The Best Erotic Stories.

An Email Affair Ch. I
by Jennistoy & Wahoos1

* Jen *

I am on a bus, reading a book. I am wearing a short black leather skirt and a white silk blouse (No bra of course). I look up and see you watching me. I smile at you, letting my eyes linger over the length of your body, slowly taking in every detail. I meet your eyes once more and go back to my book with a small smile on my face.

* Chris *

Having just got on the bus, I notice you sitting reading your book. My eyes are immediately drawn to your long lovely legs. From your heels to your short mini skirt, I am almost unable to look away. From the white blouse you are wearing, I can tell that you aren't wearing a bra. My cock hardens, as my arousal increases.

Quickly turning away, I gaze out the window, and try to gather myself. I can see your reflection in the bus window, and I have to look back. Glancing at the book I try to make out what it is. I guess maybe I was looking to hard because you look up at me. I'm amazed as you slowly move from my eyes, down my chest and legs, then back to my eyes. Oh shit, I have to talk with this woman!

My stop was next, but screw it! As a few of the passengers disembarked from the bus, the seat next to you became available. Walking over, I'm aware of how hard my cock has become. Sitting next to you, I glance over and introduce my self.

"Hi, I'm Chris," I say as my eyes rediscover your legs, "I was just wondering about the book that your reading, is it good?"

* Jen *

I flip the book closed, looking over at you and shifted slightly so our legs were brushing as I moved around a bit.

"It's very very interesting." I hold it up so you can see THE STORY OF O written on the spine. I smile slowly,

"You ever read it?"

While waiting for your response, I look you over slowly, stopping on your crotch, almost licking my lips over the bulge I see there. My nipples harden slightly under my shirt and I feel the urge to lean forward and taste your mouth.

I "accidentally" drop the book and lean over to get it from where it fell between your feet. My breasts brush your knees and my hand inserts itself between your legs to support my body as I lean over. As I lean back up I face you slightly so that you can see my cleavage against the open buttons of my shirt.

I meet your eyes, my voice drops to a husky whisper,

"Well? Have you ever read it?"

* Chris *

As you lightly flip the book closed, I can feel your leg graze against my pant leg. Your eyes are electric as my cock searches for room to stretch.

As I start to answer your question, I notice your eyes. I watch as they move from my face over my chest, to my groin. Aware of your stare, I lean back in my seat trying to relax. Dropping your book, you lean into me to retrieve it. Your hand reaches my thigh, and my cock bobs against my kacky pants. Unconsciously my hand reaches for your back, but quickly I think better of it. Reaching for your book, your hand finds the space between my legs. Slowly you rise, closely you rise. My mouth is dry, as my body trembles a bit from your dance. My right arm resting across the back of your seat, you ask again about the book.

Oh shit!

"Huh? Oh the book." I had been openly staring into your chest; I could almost feel a bit of drool forming in the corner of my mouth.

"No, I'm not familiar with that one." Turing in my seat, I sit toward facing you. My left hand grazes your thigh, then stops. My fingers, not moving at first, lightly start up your thigh, slowly, very slowly, lightly touching, finally reaching your skirt.

"I really like to read a lot. If you have time, maybe you could tell me about it," I say, my eyes staring lustfully into yours.

* Jen *

I look at you while I wait for your answer; you seem oblivious to everything but me. When it finally hits you that I was talking, you jump a little and without even glancing down at the book, you tell me no, but could I tell you about it?

"Well, I was just going to go home and read, if you're not busy we could," I pause and bite my lower lip, "get together. I am only a few blocks away."

Suddenly I feel a bit scared, but as I straighten out my things, I see your crotch again, mmmmm to have a few hours to play with that, much better than reading a book.

I look up at you, I feel my face flushing with heat, the thought of touching you is so overpowering that I feel like I have to. I place my hand on your thigh, in the same spot where yours is resting on mine, lean close and breathe in deeply. With my mouth by your ear, I say,

"God you smell good." I make sure my breath blows on the hairs on your neck and behind your ear. "You didn't have plans for tonight did you?"

