The Best Erotic Stories.

An Email Affair Ch. II
by Jennistoy & Wahoos1

* Chris *

Pulling back from our kiss, you gently pull away. My softened cock slipping from your legs, you rise from the bed. With a huge grin still on my face, I watch as you sway across the room into your bathroom. Pushing myself up on the pillows a bit, I place both hands behind my head and watch as you come out wearing a lovely blue bathrobe. Smiling, you tell me to stay put, and you'll be right back. Watching as you sway from the room, I close my eyes and breathe in deeply.

I guess what happened might be a bit more common place for some men, but not for me, I thought. I've had one nightstand or two I guess, but that was in college and I somewhat knew the women. I've known Jenn for maybe a few hours, a few incredible hours, I think as I chuckle a bit. I want to know more, no check that, I need to know more. Jenn could possibly be the most incredible woman I've ever met. I really would like this not to be a one-time deal. Looking up, I smile as you re enter the room carrying a tray of food. Setting them on the bed you return for a cooler of beverages and set them also next to the bed. The room is darkening as the afternoon fades to early evening, so you light the gas fireplace. The light from the fire sets you aglow. The robe clings to every curve of your body, as again I smile at you. I watch intently as you settle yourself back in the bed. Reaching for a piece of cheese, you feed it to me. Parting my lips, I draw the cheese, as well as your finger tips into my mouth with my tongue. My tongue briefly strokes your fingers, then you draw your hand back away.

Smiling sheepishly, you confess that you've never done anything like this. I can sense that you might be feeling a bit uneasy. As you spoke, I took in the fire, the food, everything. I didn't want to leave, and I didn't think you wanted me to either. As you finished talking, I smiled.

Sitting up, I reached down to the tray and grabbed a piece of fruit, still having not replied. Lightly dipping it in the chocolate, I moved it to your lips and gently fed it to you, letting you lick the chocolate from my fingers. Staring deeply into your eyes, I watched as they closed while licking my fingers clean. Bringing my hand to the side of your face, I gently stroke your cheek, brushing your soft red hair back.

"I'd like nothing more than to stay Jenn," I whisper. "What we just shared was incredible, but I'd like to more about you. If you feel comfortable with it, that is," I say, as I reach for another piece of fruit.

As you open your eyes, I lean into you placing the fruit in my teeth. Gently I rub the fruit over your lips as before you open your mouth. As we both bite, our mouths open, our tongues sharing the same sweet fruit. My hand strokes your cheek lightly again, then I pull back.

"I enjoy being here, being with you," I whisper again. "The food is great, did you make the stew?"

* Jen *

My eyes flew open when you asked if I made the stew and I started to laugh. The tension in the room was broken as I finally slowed down to a chuckle. You were looking at me with a grin and a quizzical look. I nodded and swallowed down another laugh.

"Yes, I made the stew, cooking was one of the few talents my ex-husband said I had. Glad I didn't listen to him too often, because he said I'd never find anyone as good as him in bed. Looks like he was really, really wrong."

You looked at me for a second and burst out laughing. You rich laughter filled my ears and made me dizzy. As I watched you laugh, I wanted to bring that laughter into myself as I had your cum. I leaned forward, grasped your neck and pulled you into me for a long kiss. As soon as our lips touched, I felt need spinning up in me again. As our tongues danced, I could taste the chocolate on your lips and I started to shake again. You took the back of my head, gripped my hair and continued the kiss with what almost seemed desperation. It was like you didn't want to let go.

I pulled away from you, and smiled. I reached down and lifted up another piece of fruit, which I dipped in chocolate. I slowly got up from the bed, opened my robe so it almost exposed my nipples and dribbled the chocolate around my breasts. I watched as your eyes narrowed and grew dark. I walked to the chest at the end of the bed and knelt on it. My breasts were towards you and the warm chocolate was slowly sliding its way down my body. You leaned forward and started licking the sweet concoction from my breasts while your fingers played with my nipples. You tugged and pulled on them causing ripples of soft desire to wash over my body.

"Oh yes, mmm God Chris, you are so good at this!"

You chuckled deep in your throat and grasped my ass and pulled me to you. With one hand you opened my robe the rest of the way, sliding it down my body allowing your hands to caress my body through the robe. I moaned and leaned closer into you, in a daze of passion. My pussy was soaked again, I was sure of it and when you pulled me to you, I felt your cock straining against me. The tip of it brushing my belly, caressing my stomach.

You kissed me again; getting the both of us covered in chocolate. I laughed and leaned forward to lick it off your chest. Slowly you pulled me back an evil grin on your face. You whispered,

"Where is the shower?"

* Chris *

When I asked about the stew, you responded with roaring laughter. Obviously missing the joke, I grinned quizzically at you. Your eyes sparkled and your face glowed as your laughter slowed to a chuckle. Gathering yourself, you explained that you had made the stew and that this was one of the few talents that you ex husband said you had. Ex husband huh, I think to myself. Continuing, you also mention that your ex felt like you'd never have anyone as good as him in bed. 'Looks like he was really wrong there,' you said.

Almost choking on the fruit as I swallow it, I burst into laughter. I couldn't help myself as the laughter came from deep within me. How the hell could any man think that of this incredible woman, I thought. With tiny tears in my eyes from the laughter, you reach for my neck, bringing your lips to mine. Our tongues intertwined, as the passion of the kiss intensified. Oh the softness of your lips and the taste of your sweet mouth, I think to myself. What a fucking idiot your ex must have been, I wonder as my hand slides up to your neck. I want to share everything with this woman, I think as my hand grips your hair my body beginning to pulse with energy again.

Breaking away from our kiss, you reach for another piece of fruit, dip it in chocolate and rise from the bed. Slightly parting your robe, my eyes narrow as I watch you dribble the chocolate around your breasts. While lightly licking my lips, I notice (almost surprised) that my cock is once again regaining its strength. My eyes follow you with lustful desire as you walk to the foot of your bed and kneel on the chest facing me. As the chocolate trickle slowly down your heaving chest, I crawl toward you.

My tongue finds your breast, licking the sweetness rolling from it. Hearing you quietly moan out, I position my self so that I am sitting on the end of the bed with you kneeling into me. I lightly grasp your robe, slowly sliding it off your shoulders as my mouth covers your hardened nipple. Slowly I slide your robe further down, feeling the heat, the passion radiating through it. Carefully I bite, nibble and suck at your sweet nipple. Swirling it, I lap at your chocolate smeared chest, as your robe falls to the chest. With my cock once again throbbing, I slide my hands lightly up your side. Reaching your nipples I gently twist and bite them as I hear you moan out. Chuckling a bit, my hands slide back down your side, caressing you all the way. Reaching your waist, I reach around and grasp your ass, pulling you closer into me.

My cock presses into your soft belly as I pull you tighter to me. Reaching for your mouth with mine, I kiss you deeply, passionately, as the chocolate smears onto us both. While I massage your tongue with mine, I caress your ass and back with my hands. Your mouth opens a bit as we kiss, and you laugh at my now chocolate covered chest. Leaning down, I gasp a bit as your tongue finds my chest. With you licking lightly, I gently push you back. Grinning, I look into your eyes and whisper,

"Where is the shower?"

Rising from the chest, you return my grin with one of your own. Reaching for my hand you start to lead the way.

"Lets not forget this," I say as I reach for the bowl of chocolate.

Grinning back at me, you guide me into your bathroom. You reach in and adjust the water. It's a large walk in shower; I've never seen one quite this large, outside of the gym. With your back still to mine, I pull you into me. My left hand wraps around your waist as I nibble and bite at your neck. Leaning back, you lay your head back on my shoulder, as the steam from the water begins to waft out. Tracing a line with my tongue, I find your ear, gently I sucking your lobe in, as I move my right arm around you. With my cock firmly pressed into your back and ass, I begin lightly trickling chocolate over your breasts. You moan out again arching your head harder into my shoulder as the smooth rich liquid runs down your trembling body.

Dropping the empty bowl to the floor, my hands begin to massage the sweetness into you, both hands stroke, rubbing, kneading the chocolate and your body. My hands slide down your trembling belly, reaching your quivering pussy. As my hands work the chocolate around your pussy, You loudly moan my name and turn to me. Kissing me deeply, your chocolate covered chest and pussy presses into my rock hard cock and me. My hands stroke your back and ass, as we cover and smear the liquid over us.

* Jen *

Standing there with your hands spreading the chocolate all over me, I realized that I love being with you and experiencing you sense of adventure. You are a sensual man, who gets as much pleasure from pleasing another as well as getting his own pleasure.

As you hands glide over my body, I started to tremble in anticipation of the pleasure that would come. You hands pinch my nipples; pulling the hardness out and teasing them back to pebble hardness. The flutters of passion soar through my belly. Your calluses rub on my skin, making me realize what a complement we are, you hard and strong with me soft and supple.

I can feel you cock pressing against my ass, you soft moans as I grind myself against you. The steam from the shower is billowing up around us and my chest, belly, and pussy are covered in the chocolate. When your hands reach down and cover my clit I can't take it any more; I turn towards you and reach up for your lips. My breasts rubbing into your chest, my nipples rock hard and scraping against it. Your cock moves up against my belly and becomes coated in the chocolate.

I reach my hands up around you neck and pull you too me. You reach under my ass and pick me up. I wrap my legs around your waist and slide my pussy over your cock. You walk toward the spraying water. You lean me up against a wall and start to drive into me. With my legs wrapped around your waist and my pussy tilted upwards, the sensation is amazing. Your cock massages my g-spot, pushing with each thrust into me.

The water cascades around us, racing down our bodies, cleaning us in a warm moist bath. I cry out you name again and again in time to your thrusts.

"Oh God, Chris, yes, fuck me, Chris, Chris"

I climax around your cock screaming animal sounds as my nails dig their way into your back. I am no longer hanging on; you are supporting my weight. When the orgasm subsides, I find my self being held close to your chest. Your head is bowed and as I gaze at you, you eyes rise up to meet mine. You lay me on the shower floor and wrap my legs around your neck. As you shove into me, you watch the joining of our bodies. I look and see your cock sliding into my pussy; I can feel your balls slapping against my ass. I reach up and play with your nipples as you slam into me. You seem almost desperate, needing to go as deep as you can as hard as you can. You soon have me crying out as the waves of my orgasm crash down on to me.

* Chris *

Our tongues caress one another, as we share another passionate kiss. Pulling closer, my cock presses into your chocolate covered body. The steam from the shower seems to envelop both of us, drawing us deeper into the passion we're both sharing. Your hands grasp my hair, as you press your tongue deeper into my mouth. I can feel your body trembling with desire, as I slide my hands down your waist, finally reaching your ass.

With my cock throbbing once more, I grasp your ass tightly and lift, as you wrap both legs around my waist. My cock finds your sweet pussy, and I slide my cock into it.

"Oh," I moan, as your pussy almost immediately contracts around me. With my cock buried deep with in your tight pussy, I step into the hot shower, pressing your back against the warm tile. With the warm water striking my back and shoulders, streaks of chocolate race down our bodies, your legs clinch my waist tighter. Finally, I begin working myself in, and out, massaging your pussy with my cock. As I slowly thrust into you, the warm water cascades down between us. Your legs tighten, and I stroke my cock into you faster, deeper. I can almost feel the hardness of your clit, as my cock slides in and out faster and faster.

Your pussy tightens even more around my hard cock as your body twitches in anticipation of your on coming orgasm. Screaming, you growl at me to fuck you, not to stop. Please, you beg. With my cock driving you into the tile wall, you groan with each thrust. Grasping at my neck and shoulders, you scream out as your pussy explodes around my hard cock. Sensing you are about to cum, I ram my cock deep within you, as my mouth finds your wet neck. Thrusting wildly, I clench you tightly as your orgasm subsides.

