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Angler's Delights Ch. XI
by Long Strongdaily

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Virginia screamed with delight as this black intrusion, once again, successfully entered deeply into her cunt hole! Allen reached for her hips and began to pound her cunt for all it was worth! Virginia screamed loudly with renewed passion shooting through every inch of her body and soul! After several minutes of Allen's unmercifully pussy pounding, Virginia orgasmed! Allen however was not yet near the point of satisfying his own passion! Allen pulled Virginia down upon his own body and held her tightly as her continued to pound Virginia's hot pussy! Virginia, if indeed she had wanted too, was useless to resist Allen's invigorated pounding of her cunt! Allen's pounding took another toll as it sent Virginia into her second orgasm, and impelled her to ask for "mercy!" Allen responded by remaining still, but retained his massive cock in her pussy as he held her tight! Virginia responded with a sigh of relief at his consideration! After some rest, Virginia was the first to notice that Alex was by now in a state of total exasperation, holding his massive stiff cock in one hand and massaging his balls with the other! I had been too busy filming the whole scene to care! Virginia reached for Alex's cock and massaged it lovingly, and responded as if it had questioned her intentions.

"Come on Pee Wee! Come on over and join your big brother and me! You can mount me from behind if you want! I can handle you both at the same time! Come on! Don't disappoint me!"

Alex needed no coaxing as he placed himself on his knees, between his brother's legs, and placed the head of his cock at Virginia's asshole! Virginia squealed with delight and passion! Allen again began to fuck her cunt hole!

"Alex, be careful! I never took one up my bum before! Don't hurt me!" Virginia implored!

Alex was passed the point of hearing anything, or caring! After several attempts to enter her asshole, he attempted to lubricate it with love juice from her cunt and around Allen's massive cock! Virginia screamed with the delightful sensation this caused her! Allen appeared interested in only getting his load discharged within Virginia's cunt as quickly as possible! Fearful perhaps that Virginia wouldn't have the staying power to accomplish the task! After several more attempts, with cooperation and assistance from Virginia, Alex succeeded in penetrating her asshole! The feeling of one black cock up her cunt, another up her asshole, Virginia continued to scream in passion! She had never been fucked like this in her lifetime, but she loved it! She had several more orgasms! Now totally exhausted, even more so than ever before, she lay limp in the arms of Allen as they continued to pound away at her cunt and asshole!

She could feel the two cocks touch inside her with each thrust they made into her! Then, now to her delight, she felt spasms in their massive intrusions, as they exploded deep within her cunt and asshole! She had now accomplished more than she had ever dreamed of, she fucked two black men at the same time, in every conceivable way possible! Alex and Allen withdrew their now limp cocks from each of Virginia's orifices and lay on the bed, all three were totally spent, any sign of an erection was only a happy memory! Virginia's cunt and asshole now felt sore, but for this time at least, totally satisfied! Some thirty minutes later, Allen and Alex came back to life and slowly made their way to the door themselves! Virginia lay asleep on the bed! I got a blanket and placed it over her! She had a look of absolute and total satisfaction on her face! She sighed a sigh of appreciation and was gone!

I went into the kitchen, poured myself a glass of cold wine! I placed the first disk of the evening's happenings into the video machine and sat to review what I had captured of the night's events. I looked out the window and witnessed the sun as it came up above the horizon! It was a blazing red sunrise! The last thing I remember after that was my loving wife waking me up at seven p.m.! I looked up and stared at Virginia through red sleep deprived eyes! Virginia looked striking and refreshed! She wore tight fitting black denim jeans, white blouse over which she wore a black vest, which together, always accentuated her beautiful curved figure! Her deep brown tan and almost blond hair accentuated her gorgeous looks! She was a sight to behold! Her tight jeans were clearly making visible the outline of her most private possessions! She was a thing of every mans dreams and I loved her!

"You getting up sleepy head?"

"Yes! What time is it?"

"Seven o'clock, time for dinner! I've made reservations for eight-thirty for us! That o.k!"

"Sure! Sure! Oh God! I feel like I've been run over by a train!"

"You sure do! Go get a shower and get shaved and dressed. Then you'll feel better!"

I did as directed, without protest, or conscious knowledge of really what was happening at that moment, or of what had happened the night before! After several minutes in a cold shower I began to regain my composure! My memories became clearly vivid! I now realized as to how casual and unconcerned Virginia had been as I left to shower! I now became anxious to shower and dress as quickly as possible! I was smitten by her response to her evening's experiences! I entered the living room where Virginia sat glancing through magazine with one hand, again, stroking her vagina! I went over and kissed her on the head and gently rubbed her loins!

"There! How's that? Do I look better!"

"You sure do! Honey! How you feeling!"

"I'll feel a little better when I get some good food in me! How about you?"

"I'm starving! Other than that, sore but happy!"

"What do you mean, sore but happy!"

"After what those two put me through last night with those giant cocks of theirs my pussy is sore! I think that it will take at least a couple of months for her to fully recuperate! Those two couldn't get enough pussy last night! God they were horny!"

"They were horny! If that's what they were what were you? I've never seen you like that before! I never ever thought you could be so bad! God! It's a good thing they had a much cock to give you as they did or you would have never been able to be satisfied!"

"There was a time there that poor old Allen thought you were going to tear the cock right off him and take it home with you! I mean you couldn't get enough of those two! Could you?"

