, glued over it was a photo of me. The feeling I had at that moment was the same as I had felt a few days earlier when Dad had taken me so forcefully. Here was my own Grandad pulling himself off every night imagining he was fucking his youngest granddaughter. I got myself together and put the magazine back where I had found it and ran downstairs before they came back in from the garden. I cursed the fact that I wasn't wearing anything that would allow me to indicate to Grandad that I was interested. I needn't have worried because when they came back in John said the most amazing thing. 'Grandad says he's going to have to get some home help in soon. The old house is getting a bit too big to manage.' I couldn't believe it. Was this a hint he was dropping. Before I knew what was happening I heard myself say,' Don't get a stranger in Grandad, I'll come round once a week and help out if you like.' 'Naw', he began, ' you say that now but you'll soon forget' 'No I won't' I replied. 'I promise' I could have sworn I saw a movement in his trousers when I said on leaving that I'd see him Wednesday afternoon. As John drove us home I felt my pussy getting wet at the thought of what was to come and how I would plan it.

Monday morning I set about my strategy. I had plenty of tops and high heels to choose from but the skirt would be a problem. I wanted to look as much like the girl in the magazine as possible so that it would give Grandad some kind of subliminal encouragement. A day's shopping provided the solution. I bought a red and black tartan skirt which I thought would be close enough to the plaid one that the girl wore. It was just above the knee, so I used my seamstress skills to take it up until it was half way up my thigh. It had only one button to fasten it at the waistband and it was a crossover type. I experimented and found that in normal walking the flap opened to show a lot of inner thigh, whilst if I put one leg on the rung of a ladder or on a stool a person in the right place would get a full on shot of my panties. Everything was set.

On Wednesday morning after John had gone to work, I set about making myself ready for Grandad. I showered first and then shaved my pussy so that there was no hair there at all. I do this at least twice a week since I like to have a year round all over tan. I painted my hand and toe nails in a deep red, and put on some lipstick to match. The girl had had long blond her just like mine, which she wore in a shaggy style, so I did the same. I got a three buttoned white, tight fitting blouse and put it on without a bra. My brown nipples stood out proud leaving nothing to the imagination. Then I wrapped the short skirt around my waist and fastened it. Finally, I put on some thin panties that tied at the sides and stepped into a pair of red, four inch stilettos.

As I walked to the car I could feel my pussy already starting to drip at the prospect of what was to come. I pulled up outside Grandad's and walked up the path to the front door. My hand trembled as it reached for the bell and doubts began to appear in my mind. What if I'd got it all wrong? How could I explain myself to Grandad and then the rest of the family? But now it was too late because the front door started to open. The look on Grandad's face as he looked me up and down unashamedly made all my previous worries disappear. He couldn't have said he lusted after me any better with words. He followed me into the living room and I guessed his eyes were on the back of my long legs, which people have told me are my best feature. I asked him where he'd like me to start and then set about my light chores. I made sure that I gave him some good cleavage and upskirt shots as I pranced around the room. At one stage I asked him to balance me as I stood on a chair to reach some high shelves. I made sure that he was positioned in the right place so that as I put one leg on the chair and my skirt fell open, he would get a full close up of my wet, white panties. He let go of my hand and I told him not to let me fall. I felt his hands go to my waist. Slowly, one of them began to trace a path down to my hips. I wanted to tease him a bit more so, before he could move his hands further, I climbed down from the chair.

After an hour or so Grandad suggested we stop for a drink. I said a small Drambuie on ice would be a real thirst quencher. He brought me a tumbler that must have contained about a quarter pint of the liqueur. As he went out to prepare his own,I tipped almost all of mine into a plant pot. He seemed pleased to see that I had such a thirst. I sat down on the left side of the couch and carefully crossed my left leg over my right so that the flap of my short skirt remained closed.

Grandad sat opposite me staring at my golden bare thighs. I decided to offer some encouragement and let my red high heel dangle from my foot. I don't know why this is but it seems to send most men wild. It certainly had this effect on him because he got out a huge photo album, which gave him the excuse to come and sit next to me. I held the album up on my lap and it completely obscured my own view of my legs. Grandad started to explain away the photos as he had done so many times before, but we both feigned interest anyway. I wondered when or even if he would make a move.

Then it happened. On my left calf I felt the touch of one of his cold, bony fingers. I had trouble keeping concentration I was so excited. Grandad was actually going for me. His touch was soft at first and could easily have been explained away as an accident. But then at last I felt another of his fingers join the first. Then another until, eventually, the back of his right hand was brushing my inner calf. Cautiously, he began to move the back of his hand up towards my knee. I decided that to ignore it was the best form of encouragement. As he pointed with his left hand to a photo in the album with great significance, he used the decoy to plant the palm of his right hand solidly on my right knee. I felt my breathing become quicker at the touch of Grandad's clammy hand on my soft leg. I gave him not the slightest impression that it bothered me.

Spurred on by my lack of resistance, I felt his hand move up my thigh. I heard the tremble in his voice and knew that he too was becoming crazy with desire. He was moving his hand freely up and down my thigh now but stopping always at the hem of my skirt. Now it was my turn to provide some encouragement. I asked Grandad if he would re fill my glass. While he was away I uncrossed my legs and opened the flap of my skirt so that it exposed my panties. I parted my legs a little and opened the top button of my blouse. The message I was giving out couldn't have been clearer if I'd put a sign around my neck saying 'Take me'. From here on in I wanted to see what he was doing so I moved the large photo album off my lap and rested it on the arm of the couch.

