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Angler's Delight Pt. X
by Long Strongdaily

Virginia had by now finished her first glass of wine and was well into the second and was becoming less and less inhibited with every sip of wine! Virginia, seated between Alex and Allen, pushed her chair back from the table, slid forward on her chair, and spread her legs to expose her still hot pussy, observed our reaction. We all took a peep, while Allen and Alex almost went ballistic! Virginia retorted:

"Well boys! What do you think of these panties! They're brand new and have the same type of open crotch as the other ones I was wearing! Do you like them?"

"Do we like them? You bet! What's better though is what's wearing them!" Allen responded.

"You're just being too nice! You're just trying to flatter me so you can get back at this little pussy! That's what you're up to! Isn't it?" Virginia replied.

Allen didn't respond as Virginia reached between her legs and with both hands held each side of the opening in her panties, exposing her cunt for all to see!

"Well what do you think of this? Just feel her! She's swollen bigger than at any time ever before in her lifetime!" Virginia remarked with delightful sexual playfulness.

Both Allen and Alex immediately obliged! Their enthusiasm unrestrained and passions renewed, a mere feel of her hot wet cunt undoubtedly was insufficient to satisfy their new lust for it! Virginia moaned as they fondled her hungry cunt! I was totally ignored by all three! Their interests lay elsewhere! Virginia now laid her head back against the chair as her two amours masseused and finger fucked her cunt for all it was worth! I left the room, as if it mattered to anyone but myself, deciding that perhaps it was time to reactivate the camera and capture the scene solely for the sake of prosperity! I returned just in time to witness Virginia having her first of a new series of orgasms! Allen, for the first time this evening, was French kissing her furiously and playing with her titties! She had her hand up the leg of his shorts massaging his now stiff cock! Alex continued to finger fuck her hungry wet cunt hole! I found the whole scene titillating to say the least! Her orgasm spent, she gently pushed both her lovers away, and laid back with closed eyes and sighed!

Her afterglow subsiding, she opened her eyes, looked and us and smiled in a most seductive way! Virginia bought herself back up in the chair and moved it back to the table. She then made a large sigh and remarked:

"God! You guys are great! I never ever though that sex with a black man would ever be this great! Had I known I would have had done this years ago! Am I not the luckiest girl in the world? I got two handsome black guys to fuck me all at once! God! I love it! Just think of it! I got the two biggest, stiffest most beautiful black cocks to fuck me! Wow! How lucky can a girl be? It was well worth waiting all these years for!"

Virginia's renewed lust for more stiff black cock was now as great as ever! Any inhabitation she may have had harbored earlier were totally discarded. She was now leading this sex exhibition to its final scene totally and utterly uninhibited! All she wanted was sex, more sex and more sex! I didn't mind this the least! I always fantasized about her being fucked by a black man with a huge black cock! Like her, I was more than happy to have had waited all these years for it to happen and have the opportunity to witness the events of this evening! Allen and Alex downed their last drink without stopping for a breath of air! Their message was not lost on Virginia! Virginia, taking a drink from her glass and placing it back down on the table. She pushed her chair from the table and stood up! Alex and Allen looked at her wide eyed as if asking: "What next?" I started the camera rolling asking myself the same question! Virginia, without comment, reached to Allen's crotch!

"You two must be hungry for more of my starving hot cunt! Are you? We can't keep Pee Wee and Pussy Tamer waiting any longer can we! Well now lets she if Pussy Tamer has had sufficient rest since I saw him last!"

Virginia unzipped and removed Allen's shorts, leaving him standing there in the nude! Allen needed no prompting to assist her to do so! His cock had an erection and stood at an angle as if looking into Virginia's face for attention! "Does this black monster really have a life of its own!" I said to myself!

"Oh! Look at this would you! The biggest baddest black cock in the world is all rested up and ready to go! Oh, God! You're beautiful! The sweetest pussy pacifier in the world! Oh! I just love you, you big bad black stiff cock!"

Virginia quickly bent over and bought her mouth to his massive erection and kissed it lovingly on the head. She now turned her attentions to Alex and repeated her previous actions. Then, taking his engorged member into her hands, said:

"Don't be jealous of your big brother you sweet gorgeous thing you! I love you too! There's not a hot hungry wet pussy in the whole world that you couldn't satisfy! There's a hot horny pussy here that you have to satisfy tonight, just to prove it!"

Alex's cock was fully erect and standing straight up. It blackness glistened under the dimness of the light hanging from the ceiling above the kitchen table. As with his brother, Virginia bent over and reached for the massive erection with her outstretched tongue. Virginia first licked and then kissed the tip of his huge cock! Looking, first at me, smiling and then looking directly into the lens of the camera, remarked:

"Are you ready! I'm going to screw these two like they've never been screwed before! When I'm through with these two it'll be a year before they'll want any pussy again! Come on boys there's work to be done!"

