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Angler's Delight Pt. VII
by Long Strongdaily

"Would you guys like something to drink! A beer, a wine, a soft drink! That's all we have right now to offer you!"

"We'll have wine! Thank you!"

"Virginia! Want something to drink?"

"A cold glass of wine please! I feel hot!"

Virginia's eyes never left her book! I returned shortly with wine and a few snacks for everyone. By this time Virginia was sitting up and was talking with Allen and Alex as if nothing had ever happened and as if she were fully dressed for a casual evening with guests!

"Honey! I finished the book! It was a great story about a woman in love with three men at the same time! In the end they all went away happy and lived happily ever after!"

"Well that's nice to know!"

"If you would please excuse me! I have to leave you gentlemen for a few minutes!"

Virginia got up, pulled her housecoat around herself and left the room. The look of disbelief and disappointment on the faces of Allen and Alex was almost hilarious! Their disappointment was so obvious after Virginia hadn't returned within ten minutes or so that they, as well as their now limping dicks, had surrendered all hope of what might have had been.

"Has she retired for the night?" Alex inquired with self concern!

"Maybe! But I don't think so! She might be back out!"

"You son-of-a-bitch! How could you do this to these guys!"

I mused to myself!

It was just as Alex suggested that they call it a day when Virginia returned! Their eyes, as well as their manhood, gave Virginia their full attention. She had changed her revealing attire for something equally as provocative! This outfit consisted of a black lace shorty, underneath of which she wore matching black laced bra and black panties. Virginia looked at Allen and Alex with that certain feminine sexual connotation in her demure which silently asked: "Well, boys are you ready for this?", or "Are you two ready to take on this wild sex kitten?" Her sexuality permeated the either room! Virginia also had some difficulty in not commenting on, what was now, their obvious state of sexual anxiety. The whole episode had now lasted for almost an hour and was obviously driving both Allen and Alex to the point of total desperation! Their need for Virginia's hot wet pussy to satisfy their lust was equally shared by Virginia in her desire to get at their huge massive engorged black cocks! All three were now at their pinnacle of passion for each other! Virginia, in her own feminine way, still enjoyed the teasing of their carnal lusts however!

"I had to get a quick shower and change! I was sweaty and my panties were all wet! That's not so good, is it? Besides these panties are more comfortable! Look, they have an open crotch so that pussy can get some fresh air!" Virginia's said, seeking a reaction from us!

"Enough of that! Alex just suggested that we call it a day! They're tired and want to get some sleep! We were planning to get up early in the morning to go fishing!"

"No! No! We're all right! It was just that we thought she had gone to bed and it would be appropriate for us leave. But if you're not calling it a night, it's o.k. with us! We'll Stay!"

"I'm not at all sleepy! What about you, honey?" Virginia responded.

"No! Not at all! I'm good for awhile yet! One thing I want to do though is get some pictures of our friends here! Do you two mind! We like to have some pictures of new found friends that we meet! Sort of who who's in the fishing world!"

"We don't mind at all!"

"I'll get my camera set up!" Whereupon I left the room.

Allen was seated in the lazy-boy; Alex was on the floor near the far end of the sofa. All three gave no hint of attempting to hide any of their excitement! Both men had very large and visible erections! Virginia's nipples stood erect beneath her bra and her face was almost as red as her attire! It took me several minutes to set up the camera! I returned with my camera and gear a short time later. Virginia was seated in the middle of the sofa; Allen was still in his chair.

"How do you want to photograph us?" Alex inquired.

"Well! Let's see! Maybe first we'll get a group picture of you three on the sofa! This is a new digital camera so I can get both still photographs and movies with it!" I continued:

"We'll put Virginia in the middle there, Alex can sit on one side! Allen on the other! Don't let your erections embarrass you! We don't have to have them in the picture! Just waist up shots! Unless you don't mind!" I anxiously insisted!

There was no reply! Allen and Alex sat next to Virginia, with some unwanted some distance between them, perhaps still fearful of just how far this thing would take them!

"Move closer to her! She won't bite! No! I'll take that back! Maybe she will!"

"Do you two mind if I take full shots or do you want just waist up shots!"

"Don't matter to us! You're the director! Just tell us what to do! We're o.k. with it!"

"O.K then! All quiet on the set! Camera! Action!" as I started the camera rolling.

