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A Dominant Wife
by Tiger110

I've been married to Jane for the past five years and in all that time I don t think that she s ever been unfaithful to me, on one occasion she admitted that she d come close to it when we were going through a bad patch but insisted nothing happened. During our lovemaking I would often bring up the subject to try and see how far she had gone and extract some more of the details from her, however all she would say is that she fancied him and he had made a play for her, but nothing more.

One evening after returning home from a good night out down the local pub we went to bed and began to fool around, only this time the booze began to loosen Jane s tongue and as I was sucking her pussy she began to go into a little more detail about Chris, the man she d fancied in the past. She said that they d gone out to the pub along with the rest of the lads from work one evening while I was baby-sitting, at the end he d walked her to the train station so that she would get home safely and it was here that it first happened. It was only a small station and so they were all alone when he went to kiss her goodnight, the kiss slowly turned more erotic as his tongue slipped between her teeth and she found herself responding by opening her mouth further as his hands massaged her 38D tits. Chris pushed her back up against the wall and she felt his hand begin to slide up the inside of her leg, unfortunately she was wearing jeans and so his advances were severely restricted as he fondled her moistening crotch. I asked if she d liked what he had done, she said that her hands had cupped his balls while rubbing his cock through his jeans, did that answer my question? She then told me that I d better carry on sucking her pussy if I wanted to hear the rest. Things were beginning to get very steamy when a stranger joined them on the platform however they carried on for several more minutes while being watched by the old man and at one point she thought she d felt a third hand touch her breast, later that night she returned home to me and I received the benefit of her aroused pussy as she knelt on the bed and told me to fuck her doggy style while she continued to think about Chris s fingers touching her.

A couple of weeks later we d had another argument and so she decided to see Chris once again, this time it was just the two of them even though she lied to me and said she was out on a birthday do with the boys from work. They met at a local pub near work but soon moved out of town away from thier usual places, after several vodkas Chris asked her to go for a walk along the riverbank. Once out of sight of the pub they began to kiss again and her pussy responded as before, only this time she d taken a change of clothes with her to work and had changed into them before leaving to meet him. Her new outfit consisted of a sheer black blouse covering a black lacy bra and a very short black leather skirt covering a pair of hold-up stockings; she seldom wore stockings for me and definatly only when she was in the mood for sex. She said that things became very hot again but she stopped him just before they started to fuck each other on the river bank, she d had guilt pangs and thought of me. I quickly reassured her that I would like to see her fucking another man and asked her to describe exactly how far they d gone before she called it off, suddenly she clamped her legs tightly shut around my head and told me to bring her to an orgasm before she d continue, she waited as my tongue eagerly went back to work on her clitoris. Next she told me how he d laid her down on the river bank and began kissing her, using his tongue to massage hers as they had done the previous time, only this time when his hand ran up the inside of her thighs he could feel the smooth silk of the stockings and nobody came to disturb them.

His hand slipped past her stocking tops and on to her bare thigh before slowly easing inside the leg her knickers, finally his fingers slid down the length of her slit as she pulled open his fly and freed his already stiffening cock, soon his finger had slipped inside and he was fucking her towards a climax while she worked his foreskin up and down his shaft. As she came nearer and nearer to coming he slid down her body, only pausing for several seconds to lick her nipples through the thin material, finally his head slipped between her open thighs and she felt his hot breath on her exposed cunt, her G-string having been sucked inside her smooth pussy lips; the night previously she had shaved it completly bald especially for him! His tongue continued were his fingers left off and soon they spun round into a sixty-nine position so that she could take his stiff dick into her mouth, again something she rarely does for me, they proceeded to suck and lick each until finally bursting into a climax. It was while she was drinking down his salty spunk that she had the guilty feelings again and persuaded him to take her home, in turn he made her promise that next time they met he would be able to fuck her all night. Once again that night I received the pleasures of her body while unbe known to me she fantasised about fucking Chris s huge cock.

Suddenly as her story finished she climaxed flooding her cunt with her juices and making me go into over time licking them up, it was now that she asked if I really wanted her to go ahead and fuck Chris. I replied that it had always been one of my fantasies to watch her being fucked by somebody else and yes I would do anything for her to make it come true. Jane said that I would have to obey her every command and not interfere or hold it against her afterwards and to make very sure that it was what I rearly wanted. I said yes. Within seconds she picked up her horse ridding crop and sat down to ring Chris on the phone, as the conversation went on she beckoned me over between her legs and pushed my head down onto her dripping snatch while their chatter became more risqué. He asked her if I was around but was told that she had sent me out into the garden with the orders not to return until she had finished talking to her lover on the phone, he asked her what she was wearing and so she went into great detail how she was naked and sitting with her legs open and fanny dripping and very close to another climax, which wasn t a lie.

They went into detail on where to meet and what she wanted doing to her when they met, she said that all her guilt feelings had gone and now she wanted to spend the night fucking his hard cock, having her slippery cunt pounded, before licking him clean while he sucked out his sperm from deep inside her. As she hung up the phone she brought the riding crop down across by bare buttocks and urged me to lick faster and faster, to make her come, she said that this would be the position I would be expected to be in after she had fucked another man from now on and in the future.