Biting and nibbling at your neck, I feel your body almost go limp. Gazing up at you, my eyes meet yours. Supporting your exhausted body with mine, you smile at me. Slowly I lower you to the shower floor, as my hard cock slips from you wet pussy. Grasping your legs, I wrap them around my neck as my cock grazes your aching pussy. Pressing only with my hips, I watch as my cock head enters your wetness. As the warm water beats down on my back, I slide deeper into you. I watch as the water splashes from my back and shoulders, onto your glistening body. Moaning out my name again, your hands reach for my chest, as my eyes remain on my cock sliding in and out of you. Gently you twist and pull at my hard nipples as my balls begin slapping your ass. As your legs tighten around my neck, my hands find your upper thighs, pulling you to me, as I thrust into you.

Arching my head back, I scream out your name as my balls slap harder into you. Faster I slam my cock in, Oh God how I want to ... have to, cum deep with in you. As your pussy tightens around my fast moving piston, I hear you moan out.

"Oh Jesus! Yes Jenn. I'm gonna cum!" I cry.

With one final thrust, I howl as I fire a ton of cum into you as you cum with me.

"Oh God," I moan.

Leaning forward, we again kiss. This time more tenderly, almost thanking one another for what we both shared. As I reach up for the soap, you rise to a sitting position. Gently we wash each other's exhausted bodies. I stand and pull you up to me. We kiss again, the water rinsing our bodies. Stepping from the shower, I painstakingly dry every inch of you, gently applying soft kisses as I go.

As it is late, I ask if you'd mind if I slept over, ginning from ear to ear. Being a Thursday night, I think about calling in sick at work. I then remember I have a 9:00 o'clock meeting with the company president. Walking from the bathroom, we re enter the bedroom, my arm around your waist, both of us still nude. We reach the bed; I kiss you again, before we both crawl in. With the only light in the house coming from the fireplace, our bodies intertwine with one another. Feeling my body against yours, I smile to myself. As we both stroke one another's bodies, we grin and laugh about the previous few hours.

Remembering my morning meeting, I explain the situation to you. With my eyes growing heavier and heavier, I fight to keep awake, afraid I'll wake up and this would have all been just a dream.

* Chris *

Setting your alarm, you smiled as you crawled into the bed next to me. Your body is molded into mine as we share conversation before both of us drift off to sleep. My dreams were vivid that night, and I felt as if I was floating. My mind was awash, as a song brought me out of my dream.

My God, I thought, it's morning already. My arm was draped over you and my chest and groin were pressed against your back and ass. Leaning over lightly, I gently kissed your neck and separated my body from you, being careful not to wake you.

Quickly I gathered my clothes, which were strewn from one end of the townhouse to the other. Hmmm, going into work with the same clothes on my back, I laughed to myself. I don't have time to go home and change, with my meeting with the company VP and all this morning. You gently stir in the bed, and I freeze, not wanting to wake you from your much-deserved slumber. Smiling I lightly kiss you on the cheek, then make my way out of the bedroom.

Finding a pen and pad, I scribble a quick note.

Jenn -

I enjoyed last night, it was absolutely incredible. No one has ever taken me to the places that you took me to last night. Please don't think that I'm sneaking out, you were just resting so peacefully that I didn't want to wake you. If you don't have any plans, maybe we could do something tonight? Dinner maybe? Anything would be good for me. I'll be at the office until 5pm or so, but will probably be in meetings most of the day. You could call me at work - the # is 987-1675. I'll do my best to give you a ring as soon as I can.

Miss ya already!! -Chris

Smiling, I left the note on the table we shared the night before, and hurried out the door.

Meetings basically suck, but they were really going to suck today. Looking down at my watch I realize I'm running behind. My boss is not going to like this, I think to myself. Wendy, my boss, is an extremely attractive woman. There is absolutely no doubt about that! She is very aware of herself, and knows exactly what she's been doing to me for the past year or so. Wearing tight fitting low cut dresses that reach mid thigh, high heels and stockings, she has induced more than one erection out of me in very inappropriate times. The only problem is, Wendy is married. While I've stolen glances, hell maybe even stares, I realize that she is unattainable and is simply teasing me. Grinning to myself, as I enter the building, you changed all that last night for me.

Reaching my office, I flip on the PC and quickly gather material I have for this morning meeting. Wendy suddenly walks in, slamming the door behind her.

"Where have you been Chris? I tried calling you at home all last night with no answer? Jackson wants the Bilo data for this mornings meeting, and I couldn't find it!" As she says all this, she realizes that I'm wearing the same clothes that I had on yesterday.

"Relax Wendy," I say as reach across my desk and grab another folder, "I've got everything we'll need."

"Where were you all night, and is that the same suit you had on yesterday." she asks as her hand reaches for her chest.

"I met, well, a friend yesterday and yes, this is the same suit," I say.

Having said this, I realize that she'd been checking me out. HA, you're too late, I think to myself. As hot as you are honey, I've found something better. A look of what appeared to be disappointment appeared on her face as I explained where I had been.

"Are you ready?" I ask. "I'm sure Jackson is waiting for us now." I move past her and into the hallway.

The meeting was long, but Jackson seemed very pleased with the material I had prepared. It was odd though; Wendy seemed almost lost, as if she was in another world. I caught her several times almost staring at me. Boy, this is a change I thought, as a grin crossed my face.

Returning to my office, my thoughts returned back to you. Smiling to myself, I leaned back into my chair and remembered last night. My cock hardened as I thought of your soft touch, gentle kiss, and sweet soft body. Unconsciously my hand slid down and rubbed my aching cock through my pants. I moaned as I pictured you in my mind.

Suddenly the door burst open and Wendy jiggled in.

"Jackson loved the numbers," she cried out while pulling me from my chair and into a hug. "We gotta celebrate, how about drinks," She said as she hugged me tightly in jubilation, my hard cock pressed against her.

"That's great," I say pushing her back and trying to conceal my obvious hard on. "Give me a second, I gotta make a phone call first. I'll meet you in the lobby."

"Shit, there's a first for everything I guess," I mumble to myself as I reach for the phone. Wendy's been a hot, married tease ever since I've worked here. Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now, I think as I dial your number.

Damn, the answering machine.

"Hey Jenn, this is Chris. Just got out of my meeting and I wanted to give ya a ring. Everything went extremely well and my boss wants to celebrate with afternoon drinks. I'm really hoping we can have dinner tonight or something, I'd just like to see you again. Anyway, I'm not sure when I'll be back in the office today. Can you give me a buzz on my cell? The number is 924-1600. Hope to hear from you soon hun."

God I hope she calls back, I think to myself.

"Come on Chris hurry up! We're all waiting!"

"Coming, coming," I say as I rise from my chair and head for the door.


As we drift off to sleep, I realize how nice it is to feel your chest snuggled to my back and hear your breathing. I vaguely hear the alarm go off and the sudden cold of you leaving the bed causes me to shiver. I snuggle back down in the covers and drift back off.

When I wake up many hours later, I stretch, yawn and climb out of bed. I look around and notice that your clothes are gone and I feel a momentary pang. Dumb-dumb, he did have a meeting to go to, relax, besides, if this was only a one-night thing, damn, what a night. I stroll out to the kitchen naked, enjoying the way my feet padded on the floor. Everything seemed right with the morning. As I passed the table I notice the note you left. As I read it, a huge smile crossed my face. Ah meet up with him, I am a little surprised at the thrill that runs along my nude body, causing my nipples to harden and my skin to flush.

I wander over to the machine and click the play button. First I hear my mother's voice, wanting me to catch up with her this weekend at that lake. Something about me needing to relax. I grin as I bend over to dig around in the fridge. At the sound of your voice, I stand up so fast I hit the back of my head on the freezer door and drop the eggs I am holding.

Damn! I rush to the machine and search desperately for a pen as I try to memorize the number you rattle off. I find one and can't find paper. Damn, damn, damn! Giving up, I scribble the number on my hand. I snag the phone and dial the number while starting to clean up the mess in front of my fridge. It rings once, twice, three times, finally, I hear your voice on the other end.

"Hello," you say.

"Chris? It's Jenn."

"Hi," you say, your voice warming and dropping a little to become a bit huskier and definitely sexier.

"Um, dinner sounds great, where should I meet you?"

"Why don't you come by here and we'll figure it out from there, ok?"

I released the breath I was holding, and nodded as I spoke into the phone.

"I need to shower, and make myself devastating for you, what time is it now?"

You start to chuckle,

"Almost 3:00," you say.

"No shit? Really? Wow, I must have been passed out!"

Suddenly in the background, I hear a woman's voice caressing your ear. Something about when you were coming back to the party and I feel very insecure. You excuse yourself for a second, and then come back on the line with directions.

I agree to meet you there and hang up.

I race to the bathroom, food all but forgotten, my mind focused on the woman I heard, and she sounded possessive. What had I done? I didn't even know if you were married or involved. Oh GOD! I calm myself and start the shower; I wash my hair in record time and blow it dry. I roll it in hot rollers and race around my room, tearing outfits out of the closet. I decide on a simple, black silk, spaghetti strap dress with a white shawl. I add heals, a pearl choker, makeup, perfume, take out the rollers and run my fingers through the gentle waves that run through my hair. The silk dress molds it's self to my body, showing each curve, maybe too many curves I think in a moment of self-depreciation.

Screw it I think, and I race out the door. I hop into my car, and start driving. I arrive at the bar a little over an hour after I talked to you, which was truly amazing. I sit in the car for a second, get out and walk to the door. I open it walk in and look for you. I see your hand waving at me, and start to walk over, giant butterflies doing the rumba in my stomach.

* Chris *

"Chris, come on! It's time to celebrate," Wendy calls to me as I exit my office and shut the door. With her hands on her hips, she seems to be almost thrusting her chest out at me as I approach.

"Well its about time," Wendy says, as I notice her eyes looking me up and down.

"Sorry, just needed to leave Jenn a quick massage before we left" I say as we both walk toward the elevator.

"Yeah, well I don't think it's a real good career move to keep Mr. Jackson waiting," Wendy says sounding a bit perturbed.

After we enter the vacant elevator, and I press L and turn to Wendy. She's standing so close to me that I reach for her shoulder to keep from running into her.

"Oh, sorry Wendy," I say not being able to help myself from looking down at her chest. Hmmm, she doesn't usually have that many buttons undone on her blouse, I think to my self, and damn, I think her nipples are hard! Grasping my arm lightly, Wendy steps back and says,

"That's alright, lets just concentrate on celebrating all our hard work." Getting a very strange feeling, I nod as we leave the elevator.

Riley is waiting out front in his car; Mr. Jackson is seated next to him. Grabbing the back door, I start to get in, as I hear my boss clear her throat.

"Oh, sorry," I say as she gets in and slides over. Taking a deep breath I get in and close the door behind me.

Wendy is obviously very happy with the way the meeting went. She was soaking up all the attention, and I guess praise, from Jackson and Riley. I on the other hand was in my own little world. My thoughts had returned to you. I grinned, as I remembered the chocolate.

"Chris! Damn, wake up we're here," Wendy says.

This is not your typical bar. Obviously this is a place I don't go much, a cooperate hang out I guess. I'm more of the sports bar type, I think to myself as we work our way to a corner table. The place has a very European feel to it. Dark wooden walls, sturdy wooden tables with pictures of foxhunts and stuff on the wall. Taking all of this in, I can't help but chuckle as we reach our table.

"What's so funny," Jackson asks.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir. It's just that, well, I don't come here much," I reply.

