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A Daughter's Promise III
by J

I drove away from Grandad's desperately in need of a shower. I could still smell his cum around my mouth and feel it's sticky dryness over my back, not to mention the fact that I had been laying on his dog's mattress while he fucked me. I was lucky that John wouldn't be home when I got back and even luckier that I'd left a jacket in the car, seeing as how my blouse had two of its three buttons ripped off by Grandad in his eagerness to strip me. 

When I opened the front door I could hear the phone ringing in the living room. I dashed in and caught it just in time. It was Dad. He said that he'd just had a call from Grandad inviting him round to his place next Wednesday afternoon and Grandad had mentioned that I'd be there as well. Dad went on to say that he thought Grandad was planning something. When I asked Dad why he thought this, he told me that Grandad had gotten hold of a porno magazine from his den which pretty much made it clear what he'd like to do to me. Now it all began to fit into place. The magazine that I'd found underneath Grandad's bed with a photo of me stuck over the face of the girl being doggy fucked, wasn't Grandad's as I'd previously thought. So now both of them realised that the other one wanted to fuck me but neither of them knew that the other already had. What an opportunity awaited me. I would be able to tease both of them to my heart's content and see which one of them broke first. Next week couldn't come soon enough.

At last, Wednesday morning arrived and, after seeing John off to work, I began to get myself ready and fantasise about the afternoon's offerings. During a long , hot soak in the tub, I planned my outfit for the day. I remembered Dad saying how he'd drooled over me in my school uniform all those years ago, and decided that to make myself look that young again would drive him wild, and Grandad too probably. 

I painted my long fingernails in a deep red and applied a similar shade of gloss to my full lips. I put on a little mascara but no other makeup since I wanted to look as pure and innocent as I could. I put my long, blond hair into two pigtails and looked at the effect in the mirror. Not bad, I thought. Maybe I'd even be able to get to Grandad's on the school bus! I put on the same white blouse that Grandad had ripped off me last week, suitably repaired of course, over a crisp white bra. Then I placed some thin, white thongs over my hips and put on a very short black, pleated skirt. White ankle socks, a black tie and five inch black patent heels finished the job.

During the drive to Grandad's, I got some lusty looks from some truckers who could see my outfit from their lofty cab as they overtook me. The thought of what Dad and Grandad would think when they saw me made my pussy become wet. At last I pulled up outside Grandad's house and could see Dad's car further down the street. 

Grandad's eyes became like slits as he opened the door and surveyed me up and down without the slightest embarrassment. He ushered me in saying he had a surprise guest for me. As I entered the living room I feigned shock at seeing Dad there, just as he had told me to do on the phone last week. I could feel their eyes upon me as I said I'd get straight to work.

They were looking at me the way a pair of wild animals survey an unsuspecting foal. As I dusted about the place, Dad and Grandad sat on the couch watching me without saying a word to each other. As I bent down to pick up some newspapers that had been scattered on the floor, I made sure I gave them both a good eyeful of my long legs and thin white panties. After about an hour of this teasing I thought I'd better make the first move; I couldn't stand the waiting any longer. Grandad has four large vases on his mantelpiece. I made sure they were paying attention as I dusted the first three and neglected the last one completely. At last Grandad said what I'd wanted him to say and admonished me for missing the fourth vase. 'Gee Grandad' I began ' I feel like a naughty schoolgirl who's about to be punished by the principal'. Then to increase the effect I put my thumb in my mouth and sucked on it and rubbed my knees together, the way you do when you're dying for a pee. As I played with my pigtails Dad said ' How would you like your Grandad and me to punish you?' At last Things were moving in the right direction. 'Yes, I'd like that very much' I heard myself reply. 'But not in here' I continued, ' I don't want anybody seeing you doing things to me through the window' 'I've got just the place for us all to go ' Grandad said. ' But be sure you don't tell anyone'. 'I won't, Grandad. 'I promise'.

Grandad told the two of us to follow him and he took us to a door that he opened which led down to his cellar. Grandad turned on the light switch at the top of the steps. One meagre light bulb in the middle of the cellar came on. I was ordered to go down first. It was almost too dark to see on the dozen or so steps that led down to the cold , dank basement, especially when Dad closed the door behind him and bolted it shut. I teetered down gingerly on my high heels, with Grandad and Dad eager and keen behind me. At the bottom the light wasn't that much better but Grandad told me to go and stand underneath the bulb. It wasn't much of a spotlight and I couldn't see them at all in the shadows of this poky room. 