Slowly I run my hand up your leg, almost to your crotch, back down to your knee. The leg beneath my hand felt strong and muscled. I look into your eyes, hoping that if you had plans you'd cancel and we could spend some time together. I had never met anyone like you before, never felt that spark of attraction so strongly, I felt like I was burning up with desire and need.

* Chris *

My chest pounds, and my cock aches as I stare into your beautiful eyes. With my cock growing harder, I squirm a bit in my seat, trying to become a bit more comfortable. Suddenly I realize that you'd asked me a question, and smiling at you I start to answer.

Before I'm able to speak, you lean toward me. My God you're beautiful, I think, as you move to me, as if to whisper. I can feel your warm breath on my neck and ear as you mention how good I smell. Your hand reaches for my knee and slowly slides up my pant covered leg. My legs and ass instinctively tighten in anticipation as your hand slides closer to my crotch. My eyes narrow and I quietly groan as your breath and hand fondle my body. Quietly you whisper if I have any plans tonight.

Oh shit, I think to my self. I have never been in this situation before, I don't think I've ever wanted anyone this badly before. Fuck, I was supposed to meet my brother for drinks tonight.

"Nothing I can't reschedule." I say as I fumble for my cell phone and quickly dial his number.

As the phone rings, I can't help but let my eyes run down your body. Your chest heaves and your nipples seem hard. And your legs, oh God your legs. My eyes traveled down your sweet legs to your heels, then slowly back up your body, to your face. I could feel the heat, or maybe an energy coming from you, a sexual energy if you will. My cock grew harder just from the thought. She had me, I was fucked, the good fucked though, I think to my self grinning.

My brother's voice snapped me out of the trance I was in, and I explained that I wasn't going to be able to meet him tonight. He continued babbling, but I was unable to focus on anything but you. "We'll get together later, give me a call later in the week," I say. Snapping my cell phone shut, I turn to you again grinning.

"Well, I'm free for the evening, and I can't think of anything I'd rather do than, umm, discuss your book. By the way, I never caught your name."

* Jen *

I smile as you mumble back to me that you can find a way out of your plans. I can't seem to take my eyes off of you. I watch as you whip out your cell phone and dial a number. I can feel the heat between us. I can almost see the lightening shooting back and forth.

The bus pulls to a stop and I hold out my hand to you and nod my head.

"This is my stop."

We walk off of the bus holding hands, exploring the way our hands fit into each other, as we walk down the street. I can't help but notice the calluses on your hand.

"Do you play softball," I ask rubbing your palm. You look at me and smile. Again you ask me my name. I smile and say,

"Jen, my name is Jen. So do you?"

We arrive at the front of the townhouse I live in. I open the door hating to let go of your hand. My body is flushed with heat and my knees are trembling with desire. I feel as though I have dived off of a cliff. The adrenaline rush is giving me a high that feels as though I am on a rollercoaster. My stomach is in knots and my mind is racing.

Ah hell, I think, what am I doing? I turn and look at you one last time before the lock clicks open. Ah there it was, he is the reason I am doing this. I look into your eyes and click open the lock. Before the door opens, I take your hand again and lead you inside.

As soon as we are inside, I pull you to me, bringing your lips down to mine. I moan your name.

"Chris, make love to me, touch me, burn with me."

* Chris *

I've never been in a situation like this, never wanted anyone more. I was completely unaware of anyone else on the bus but you. My body ached, yearned, to touch you, hold you, be with you. I grin as you smile at me, my mind racing, and my eyes, lost in yours.

As the bus comes to a stop, you rise and reach for my hand. "This is my stop," you say. Our fingers massage each other's hand, as we walk down the street. With my heart still racing, you ask if I play softball.

"Yeah, I guess my hands are a little rough," I say as I chuckle. "I love sports, so I tend to play a lot."

With the rest of the world tuned out, all I can hear is your voice, and your heels as they click on the sidewalk.

"Jenn, that's a beautiful name." I say.

I glance down and notice again the hardness of your nipples. My eyes trace downward again, to your legs, then back to your eyes. I gently smile at you, completely unaware of where this might lead.

Reaching your townhouse, your hand slowly slips from mine. I watch intently as you search for your keys, your hands almost appear to be trembling. Glancing back at me, I smile as I hear your lock click open. Grasping my hand, you lead me into your home. With the door still open, you pull me to you. Reaching up, you bring my lips to yours as you moan for me to take you.