"Hey, with the way you handled this project, I felt like you really deserved to go some where nice," he responds.

The table has wooden benches with soft cushions on them against the wall and two very nice chairs on the other side. Wendy immediately moves to the bench and slide in. Jackson and Riley each sit in a chair.

That fucking Riley, what Goddamn brown nose, I think to myself as I slide onto the bench against the other wall.

"Order up," Mr. Jackson says, "it's all on the company."

With everyone laughing and having a good time, I noticed that Wendy had worked herself deeper into the corner and closer to me.

Oh God, I thought as I turned my drink up and motioned for the waitress. As she approached my cell rang.

"Another one please, anyone else," I say as I flip my cell open.

"Hey Jenn, glad you got my massage." I say as I notice Wendy's glaring at me.

Wendy's voice seems to rise, as my conversation with you continues.

"Dinner sounds good, huh... Great! Why don't you meet me here and we can go from there?"

As I give you the directions to the bar, I feel Wendy's hand on my thigh.

"Mr. Jackson wants to know about your plans for Giant," she says as I jump a bit. Her hand doesn't leave my thigh, as I motion with my free hand to give me a sec.

"Take your time Jenn," I say. "I'll be here. I can't wait to see you again."

I emphasized the last statement for Wendy's benefit. Flipping the phone shut, I quickly glance at Wendy. She's grinning almost wickedly. Damn, I think this crazy woman is jealous, I think to myself. Wendy turns and continues her conversation with Riley and Jackson, as her hand slides to my inner thigh, moving closer to my cock. Grabbing my drink with one hand, I take a swallow, and reach down with the other to brush her hand aside. Again grinning at me, she continues her conversation as she pulls her hand back and sits back on the comfortable bench, even closer to me.

Great, this woman is going to piss Jenn off and screw it up for me, I think to myself as I nervously down my fourth bourbon and coke.

"Relax Chris, you look like you're still at the office," Wendy says as she coaxes me to loosen up a bit.

"Oh, sorry about that," I reply. "Um, do you guys mind if someone else joins us," I ask some what sheepishly. "Who would that be," Wendy asks, a jealous smirk crossing her face. "Last I heard, you said you didn't have time for a girlfriend," she said.

"Now, now people," Jackson chuckles out. "Let's not get into any jealous arguments. Chris, your friend is welcome to join us. Wendy, your husband will be back in town in a couple weeks right? Isn't he up in Chicago?"

Again I can feel Wendy's hand on my thigh as she answers Jackson, "Yeah, he'll be back two weeks from Friday." "With him traveling so much, it's nice to get out and have some fun," she says as she grins again and her hand moves further up my thigh.

Squirming again nervously, we all laugh as Wendy looks me straight in the eyes. Looking away, I reach for my drink and I notice Jenn from afar. Raising my hand, I wave you over. Wendy reaches my groin, gives my cock a quick stroke or two, and then excuses her self from the table.

I can't help but grin widely as you approach the table. You're absolutely stunning.

"Hey, I'm glad you could make it." As I rise from my chair and take your hand. "Let me introduce everyone to you. Everyone this is Jenn. Jenn, this is Mr. Jackson, our VP and Riley our senior developer. My boss just excused herself, bathroom, I guess, she should be back in a minute. Please have a seat. What would you like to drink," I say as my eyes are immediately drawn into your breasts.

Sliding in next to you I can't help stare at you beauty. Leaning into you I gently kiss your cheek, our fingers still intertwined.

"Hey, who's your friend," Wendy asks.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't notice that you'd come back. Jenn this is Wendy, my boss," I say as she slides into the booth, still very close to me. "Wendy this is Jenn, my date for the evening," I say. "Nice to meet you," Wendy replies, with a shit eating grin on her face.

"Well it's been fun, but I really have to get back to the office. You guys did an incredible job," Jackson says motioning to Wendy and I. "Go ahead and take the rest of the day off," he says as he again chuckles. "Call transportation for a driver, and he'll take you where you want to go in a company limo. Have fun, you both deserve it," Jackson says as he turn to Riley. "Unfortunately Riley, I need you back in the office to monitor the mainframe. Maybe next time son," he says as the both rise, excuse themselves and leave.

"That's pretty cool of the ole geezer doncha think," I say to you while laughing. "You look absolutely stunning tonight."

"Well, that sounds like a lot of fun," Wendy blurts out as they leave. "A company limo at our disposal for the evening! Yup, that sounds like a lot of fun," she says as again her hand finds my thigh.

"So Jenn what do you do for a living," she asks her hand invisibly moving up my thigh. "What are you into, any place in particular you'd like to go tonight," Wendy asks.


I am so glad to see you, and I am very aware of the way your associates are looking at me. I knew then that I made the right choice. The dress is classy and yet sexy at the same time. My braless breasts allow the material to conform and my nipples hardened at the sight of you. I sit next to you and you slip your arm around me. Suddenly a very unbuttoned female comes over I can only assume she is your missing boss. I watch her approach and see the emotion in her eyes. They become hard as she asks who I am bit too loudly.

I watch the interaction with your VP and you and smile to myself when Riley can't tear his eyes away from my chest. They leave, leaving the three of us when Wendy asks me what I do and what I am into. I smile, look down and see her hand slowly moving up your thigh, you seem a bit tense and I lean over you till I am just a few inches away from Wendy. I place my hand on her knee and look her in the eyes and say,

"I write erotica for a living and I am into sex. What do you do Wendy?" I lean back, and feel you tense up, my hand slides slowly off of Wendy's knee and across your lap where it comes to rest over Wendy's, which is over your cock. "As for where I'd like to go, I have a membership to the Roost, why don't the two of you come with me tonight as my guests?"

Wendy looked at me, her eyes confused, she slid her hand out from under mine and scooted a way from you just a bit. Her face is flushed, I can't tell if it is from the drinks or the scene she sees before her eyes.

"What's the Roost?" She asks, wrinkling her nose.

"It's a private club," you look at me shocked, "But I have a lifetime membership and I can bring guests anytime, of course, the two of you are my first, guests that is. Chris, why don't you go call that limo," I say never taking my eyes from Wendy's.

You jump as though you've been shocked and nod quickly. I slide out of the booth in time to let you out and stroke your cock as you walk by me. You lean into me, laying your lips on mine and holding me a second longer than you needed to.

I sit down next to Wendy, lean into her, and ask if she was planning something on you. She looks at me her eyes widen and she says,

"Of course not! I am married!"

"Umhmm I was just going to suggest that if you wanted something with Chris, you invite me, because if you don't, I am taking him with me when I leave. You are a pretty woman Wendy, and intelligent too I'd guess, so make your choice."

Wendy looked at me, and nodded, I leaned in and gently laid a soft kiss on her lips. We waited for you to return. Wendy's breathing was rapid and I was really turned on at the thought of you and another woman in my bed.

You were gone for quite a while and I wondered what it was you were doing. I hoped you had run into the bathroom to get rid of that hard on because I had plans for the two of you and going to the Roost to watch the activities would only be a part of it. They had an excellent chef and I looked forward to dinner. Wendy needed to be loosened up and I planned to do that for her with very little more alcohol involved. While we were dancing at the club, I intended to have Wendy dance and point out some of the more interesting scenes there. You, I was sure, would find them yourself. She might be too overwhelmed by her first visit to a sex club to see much more than the first scenes she sees. I was looking forward to watching Wendy go down on you, not in the club, but later in private, and to have you both in my fingers and mouth.

You finally come back to the booth and look at the two of us and choose a seat across from us. You seemed to be studying and comparing the two of us. I slowly slid my hand onto Wendy's leg, stroking it making my way up her thigh. She tensed then relaxed. I rub her clit through her skirt and panties. She is talking to you and I am watching you while I do this. I think I am making the appropriate responses to your questions. I never take my eyes off of you, while I stroke Wendy. She starts to flush, and her breathing increases. I am pretty sure you know what I am doing, but you have yet to break a reaction.

Wendy directs the conversation to your latest project and tells you to tell me about it. She leans back, angling her hips upward a bit. You tell me about what you are doing and I look into your eyes. Wendy moans softly to our side, but we both studiously ignore her. She grips the table as she cums, her teeth clenching and her hands gripping her skirt. I move my hand from her pussy as the intercom announces our ride is there.

* Chris *

With a smirk on her face, and her hand still massaging my cock, my boss waited for your reply. Squirming and fidgeting, I was trying to focus all of my attention on you. I mean holy shit, here I am siting next to one of the most incredible woman I have ever met, and my boss is siting next to me rubbing my cock! I have fantasized about Wendy almost every day at work for the past year or so, but damn, her teasing is gonna fuck everything up for you and me!

Looking down, you seem to smile as you notice Wendy's hand on my crotch. Leaning across me, your hand finds Wendy's knee and you say,

"I write erotica for a living and I am into sex. What do you do Wendy?"

Your statement almost takes my breath away. Hell, I knew you were into sex. With all we shared the night before, you had to be. But an erotic writer, wow, that really caught me by surprise, but I have to admit, my cock grew even harder under Wendy's hand just from this revelation. Are you just fucking with Wendy or is it something more, I wondered.

With your hand on Wendy's knee, I watch my boss's reaction to all that's going on. Slowly you sit back, your hand sliding from her knee, to Wendy's hand, which is still covering my cock. I'd never seen my boss in a situation where she wasn't in control. She looked confused and a bit flushed. Sliding her hand from under yours, she leaned back in her seat. It was obvious that you had seized the upper hand. After you asked Wendy about the Roost, Wendy responded the way she always did about places she'd never been or heard of. In her opinion, if she hadn't been there, or at least heard of it, it probably wasn't worth going to at all.

My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I realized what type of club the Roost was. You were seducing my boss! Here I am siting between my boss, who I've lusted after for over a year, and you, who I'd just shared the best sex of my life from the night before, and both were rubbing my cock!

Your voice brings me out of my daze, as you ask me to go call the limo. Completely forgetting about the cell phone in my pocket, I slide from the bench, as you rise to let me out. As I walk by you, your hand finds my cock and gently strokes it. I feel dizzy from your touch, as I lean into you, my arm pulling your waist to mine, as I kiss your soft tender lips. Reluctantly, I pull away, heading towards a pay phone.

My cock actually hurts its so hard right now. I realize that if anyone was to look, they couldn't help but notice the huge bulge in my pants. Slipping my hand in my pocket, I attempted to rearrange my cock, (to no avail), as I neared the phone.

"Shit, what am I thinking," I mumble to myself. "I have a cell, I don't need a pay phone. Christ, these women have me so horny I can't even think straight!" I turn to head back to the table.

Looking up, my heart almost stopped from what I was seeing. I froze, unable to move my eyes locked on you and Wendy. My cock throbbed as I watched you lean into my boss and kiss her. "Holy shit!" I mumbled again. My hand still in my pocket found my cock and squeezed. Licking my lips, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I have to do something, something quick, before I cum right here, right now, I thought. Quickly, I turn and almost run to the men's room.

Throwing the door open, I found a stall and quickly locked the door behind me. Fumbling with my belt, I dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles, grasped my cock and sat down. Leaning back, I closed my eyes, picturing again what I had just seen, and slowly began stroking my cock. Unable to control my arousal, I moan out, as I feel the cum welling up in my balls and race up the shaft of my cock after only a few stokes.

"Oh my God," I mumbled as the last bit of cum oozed from my cock.

Out of breath, and my heart still racing, I grabbed some paper, wiped the cum from my hands, grabbed my cell and dialed for the limo.

"I need a Limo for ECS, per Mr. Jackson, to this address, ASAP," I almost gasped to the dispatcher.

"It'll be there in 10 minutes Mr. White," the dispatcher said.