When Grandad returned with my drink it was clear that my new pose had the effect I had planned; the bulge in his crotch was big enough to hang a coat on. He sat down right next to me again and handed me another full tumbler of Drambuie. I pretended to be looking at the album . Without the slightest hesitation Grandad placed his right hand bang on my right leg. I watched as his old wrinkled fingers moved over my tender skin. Slowly, he let his thumb move to the inside of my thigh. Finding no resistance from his granddaughter, he moved it further up towards my panties. I couldn't hold back any longer and started to softly groan. I rubbed the insides of my thighs together as Grandad's thumb at last found my pussy lips from the outside of my soaking panties.

That first touch sent me over the edge. My whole body convulsed with pleasure and my head lolled from side to side on the back of the couch. Grandad knew he had me now and his eager, bony fingers managed to undo the single button holding my skirt together. As it fell away exposing my hips and waist, Grandad hauled my right leg up onto the couch leaving my left one on the floor, pulled me down and sat in between my legs. I looked up to see him fumbling with the bows holding my panties together. At last he got them undone and tossed them onto the floor, leaving my dripping love box open to his lustful gaze. With animal like speed he bent his head down and greedily began to nibble, and suck at my clit. I put my hands on his bald head and pushed it down further so that his exploring tongue could go deep into my slit. I bucked and writhed under him as another orgasm hit me.

Grandad then looked up and planted his big, fat lips over my mouth. As his rough unshaven face slobbered over me, his tongue delving into every corner of my mouth, his hands impatiently ripped open the two remaining buttons of my blouse. Grandad sat up and gazed down at my nakedness. The sight of this fat old man above me made me so horny that I pulled his cold hands onto my breasts and reached up to offer him my mouth again. As I pulled my lips away from his I whispered in his ear: ' Grandad, please fuck me like a doggy.' This sent him absolutely crazy. I 'm about five six and weigh less than 95 pounds, but Grandad lifted me up from the couch like I was a rag doll. I suppose when a man wants to take a woman bad enough he can do just about anything.

I was naked except for my red high heels as he carried me towards the back of the house. 'If you want to be fucked like a dog, you've got to be treated like one.' Grandad said. He opened the back door and carried me out towards a small wooden shed in the back garden where his dog sleeps. The cool air on my body and the combination of excitement and fear I was feeling gave me goosebumps all over. I knew nobody could see us because his garden, like my own, is completely secluded. He opened the shed door and ordered the dog to get out. Rex duly obeyed and Grandad carried me in and closed the door behind us. It was dark and smelly. Grandad dropped me on a dirty old mattress that the dog sleeps on. I felt the grime on my clean skin and it made me crazy with lust. Grandad took the dog's leash from the back of the door and put it around my neck. He pulled it tight and it forced me to sit up on my knees. I could hardly talk but he told me to beg for his dick.

I whimpered that I wanted it and, boy, did I. He used his free hand to unfasten his trousers. They fell to the floor, exposing his old, craggy legs. I doubted if he could see his dick over his fat belly as he pulled it clear of his shorts. It was a pretty good hardon for a man near seventy. He took hold of it in one hand and pulled me closer with the leash using the other. Teasingly, I licked the end of it and tasted his precum.

Grandad moaned at this first touch. It must have been a while since he'd had a blow job from someone as young as me. My tongue moved down the length of his stiff shaft. He lifted his dick up so that I could get to his hairy balls. I put one of them in my mouth and rolled it around. Then I came back along his weapon and, looking up at him with submissive eyes, took the full length of it in my throat. I wanted to keep eye contact with Grandad as his tool shot in and out of my greedy mouth. I felt the leash go tighter around my neck and from the look on Grandad's face he wasn't far from emptying his load into me. To my surprise he stopped himself from coming, pushed my head away and told me to kneel on all fours like the bitch I was. I did as I was told.

Grandad knelt behind me. He got hold of the heel of my right shoe and forced my legs further apart. Grandad pulled on the leash and this forced me to arch my back and stick my ass in the air. With his other hand he began to caress my soft, round butt cheeks . He bent his head down and licked at my ass hole to moisten it ready for his insertion. The feel of Grandad's tongue on that most sensitive opening made me groan loudly. I wiggled my ass in his face and pleaded with him to fuck me now. At last I felt his bell end at my ass hole. I thought he'd be gentle but no chance. With a grunt he forced the full length of his hard dick right in. After the initial shock I got used to the piston like strokes of Grandad fucking me in the ass. He was driving me to the point of frenzy and he used the leash to control me the way a rider controls a horse. Wave after wave of sensation hit me until at last my whole body racked in orgasm. I'd never groaned as loud as I did then.

This must have affected Grandad too because I felt his free hand press down hard on the small of my back while his other nearly choked the air out of me as he pulled the leash around my neck even tighter. His breathing became louder and strokes faster until, with a deafening roar he pulled his meat out of me and directed a spray of thick white cum up my back almost reaching my neck. He let go his grip on the leash and I collapsed onto my hands. I felt Grandad scooping up his juices from my back. Then he told me to turn around and face him. He put the palm of his hand by my mouth and told me to be a good bitch and lap it all up. I put the tip of my tongue in the white liquid. I loved it's taste and greedily licked his hand dry. With that he pulled up his trousers and went back to the house.

I teetered back up the garden path naked except for my red high heels. As I entered the living room, Grandad looked up at me from the couch. He told me to come and sit on his knee. Wearing just heels is so sexy that any walk is provocative, so on this occasion I didn't have to try anything special as I sauntered over to him and placed myself in his lap. His old hands roamed over my young body and he asked me if I'd come back next week. 'Yes Grandad' I began .' I promise'. 'Good' he replied as his hand cupped my right breast. ' Because there's someone else I'd like to invite to join us. Would you like that?' 'Oh yes Grandad, that would be nice'

And it was.
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