Allen and Alex delighted in hearing the slightest of any indication by me, or Virginia, of the possibility that they may be the recipients of some of Virginia's most enduring delights! They looked at each other with broad smiles and a lustful look of anticipation in their eyes! Virginia had placed her hands on the mid-thighs of Allen and Alex, her elbows almost against their crotch! This added to the aggravation and anticipation Allen and Alex were enduring! Allen had placed one arm over Virginia's shoulder, the other on her knee. Alex had one hand on her knee! Their uneasiness clearly indicating a wishful and passionate desire to place their hands in her territory which yet remained to be explored!

"Great! That's nice! Honey, since you got open crotch panties on, open your legs a little and let me get a shot of that hot little . . . .!"

Virginia obliged without hesitation, even before I finished what I intended to say! Allen and Alex were aghast with delight! Their anxiety causing them to sit uneasily beside her as their obvious enormous engorged manhood were straining against their restrictive enclosure of their shorts!

"Here! How's this! Can you see pussy through the lens!" Virginia inquired!

"I sure can! Remember I have this little screen here too! I can see what's going on just like it was on T.V.! This makes it much easier to see what you're photographing. Honey! Why don't grab a handful of those two big erections standing beside you!"

Allen and Alex went ballistic as Virginia responded without even a comment! Virginia's first feel of their massive cocks, even though only through their shorts, caused her to take a deep breath and react with the anticipated passion of the first time she felt my cock penetrate her pussy many years ago! The enormity of their cocks was clearly evident by the fact that Virginia, try as she may, was unable to get her hand wrapped around either of their black cocks, although each were wearing very lose fitting shorts. What each had beneath their shorts now became clearly visible through the legs Allen's shorts. The top of his cock actually protruded through the leg of his shorts. I saw his black protrusion and thought to myself: "Impossible! Virginia has no knowledge of what she's in for! She'll never ever handle that thing! That'll tear her pussy to shreds if we, or she, allows that monster to penetrate her!" After a momentary concern I concluded: "She'll know how to handle it anyway!" Besides if a baby can come out of one of those things a big black cock like that one can certainly go in! Virginia is certainly going to give it a good try anyway!" "It was now time to get this momentary relapse of the evenings happenings back on track!" I thought out loudly!

"Why don't you two feel a little hot pussy for yourselves, guys! I don't think it'll bite!"

I suggested to the two over anxious, yet under nourished to this point at least, gentlemen waiting exuberantly for whatever Virginia may offer next! Allen and Alex reacted without hesitation and as if they were still two small boys at the candy store being told to take whatever candy they I suggested to the two over anxious, and under nourished to this point at least, gentlemen waiting exuberantly wanted! Virginia was about to explode in the heat of passion! She was experiencing the passion bought on by the feel of two strange engorged black cocks she held in each hand, and of two strange black hands working over her horny cunt! Allen and Alex were a little self-conscious of my presence, and somewhat reluctant to do more than I was coaching them to do!

"You two can do better than that? Just holding that sweet little cunt like that won't satisfy it!"

With that comment, Allen and Alex lost all their inhibitions to their carnal passions and immediately began massaging and finger fucking Virginia's cunt hole through the opening in her panties! Virginia laid back squirming and moaning with delight of, not one, but two strange hands, the first since we married over fifteen years ago, working over her hot juicy love hole! As Allen and Alex directed their attention to her pussy, Virginia masseused their black cock's. Her attentiveness almost caused Alex & Allen to almost let their own load go! Virginia screamed in the mists of an orgasm, so prolonged, I became genuinely concerned for her welfare! Her passion rescinding, she called: "No! No more! Let me rest a minute or two! I can't take any more! My God!"

"I never ever had an orgasm like that in my entire life!" Virginia cried.

The brothers were somewhat reluctant to stop, however their good sense prevailed as they complied with her wish. I didn't want to admit it but I also had gone; in my pants. With a little forethought though I had, when I went for the camera, taken the time to put on a condom in anticipation of something like this! Virginia was in a wet sweet, as were Allen and Alex, as she enjoyed her afterglow by continuing her attention to the two massive black cocks she still held, one in each hand! Allen and Alex squirmed so as to position themselves at a more advantageous position to better partake of Virginia's attention! After several minutes Virginia spoke!