"Perfect, have us paged as soon as you arrive," I say.

"Will do," the dispatcher responded.

Snapping the phone shut and placing it back in my pocket, stood up to pull my underwear and pants back up.

"SHIT! I got cum everywhere. Fuck me!" I exclaimed.

Grabbing more paper I wiped as much off as I could, pulled my pants back up and walked over to the sink. Wetting some towels I scrubbed my cum-stained pants.

"Hell, I guess a wet water spot is better than a white cum stain" I said, as I chuckled and headed for the door.

Reaching the table, I smile at both you and Wendy. Maybe because I was feeling a bit apprehensive about the wet spot on my pants, or maybe because I just wanted to size the two of you up, I chose to sit across the table from the two of you.

As your arm seemed to maneuver under the table, Wendy's eyes got very large and she almost seemed to jump. Very nice Jenn, I think to myself as Wendy begins talking about work again. I can tell she is enjoying your touch, just from her breathing. Her eyes narrow a bit and she leans back as she asks me to tell you about the Giant project. It's obvious to me she doesn't want to talk, just cum.

You seem as turned on as Wendy is. As I explain the work that I'm doing I realize that you aren't really listening to me, just watching me, as Wendy's breathing and occasional quiet moans penetrate our conversation. Suddenly Wendy's eyes close and she grasps the table as an orgasm rips through her.

"And that's the project that I've been working on Jenn," I conclude. "Ah, our limo is here, are you ladies ready to leave?"

Rising from my chair, I wait for Wendy to pass by, (as she unsuccessfully tries to smooth the wrinkles and adjust her now thigh high skirt), then take your hand. Reaching the limo, I hold the door first for my boss and then you. But, just as you start to get in, I pull you to me and kiss you deeply, passionately. Our tongue dance as my hands and arms pull you closer to me, harder against my cock. As I pull away, I smile knowingly as you step into the limo. Both you and Wendy are sitting next to each other, so I sit across from the both of you. My cock strains against my pants as I eagerly anticipate the night's festivities.


When we get into the limo, I sit next to Wendy who still seems in a bit of a daze. You sit across from us, your legs spread wide, you hand resting over you crotch. I wrap one arm around Wendy and whisper in her ear,

"Why do you think he took so long Wendy? Do you think he was in the bathroom jerking off? Do you think he knew what I just did to you while we were talking? Do you think he knew you squeezed my hand between your legs right as you came? Do you think he knows I can smell you on my fingers now?" As I spoke to her, she moaned slightly, tilted her hips up slightly.

I glanced over at you, sitting on the edge of your seat, looking like a puppy about ready to be played with. Your eyes were bright, you hand was already caressing your cock, your lips were softly, barely smiling. Oh yes, you were a sight to behold. I leaned over to Wendy again,

"Do you want to fuck Chris?" She nodded biting her lip. "Why don't you show him just how much you want him." She looked at me confused, I lowered one hand to her thigh and slid her skirt up, slowly caressing her thigh while sliding the material further up her legs.

Wendy spread her legs, and slid her hips forward, your eyes widened, and your breathing quickened. I smiled at you and winked slowly. Your lips formed themselves into a full smile, flashing me white teeth. I looked down at Wendy's lap and noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties, just garters and stockings. I reached down, sliding my hand along her inner thigh, and stroked her lips, separating them, exposing her clit and pussy to air.

"What do you want Wendy?" She moaned. "You want to be played with again?" She nodded, biting her lip. "Touch yourself Wendy, show Chris how much you want him." Her hand slowly slid down her thighs, till they reached her clit. At the touch of her fingers, she started to moan and move against her hand.

I switched seats, sitting next to you. Your eyes were riveted to Wendy and what she was doing to herself. Your hand was stroking your cock, rubbing it through the material of your pants. I leaned over and whispered in your ear,

"Here, let me help you with that."

I undid the belt, button and zipper and freed your cock. I stroked it in the same rhythm you had last night. Wendy's eyes were riveted on it and she started rubbing faster and faster, I matched her pace with your cock, as she would speed up, I would speed up. You were gripping the seat and your other hand was clenching and releasing my back and ass. Suddenly Wendy screamed. The sound split the air, of the quiet limo, like a gunshot. She orgasimed against her hand, bucking as though she was riding a horse.

I slowed the pace on your cock, my hand now just lightly rubbing the tip with my palm. It was alternately making you tense and then relax as I moved my hand. I beckoned for Wendy to come over; She knelt in front of you, and with out being told, lowered her head to your cock.

I leaned into you, and started kissing you. You were moaning and moving under Wendy's mouth, your body was shaking and you held on to me as though your life depended on it. She was stroking your cock and sucking only on the head. Suddenly your hips rose off the seat, you tore your lips from mine, your left hand came crashing down to the back of Wendy's head, pushing her mouth further down on your hard member. You right hand gripped my hair, pulling my head back a bit and you looked directly into my eyes. You cried out,

"Oh God!"

You whole body tensed in your orgasm. You held my eyes and watched me as you poured your cum down Wendy's throat. I leaned forward and kissed your lips softly. You relaxed and sagged against the seat, not releasing my hair, but allowing your hand to slide from Wendy's head, dropping it to her shoulder. Wendy leaned against your leg with her eyes closed. She appeared to be perfectly content on the floor of the car. She also appeared to be exhausted.

The limo pulled to a stop and everyone hustled to get back into some semblance of order before the driver opened the door. He opened it, we stepped out and I instructed him to go ahead and go back to the garage. We wouldn't need him anymore. He nodded and helped poor Wendy out of the car. She still seemed a bit dazed and was very quiet.

We strolled into the converted four-story mansion. The club was downtown right in the midst of all the renovation. It was a beautiful stately house; dark red and brown brick offset the white columns. The three of us strolled up the stairs, arm in arm with you in the middle. The two of you looked great and I knew that both of you would get lots of attention at the club.

The front door was opened by a chubby, balding older man who greeted me with open arms and ushered us in.

"Jennifer, how are you? It has been too long since you have been here. Please, please come in, who are your friends?"

I gripped his hand in mine and kissed his cheeks fondly. Johnathan was such a sweet soul and lived to please his customers. He and his wife had owned the Roost for as long as I had known him, which was 12 years.

We walked into the front foyer, the thick plush carpeting padding our steps. The mahogany wood on the walls gleamed and smelled of polish. I leaned to Johathnan and whispered instructions for the retrieval of my car. He nodded and picked up the phone. When he was finished, he asked about dinner.

"Johnathan, this is my friend Chris, and my new friend Wendy. I think we'll start with the house salad, steaks," I said looking at the two of you for approval, "and something light for desert. Please bring water and lemon on the side, and a bottle of bubbly."

Johnathan bowed low over your hand and kissed Wendy's as he led us to our table. The restaurant looked much like any other. The tables were set with silver and crystal, the air was heavy with the scent of wine and rich food. The patrons were dressed in evening clothes ranging from suits to tuxes and office dresses to formal gowns.

We were seated and Jonathan waved his hand and our table was suddenly filled with fresh bread, champagne, water and thin minute slices of cheese as we settled in. You looked around you as if you were trying to spot the perverts in the softly lit room. I didn't quite know how to tell you that the club itself was upstairs and that the restaurant was open to the public.

We settled in and watched the others around us for a few minutes. Then Wendy spoke up,

"What is so different about this place? I don't see anything too special?"

"Wendy, don't judge," you said quietly, "I am sure that you'll enjoy yourself."

She shot you a glowering look, then looked over at me.

"So, Jenn, how did you meet my Chris," she said smiling sweetly.

"I picked him up on a bus yesterday. Jealous?"

Wendy turned towards you, her mouth open and fury blazing in her eyes for no reason I could fathom.

"Chris? Is this true?"

* Chris *

After settling into our seats, you gave the driver directions as to where we were going. The privacy window was then rolled up and the limo pulled away from the curb. My entire body both tingled and throbbed with desire, as I watched the both of you siting across from me. Making myself comfortable, I leaned back into the seat, my knees open to the both of you and my hand covering my crotch. Slowly you leaned over and whispered into Wendy's ear, your eyes darting back to mine. As you whispered into her ear, Wendy moaned out as her hips tilted upward and her head tilted back. As I watched, my hand found the source of the throbbing in my pants, and gripped it tightly. Slowly I began rubbing my aching cock as I watched both you and Wendy. Although I wasn't able to hear what you were whispering into Wendy's ear, I could tell that she was becoming aroused.

As Wendy bit her lip, I watched as she slid further down the seat, my hand was now massaging my cock through my pants. Slowly your hand reached for Wendy's thigh, and slid it upwards. Wendy moaned out, her eyes almost shut, as you worked her skirt up to her waist.

"Mmm," I mumbled as I looked down at my panty-less boss. Who would have ever thought that Miss Tease herself would ever be in this position, I thought. As I lick my lips, I think to myself that I can't believe she isn't wearing panties. Watching intently, I smiled widely as your fingers gently stroke Wendy's quivering lips. Wendy gasped and moaned out loudly as she replaced your hand with her own.

My legs were spread as wide as they would go, and my cock was begging to be released as I watched my boss rub her clit for me. Sitting next to me, you smiled and realized I could use some help. Freeing my cock, you gently stroked it to match Wendy's rubbing. While moaning from your touching, I watched intently as my boss pleasured her self.

"Mmm.," I moaned as I worked my hips to your hand. My hand slid down your back and squeezed your tight ass, as both Wendy and I neared orgasm.

Suddenly Wendy exploded. As she bucked against her hand, I could almost see her cum run down her thighs. Stopping your stroking, you began lightly teasing my hard cock while motioning for Wendy to come over. My mind was a blur as my entire body ached for release. Biting my lip again, I watched my boss crawl over to me.

"Oh God," I mumbled as she knelt between my legs. My hips arched to Wendy's mouth as I felt her lick my swollen head. Leaning into me, you kissed my passionately, our tongues wrapped as if one. My body trembled and shook as Wendy took my cock head into her mouth. I felt as if I was losing all bodily control, as my hips arched from the seat. Grasping your hair with my right hand, I bend your head back from our kiss, with my left, I grasp Wendy's head and slam my cock down her willing throat.

"OH GOD," I cry out, my eyes still locked with yours. I can feel Wendy's throat muscles swallow the cum I was pumping into her mouth as she could. "AWWW," I screamed as my orgasm subsided. Slumping back into my seat, you lightly kiss my lips.

Suddenly the limo comes to a stop. We hurriedly gather our selves before exiting the limo. As you let the driver know that we wouldn't need him any longer, I took in the house. It was truly a beautiful place. I have to admit I'd never been to a so-called sex club before, so I was a little nervous. Glancing over at Wendy, I realized that she looked exhausted. As we walked up the stairs, I pulled both you and Wendy to me, my arms wrapped around each of their waists. It felt as if I was almost supporting my poor boss, which brought an almost wicked grin to my face. My, hasn't the worm turned, I think to myself.

The interior of the house was just as beautiful as the exterior. You introduced the owner to both Wendy and I and explained that you would need to have your car picked up. You tell the owner that we'll have salads and steaks as you look at the both of us for approval. Smiling, I nod yes.

As we make our way to our seats, I realize that this isn't what I pictured. Everyone was dressed impeccably. I don't know what I was expecting, more of a strip club type atmosphere I guess. Reaching the table, we all sit. The entire room smells wonderful, as I try to take in as much as possible. After a minute or two, Wendy asks,

"What is so different about this place? I don't see anything too special."

"Wendy, I said firmly, but quietly, "don't judge. I am sure that you'll enjoy yourself." Immediately she looked at me as if to say, I wasn't talking to you. Typical, I think to myself. My boss probably realizes that she has lost control over the evening. Maybe she's searching for a way to gain the upper hand? Hell who knows, all I know is that she just took every bit of my cock she could, with out complaining!