"Mm-m-m-m-m! I was as horny as that was I! I guess I was! I just couldn't get enough of those big black cocks! I could still be fucking them now if I hadn't gotten so tired! God! Those guys sure could fuck! What did you think of the blow jobs I gave them! Their cocks were huge weren't they! They sure fucked me good! My poor pussy won't be able to forget them for quiet some time!"

"I don't think any woman alive could've fucked those guys the way you did! I mean they were in worse condition that you by the time they left here! You fucked them good! Did you really enjoy it! Would you want to do it to them again!"

"Would I! Mm-m! Yes I would! At the drop of a hat! But only as long as you wanted met too! O.K.?"

"Anytime honey! Anytime!" I noticed now that her pants were busting with the hugeness of her now very swollen pussy, her index fingers playing deftly between their lips!

"Virginia! You got yourself all horny again from just thinking about last night!

Why don't we take a walk around the grounds! We haven't done that yet!

By the time we make the rounds it'll be dinner time! What do you think?"

"I think you're right! Maybe I shouldn't allow myself to get horny again tonight!"

"Let's go!"

The evening's air was invigorating! The sound of the river flowing by, the noises of the birds, squirrels, crickets, moose and deer in the distances, a loon calling from a nearby pool up river, a of geese overhead was capable of defying the worst of mans worries! The smells of the various trees, flowers and other wild fauna tantalized the senses! It was just a great place to be and great to be alive! Nothing mattered to Virginia and I, just us! Nat last nights goings on, nor tomorrows! Just tonight, together and alone! We would need, or want company this night! We slowly wandered through the pathways, stopping here, stopping there, enjoying nature! But most of all each other! We felt now that our wildest, and baddest, fantasies had now been fulfilled and we were both fully satisfied never to return there again! All we needed was each other for ever! It was probably the most enjoyable, and romantic, walk we had ever enjoyed in all our life! We arrived at the restaurant just in time for our reservation! We were both in a need of a great steak tonight and that's what we had! We went first class, as was perhaps the way we always did things, even in friendships! We didn't drink as much this evening, limiting ourselves to just a few glasses of wine! During desert the waitress of the previous evening returned to finish the balance of her evening's shift. she approached our table:

"Good evening! How are you people tonight? You're looking beautiful! Mam!"

"You look as if your husband just won the lottery for you!"

"Thank you! No! He didn't win any lottery! But he is good to me!" smiling at me with that seductive look of hers.

"Your friends were in earlier this evening for dinner! They looked terrible! They said they didn't get much rest last night and couldn't sleep much today! They looked awful! They asked if you two had been in! They asked that if I did see you tonight to tell you that they would be in touch with you later! I doubt it though! They're probably asleep for the night by now!"

"Yes! They probably are! Thank you very much for the message!" I replied.

We ordered dinner and finished it off with dessert and a few liqueurs. Virginia's interest in sex, which I had thought that by now had waned, was still a topic of interest to her! Her lust never seemed to abate as she again surprised me by asking:

"What would you like to see me do next! What's your next fantasy!"

"Really, I don know that I have another sexual fantasy!

What are you thinking about now?"

"Well, I don't know really! It is just that you've had so many of them, I thought I'd ask!"

"I've always had a fantasy about you being screwed by a black guy! You satisfied that fantasy, not just for me but for you too, in getting fucked by two of them! I should rephrase that, by two of them at once! What more can I say!"

"You must be thinking something else though or you wouldn't ask!

What is it? What are you thinking about?"

"No, nothing! I just thought that I would ask, that's all!"

"Virginia, I won't settle for that! That's not an answer! Come on! What are you thinking about?"

"You're the one with all the fantasies all the time! I was just thinking about another fantasy you used always bring up when you were real horny! That's all!"

"I know what you're thinking! You're thinking that I'd like to see you with another woman! That's it! Isn't it! I'm right ain't I!"

"Well you always said you'd like to see that happen! Didn't you!"

"Yes! Yes I did! Are you telling me that now you'd like to do that! Is that what you're saying?"

"Only if you want me too! Having a woman chew my pussy might be nice to try for once! Would you like to see me with another woman? Maybe when we're finished fucking each other we'll both take you and work you over! Would you like that!"

"No question abut it! I'd love it! Lets agree for now though, until such time as that opportunity presents itself!"

"It's only a fantasy and as far as this trip is concerned, your sex activities are on hold for a few days! Your poor pussy needs a rest after what she's been put through! Don't you agree!"

"Agreed! No more sex or talk of sex till then!"

"Great! Let's call it a day then! You're fantasy of doing it with another woman can wait!"

Virginia and I returned to our cabin, had a nightcap, made love and called it a day. The next morning I awoke at about six. I was in the kitchen when I noticed a message had been pushed under the door: it read:

Dear DJ & Virginia:

Sorry to inform you that we have had to make an urgent and unscheduled trip back home! Unfortunately one of our dearest friends, and long time neighbor, has passed away! We have little choice but to leave. We asked at the desk for your address and/or telephone number but unfortunately they could not, or would not, give us that information without your approval but it's four in the morning and we didn't want to disturb you both! Please note our telephone number and address and we beg you contact at the earliest possible time!

Kindest Regards,
Allen & Alex

p.s. What is the possibility of getting a copy of your movies of last evening! We thank you both! Especially Virginia for a life long remembrance! There's no woman like you!

Virginia and I laughed and enjoyed their thoughts. That evening we enjoyed a replay of her acrobatics with them and afterwards had an official burning of their memorandum!

Tomorrow we're going fishing!!

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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