Finally after two days she called me up to the bedroom in the afternoon and told me that tonight would be the start of our new sex life together, I was told to undress and sit at the end of the bed while she got ready for her night out with her new lover, Chris. First she had a long hot bath and told me to sit perfectly still and wait for her to return, then as she began to dry herself and apply her make-up she told me to open the shopping bags on the bed, she had been out especially for tonight s outfit and wanted me to help her into it. Inside the first bag was an expensive black skirt with a slit cut up one side, the second contained a loose fitting red chiffon top that was see through and finally the third some black underwear, all were very chic and expensive. Jane said that under no circumstances must I wank while she was out being fucked and that I must be ready to suck her quim clean on her return home, I protested that I thought that I would be watching her and Chris together but was quickly told that she was in charge and if I wanted her to go through with it I must obey. Submissively I held up the thin lace g-string that she had bought while one by one she stepped into it, then I helped slide her ample tits into the matching bra and fasten it at the front. As I knelt at her feet she slid into the tight fitting split skirt while keeping her moist sex only inches from my face. Finally I held up the thin chiffon blouse and smelt her perfume as she turned her back to me as her arms slid into the sleeves, perfume I had bought her for Christmas called "Opium" it made my cock stiffen. Jane turned and looked at herself in the mirror and said that something was missing, she needed a little colour in her tanned legs and opened the draw to take out a new pair of hold-up sheer black stockings. She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs so that I could carefully slide each one home, I noticed a small damp patch begining at the centre of her knickers and breathed in its pungent aroma, she saw what I was doing and pulled the thin gusset to one side exposing her damp minge, "lick me out and make me come so that I can last longer as Chris fucks me with his big cock" she said with a wicked smirk. Seconds later there was a car horn sounding in the drive way down stairs, "to late wanker" she cried and pushed me to one side as she made for the door, " remember no playing with yourself while I m gone or you won t get to finish the job later", the front door slammed shut.

I went to bed at 11.00pm but found it hard to sleep as visions of Jane fucking Chris kept coming into my head and made my cock grow stiff, then at around 2.30am I heard a car pull up outside and the front door open. After several minutes Jane came up stairs and into the bedroom, she stood at the bottom of the bed and asked me if I had been thinking about her. Slowly she peeled off her clothes until she was down to her stockings and high heels, her knickers had already been ripped off, her pussy glistened in the dim light from the street lamp as she moved to the side of me. As she ripped back the bed covers to reveal my erection she laughed and said that she could see that I had and hoped that I hadn t been wanking to much, now it was my turn to fuck her cunt while it was still full of Chris s spunk. Quickly she climbed on the bed and positioned her open legs over my face and began to lower herself down onto my waiting tongue, she ordered me to lick her out and drink his juices, to get a taste of things to come, to learn the position I would be required to be in after each one of her future encounters. I licked all round her slick opening and then moved inside, the taste was bitter but creamy some how different from when I had sucked out my own spunk, then she climaxed and added her own love juice to his. Jane climbed off after she had recovered her senses and moved back towards the door, now she said it was time for another surprise, she opened the door and in walked Chris. Quickly he put his arm round her and placed his hand on her arse as he kissed one of her nipples and with a smirk said hello to me. I asked Jane if he was going to watch me fuck her but she just looked at me and laughed, no he was here to shaft her again and it would me who was doing the watching.

Chris moved her towards the end of the bed and bent her forward so that her arse stuck out behind, he moved behind her and slowly started to rub his cock all over her, occasionally playing with her arse hole, finally he pushed it slowly into her quim and she let out a low growl of sexual pleasure. Jane began to tell him how big he was and that even though she had fucked him earlier it was still very tight, perhaps she could get her wanking husband to help him out. Chris pulled out and sat on the chair in the corner as Jane told me to move behind her, I thought that I would get to fuck my wife after all but just as I was about to put my cock inside her she turned round. "Not so fast lover" she said, tonight was Chris s night and I was only here to act the wanker that I had proved to be, she told me to show him how well I could shoot my spunk and come all over her pussy. Slowly with an ashamed look on my face I began to work my hand up and down my erect shaft and soon let fly all over her shaved slit, I moved back out of the way as she once again turned round and bent over. Chris came up behind her with his cock in his hand. " Shane will give you a hand" she said and told me to rub his cock up and down her open lips covering it with my spunk to lubricate it and help him to enter her easier, "come on you useless wanker" she shouted, "help him to fuck me so that you can thank him as you lick my cunt clean afterwards".

I took his cock in my hand and began to do as she said, his size was a couple of inches longer than mine but the thickness surprised even me, slowly I worked it up and down until it was covered in my juices and then pointed it at her cunt as she reached back and held herself open for him. Inch by inch he slid it home, pushing it in and then pulling it out, each time going back in that little bit further, all the time I never let go and felt it sliding between by fingers. My cock began to stiffen again and stick up into the cheeks of his arse as I stood behind him, his cock still in my hand and fucking deep into my wife s cunt, Chris told her what was happening and that I was trying to bugger him causing her to laugh out again. Finally as she approached yet another climax she shouted that she to wanted it the same way as Chris and told me to fuck him as he fucked her, I pulled him out and re-aimed it slightly higher, slowly we both slid into the tight channel together.

That night I was used to clean up my wife and Chris after every shag, I was used in every way imaginable and wanked off several times when ordered. Now I am not allowed to fuck Jane unless one of her many lovers has before me, I am a devoted servant to my dominant mistress and even help her to find men so that they can come and humiliate me as they fuck her arse in front of me. Finally it seems I have found my place in life, at my wife's feet!

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