Then Dad ordered me to strip. My juices were really flowing now as I began to undo my tie. 'Leave that on. It will be useful later' Grandad said huskily. Slowly, I undid the three buttons of my blouse. As the material parted to show my bra underneath I felt the coolness of the air touch my tanned skin. I slipped the blouse from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Next I undid my short skirt and eased it over my hips. I kicked it away when it fell around my ankles. I stood there in front of my Dad and his dad wearing only my skimpy underwear, tie, ankle socks and shoes. 'Take off your bra' Dad commanded. I undid the clasp at the back. Teasingly, I let the straps fall from my shoulders and then, ever so slowly, I let it too fall to the floor. I heard them gasp when they saw my plump, ripe breasts and saucer size rings surrounding my rock hard nipples. As my hands went to the sides of the high cut thong I was wearing I was told to stop. 'We'll take those off' Grandad whispered. Suddenly the two of them were upon me. Grandad picked me up and carried me across to the side wall. As he raised my arms, he told Dad to fasten my wrists to the two iron bracelets that I now saw screwed into the wall above my head. I stood there with my hands shackled in chains. Grandad bent down to my left side and told Dad to do the same at my right. Dad followed Grandad's lead as they nibbled at the sides of my panties with their teeth. Gradually, as their mouths got a grip on the flimsy material they began to slide the garment down over my hips. As my panties fell to the floor, Dad put them up to his face and took a deep sniff at the crotch. 'I'm going to enjoy tasting the sweet juices of my youngest daughter' he growled Still on bended knees, Grandad and Dad began to lick their way up my legs. Dad got to my pussy first while Grandad carried on up to my belly. I parted my legs a little as Dad tongued my clit and probed my inner parts. I began to shudder in ecstasy and wished my hands were free so that I could push Dad's head further in me. Grandad had now reached my tits and was sucking on them furiously. I knew I'd get covered in bite marks today but at that moment I didn't care; I just wanted them to use me. Dad joined Grandad taking a nipple each in their fingers and twisting and pulling until I groaned loudly and begged them to fuck me. Then their faces were upon me. Dad sought and found my mouth with his and began to devour it greedily while Grandad nuzzled at my throat. Our tongues met and dripped in each other's saliva. Suddenly Dad's mouth was gone and had been replaced by Grandad's. He took hold of my head with his bony old hands and forced it against the wall as his tongue searched every corner of my inviting mouth. 

I managed to look down and could see a huge bulge in each of their trousers and wondered how long they could last before they had to fuck me. My answer came immediately as Grandad told Dad to untie me and bring me over to the stocks. As my arms were released from the shackles above my head I collapsed into Dad's arms. I felt him carry me over to the other side of the cellar. Out of the darkness I saw what Grandad had been talking to Dad about. In front of me was a wall with a padded top. It came up to my waist. About two feet beyond this was a pair of old wooden stocks. Dad pushed me up flush to the wall and forced me to bend forward over it at the waist. Even with my five inch heels on, my feet were just about able to touch the ground. As my upper body fell towards Grandad he pulled the top part of the stocks down so that my hands and head protruded through the holes. When he had done this he took a padlock and I was helpless.

I could hear them arguing about who was going to have which end of me first. Dad must have won because it was he who came up and stood in front of me. It was difficult to look up at his waist from the position I was in, but I saw Dad's trousers fall to his ankles. I then felt two of his short, fat fingers go into my mouth. This had a twofold effect; not only did it open my mouth to await the penetration from his fat dick but it also helped me to lift my head to an acceptable angle. As my gaze got higher, I at last saw Dad's weapon. It was already glistening as he pushed it passed my swollen lips. I didn't gag as Dad took hold of my pigtails and slowly began to thrust his meat in and out of my mouth. I managed to get my throat at such an angle that I could take all of him in. Behind me I felt Grandad's cold hands moving over my legs. He started at the top of my thigh at the front and slowly felt his way down to my ankles. I felt him caress my patent high heels before his hands started their upward journey up over my taught calves and then the back of my thighs before he finally reached my butt. Then I heard his zip go down and then he was moving his knob over my pussy lips. At last, after teasing me like this for what seemed like hours, Grandad slipped his full length into me. He took hold of the tie that was now laying across my back and began to ride me like a horse. The sensations that my body was having were like nothing I had experienced before. I couldn't make any noise of course, but my climax was no worse for the silence as all of my insides juddered with another orgasm.

Dad was giving my mouth no mercy as his groin thrust increasingly quickly back and forth. I was aware that the speed of Grandad's grinding was beginning to match that of Dad's and thought both men must be near to coming. Then I heard Dad start to groan 'Yes, yes ,yes' and I knew he was close. Grandad had started to cuss and call me a teasing bitch getting what she deserved . Then he took hold of the sides of my hips and I could feel his talon like nails digging into my soft flesh and with a cry he let me have it all. He pumped me until every drop of his semen had left his sack. Then he pulled out of me and I heard him stagger to lean against the wall. And then, with a shout of 'Eat this daughter', Dad's dick exploded in my mouth. I couldn't swallow all of it because he didn't take his tool out, but just kept squeezing it until nothing more would come. At last, I felt him go limp inside me and I was able to take the rest of his spunk down my throat. Dad too collapsed in a heap on the floor in front of me.

When they had recovered sufficiently they moved towards me again. Grandad asked if I'd been punished enough. I replied that I was still a naughty girl and deserved to be given more of the same. I could see their pricks harden as I talked to them in this fashion and , before I went home that afternoon, Dad and Grandad changed ends and punished me again.
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