My right hand finds your waist and pulls you hard against me. I reach back with my leg, and kick the door closed. My left hand finds your face as our tongues explore each other's mouths. Brushing your hair back, I let my left stroke your hair as I kiss you deeply, passionately. My right hands slides to the small of your back, pulling you tighter against my ever hardening cock, as my left slides from your hair down your shoulder to your supple breast.

Gently I squeeze and massage your breast, feeling the hardness of your nipple, my other hand finding your skirt and working it up. My hands tremble with excitement, I fumbled with the buttons on your blouse, popping a few off, as my other hand slides up your skirt up to your waist. Now moaning myself, my lips find your ear, gently biting and nibbling, as you back up deeper into your townhouse.

Backing into a table, I kiss, lick and nibble down your neck to your chest. My hands slide down to your waist, and I gently lift you onto the table. Your hard nipple slides into my mouth, as my hands slide up your soft thighs, reaching your now wet panties.

* Jen *

When you pull me to you, I feel a jolt through my whole body. I lean against you and feel like I am melting into your hard frame. I grip the hair at the back of your head while our tongues stroke each other. I grind against your cock, feeling its hardness through your kackis.

When your hand touches my breast, I gasp. Everywhere your fingers move, send shocks through my whole being. I am hungry to have you, to touch you and to be touched by you. My legs tremble, I feel weak. My head is spinning from our kiss.

I hear my buttons go flying and a small tear of fabric. I don't care, your breath tickles my ear, sensitizing my neck, sending goose bumps over my whole body, and forcing my already hard nipples even harder.

Although I was unaware of it we had been backing up. When the back of my legs touch the table I shift slightly against you. You lift me up, sliding me back until you have access to my breasts. Your mouth envelops one breast in heat your sucking sends shivers of desire running along my whole body. I arch up towards you, meeting your hand as it rides up my thigh. Even though I want you to touch me, I feel as though if you do I will shatter into a million little pieces. My skin is flushed and I am moaning and clawing at your arms and back.

Yes, Yes Yes seems to be my litany. I crave your touch more than I have ever craved anything in my life. I moan as you stroke me through my panties. They are so wet it feels as though there is nothing between the two of us. The thin layer of silk does nothing to shield me from your questing fingers. You hand slides between my panty and my pussy. I am drenched and suddenly very glad I had trimmed up everything. I was shaved almost completely except for a thin stripe running around my pussy that was cropped very closely.

Sure enough, as soon as your fingers touch my clit, I explode into your hand. My orgasm shaking me to my core. I cry your name as I cum, holding on to your shoulders, my nails digging in scoring your back and shoulders. You never let up your assault on my senses. I am thrown headfirst into another orgasm that sends the world spinning. Your fingers, your mouth, I arch against you, mindless in the passion you evoke in my body. I feel your fingers moving in and out of me, stroking, pushing me higher and higher.

I take your hand and push you away a bit. I want to enjoy you and play with you as much as you have played with me. Slowly I raise the fingers that had been inside me, to my mouth, sucking on each one in turn. I watch as your eyes darken and your breathing becomes even more irregular. I don't trust my legs to hold me up, so instead I lean forward and slowly start to unbutton your shirt. My hands are trembling and I feel glorious.

I slide your shirt off of your body, stroking your chest, leaning in and gently biting and sucking on your nipples. My hands slide down and I feel you hands grip my hair and force my mouth back for a kiss. I unbuckle the leather dress belt and undo the button, sliding the zipper down. You cock seems alive, twitching at my least little touch. You pants fall to the floor, soon followed your underwear.

You cock and balls keep me fascinated. I stroke them slowly, lifting the balls into my hand, rolling them between my fingers, feeling their weight and softness.

* Chris *

Having lifted you onto the table, my mouth kisses sucks and nibbles its way to your breast. You gasp loudly as I reach your breast. As I suck your nipple hard into my mouth, my hand slides up your bare thigh and your soaking wet panties. Gently, and then more firmly, I nibble and then bite your hard and swollen nipple. As I continue to stroke your wet panties, you arch your back to my hand. Your moaning increases my arousal as I press harder against your pussy. My index finger finds the edge, then slides inside your panties. Finding your wet pussy, I look down as I pull your panties aside. As you claw at my back and arm, my fingers slide up, then down your wet pussy.

