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After Dinner with Frank
by StarWatch9

We sat across the table, sort of picking through dinner. Neither of us very hungry. As the waiter cleared the plates away, I slid my hand up from your knee, where it had been resting since we sat down, all the way up your leg. I felt your cock begin to stir as I looked into your eyes. You grinned, your smile melting me.

"Let's pay the check and go back to your place." I whispered to you.

We walked back to your apartment, your hand in mine. With each step, the anticipation of finally getting to make love with you, growing. We barely spoke, but I could sense the excitement as we walked along. It was a typical winter night, but I didn't really feel the chill in the air. In fact, I think I felt a bit warm.

As soon as we walked into your apartment we tossed our coats off and kissed each other passionately. Your tongue in my mouth, mine in yours dancing over each other. Your hands in my long dark hair, stroking it, grabbing it, pulling me into you. Your mouth tasting of the wine from dinner, only made me want you that much more. Your hand cupped my chin, lifting my mouth from yours. You looked into my eyes, smiling. I wondered if you knew how aroused I was at the moment. I slowly moved down your body, my hands caressing your back, sliding over your ass, until I was on the floor. My eyes never leaving yours. I was sure you could see the desire burning deep within me.

I reached up and unzipped your pants. I wanted you in my mouth so badly. I needed to taste you. Your cock sprung out, hard with a bit of precum already on the tip. I ran my tongue over it, lovingly tasting you. It brought a smile to my lips. Your hands on my head, holding my hair, possessing me. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft all the way from the base to the tip a few times. I wanted it nice and wet. I then took it all into my mouth to the back of my throat. I held it there and began to suck it firmly. I heard a moan escape from your lips, encouraging me to suck a bit harder and faster. My one hand was at the base of your cock, squeezing it, the other hand was gently rolling your balls, toying with them. I wanted you to feel pleasure like you had never felt before. I sucked your cock, my eyes closed, nothing else in my head, just you and your cock. I could feel your hips moving a bit. You began to move your cock from the back of my throat to my lips. Fucking my mouth. With each stroke you took, I felt my pussy respond.

As if you could sense my growing arousal, you stepped back from me. You took my hands in yours and pulled me up to my feet. You led me into your bedroom. From behind, you reached around cupping my breasts. You could feel how hard my nipples were. I leaned back against you, feeling your stiff cock, rubbing my body against it. You slid my shirt up over my head and in an instant had my bra off. You then slid my pants down, taking my panties with them. I hadn't even seen you take your clothes off. Together we laid down on the bed, wrapped around each other, kissing deeply.

"I want you inside me so badly, right now." I moaned, huskily into your ear.

You smiled, knowing that you were going to tease me for a bit first. You pushed me onto my back and began to kiss my large breasts. The nipples stiff with excitement. Your fingers pinching and rolling them. Your lips moving back and forth, sucking each nipple in, making them even larger than they already were. I held your head, with your mouth on my breasts, gently playing with your hair. I felt your body on mine, my legs spread wide, you between them. My pussy becoming drenched as your mouth moved wondrously across my breasts. My hips began moving up and back a bit completely on their own. I was so turned on, I was not in control of my actions anymore. You slowly started to kiss your way down my body. My heart pounding, my breath ragged, panting with desire.

You kissed my inner thighs, making me giggle a bit. Then you kissed my clit, quickly turning the laughter into moans. You put your mouth on my clit and began to suck it gently. With one hand you continued to play with my nipples, the other hand was now gliding along my wet slit. It felt so amazing as you slipped a finger inside me. As you felt the burning heat of my pussy, you sucked my clit even harder, nibbling and gently biting it. My hands were on your head now, holding you tight against me. You put another finger inside me, then another. I felt so full, but it was not what I really wanted. I wanted your cock. You continued to suck my clit and fuck me with your fingers.

"I need your cock inside me, please. I want to feel you thrusting it in and out of my cunt. Please." I begged you, moaning.

You ignored me, your mouth now sucking on my pussy lips, your fingers still moving in and out of me. My hips were thrusting up and back against your hand. I felt an orgasm building quickly. You didn't want me to cum just yet. You slowed up your fingers and began to gently kiss my pussy now. I was going mad with uncontrollable desire. I continued to beg you for your cock, but you smiled and went right on kissing and lightly teasing my pussy.

After a few minutes, I couldn't take it anymore. I sat up and moved down the bed to you. I took your cock in my hands and began to quickly stroke it.

"Fuck me, now. I have to have your cock in me right now. Please!" I pleaded with you.

You pushed me back onto the bed and moved on top of me. You looked down into my eyes. You had a bit of that sexy smile on your face as you leaned down to kiss my open mouth. I could taste myself on you. As your tongue moved into my mouth, you placed the head your cock just between my pussy lips. You left it there and as I tried to thrust my hips up and take you all in, you moved back. You teased me like that for what seemed like forever. Then with your lips on mine, you plunged your cock deep inside my waiting cunt I moaned loudly into your mouth. A few strokes of your cock and I felt myself back on the edge again. The orgasm quickly building to a peak. I heard your breath became as shallow as mine. I wanted to hold off and cum with you.

Then you grabbed my head with your hand, pulling my hair a bit.

"Oh yes, I am going to cum." You cried out to me.

Together we exploded into a fantastic orgasm. Our hips moving together, you shooting deep inside me, our lips moving across each other's faces, moaning in rapture. I felt myself floating, riding this ecstatic wave in your arms. It was as if time had stopped, everything became liquid. It seemed to be an endless crest of pleasure. Our sweat mixing, our skin pressed together. As the orgasm ebbed, you laid down on top of me, my hands holding your head, your lips gently kissing my neck. Together we laid there for a bit, catching our breath and regenerating for the next round...

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