Turning from me, she asks

"So, Jenn, how did you meet my Chris?" Oh, so I'm 'her Chris,' here we go, this ought to be fun, I think o myself.

"I picked him up on a bus yesterday. Jealous," you reply. My face turns a bit red, only for an instant. Wendy turns toward me, her mouth wide open and a look of anger coming from her eyes.

"Is this true Chris?" she asks.

Grinning, I open my mouth to reply, then hesitate. Then turning to you and looking deep into your eyes I reply,

"Yup, sure is Wendy."

"How can you just meet someone on a bus and then well, have sex with them," she asks shocked.

"Well Wendy, let me put it this way," I reply as I move my hand into yours. "Look at Jenn. She is absolutely stunning. I was immediately attracted to her. And you want to know something," I ask. "My cock got hard the first time I laid eyes on her."

Grinning wickedly, Wendy responds

"Yeah well I've seen your cock hard at the office for the past year or so. Seems to me like I was getting you aroused long before Jenn here."

Wendy quickly turns to you,

"Oh please, don't take that the wrong way Jenn, its just that, well, I guess I kind of like having Chris around. Besides being an excellent worker, he, well, you know, makes me feel good. I've been married to a wonderful man for the past 10 years, but its just, I don't know, risky teasing Chris I guess."

As I take all this in, I watch as a grin come across your face. Not saying a word, you let Wendy continue with her conversation. I can tell you're not angry or upset, but more interested in what my boss has been up to for the past year or so.

"What do you want me to say Jenn," Wendy continues. "Yeah, I guess I've been a bitch, but you've seen his fucking cock haven't you. Hell I just swallowed the damn thing whole! And with him and that huge bulge appearing every time I was around, I couldn't help myself. So, I wore tight fitting low cut dresses that rode up to mid thigh. And then I'd call him into my office."

Pausing for a second, she took a deep breath. I grinned as I realized my boss has been hot for me the whole time! Glancing back at you, I watch as you continue to let Wendy lead us down her twisted path.

"And I'd let him look. You know, I'd bend over so he could see down my blouse, or bend over a bit so he could catch a glimpse of the top of my stockings. Nothing to bad, it just got me so damn, hot when that bulge appeared in his pants. I pretty much quit wearing panties to work, because I'd have to run to the ladies room to, to well."

"Ok then," I interrupted. "Wendy, I 'm not sure Jenn is interested in all this," I say as I look to you again. "We are all going to have a great time tonight, so who needs some bubbly," I say while hoping Wendy didn't upset you.


The whole time Wendy was going on with her confession about how hot she was for you, a ping of jealously ran across my spine. I knew how it felt to want someone, and to fantasize about someone. I knew how it felt to feel pretty and to feel like there was actually someone who looked at you and thought Damn, what a woman. I could understand what Wendy was saying, but at the same time, I wanted to lock you in my bedroom and keep you away from where other women could include you in their fantasies. I felt absolutely silly and a grin split my face at that point.

When you broke in to her whine session, I looked over at you and slowly winked. You still had hold of my hand and your grip tightened for a second. I got lost in your lips for a second and then looked to Wendy.

"Wendy, I know how it feels to be admired. It feels good, and I am glad you are here and are with us, because before the night is through, you'll know how it feels to be admired and satisfied."

I leaned to her, and met her lips halfway to mine; it was a soft slow kiss with no tongue, but exciting all the same. At that point, the salad arrived. You watched the two of us with a soft little smile on your face, your eyes taking in the sight we presented.

"To let the two of you know, the chef here is wonderful. He is not a big believer in lettuce so in your salad you'll find all kinds of things, including jickima, bean sprouts, and lots of different shredded veggies. Everything in it is very fresh, and it is tossed in a light garlic oil dressing." I watched the two of you dig in, the salad has a different taste and I was hoping the two of you approved. It seemed you did.

Soon after the salads were finished, Johnathan appeared with a list, which I proceeded to check off. I paid for dinner, selected the dance hall and tour, nothing too pressuring, or something that would set the two of you on display. I had a feeling the two of you would very much enjoy the dancing and the tour.

One of my good friends came over with his wife in tow. She is a stunning blonde with cat green eyes and a body, that while I think is more plastic than real, is very easy to look at. Her dress was backless with thin straps that ran down the front of her breasts. It was slit on each side up to her hips and the material barely covered her pubic hair. It was the same green as her eyes.

"Katherine, Ray, how wonderful to see you! Please, let me introduce you to my friends, this is Chris, this is Wendy." Wendy was staring at the dress obviously trying to figure out how it stayed on Katherine. You on the other hand were just staring. Ray shook hands, and Katherine hung back a bit and kissed both you and Wendy on the mouth. Ray leaned to me and said,

"Katherine is very interested in your friends, do you think we can make her happy tonight?"

"I don't know, this is their first time, let's just see what happens shall we?"

At this he nodded and led his wife off, with her looking back over her shoulder at the two of you. I smiled slightly and sat back down. Wendy looked down at her empty salad plate, sniffed and said,

"Could she be more obvious?"

I leaned to her, pulled her chair closer to mine, and looked her in the eye as I slid my hand under her skirt and started to play with her clit. She moaned and tried to pull away. I kept her there for a second longer and then pushed her back.

"Don't be bitchy Wendy, you don't have much room to talk at this point." I held my fingers out to you and you took them in your mouth cleaning them off. Dinner arrived and the three of us talked about our lives. After the steak had been cleared away, coffee was offered and dessert was brought. It was fruit and chocolate sauce. You took one look at it, looked at me, and burst into laughter. I started laughing too; Wendy of course was miffed because she didn't get the joke. She started to pick up a piece and eat it before I took it away from her, and admonished,

"You feed others chocolate fruit Wendy, never eat it yourself." I fed her the chocolate covered peach, teasing her gently with it. We spend an enjoyable half-hour feeding each other. When the fruit was gone, I stood up, took you hand and held my other one out to Wendy. She opted to take your other hand rather than mine. I figured it was because she was not in control here and wanted to be in control somewhere.

We strolled to the stairs, walked up, and stopped on the second floor. The whole second floor was a dance floor. There were people everywhere, despite the early hour. Many people were dancing; many others were in various states of undress and arousal. There were couples and groups everywhere. I walked over to my reserved table, and sat down. The waitress came around; she was naked except for a belly jewel. She took our orders and left. I leaned over to you and suggested you take Wendy to dance. You stood up, held out your hand and took her out to the dance floor. As I watched, the two of you, you became less inhibited and started to undress her on the floor. You hands roamed over her body and you lips soon followed. You took her back to a wall, and lifted her up and pushed her on your cock. The two of you moved in rhythm with the music. I was stretched out in my chair watching the two of you and sipping on my rum and coke.

Ray and Katherine came over and sat down, Katherine watched you and Wendy with her mouth opened and her eyes glazed. Ray encouraged her to go over and join in. She stood up, stripped off her dress, and walked over in her heels and thigh highs. Ray and I talked about inconsequentials as we watched the scene in the corner. You had two women and were pleasuring them both. I wondered what was going through your head at the moment, if anything.

* Chris *

I loved the way you were handling my boss. No nonsense, no shit, just shut the fuck up. This is the way it is. Yes, I was aroused by Wendy, and have been for months, but there was something about you and your no nonsense attitude. I loved it.

The salad was great. I have to admit it was different, but it was delicious just the same. I guess I had forgotten how hungry I was. As we finished our salads, two of your friends came up to say hello. Katherine was absolutely breathtaking. I don't know if it was her dress, or her body, but I was immediately drawn to her. As introductions were made, I noticed the spark in her eyes, as she looked me up and down. Wendy also noticed her, really noticed her. Sensing Wendy's stare, Katherine gave Wendy also a long, long look. Excusing them selves, I watched as Katherine swayed away, glancing back at us over her shoulder.

Our meal arrived, and it was wonderful. We ate talked and everyone seemed to be relaxing a bit more. Wendy, being Wendy, made the occasional snide remark, to which you responded to by reminding her with a gentle stroke of the clitoris that she needn't be a bitch 24/7.

After finishing the meal we rose from the table and you extended a hand to each of us. I felt the familiar tingle run up my spine as our fingers intertwined. Wendy, however, reached for my hand instead as we headed for the stairs.

Stopping on the second floor, I was amazed at the amount of people already here this early in the evening. Doing a double take, I realized that a lot of these people were partly or completely nude and engaging in various forms of entertainment. Reaching our table, we all sat and ordered drinks from a beautiful nude waitress. Man, it may be a little hard to concentrate tonight; I chuckled to my self. Smiling, you leaned toward me and suggested I ask Wendy to dance. Lightly kissing your lips, I smile and rose from the table. Wendy is staring deeply into my eyes as I reach for her hand.

Her hand was gripping mine tightly as we reached the dance floor. Turning her to me I say, "Relax Wendy." Reaching for her waist we begin moving to the music. My hands slide along her belly and back as we begin dancing more provocatively. Spinning her around, I pull her to me, my hard cock pressing into her ass, as my hands caress her blouse cover belly.

"Oh God Chris," she gasps as my hands find each of her breasts and begin to knead. Still swaying to the beat, I grind my hard cock up against her, as I whisper in her ear.

"Ever fantasize about this Wendy," I whisper as my hands unbutton her blouse and side off her blouse.

"Ah," she moans out as my hands find her rock hard nipples and twist and pull. "Please, oh God please," Wendy moans out.

"Please what," I ask as my mouth finds her ear lobe and her blouse falls to the floor.

"I think I could cum right now," she moans as she reached around for my ass. My hands slid down from her heaving chest, over her quivering belly to her skirt.

"Oh God Chris! Yes!" She moaned again as I hiked her skirt up to stroke her wet pussy. While my mouth finds her neck, I push her skirt down, letting it fall to the floor.

Suddenly she turns to me, he mouth moving to mine. Her tongue thrusts into my mouth, as her hands franticly remove my shirt and pants. Backing up all the while, any semblance of dance was long lost as we backed nearly into a wall. With her arms wrapped around me I grasp her ass tightly, lifting her as her legs wrap around my waist. My cock finds her wet pussy, and I let her weight impale herself onto my throbbing rod. Breaking from the kiss she cries out,

"Oh God yes! Fuck me Chris! Please fuck me!" Pressing her back against the wall, I thrust my hard cock in her sopping pussy. As I pound her to the beat of the music, her fingers dig into my shoulders, her legs squeezing me tighter. Looking down and then back up, I watch her face as she enjoys my cock caressing her tender clit.

Lost in my own pleasure, I'm taken aback as another set of hands strokes my back and ass. It's Katherine.

"Mmm, you two look absolutely delicious," she says as she slides a hand to my chest. As my cock slides in and out of Wendy's hot wet cunt, Katherine moves her hand down my chest finally reaching my cock.

"Oh my Chris, very nice," Katherine moans. Moving her hand to Wendy's clit she pinches it lightly, causing Wendy to scream out in pleasure. Reaching around with an arm, I pull Katherine to me and kiss her deeply. My hand slides down her back to caress and squeeze her tender ass, as Katherine continues to pinch Wendy's clit.

Pulling back from our kiss, she turns to Wendy and kisses her too, deeply. Each woman sucking on the others tongue. Quickly I pull back from the wall; my cock still buried in Wendy. Wendy grips me tightly, as I lead Katherine to the corner of the room. Carefully I sit, then lay back on the soft carpeted floor as Wendy rides my cock from the top. Katherine is watching Wendy impale her self on my hardness. Smiling, I reach for her.

