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Angler's Delight Pt. V
by Long Strongdaily

"Pardon me, sir! I believe your company is here! Should I show them to your table!"

"Yes! Please do!"

"Look Honey! Those two are more handsome than ever! I wonder if they share the same family traits in their precious jewels endowment department!" Virginia remarked anxiously!

Virginia was intrigued with them as they made their way toward us. Her tenacity for springing surprises on me with her lusty comments only served to get me more excited. Virginia was, without question, determined to have her way with at least one of these men! If not both! I felt helpless, should my conscience dictate otherwise, to stop things even if wanted to! And, at this point at least, I didn't want to! I needed no further convincing that Virginia would in fact screw one of these gentlemen, if not both, should the opportunity arise! I needed even less convincing that she was determined to do everything in her power to ensure that the opportunity would indeed present itself! She had seen what she wanted earlier that day and what she wanted was black cock, large stiff black cock! Nothing less would satisfy her now lustful urges! I could sense from Virginia's reaction to their oncoming presence, she was hot, her pussy was hot and probably trembling with wanton anticipation of being screwed by these two black guys. I have never seen her so enthralled by anything as she was by the anticipation of what might be!

Other patrons in the restaurant stared at Allen and Alex as they crossed the floor to our table. They were both wearing pure white, well pressed long pants, white shoes and floral shirts. They looked as if they had just arrived from one of the Caribbean Islands. Their blackness was greatly accentuated by their attire and also by their nearly perfect white teeth, which in turn were enhanced by their broad smiles. Their presence captured the attention of every male and female in the restaurant. The two had an incredible aura about them! Each over six feet tall, muscular, good looking, as well as giving the impression of being of blue blood. I wondered whether every husband and wife present were having the same fantasies as Virginia and I! Many, if not all, no doubt did!

"Good evening, gentlemen! Sit down! Make yourselves comfortable!" Virginia said.

"Miss! Could you bring another bottle of wine please? Perhaps you two would like something different before dinner! Virginia and I have finished off two bottles of wine already and on empty stomachs. I'm afraid that it's beginning to show on us just about now!"

"No! No! Wine is just fine! In an atmosphere like this, a beautiful lady by your side! Anyone in their right mind wouldn't mind having enjoyed two bottles of wine!" Allen remarked.

"Miss, being that there are now four of us, you better make that two more bottles please!"

"Yes Sir! Right away!"

"That's the message that I have been trying to give him! In not so many words though!"

"Enjoy!" Virginia replied to Allen.

"You two haven't eaten yet! Has it been that busy? You didn't delay dinner because of us!"

"No! My husband and I decided to wait for you both to join us!"

"We just didn't want you to eat leftovers when there was perfectly fresh salmon to be had!"

"That was terribly nice of you! What can we say to thank you?"

"Thank us after you have had dinner and sampled the salmon I caught today!"

"It's a deal!"

"Ah! There's service for you! Two bottles of the best wine in the house!"

"Would you like me to pour, Sir?"

"Yes! Miss! Please do! Let my friend here taste test it!"

"Hm-m-m! Great! Thank you!"

"Would you like your dinner now, or would you prefer to wait awhile longer!"

"Just give us afew minutes if you will! Thank you!"

"Yes! That's fine sir! I'll be back later!"

"Tell me, how are you enjoying your trip? Your plans settled for tomorrow's fishing trip?"

"Yes! In fact I went into town, the stores are open tonight, and I bought Allen and I new rods, reels, lines, licenses, boots, the works! We're converted salmon fishermen! Spent over ten hundred dollars!" I couldn't believe my ears!

"Now there's two men converted to salmon fishing if ever anyone was converted!"

"No sense in doing things half way! All or nothing is the way my brother and I approach things all the time! Anytime you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen!"

"Alex is always quoting his little gems of wisdom! In fact he is right though!"

"We both share the philosophy that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!"

"I guess you both carry those two golden rules into your love life also? That's why you're not married yet! You're hard to please and too hard on your women!" Virginia's commented.

"Well we won't comment on that! Perhaps though it may be the other way around! Perhaps we haven't found any women who could satisfy us! I don't mean that we have been looking for the perfect woman either! I won't speak for Allen, but I know that every woman that I have been intimate with have always left me kind of high and dry!"

"I'll agree with Alex on that one! High and dry more often than not! However that's our private lives! Not for public consumption!"

"We don't kiss and tell! You know what we mean!"

"Private lives is it? Perhaps it would be better phrased "Your private sex lives. Maybe your frustration is simply because you have never been with a "real woman!" Virginia remarked!

"I guess that's possible! We've had our share of women though! No disrespect intended, but the results seldom differed!" Allen responded.

"That's for sure!" Alex added.

"Are you ready for dinner at this table now, sir?"

"Yes! Yes indeed! I think we're all starving!" There were no dissenters!

We ordered and enjoyed a main course dinner of poached salmon, friend salmon and barbecue salmon, garnishes and topped this off with several bottles of wine. As well not too few liqueurs after dessert. Our guests were all over us with adulations as to the quality of the evening, the meal and our company. Everyone was feeling a little tipsy so we decided to sit outside in the courtyard and enjoy the cool night air. A few more drinks for the road and we headed back to our cabins. We all felt relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep and our early morning fishing trip. It was now almost midnight and we planned to leave at six in the morning. We said our good nights as Alex and Allen left us at our cabin and headed for theirs. Once inside Virginia headed into the bedroom. I garnished a cold beer from the fridge, sat in the lazy-boy and turned on the T.V. to catch the mid-night news. After some time Virginia returned, dressed in the sheerest of negligee, and sat on the arm of the chair as I enjoyed a beer!

"Virginia! Would you like one?"

"Yes! But not a beer?"

"Would you prefer a glass of wine or a liqueur?"

"No! What I want is this!" as she reached down and grabbed my crotch.

I certainly never needed any coaching when it came to sex! She masseused me till I got aroused, which took all of five seconds! She then unzipped my fly, reached in and took out her favorite toy! I had as good a blowjob as Virginia had ever given me! She licked the last traces of come from the tip of my almost limp dick as if it were last remnants of cotton candy adhering to her fingers. Virginia wasn't prepared to let things die yet though! She removed what there was of her skimpy panties and, after having had removed my pants and under shorts, straddled me! She then reached down and began to massage the tip of my cock against her over wet pussy lips! Her cunt was as swollen as I had never witnessed it before! "She needs more than I can offer her right now! She'd screw the brains out of one of those black guys just about now!" I thought to myself!

It didn't take too much coaching for me to be hard as ever again! I was pretty proud of my seven inches! She was too for that matter! I wasn't into her but a few seconds and she had an orgasm! She wasn't nearly satisfied though! She pulled me to the floor and with me on top I gave her my all! Virginia came twice more after which we just rested right where we were laying on the floor.

I remained buried deep inside her! After several minutes she began to get aroused again!

"Let's go to the bedroom! It's more comfortable there!" she implored.

Inside the bedroom she pushed me onto the bed and literally jumped my bones! Virginia was in such a state of passion that I didn't dare do anything but let her have her way! It was in this situation that I thought, for the first time in our over fifteen years of marriage, isn't this what every man fanaticizes over! I had another orgasm and she had three! She appeared then to settle down for the night as she slowly went into, what I thought to be, a deep sleep! I pulled the cover over her and took a shower; afterwards I went back to the T.V. with another cold beer! I was convinced that the day's activities were now ended!

To Be Continued...

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