"God you're so wet," I moan as I slip two fingers into your tight wet cunt. As my thumb finds your clit, you scream loudly and your pussy contracts around my fingers. Sliding a third finger in, I rhythmically fuck you with my hand. Bucking against my hand, I can almost see your cum pool up in my palm as you explode into orgasm. I watch as you throw your head back in sexual bliss, I thrust my fingers faster and faster into your swollen wet gash. I reach again for your breast with my mouth, as the fourth finger of my hand slides into your pussy. Sucking your nipple hard into my mouth, I can feel you near your second orgasm.

Pushing me back, you reach for my wet hand, wet from you. I moan loudly, as you take each of my fingers one at a time into your mouth. It's almost to much for me, watching you clean your cum from each of my fingers. My knees feel week, and my eyes narrow to slits as your mouth works on each of my fingers.

Releasing my hand, you unbutton and remove my shirt. My heart is racing, and I'm almost unable to catch my breath as you stroke my chest with both your hands and mouth. My cock has been so hard, its been oozing pre cum for the past 10 minutes, and as your hand reaches for my belt I almost lose my balance. Reaching for you, I grasp your hair and pull your mouth to mine. I have to taste that sweet mouth of yours again. As our tongues dance together, I can feel your hands unbuckle my belt and lower the zipper.

You push back from our kiss as my pants fall to the floor. With my cock bulging from the top of my underwear, you smile at the wet spot on my underwear caused from my pre cum. Hooking your thumbs into the waistband, your send my underwear to the floor. My cock 'bounces' free, as if it had been tied to my stomach. As you reach for my balls, I moan your name, while having to reach for your shoulder for support. Gently you need my balls, gently rolling them in your hand, I'm only able to moan, babble, and my hips instinctively push into you. As you lightly grab my cock, I moan even louder, my eyes all but shut. Your hand fits like a glove on my cock, massaging it, milking it.

Looking down, I watch as you stroke my hard throbbing cock.

"Oh God, Oh God, oh God," I moan. I lower my hands to your thighs, then back to your ass. I pull you to the edge of the table.

"God how I want to slide my hard cock into your pussy. Please Jenn," I almost plead. "I'm so hard, and I want you so bad."

* Jen *

I suddenly feel shy, my belly is fluttering my legs are shaking, but now that I have had release, I can take my time and pleasure you. I push you away from the table and drop to my knees in front of you. I had tasted myself and wanted to taste you too.

I run my tongue slowly up your length. I circle your tip, slowly sliding my mouth around your tip as my tongue flicks it. You grip my shoulder and hair as though you were going to fall over. I slide my mouth down your length and pull back up, slowly sucking and increasing the friction with my tongue.

While I suck on your cock, I massage your balls, holding them in my hand, rolling them in my fingers, feeling their softness, and pulling at your sack to keep the sensation up. You are swaying and holding on to me for dear life.

Suddenly, I feel your balls rise, and I feel your grip tighten, your cum shoots into my mouth where I swallow it down and suck for more. When you finally relax, move from your cock to you balls where I suck them into my mouth I suck on them while you re-gain your breath.

I stand and tug down my skirt and pull my shirt together. I take your hand and walk into my room. I have a huge four poster bed that is covered in dark blue velvet bed curtains. When they are closed, it is perfectly dark in the bed. I could sleep for hours and hours in there. The sheets are silk and also a dark blue. The spread is blinding white.

I lead you in, sit you on the edge of the bed and strip for you, my hands moving over my body, teasing my nipples, watching the fire leap back into your eyes.

* Chris *

As you continue to massage and stroke my rock hard cock, I moved closer to you. Mostly to couple with you, but also desperately needing balance. My legs trembled and my breathing was irregular. I needed you, I wanted you, but you had other ideas.

With your hand never leaving my cock, you push me back from the table, and slowly fall to your knees. Gasping, I look down as you tongue extends to my cock. With just the tip of your tongue, you lightly lick my shaft up, then back down. Throwing my head back, I groan loudly,

"Oh God Jenn!"