Kneeling to the floor, we again kiss deeply, my hands find her hard nipples. I hope Jenn is enjoying the show, I think as I reach for Katherine's leg. Spinning her around, I position her so that she is sitting on my face. Grasping her ass, I run my tongue up her wet slit until I find her hard clit. As I suck it hard into my mouth, I arch my hips so that I can thrust my cock faster into Wendy's pussy. I can feel the cum welling up in my balls as I slam harder. Moaning into Kathrine's pussy, I can feel her tremble on my face. Wendy's cunt tightens around my cock as she screams out in bliss. Katherine grinds her pussy against my mouth as I lap she begins to cum also. As I slam harder I moan louder into Katherine's cunt.

Katherine quickly moves from my face and pulls Wendy from my cock. Leaning down, Katherine and Wendy both lick and stroke my throbbing cock, their tongues touching. As they both look at me, I arch my back and explode mightily. Both ladies share my cum lapping at it, not wanting it to go to waste.

"Holy shit," I gasp as they both move up to my lips to kiss me. Smiling, I stand, and help them both up. With Wendy wearing garters stocking and heels, Katherine wearing only stockings and heels and me with absolutely nothing on, we walk back across the room to gather our clothes.

Quickly I look around to see if I can spot you. Yes, I just had great sex with two beautiful women, but I want you even more now. Picking up our clothes, Wendy starts to dress. I grasp her by the waist, I pull her to me, my cock dripping cum, pressing into her belly.

"Remember, relax," I say as my hand caresses her ass. Smiling I walk with Katherine and Wendy back to our table.

You and Katherine's husband are smiling at us as we approach. Coming up behind you, I lean down and kiss and nibble at your neck as my hand slides down inside you dress, gently twisting and pulling at your nipples.

"Ah," you moan out, as my mouth finds yours. My tongue slips between your lips as I share Katherine's sweet cum with you.


You seemed to be in a very good mood as you return from the dance floor to our table. You are smiling sweetly from ear to ear, but I spy a glint in your eyes. You walked around the side of the table to where I am sitting, lean down and nibble and kiss my neck. Your hand slides down the front of my dress to caress my breasts. You lips meet mine to kiss me and let me taste them. I break the kiss off, chuckling, and look you up and down, stopping for a short time on your cock. Even in it's soft state, it sends a thrill through my body.

"You might want to get dressed, we have other things to see. I won't mind, the management might not, but you might, if you get approached too often."

You look down and chuckle, appraising your body and nod quickly. You separate your underwear from your pants and select a chair to begin dressing. Wendy is sitting trying to cover her body with both the table and her hands. Katherine sits down with her legs spread and reaches into Ray's pocket, pulls out a cigarette, lights it, and takes a long drag. I watch this display with not a little bit of jealously.

You dress quickly, gulp your drink and sit back watching a couple near us. The woman was on her back, then man on top of her in the 69 position. I motioned to our server and asked him to get Wendy a robe. Her shirt seems to have been dirtied from the dance floor. I hand him her shirt and he took it to be laundered. She slipped into the robe gratefully.

I rose from the table and held out my hands once again. This time Wendy slipped her hand into mine. We walked into the main lobby, and headed towards the elevator. I decided not to take the stairs this time because I was afraid the two of you might be very tired and needed time to re-group. Ray and Katherine joined us and the five of us rode up.

On the third floor, we entered into a hallway, the floor was carpeted in a rich blue carpet. You leaned close to me, whispering that you knew that color. I smiled and squeezed Wendy's hand. The first room we came to was glass paneled so the occupants could be seen from the outside with out disturbing them inside. There were three women entangled on the pillows on the floor. One was a redhead with coloring very similar to mine. The other two were black, one very dark, the other very light. The two black women were rubbing on the redhead, one on her breasts and torso. The other wielded a vibrator between the redhead's legs. The redhead was obviously in the throws of passion. As we watched the first black woman mover her pussy over the redhead's face. The redhead started sucking and working her clit.

The second woman moved away from the red head, reached into a chest and pulled out a strap on. She put it on and proceeded to move underneath the redhead. This took some maneuvering, as the redhead was loath to let go of the woman she was eating out. The woman with the strap on slid it into the redhead's ass and started fucking her with it. She also moved the vibe back into place and we watched the three of them continued on with their love play.

Wendy started to shake next to me and she whispered.

"God, that looks good." You looked at her and reached out and stroked her breast. Katherine walked over to Wendy, and slid her hand into Wendy's pussy, she gently pushed her into the glass, moved the robe out of the way and slowly slid her index finger into Wendy's ass, moving it in and out. Wendy moaned and cried out. Katherine said,

"You've never had a finger in your ass? You poor dear, what you have missed."

Ray gently pulled his wife away, and said

"Katherine, remember, no displays in the hallway, this is for observation only."

Wendy stayed pressed against the glass, shaking, her eyes closed. You reached out to her, and pulled her into your arms and said.

"Whatever you want, we'll do tonight, ok?" Wendy nodded dumbly and we continued our tour.

The second room was filled with people. They all were in various positions and were all touching as many people as they could. Your eyebrows went up and you said,

"An orgy, a true orgy. Wow." I smiled at you again and told you to go in if that was your desire. You shook your head and pulled me close and whispered in my ear,

"No, I want you, I want to see you cum, feel you cum, no one else, not right now."

I raised my eyebrow and said,

"Not even Wendy? I figured you'd want the both of us."

You chucked and kissed me instead of answering. We continued down the hall, stopping whenever an activity caught our attention. There were many rooms, one with a huge X in the middle of it where a man was being paddled as a young woman sucked on his cock. There was another with numerous sex toys with attendants servicing the people in the room in as many ways as they could. None of the attendants wore clothes, but each had on armbands to let the people know they were there on behalf of the club. Another room had a full nursery with a few people in cribs wearing diapers. I shook my head there and said,

"Not something I get." You agreed with me. Wendy walked on; her eyes searching each room, taking in all that she could see, her eyes getting wider by the minute and her breathing becoming more and more irregular. She had ceased holding on to my hand and was wandering ahead, looking for all the world like a child at the zoo for the first time.

We made the full circle and wound back up at the elevator. I motioned to a server and asked him to get Wendy's clothes. He nodded and left for a few minutes. He arrived with them and handed them to Wendy. She took them and looked around apparently looking for somewhere to change. I told her,

"Change here, no one will care." Wendy nodded and quickly got into her clothes. I watched absently as you came up behind me and stroked my breasts through my dress. My nipples hardened and I leaned against you, rubbing my ass against your cock, which was now hard again. Katherine came up to me, and kissed me while you played with my breasts. I kissed her back and fondled her bare ass. She moaned and said,

"Please lets go into a room, play with me, let me be your toy. You've been watching all night and I want to pleasure you."

I pushed her away gently and shook my head.

"Some other time, I have plans for my first orgasm of the day." Then I looked toward you. Katherine nodded and moved back to Ray. We rode the elevator down and I asked Johnathan to please get my keys. He reached behind his desk, nodded to a server and asked them to pull the car around for us. While we were waiting, I turned to Wendy and said,

"Wendy, this is where your choice comes in, I want to go back to my house, where the three of us can be in private. I would like you to come with us, but it is up to you. There is one rule there, I want you to be happy and I won't tolerate any snide remarks. What do you say?"

* Chris *

As I followed you down the halls of the mansion, I was amazed at all that I was seeing. Some, if not most of it, was arousing, but other scenes, well, just weren't my bag. As we moved around the mansion, I carried my clothes, completely unaware of my own nudity. Wendy seemed to have loosened up quite a bit. She had left her cloths behind, and stared, in what appeared to be awe at times, at the different scenes playing out to us.

As we reached the elevator, you had Wendy's clothes brought to her. I pulled my cloths back on, as Katherine approached you. She was obviously enamored with you, but you turned her away. I could see the disappointment in Katherine's eyes, as she smiled and walked away.

As Wendy fumbled putting her clothes back on, I walked to you, slipping my hand into the small of your back. My lips lightly graze your, as I whisper

"This evening has been incredible", I say as my hand slips to your ass, pulling into my hardening cock. "Can you feel my excitement", I whisper as my cock presses into you harder. "It's for you honey", I whisper again, then pulling away.

As I step back, I watch as you lightly lick your lips, your eyes locked with mine, then step toward Wendy. The question you posed to Wendy was both simple and direct. Can you behave Wendy and not be a bitch? I glanced over to Wendy waiting for her reply. She lightly bit her lip, her eyes moving from your, to mine then back to yours.

"Jenn, I've done things tonight I never thought I'd ever do. You've opened my eyes. I know I was, maybe am, a bitch. But I'd really like to stay with you and Chris tonight", she says as her hand reaches for your waist. "I promise I'll behave she almost moans as her hand lightly runs up side. Over your breast, to your face where she lightly brushes your hair aside.

As we head for your car, I can't help but reflect back up on what's happened over the last few hours. I couldn't believe as I watched my prim and proper, (and let's not forget bitchy), boss transformed into a sexual animal right before my eyes. Watching as you, brought Wendy to orgasm in the bar. Then later watching stroke her clit in the Limo to another climax. As we descended the stairs to the waiting car, I again grin, thinking back to myself pumping a load of hot cum down my married boss's throat as you, stroked my chest. And the club! What a fucking night and I haven't even touched you yet, I thought to my self.


When Wendy finally gave me her agreement, I asked you to drive us to my house. The car was pulled around and I got in shot gun as Wendy slipped into the back seat and we took off. She was pilled across the seat, her eyes wide, but no appearing the need for conversation or to even move. For a second, I wasn't too sure she was breathing. Then the looked at me from the window and smiled. I grinned and reached out with one hand and started caressing your thigh. I wished we could have kept the two of you naked, but I didn't want to get any of us into trouble. As my hand moved up and down your leg, you started to squirm. I grinned in the dark and thought back to the way you pulled me close and let me know you wanted me. The phrase you used, "It's for you honey", echoed through my head.

I reached over and let my fingers skim your cock through your pants. Your fingers tightened on the steering wheel and you glanced over at me very quickly. You mouthed my name, groaning ever so slightly. I reached further up, unzipping them, and pulled you out. You swallowed, looked over at me again and whispered,

"I'm driving!"

"I know, I want to see you hard now. Keep driving I don't mind." You moaned and pulled over onto the side of the road.

"Woman, you could get us killed. What do you think you are doing?"

I laughed and kissed you. The kiss got stronger than I had intended. Our tongues were dancing and your hand was caressing my breast through the thin material of my dress. Wendy sat forward a bit and whispered,

"I'll drive."

You stopped for a second, looked at her, opened your mouth, and looked back at me. I slowly shook my head and pointed to the road, mouthing the word drive. You sighed, and put the car back into gear and started our way down the road. I continued to stroke your cock, nothing too exciting, but soft slow strokes with occasional tweaks to your tip. We pulled into my driveway, and I dug around in my purse to open the garage door. You pulled up next to my Harley in the garage giving it a second glance. I took you hand, and reached out to Wendy as we strolled into the kitchen. I turned to you, reached out and stroked your exposed cock and said,


* Chris *

As we entered your kitchen, my mind was a wash with desire. Your hand had messaged my aching member all the way to your house, and at times I was almost unable to concentrate on the road. Wendy had been quiet in the back seat for most of the ride. Glancing in the rear view mirror several times, I noticed her hands stroking her breasts and thighs.

As we pulled into your garage, I noticed your hog, which at first surprised me, but then brought a grin to my face. This woman never ceases to amaze me, I thought to myself. You our hands and guided us into your kitchen. With my cock still, exposed through my open pants, you released Wendy's hand and grasped my hard cock, slowly stroking it.