Holding a cock in each hand she led them, not back to the sofa where I had anticipated she would, but to the bedroom where we shared a queen size bed! Her captives were the most willing of prisoners! Inside the bedroom she placed herself in the middle of the bed! She then directed Allen and Alex to opposite sides of her. She had retained her hold on Alex's cock as he placed himself beside her! Then, without releasing her hold on this massive manhood, she placed herself on her stomach between his legs and began to suck his cock! Allen, looking at the action, held his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. He massaged them gently for fear of otherwise blowing his load prematurely! Alex was by now passionately ecstatic by the treatment he was getting! He moaned with every movement Virginia made with her hands, mouth, tongue and lips around his huge manhood. Virginia had lost all sense of the world around her. She was total engrossed in the task at hand! I was most anxious to capture on camera the best of these sexual marathons! Especially since it was my wife who was the leading star! It also provided me with a legitimate excuse to get in for a close-up view of the action! This also fulfilled my sexual urges! The action was great! While this thought was present in my mind, my wife very anxiously remarked:

"My God! Would you look at this? I've never seen a bag or balls on anything like these! They're unreal! They're big, they're black and they're beautiful!"

Virginia had been so engrossed in the pleasure their massive cocks provided her, she inadvertently ignored their bag and balls! Virginia, now that she had both men on the bed and was giving head to Alex, first noted the size of his bag and balls when she began to suck them! She was now enthralled by their massive size! Likewise I was no less amazed and had her hold his bag in her hands so I could get a better picture of them! Alex held her head tightly as she sucked and kissed his balls greedily, not failing to make contact with every inch of the membrane surrounding them! She continued holding his hungry cock with one hand all during the process. Virginia then looked at Alex and She recognized from the muscular reactions in his massive cock that he was about to blow his full load of come, remarked:

"Don't you come! Don't you come!"

"He's not going to go! Is he? Is he? Don't let him go yet!"

"No! No! He's all right now! Maybe you better give him a rest for a minute or two or he'll blow his load all over you! He can hardly hold back!"

"Are you sure he won't go! Are you sure!"

"Yes! I'm sure! I'm sure!" Alex replied.

Virginia now turned her attention to his brother who was already more than anxious for her attentions! She placed herself between his legs, addressing his engorged member as if it were another party within the party! She gave it all the attention it craved! Likewise the massiveness of his bag and balls were as equally fascinating to her! When she recognized that he was about to explode, she ceased her activity and suggested that he rest awhile. There was no disappointment shown by Allen! After several minutes Virginia renewed her attack on Allen's still stiff cock! Sitting up she leaned over and bought her lips to the tip of the black monster, the recipient of her renewed affections!

She salivated over its entire length and girth as Allen reached to her loving wet cunt! Virginia moaned as she first felt his hand against her love nest. Allen massaged her cunt gently and then began to finger fuck her willing cunt hole! Virginia greeted his attentions with loud cries of passion! She gently moved herself so as to better position her cunt for the extra attention Allen was giving it! None of Allen's attention to Virginia's cunt distracted her attention from the loving care she was bestowing upon his huge cock whatsoever! Allen grabbed Virginia's hips and, lifting her as if she were a rag doll, positioned her so that she lay on his chest as they attained the "sixty-nine" position! Virginia assisted his every move, never though at the cost of losing her concentration on the massive black cock with which she was so engrossed!

He spread Virginia's pussy lips as he began to lick, suck and chew her as she had never ever been chewed before! Their action lasted for, what seemed like seconds, but was in fact, close to ten minutes. Virginia then screamed that she was about to have an orgasm! She screamed with a gurgled sound as she refused to let free the huge black monster in her mouth as Allen began to shoot his load of jism down her throat! They both climaxed together as they held the center of their attention even tighter than before! They both wanted every last ion of pleasure extracted from the body of their lover! When her orgasms subsided, Virginia lay motionless on top of Allen! Her face still in his crotch, she held his now limp cock tenderly to her face. Allen remained holding Virginia about the hips with her pelvis straddling his face! The proximity of Virginia's cunt to his face caused the smell of her wetness to remain in his nostrils. They laid in each others arms totally exhausted from the intensity of their love making. Several minutes passed before there was any activity from either Allen or Virginia. Allen reactivated Virginia's sex interests by first kissing, then finger fucking her swollen pussy! Virginia responded by sucking and kissing Allen's huge black cock! Even in its current flaccid state it was large by any measurement of any known man's cock, flaccid or otherwise. Virginia was aroused to the extent that she would not now be satisfied with a flaccid cock, no matter how big, she wanted, if not had need for, a stiff cock that could be shoved up her hot cunt hole! Allen's flaccid cock fell short of meeting that requirement. She therefore turned her attention to Alex's Pee Wee and inquired as to his state of readiness for more real hot sex!

"Is Pee Wee ready for some real hot white pussy?" she inquired of Alex.