Every once of fluid in my body seems to be pooling into my hard cock. My body sways, and I reach for you for balance. As one hand finds your shoulder and the other your hair, I can feel your hot breath on my aching member. The muscles in my ass and legs tighten, and my hips arch forward in anticipation of your sweet warm mouth enveloping my hard throbbing cock.

"Oh Christ," I moan as I feel your lips slide down my hard shaft. Your tongue dances along the underside of my cock as your slowly fuck me with your mouth, over and over I moan out your name,

"Jenn, oh God Jenn!"

The wet sound that your mouth is making, as you massage my member orally, intensifies my arousal. Your hands find my balls, gently rolling and massaging as you suck my cock harder and deeper. As your tongue finds the sweet spot on the underside of my cock, my back arches and I moan out once more.

Gripping your shoulder and hair a bit tighter, I can feel my balls tighten. My groin is on fire from the warmth of the cum that has been welling up inside me. Every muscle in my body tightens as I unconsciously pull your mouth deeper onto my cock.

"Oh God," I moan loudly as I feel my hot cum start to race up my aching cock. My mind is awash and my body shakes as the orgasm overtakes me. My cock seems to pump and endless amount of cum into you, but you take it all, as if you're milking me dry. Gripping my ass, you swallow my cock, as well as the cum that's bursting from it.

As my explosion subsides, my balance starts to return. Looking down at you. I breathe in deeply, trying to catch my breath. I watch as you let my cock slip from your mouth into your hand. Gently, your mouth moves to my balls, taking one, then both of my sacks, into your warm soft mouth. As my breath returns, I let my fingers lightly stroke your hair.

As you rise from your knees, you slide your skirt back down and pull blouse closed. While my breath is back, my body still tingles and I am unable to speak. I notice my pants and underwear are still at my ankles, and as you finish with your blouse, I pull both back to my waist. As I zip my pants, you smile sexily at me and reach for my hand. With my belt dangling from the loops, and my pant button undone, you take my hand in yours and lead me into your bedroom.

As we enter, I glance around, very nice, I think to myself. Realizing, that we've said nothing to each other since we entered your townhouse, I turn to you and start to speak. With your free hand, you bring it to my lips, motioning me to not say anything yet. Releasing my hand, you push me to the edge of your bed and I sit. You smile again at me, sending a tingle down my spine. Stepping back slightly, I watch as your hands move up to your breasts, gently squeezing and massaging them through your blouse. With your eyes fixed on mine, you slide your blouse from your shoulders and it falls to the floor. As your hands slowly slide up your belly to your breasts, my hand moves back between my legs and rubs my hardening cock. As one hand remains on your heaving breast, your other slides back to your skirt. Watching intently, my hand continues to rub my ever-growing cock through my pants. Finding my zipper, I slide it back down. Unable to keep my eyes off of you, I watch as you pinch, twist and pull your hard nipple. Never releasing your nipple, you throw your head back and push your skirt to the floor. Grasping your breast entirely, you slide your other hand down your belly, as your eyes make contact with mine again.

My pants and underwear have found their way back to the floor, as my hand reaches for my hard cock. My eyes are riveted to you as your hand reaches your panties and your fingers slide slowly inside. My tongue finds my lips, and licks them lustfully at you, as my hand slowly strokes my cock up and down. As your hand slides completely inside you panties, your feet spread a bit. I can see you eyes narrow to slits as your fingers obviously slip into your still wet cunt. You let out a small moan, and as my hand continues to stroke, I echo yours with mine.

* Jen *

When my skirt hits the floor, I watch as you move your hand to your cock, rubbing it through your kackis. I slowly slide one hand down my belly in the waist of my panties. My hand goes down, my fingers sliding in, rubbing on my clit on the way in. I moan outloud. I vaguely hear you echo my moan, but your eyes are holding me in a trance.

I pull my fingers out of my pussy, and start to rub my clit. I feel the passion building up inside of me and stop right before I cum. I walk over to you, where you sit on my bed, naked, hard and eager and run my fingers along your lips. You moan and take them into your mouth, sucking and cleaning each one as I had done before.