"You know guy's! You're the only guys to lay a hand on this pussy since JD and I were married and I was a virgin when we married! Isn't that right JD?"

"Yes it is!" I replied in an anxious voice! Then Virginia added:

"Do you two know why you're the first to get at my pussy other than my husband!?"

"Well I'll tell you! Almost since we were first married, every time we made love he always fanaticize about me making love to a well hung black man! We never thought it would ever happen though! Every time we went down south on vacation he would bring my attention to different black men we would see! "What about that one?" DJ would always say I never saw a black man that really turned me on! Until now that it is! Strange isn't it?" Virginia continued.

"But when I saw you two up river, I knew right then I could make out with either of you! Good looking, sophisticated, muscular! Then I saw Alex urinating in the woods!"

"That really turned me on! I told JD about it and he said; They are your type! You know, you guys are gorgeous! Any woman's dream! Any normal woman would just love to be in my position right now!" She further added.

Neither Allen or Alex said a word; their anticipation had not yet subsided sufficiently to permit them to think properly. Just thinking about that mornings happenings is what had re-ignited Virginia's passions. Then she turned her attention toward Alex.

"First lets see what secrets these shorts are trying to keep from us!"

"Pussy and me that is! You don't mind do you?"

Virginia, looking into Alex's eyes and unzipped his fly as if any protest by him mattered! Unzipped, she reached in and with some difficulty released his manhood from its imprisonment! She squealed with delighted disbelief! I likewise had difficulty restraining my amazement the massiveness of Alex's' stiff cock! Alex laid his head back against the sofa as his passion rose in anticipation of what Virginia might do next!

"My God almighty! You're hung like a horse! That thing has got to be close ten inches long! I can't even get my hand around it!" Virginia said in amazement!

"No woman could handle anything like that!" I remarked!

"You're no woman so don't try to speak for me! Besides maybe it'll be fun trying! Isn't it just as big as I said it was? I told you it was huge! Didn't I!"

Virginia bent over and bought the head of his monstrosity to her lips, moaned and caressed it's head lovingly. Virginia began licking Alex's cock up and down the entire length of its shaft! Moaning with delight and passion! She then slowly eased herself onto her knees on the floor between Alex legs. Removing, then discarding his shorts, he wore no under shorts. Virginia then grabbed his manhood between both hands and commenced masturbating him furiously! Alex had his eyes closed and was moaning! He reached for her head and gently placed it between his massive hands. This was as if to assure himself that she would not be distracted from her task at hand! She lusted to suck him dry of every ounce of bodily fluid that could be extracted through his massive engorged appendage! Allan reached to her now exposed buttocks and cunt and attempted to finger her pussy. Virginia gently pushed his hand away!

"No! Not now! You might make me go again! I want to demolish this erection first! Then I'll take care of whatever you got there to offer me! O.K.?" Allan was silent!

Placing her mouth over the head of Alex's black cock, Virginia had difficulty spreading her mouth wide enough to accept his manhood! But try she did! She was totally lost to the real world around her and was engrossed in a state of passionate ecstasy! Alex, as we knew him, was nowhere within the real world. My balls were aching with passion at the sight of my wife going down on this black atrocity! Within several minutes I noticed Virginia's grip on his cock stiffen and her mouth tightening its hold on his stiff cock! Simultaneously Alex began to stiffen and cry:

"You're going to make me come! You're going to make me come!"

Alex's moans of passions induced Virginia's anxiety and determination not to let him lose. She wanted every drop of his love juices and was not, even minutely, prepared to entertain anything less! She increased her sucking and massaging of his cock as she felt the tell tale signs of spasms within his mammoth manhood! Alex was ready to send a precious cargo of cum deep down within her throat! Alex, now spent, was not yet finished with! Virginia, for the first time ever, swallowed an entire load of ejaculation! She had never done this for me! In her present situation, Virginia's passions as they were, there was no chance that she would have had done less! She increased her sucking on his now going limp cock! Nothing less than every last droplet of his love nectar would satisfy her! Alex attempted to push her head away but without success as Virginia strongly resisted his every effort!

"Enough! Enough! Oh God! I've had enough! You got it all! You're killing me-e-e-e! Oh-h-h-h Go-d-d-d-d! You got it al-l-l-l-l! You got it al-l-l-l-l! Oh-o-o-o-o-o-o!"

To Be Continued...

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