Well, you ask as you move closer to me. Your eyes cutting to Wendy's then back to mine as you squeeze harder on my throbbing member. Reaching for you, I press my lips to yours, hard. Hungrily, my fingers stoke your hair, as my tongue slips between your soft wet red lips, searching for your talented tongue. My other hand strokes your back, pulling you tighter to me, gripping your dress and ass as I move further down. As my hands move back to your shoulders to slip your dress straps aside, I feel another set of hands reach around me to unbutton my shirt. Gasping, I watch while your dress falls to the floor, as Wendy slips my shirt off. My hands slide down your side, then back up to your breasts, as Wendy slides my pants to the floor. I can feel Wendy's hands undressing me, but my eyes are shut as I enjoy touching and caressing your body.

Finding your hard erect nipples, I pinch, twist and pull, as your body trembles against mine. My hand slides down your waist, grasping your panty clad ass, I pull you hard into my cock while helping you to support your weight. I can feel Wendy's hands slide slowly up my legs, and over my tightening ass. Rising to her feet, she licks and nibbles at my ear, as her hand slides from my ass to your waist. As Wendy moves behind you, I stumble against the wall, as you lean into me. Wendy's mouth and tongue move from my ear to your neck, as she nibbles and licks down your back. I can hear your moaning, as your body tremble and almost shakes in my grasp. Wendy slowly slides your now wet panties slowly down your legs, as you thrust your tongue deeper into my mouth.

"Oh god", you moan as Wendy lightly traces her fingers up the inside of each of your legs, finally reaching your quivering pussy. Lightly she slides a finger between your wet pussy lips as you moan again into my mouth. Slowly, Wendy's hand slides from your wet pussy, over your tight ass, and up your back. My cock presses harder into your stomach, I hold you tighter, now almost supporting your weight for you. Wendy, still dressed and now on her feet, reaches around your back, finds your breast and gently squeezes and massages your heaving breast.

Wendy finds your ear with her tongue, nibbling and sucking, as her hand continues on your breast. Pulling back from our deep kiss, you throw your head back and moan out loudly. My eyes open, and I can see the passion in your face, as both Wendy and I support your weight for you.

As Wendy nibbles at your neck, her eyes turn to me and she says,

"Why don't we take our new friend to the bedroom Chris, where she would be more comfortable?"


While waiting for your answer, I glance at you and at Wendy. You answer me by pulling me close, kissing me. You pour all the desire you must have felt into that kiss. Your tongue caresses mine, making me dizzy, causing me to loose strength. I vaguely feel the chill as my dress slides down my hips to pool in a silken black puddle on the floor.

I have no awareness of anything but your hands, your lips, your tongue. Suddenly I feel Wendy's breasts pressed into my back, her hands roaming around my legs and thighs. I feel my panties slip to the floor, and her fingers moving across my clit. When her hesistant fingers touch me, I rip my mouth from yours, leaning back into her lips and cry out.

Wendy suggests we move to the bedroom which barely registers in my desire induced daze. I would follow either of you anywhere. My desire is at a fever pitch, I feel as though I am burning up with it. I had watched all night and not allowed myself any release. The depravation was pleasurable in itself but now the time had come to cum. I waited, feeling strangely disjointed, strangely light, anticipating. I would have screamed out from my need, but waited silently.

You pushed me away from you and my body cried out silently, the seperation seeming too painful to bear. Slowly, gently, you turned me in the direction of my room, and gave me a small nudge to start me moving. Wendy stayed close to me, her hand on my waist. I had no idea what she was doing to you. I didn't care. I wanted to be with the both of you and to blend the three of us into one being.

We arrived in my room, I walked over to the fireplace, clicked it on, and turned. I saw you entering the room, naked. In my mind I wondered how you got that way or even if you had had clothes on at all that evening. I sat on the edge of the bed, and watched as you slowly kissed Wendy on the neck. I rose, walked to Wendy and carefully started undoing the buttons on her blouse. When her breasts were bare, I slowly stroked them, watching her nipples harden even more and chills appear on her warm flesh. I bent my head, and sucked one into my mouth. Wendy cried out and gripped my head and hair. With my hand, I pinched an twisted her other breast. She moved into me and I noticed that her skirt had fallen, and you were slowly rolling her stockings down her legs. The pull of her pussy was too strong. I fell to my knees pushed her legs apart and lowered my mouth to her.

My tongue found her clit, I gently sucked it into my mouth. I maintained suction while I ran my tongue around it. Wendy's hands tightened in my hair and she swayed. I reached around her and steadied her with my hands. One slipped around the outside of her hips, the other wound in between her legs. I slowly pushed two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She cried out again. I started to fuck her with my hand, adding a third finger. When she was seconds away from cumming I moved my fingers to her ass and gently inserted one in. As I moved it in and out, she started to thrust against me, grinding her clit against my mouth. I moved my other hand to her pussy and inserted all four fingers inside her. She screamed her pleasure and came, drenching my hands in her cum.

Suddenly you appeared, standing in front of me. I grasped you by your cock and started to suck on you. My fingers fondling your balls, stroking, pushing. I ran one finger back to your ass, and teased you there. You gripped my head as hard as Wendy had. I took you as deeply as I could. Feeling your cock slipping down my throat, I sucked even harder to bring you. I wanted you to cum, I wanted to taste you as I had last night. I was aware of nothing but your body and how I was concentrating on it. It wasn't long before I felt the tensing in you and your balls rose up, pouring your cum into my mouth and throat. I sucked you till you were dry and then continued to suck on you till you pushed me away.

* Chris *

As we moved from your kitchen to your bedroom, you seemed to be almost in a daze. With my arm resting lightly on your back and waist, I helped to guide you down the hall. Wendy's hand, also at your waist, slid slowly down to lightly caress your tender ass, then back to your waist where she found my arm to stroke.

As we entered your bedroom, you walked blindly to the fireplace, finding the remote and clicking it on. At this point, Wendy was the only one still with any clothes on. My erection almost hurt with desire as I watch the firelight radiate from your body.

With my eyes locked on you, I can feel Wendy's fingers lightly stroking my arm. Turning to look at Wendy, I can see that she too is focused on your body. I watch as her tongue slightly penetrates her lips, then snakes back in as she lightly bites her lower lip. The desire in her eyes, as well as the rest of her face as she watches you, is more than evident, as I move my hand up her back and move in behind her.

My lips find Wendy's soft neck and I nibble and lick as she moans out in pleasure. My hard cock presses against her wrinkled skirt as I lick and nibble my way up to her ear. My hands caress Wendy's sides, as I watch you rise from the bed just a few feet away. Wendy leans her head back onto my shoulder as you approach the two of us.

Wendy gasps out, as you lightly touch her heaving chest. As you unbutton the last of her buttons from her blouse, my hands reach for you to pull you closer to the two of us. With her breathing strained, and her chest heaving, my lips move from Wendy's neck and down her now bare shoulders, as your mouth discovers her swollen nipples. My hands slowly slide down Wendy's quivering body as I trace a line with my tongue down her bare back.

Wendy's body trembles and shakes as you take her beckoning breast into you soft sweet mouth. As Wendy moans out in pleasure, I unzip her skirt and slide it to the floor. Now on my knees behind Wendy, I look up and watch as your mouth caresses Wendy's heaving chest. Starting at Wendy's ankle, both my hands run up her leg, reaching the tops of her stocking. Lightly I caress her leg, as I roll her stoking down. As my hands reach for her other leg, I watch as your mouth and tongue move down her belly, reaching her dripping pussy. Slowly I remove the stocking, as well as the heels from Wendy's feet.

Rising to my feet, my hands slide up Wendy's sides as your tongue darts in and out of Wendy's wet pussy. Reaching around, I grasp Wendy's breasts as I help to support her weight as you continue to fuck Wendy with your tongue and fingers. Wendy's moans become near screams of pleasure as she nears her breaking point. I watch as you slide a finger into her tight ass, as she bucks her dripping pussy against your face and hands. Grasping her nipples I twist and pull, urging her orgasm on.

As she screams out in orgasmic bliss, I help to guide her trembling body to the bed. We both watch as Wendy falls to the bed, still moaning in bliss. Looking down, my eyes meet yours. My cock throbs, as you grab it and hungrily suck my entire length into your mouth and down your throat. "Oh God", I almost scream, as I can feel you tongue and mouth messaging my throbbing cock. Grasping your hair, I pull you harder on to me, as I thrust my hips at your mouth.

"OH FUCK", I scream as I can feel my cum well up in my balls and race up my rigid cock shaft. My legs tremble as the power of the orgasm over takes me. Gripping your hair, I can feel stream after stream pump from my cock into your sucking mouth.

Gathering myself, I look down and watch as you continue to suck me dry. I look over and notice Wendy watching the two of us, one hand on her breast the other between her spread legs. Stepping back, my cock slips from your mouth as I lean down to help you to your feet. Smiling, I gently kiss your soft lips as my hands explore your body.

As my tongue slips into you sweet mouth, I gather you up in my arms and lay you onto the bed, my mouth never leaving yours. My hand slide down your soft belly to your thigh, as my tongue moves to your breast. I can feel your back arch to my hand as it approaches you starving wet pussy. Wendy leans over and replaces my tongue with hers, as she kisses you passionately.

Finding your breast, I suck your hardened nipple in hard, biting as I do. My free hand spreads your legs wide as it strokes your inner thighs. As my hand finds your tender lips, I can her your muffled moan penetrate Wendy's mouth.

Moving from the bed, I reach and grab Wendy's stocking from the floor. Carefully, I loosely tie each or your arms to the head board, as you moan your approval. Meanwhile, Wendy has moved her way down your neck to your chest, where she is sucking, nibbling and biting your tender nipples. You eyes seem to plead with mine for some type of release, as I reach down and slowly stroke myself. My cock aches as I watch Wendy pleasure you so. Slowly Wendy licks her way down your belly, as you close your eyes in anticipation of her tongue.

Your back arches to her mouth as I reach over and pull Wendy's leg over you into a 69. Your arms tighten against the stockings as Wendy's tongue licks at your wet pussy. "Ah", you moan as Wendy's virgin tongue explores your swollen lips.

Slowly I walk to the foot of the bed, as I watch the two of you fuck each other. Wendy's face is buried nose deep in you wet pussy as you thrash about your bed helplessly.

Smiling, I crawl up from the foot of the bed, as Wendy looks up, her face glistening from your wetness. Smiling at me, she spreads your legs a bit wider as I kneel between them. Wendy reaches for my cock and strokes it a time or two, before guiding it to you trembling cunt. As my cock head touches your quivering lips, you scream out,

"OH GOD YES. PLEASE! YES". Smiling I watch my cock slide deep within your wetness, as Wendy pinches and rolls your clit with her fingers.


By the time you tie my hands, I am trembling, shaking with desire. My pussy is on fire. My heart is thudding so rapidly in my chest I fear the both of you can hear it. When you move Wendy over me I wanted nothing more than to eat her out as she worked on me, but she positioned her self so that I could not reach her.

Her tongue worked my clit and swollen lips as I ground into her face. Suddenly she moved up and around my side. I could see you leaning into me. Your cock was rock hard and I could see the pre-cum glistening already. I was grateful that you were ready so soon. I knew I needed cock, and I wanted none other than yours. As you slowly slid into me I screamed out. I had no idea if it was actual words or just animal sounds that were emanating from my throat.

I cold feel every inch of you sliding in working your way deep. When you bottomed out I finally realized that Wendy was not just sitting, watching but was actually playing with me while you were sliding in. The realization, the intense pleasure and the long denial of my need all combined into one mind blowing orgasm. My pelvic muscles clamped down so hard that you couldn't move. The stocking bit into my wrists and every muscle in my body tightened in waves.