When they are clean, I push you back, noticing that your hand has never left your cock and the jolt that runs through my body looking at you lying there, startles me. You lay back against the pillows; your eyes never leaving mine, you hand rubbing your shaft up and down. I lean over your chest and kiss and lick around your nipples. My hair rubs and trails over your stomach. You arch into my lips, but never stop rubbing.

My arms and legs are trembling, I know that if I touch myself again, I'll cum. I want to cum with your mouth on my pussy and clit. I want to be sucking you. I slowly swing around, so that my face is inches from your cock. I lean forward and trace my tongue around the tip while your hand keeps moving. You grip my ass and swing me so that my pussy is over your face. I feel your tongue start to flick at my clit. I start to cry out, God Chris, repeated over and over, I lean forward and start to suck on your cock, taking you as deep as I can. My hand slide around your legs to cup your ass, my fingers find the sweet spot behind your balls, rubbing, stroking.

Suddenly the orgasm hits and I cum, driving my clit against your face. I start to moan while your cock fills my mouth. I use my hand to stroke you as well as my mouth.

Chris, Chris, Chris echoes through my head, at this point, I am not even sure I haven't said it. I cum all over your face and feel you lapping up each drop. My legs are trembling and my arms are shaking. I pull up with my mouth on your cock, and use my palm to rub in circles only on your tip. I don't touch anything else on you. You start to buck and moan, your body tensing up, and relaxing by turns.

* Chris *

I'm completely entranced by you. Your soft red hair, your brilliantly blue green eyes, your full red lips and soft mouth. With my eyes never leaving you, as I continue to grip my hard cock. I can feel the veins, as if ridges straining from my ever hardening cock. As both of us moan loudly, I watch as your hand slowly slips from your panties, your eyes meeting mine again. I can see your legs trembling a bit, and can sense the heat, no the need, radiating from every pore of your body.

Slowly you walk toward me. Without losing eye contact, you reach down and softly stroke my lips. I can smell you on your fingers. My lips part and I slowly draw each of your fingers into my mouth, as I continue to slowly rub and stroke my hard cock. My eyes momentarily close as I suck each of your fingers clean, letting my tongue stroke each finger, not wanting to waste any of you. As you slide the last finger from my mouth, I open my eyes and look directly into yours. Looking down, you watch as my hand continues to stroke my cock.

Gently you push me, urge me onto the bed. Reaching the pillows, I lay my head back, while still stroking my hard cock. I want you, want to be hard for you, unbelievably hard. You slip out of your wet panties, then kneel beside me on the bed. I look deep into your eyes. I can see you, see all of you, as if I were looking at your soul. At this moment I felt as if we'd known each other for years, but had never been able to fulfill our dreams, our lust.

As you lean toward my chest, my back arches just a bit, as your hair lightly touches my chest. As your lips and tongue kiss, lick and suck at my nipples and chest, my hand grips my cock a bit tighter, but still stroking slowly. Arching more, I gasp as you suck at my nipples, and lick your way down my stomach.

Reaching my stomach, my mouth opens in a silent moan as your tongue finds my cock head. My hand slows its rubbing, no longer stroking, gripping tightly, as I worked the skin up and down. I can feel your breath as you lick and swirl my swollen head with your tongue.

"Oh Christ," I moan.

Releasing my cock, I reach for waist, your beautiful ass. Gripping your ass, I lift your leg and straddle my face. I can see your wetness, your moisture, and your thin line of hair beaded with wetness. Your lips seemed to beckon for me.

Raising my head, I lightly spread your lips with my tongue, slowly sliding up then down. I can hear you moaning, still licking my cock, but as I reach your clit, you cry out my name. Lightly I swirl your clit, then lightly suck it into my mouth. I hear you crying out my name again, as I feel my cock slide into you soft warm mouth. The suction is incredible as you swallow, and swallow, trying to take as much of me as you can. Sucking hard on your clit, I can feel your body shake. You slam my face back to the pillow as you rub your beautiful pussy on my face. As you start to cum, I suck harder on your hard clit, my face buried in you pussy, I arch my back, allowing my cock to slide further down your throat. It's all I can do to hold on to you as you tremble and shake almost violently. Licking and sucking, I lap as much of you into my mouth as possible. With my face literally soaked from you, my balls tighten. Gripping my cock you stroke my shaft as my cum races up it. Still sucking at your pussy, I explode deep within your mouth, my hands gripping you now for dear life.