Virginia had already noticed that Alex's cock standing at full mast! Without waiting, or wanting a reply, she lay on her back and indicated to Alex to mount her! Alex, always eager to satisfy a horny pussy, if not just her lust, willingly complied. Alex removed Virginia's panty and bra and commenced his manly duty of satisfying her horny pussy which Virginia exposed for his personal pleasure and do with it what ever his, or her, carnal desires may lead them!

"Be careful! Don't hurt me! That's not a normal human size cock you got there you know!"

Alex made no comment! Virginia pulled her knees up as Alex reached down between her legs, grasping her pussy lips between his fingers, pulled them open and placed the head of his enormous cock at the entrance to her hungry cunt hole. Looking between their bodies she gasped for air at the sight and feeling of Alex's monster as it attempted a forced entry into her tight cunt.

Alex now lowered himself onto her as his pushed his cock tight against the resistance of her tight cunt. Virginia moved her pelvis up to meet the first thrust of his massive black cock! She squealed with passion as she did so! I placed myself at the foot of the bed on the floor so as to get a better view of this huge battering ram pounding my wife's wanting cunt.

The sight of his huge balls and black cock beating against the whiteness of my wife's ass and pussy was breathtaking! Alex's cock had not yet been able to penetrate the hungry pussy it had hoped to satisfy! Allen looked on as if he had just won the grand lottery! He still held and was massaging his massive tool! Alex pulled back and drove his cock back a second time to the upward thrust of Virginia's pelvis. Virginia screamed! Alex drove home four or five inches of his cock into the wetness of Virginia's cunt hole! The fourth thrust and Virginia's cunt took the entire length of his massive weapon!

"Oh God! It's in me! Oh! Oh G-o-o-o-o-d! " Virginia screamed in passion! Your cock is so big it's filling my pussy! Oh! God! My pussy feels tight! It feels so-o-o-o-o go-o-o-o-d!"

This encouraged Alex to further heights! This time he only pulled partly out and drove all of his nine inches deep with her swollen hungry cunt! Their passion was now at its height as he fucked her like she had never ever been fucked before! Being that he had almost spent his load when she was giving him a blow job, I felt that he would last but a few minutes! However that was not to be! The madness of their activity on the bed prevented me from keeping the camera steady! I extended the tripod and set it so as to keep its sights on the action between their legs. "Meat shots", I think they call them! Virginia and Alex were moaning with every thrust of his cock into her ravenous cunt! I stood up for the first time since Alex stuck his cock into Virginia to view the action from another perspective! Virginia and Alex were French kissing and in a total sweet! Her head was being held between his hands and hers were placed around his buttocks. It was evident that she was pulling him towards herself with every thrust! His stamina was incredible! He maintained his rapid fire fucking for almost twenty minutes before he blew his load deep within her cunt! During this time I counted no less than seven orgasms that Virginia willingly suffered through! Each time not being given an opportunity to recuperate by her ravenous lover! From behind them I could see Alex's black cock and balls pound her without mercy! Her pussy lips, swollen, were stretched by his massive battering ram! But Virginia loved every inch and every stroke of it! Alex, screaming, drove his pelvis tight up against Virginia's and held tight as his cum was being deposited deep within her! She held him tightly, not willing to let go so as to ensure that every drop of his come was extracted into her hungry cunt. She now flexed her cunt wall mussels tightly around his cock so as to ensure her desires were met! Alex responded to this experience by holing her more tightly and screamed loudly:

"Oh-o-o-o-o-! Oh God! That feels good! That feels good! Do it again! Do it Again! Oh-o-o-o-o! God that's good!"

Virginia responded in kind! Now spent they both totally relapsed into the afterglow of their action! Alex raised himself onto his elbows and looked Virginia into her now open eyes: "How was that?" he inquired. Alex then raised himself up and glanced down between their entwined bodies. His now much limper cock was still buried into her, for now satisfied, cunt! Virginia followed his glance to the very same spot. She then reached down to her pussy and felt around the black member that had just done such a magnificent job in satisfying her lust! Virginia sighed with satisfaction! Alex now began to extract his ever limper cock from her cunt hole! Virginia moaned with delight as he did so! I returned to the camera so as to ensure it was capturing the whole scene! As Alex's cock left its love nest, Virginia's cunt began to exhale Alex's deposit! "Alex you're not going to waste all that love juice are you?" I thought to myself. Alex, to my surprise, needed no coaching. He immediately, from a bended knee position, placed his head between Virginia's legs and sucked feverishly!

He ceased only when satisfied that he had absorbed every last drop of the nectar offered by Virginia's cunt! During this process Virginia was forced into another, somewhat less intense, orgasm! Alex now lay on the bed beside her, kissing her gently on the cheek! She looked at him, smiled, and closed her eyes. Virginia rested for some time before excusing herself and going to the bathroom taking her scant clothing with her! Shortly we heard the shower going!

"She really does need a refreshing shower this time! Doesn't she!" I remarked.

To Be Continued...

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