As your orgasm subsides, you raise your ass a bit from my face. While you continue to stroke my cock, I lightly run my fingers up and down your slit. With you open palm, you circle the tip of my cock. The tension is unbearable, causing my hips to buck and my body tremble. Oh God, I think to myself. I've already cum twice, and now I'm ready for a third!

Gently I push you off me. Sitting up, I reach for your face and pull you to me. As I kiss you deeply, passionately, I can taste myself for the first time. With our tongues still stoking one another, I lay you back, roll you on your side; my knee sliding between your soft legs, only stopping when it reaches you wet crotch. Breaking our kiss, I look deep into your eyes and smile. Gently I roll you, so that your back is to me. I position myself so that my cock rests at the base of your ass. While still on your side, I lift your leg and my cock slide between them. Reaching around you, I pull you so that your back presses against my stomach. I lightly stroke your stomach, letting my hand find your breasts. While gently kneading and massaging your breasts, I ask,

"Ever been spooned Jenn?"

My breath quickening, I urge you to reach down and press my hard cock to your pussy.

* Jen *

At your kiss, I melt. I feel as though you and I are forever joined. I have never felt this way about sex, much less about casual sex. I want to melt into your skin with you and feel your heartbeat with my own.

When you roll me over and spoon me, I am surprised to think that you are ready again. I wonder if you are always like this or if you feel what I do. I easily slide you into me, feeling your cock enter me, slowly pushing its way in. You chest against my sensitive back is such a turn on, rubbing against your skin turns me on so much it is almost unbearable.

We start to move, our hips working together, my pussy contracting against your cock. It is heaven to feel you move like this. I feel the first waves of orgasm roll up on me, bending me to its will.

You bite and kiss gently on my neck and shoulders, causing me to jump as we move together. Your hands stroke my breasts, twisting and pulling on my nipples exactly the way I would have done it.

The feel of your cock moving in and out of me is both comforting and exciting. The waves start to build as you stoke the fires once again. Soon I am hanging on to the arms you have wrapped around me, crying out, animal sounds coming out of my mouth, totally mindless.

My orgasm comes crashing down on me, causing my muscles to clamp around you, sheathing you tighter than before. My orgasm pulses around the both of us, wrapping us in its power. You still for a moment, as if to recognize the strength of it, to share it with me.

Suddenly you clamp on to my hips, moving me onto you harder and faster than before. I am calling out your name, the trembling of my body is shaking the whole bed. I hear you cry out my name and I grip your arms tighter.

"Cum for me Chris, fuck me, yes, yes, yes. Slam it in, fuck me, Oh God Chris!"

As these words come out of my mouth, I am surprised again by yet another orgasm; it courses through my body, shaking my very soul. Our sweat slickened bodies slide against each other, spreading the sensation of our pussy and cock all along our bodies.

You explode inside me, gripping me tight. I feel so good I almost cry. I can feel your cum shooting into me, your hips driving further into me. The both of us relax, melting onto the bed and each other.

I sigh, turn my head and say,

"You hungry?"

* Chris *

Reaching down, you press my hard cock to your wet pussy, as my arms wrap around you, holding you tight against me. As my hand finds you soft breasts, I press with my hips and my cock slides into you well lubricated hole.

As my mouth finds the softness of your shoulders and back, your hips press back against mine. While nibbling, licking and sucking at your neck, I moan loudly as my cock slides deeper into you. Your pussy seems to massage my cock, grasping at the pulsing veins bursting from my hard member.

"Ah yes," I moan as I feel my cock strike bottom.

Our hips work together, as my cock begins working in and out of your pulsating pussy. Your pussy seems to grasp me like a soft warm glove. As my hands squeeze and massage your breasts, I continue nibbling at your neck and shoulders. Finding your hard nipple, I gently twist and pull, as you moan out my name. I can feel the sweat of your body intermingling with mine as our hips work together, my cock sliding in and out of your soft pussy. As your body tenses you moan, almost scream out in bliss, begging me not to stop, I know you're near orgasm. As your muscles contract around my hard cock, I slide my hand down as far as I can reach and press against your soft belly, I can almost feel my cock slide in and out, as you pussy explodes in orgasm.

The bed begins to shake as you thrust your hips back against mine, sending my cock even deeper into you. Pulling you even tighter against me my hand moved back to your breast. With our hips slamming into one another, you grasp my arm and scream out my name again. It was as if you were growling, or maybe grunting, as you thrusted you hips back to mine. Once again, I felt your pussy grasp my cock tightly as you held on to my arms, trembling and shaking almost violently. With a deep thrust, I stopped, wanted to feel your orgasm. As you screamed and moan loudly, I thought to myself that I'd never experienced sex like this before, the shear power of it, the intensity, I'd never had this type of staying power before, and you, oh God, you.

The strength of your orgasm is unreal. Your muscles grasping my cock hard, as you thrash about the bed. I've never been with a woman that's cum as hard as you were right now. Thrusting back against my still cock, I begin to throb harder.

"Jenn," I cry out., "Jenn, yes Jenn, cum Jenn!"

Grasping your hips, I begin sliding ... no slamming my throbbing cock into your pussy again. My hips slapping into your ass, while my cock thrusts deeper and deeper, it is too much. Crying my name out, no screaming my name, you beg me to cum, to fuck you, harder and deeper. The friction is unbearable, as I moan out loudly again. I pull you tighter to me, molding us into one. Slamming my self deep into you, I can feel the cum rushing up my hard shaft.

"AHHHH Jenn," I scream out, as I cum yet again, this time deep within you.

"Oh God, wow," I moan exhaustedly.

Still holding you against me, my cock still buried deep; I gently kiss your neck and ear.

"That was incredible Jenn," I whisper as sexily as I can.

My hands lightly stroked you belly and heaving breasts as we both attempted to regain our breath. Having not said anything, I wonder what you're thinking. Did you want me to leave? Was this it? I knew nothing of you, or you of me, but I did know that this had just been some of the most incredible lovemaking I'd ever experienced.

Still in position, you turn your head and look up at me and ask if I am hungry. Smiling, I lean down and let our lips lightly touch, kissing you gently. Sliding my arm from your soft belly to your hip, I say,

"Yeah I'm hungry, and maybe a little dehydrated too!" I laugh and smile at you once again.

* Jen *

I laugh, lean forward and kiss you. Your lips cling to mine and then gently as I can I separate our lips and bodies from each other. I get up, saunter into the bathroom and come out wrapped in a blue silk robe that matches the bed.
"Stay put, I'll be right back."

I lean forward and kiss you again. You look up at me, with a question in your eyes. I am not ready to address that question just yet. I am not sure why I have done what I have done, but I don't' regret it at all. We have just had the most explosive sex I have ever had and I thought to myself, I may have found someone who can keep up with me.
I stroll to the kitchen, throw together a tray, which includes, cheese, crackers, fresh fruit, with chocolate for dipping, two bowls of a thick beef stew along with bread and butter. I take those things into the bedroom on a tray, set them down on the bed and return with a small cooler full of different beverages.

The room is getting dark, so I turn on the gas fireplace to bring light to it. You watch me silently as I move around. Finally after settling back on the bed, I survey you lying there naked and unashamed. I lean forward pick up some cheese, and feed it to you buy touching your lips with it. You take it into your mouth, the sight of your tongue sends shivers through out my body, and I sigh, watching the cube disappear into your mouth.
"So," I say softly, "before you say anything, I need to tell you something. I have never in my life done what we did tonight, I've never hooked up with a stranger before, and I have to admit, I have never had sex that good before either. I don't regret what we did, but I don't expect anything either, where we go from here is up to you. I have no problem feeding you and letting you go on your way, I also have no problem feeding you and letting you stay here."

I take a deep breath and look into your eyes, the same eyes that held me so tightly earlier in the evening. I desperately hoped that you would stay, but wasn't too sure that was what you wanted. Looking at your chest made my nipples harden under the robe and a chill run through my body. I waited for your answer.

To Be Continued...

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