"Ah my God" echoed in my head and around the room. I was suddenly totally drained and yet curiously alive. You watched my face as I came and our eyes never left each other. As soon as the spasms subsided you smiled and whispered,

"You're not done yet, you still have me to deal with." I laughed out loud the sheer joy of my body giving itself voice. You smiled, leaned over and kissed me. You tongue dancing with mine for the briefest of amount of time. While you kissed me you started to move, slowly, in and out, the sensation was amazing. You leaned back, grasping my hips and lifted me to you. You started slamming yourself into me, hard. Over and over and over, soon my body responded I seemed to be cumming with each thrust. Wave after wave of orgasm crashed over me. I was lost to the situation I was in. I felt you withdraw and my eyes wandered to you. Wendy was leaning over me, her mouth wrapped around your cock. Your head was thrown back, your eyes were closed and your hands still gripped my waist. The room came into focus again as I watched you moan and grip me convulsively.

Wendy moaned as her throat and mouth worked around your cock. I could only watch as she sucked down your cum and as you cried out. I felt helpless, tied as I was. The two of you collapsed onto the bed, one on each side of me. You curled around me one arm tucked under my head, the other hand loosening the ties that bound my hands. I worked one arm around Wendy's head and curled her to my shoulder. The three of us curled up like puppies, panting slightly, totally sated.

I turned to you, and kissed you. Our tongues danced for a while, then you broke the kiss and leaned over to give Wendy the same treatment. Wendy broke that kiss after a few minutes and kissed me. I snuggled down, and waited to see what would happen next. Chris

As my cock slowly slid into you, I could feel you grip my throbbing hard cock with your pussy, as you screamed out in ecstasy. Wendy's delicate fingers stroked your tender clit as my cock slid in deeper and deeper. As my cock bottomed out, every muscle in your body seemed to tense up, as an orgasm ripped through your body.

Your arms fought against their restraints as you arched your back to my penetrating member. With my cock buried motionless deep within your pussy, Wendy twisted, rubbed and pinched your clit as your ecstasy continued. I could feel your cum pumping from your pussy and onto my tight balls. Wendy's hand moved in a blur on your clit, as you peaked with an animalistic scream. My eyes never left yours, as you thrashed about the bed in bliss.

As your body began relaxing, Wendy slowly pulled her hand from your wet pussy and slid her cum soaked fingers into her mouth. Licking each clean. Smiling at you, I mention something to the affect that you still have me to deal with.

As we both laugh out loud, I lean down and press my lips to yours. My tongue slips between your soft lips, and wraps itself around yours. Slowly I begin moving my hips, working my cock in and out of your tight wet pussy. Moaning, I pull back from our kiss and grasp your hips. Wendy hands move to your belly, then up to your heaving chest to message your breasts and nipples as I lift your hips to me.

Wendy leans down and sucks your breast hard into her mouth, as I slam my cock harder and harder into you. Gripping you tighter and tighter, I fuck your tight pussy faster and faster. I can feel your muscles gripping at my cock, as you moan then scream out my name. I can feel the burning from with in, as my balls slap your ass, and know that I am close to exploding.

As I was pounding my cock deep with in you, Wendy had moved from your hard erect nipples, to my chest. Nibbling in on my ear, she urged me to fuck you faster.

"Make Jenn cum Chris. Make her cum again all over your hard cock. Faster Chris! I can hear her wetness, can you?"

"Oh God", I scream out. Quickly Wendy slides her hand down my chest. Glancing at her, I let my cock slide from your now quivering pussy. Grasping my hips, she takes my cum soaked cock into her mouth. Her hands move to my ass, as she urges me deeper into her mouth. I can feel her tongue and throat working on my throbbing member. Grabbing her hair I pull her tighter to me as I thrust my hips to her face while closing my eyes. Her mouth milks my cock as I scream out in pleasure. My hands tighten, as my cum races from my balls, up my hard shaft and into her hungry mouth.

"Ah", I moan as I pump wave after wave of cum deep into her throat.

As my orgasm subsides, I fall to the bed next to you, as does Wendy. My mind racing, I struggle to regain my breath. Reaching up I release your left arm from it stocking restraint, as Wendy does the same to your right. Leaning into you I again press my lips to yours, my semi erect cock pressing into your hip. Pulling away from our kiss, I reach out for Wendy and kiss her also. Leaning back, Wendy finds your tender lips also.

Reaching up, you pulled Wendy tighter to you, as if you wanted to suck my cum from her mouth. I could tell that the passion was increasing as both you and Wendy moaned out. Both you and Wendy had rolled to your sides and were now stroking and fondling one another as your kiss intensified. Oh Christ, I thought to myself, as my cock grew harder and harder, pressing into your back.

As your legs intertwined with Wendy's, you rolled over on to her. Your hands found her willing breasts and you squeezed and messaged them almost desperately, as your mouths remained locked. Wendy's legs wrapped around you, as if to draw you in closer.

Moving to my knees, I ran my hand lightly down your back, as I moved behind the both of you. My hand lightly caressed and stroked your ass as I watched you grind your pussy and clit against Wendy's. With both you and Wendy's bodies thrashing against one another, I lightly slide my hand down your ass to where your pussy met Wendy's. Both you and Wendy groan out from my touch. Breaking away from Wendy's lips, you cried out,

"Oh God, fuck me Chris! Please."

Smiling to my self, I slid first one then two fingers into your dripping wet cunt.

"Oh yes", you screamed as you ground harder into Wendy's wetness. Slowly I worked my fingers in and out of your wet hole, as I knelt behind the two of you.

Slipping in a third finger, I fucked your pussy faster with my hand, as I reached for my cock with my other. Slamming my fingers into you, I stop knuckle deep.

"Oh God no", you cry out, as I press my cock against Wendy's tight wet pussy.

"Oh yes", Wendy screams as I slide my cock in balls deep. As I work my hips into Wendy, I twist and move my fingers into you. Groaning and moaning, you grind your finger filled pussy against Wendy. Wendy moaned as I thrust in faster. Quickly I pull my fingers out and slap your ass.

'Turn to me Jenn," I say as I continue fucking Wendy. Moving off of Wendy, you turn to me with a questioning look in your eyes. I glance down at Wendy as she wraps her legs around my waist, in order to draw me in deeper. Pulling you to me, I kiss you again deeply. Wendy reaches for your waist, as she guides your pussy to her mouth.

Pulling my cock from Wendy, I move from the bed and watch as you lean down onto Wendy in a 69. Smiling I, I settle back in a chair, massaging and stroking my cock as I watch two incredibly beautiful women in the throws of passion.


After you moved out of Wendy, I went straight for her clit. I worked her pussy around my tongue and kept massaging her clit. I pushed three fingers into her and fucked her with my hand. She laid her head back and started to cry out as she slammed her hips into my hand and mouth. I worked my fingers deep into her, making sure that I hit her g-spot each time I entered in and pulled out. Wendy worked her hips around little screams coming from her mouth.

I thought for a second about where you had gone and I raised my head to look around. I saw you sitting in the armchair across from the foot of the bed. You were slowly stroking your cock and you had the smallest of smiles on your face. You appeared totally relaxed, sprawled out as you were in the chair, those incredible legs stretched out in front of you.

While I took in the sight of you, Wendy started to cry out louder than before. She bucked her hips against my hand rubbing my thumb, which had replaced my tongue, harder and harder. Her pussy clamped down on my hand and her cum coated my hand. She screamed, the sound slicing through the air, causing you to tighten ever so lightly. I kept moving my hand until she relaxed against the bed.

I got up, slowly, and stood before you as you sat there. Deliberately I sucked the cum off of each of my fingers, licking my hand much in the same way that I had licked yours the night before. You eyes never left my tongue, watching as I sucked the sweet drops into my mouth, licking my lips afterwards.

Wendy came up behind me, and the two of us watched you. Our eyes devouring your body, our hands caressing each other. You swallowed hard, your breathing accelerated, you hand tightened a bit on your cock.

I stood before you, took Wendy's hands and covered my breasts with them. She moaned softly behind me.

"Cum for us Chris, " I said as we slowly advanced on you, the both of us dropping to our knees, watching your hand move up and down on your cock. With your free hand, you reached out to Wendy's shoulder behind me. My hand came up and slapped it away.

"No", I said softly "cum for us, let your eyes feast on us, but no touching us." Your face fell for a second, but then you realized that Wendy was moving to my side. I laid her on her back and knelt between her legs, making sure they were spread wide and that you could see her pussy as it was exposed to air. You're eyes were drawn to her. She played with her nipples as I reached out one finger and stroked her down one side of her pussy, dragging the juice onto my finger. When my finger was drenched, I reached up to your lips and anointed them. You moaned softly.

"Can you smell her Chris? Her pussy is drenched, full of heat, full of wet, tight, ready for you. Do you want to touch her?" You nodded and I smiled. "She is ready to be fucked. She needs to be fucked, she needs to have your cock inside her. Close your eyes Chris, feel yourself sliding into her, her heat tightly gripping you." Your eyes closed, your mouth moved into a small smile. I continued to tease Wendy, making sure she stayed vocal, alerting your senses. As I started to seriously bring her to climax, she called out your name, crying out loudly. The same time you came, shooting your cum into the air. It landed on Wendy's left leg her hand snaked out and her fingers rubbed it into her skin. The two of you sagged where you were and I waited until your breathing settled down. I stood, and walked into the shower and started it. I piled my hair on top of my head and stepped in.

The steam enveloped me, the water felt like heaven. I ran my hands over my breasts, soaping them with the bar of soap. I heard the two of you enter, and watched through the clear glass as you and Wendy entered the shower with me. Wendy took the bar from me, and lathered my back while you worked the soap into my skin, the water pounded over the three of us. I could hear nothing over the roar of the water and could feel nothing but gentle hands massaging my muscles. I reached down and started to slowly stroke your balls. Smiling at the way your cock responded with a tired twitch.

For the moment, I decided to ignore Wendy and lifted my hands to either side of your face, brought your lips down to mine and kissed you softly, slowly, caressing your lips with my tongue, coaxing them open, teasing your tongue to dance with mine. When you pulled away from me, your eyes puzzled, I mouthed the words thank you and turned to Wendy. I moved her next to you, kissing the back of her neck, running my hands over her ass and watched you watching her.

* Chris *

Stepping from the bed, I watch lustfully as your mouth and tongue replace my cock on Wendy's glistening pussy. With out taking my eyes from the two of you, I move back to your armchair and slowly recline into it. With my left hand gripping the arm, my right moves to my throbbing cock and gently squeezes, as I watch your tongue and fingers dance on Wendy's quivering mound.

As my fingers wrap around my hardening cock, I slip further into the chair my ass on the edge of the seat. My eyes narrow a bit as I watch you slide finger after finger into Wendy. As Wendy thrashes about on the bed and screams out in pleasure, I realize that you're watching as I watch you. A sly grin crosses my face as I lightly bite my lip and stoke my cock. I watch intently as Wendy arches her hips into you hand, her body only supported by her shoulders and legs. Her screams of pleasure send shivers up and down my spine. My hand grips my cock tightly, as I continue stroking my cock. My legs spread wider as I stroke in time with your thrusting fingers. As Wendy cried out as she climaxes and I can see her glistening wetness sparkle on your hand as she slumps back onto the bed.

Every muscle in my body seems to have tightened from what I have just witnessed. Still watching me, you slowly move from the bed and walk towards me. My grip has weakened a bit on my cock as you stand before me. My lips part a bit, mimicking yours as you bring your cum soaked fingers to your mouth to suck them dry. My eyes never leave your sweet red mouth as you carefully suck and lick each finger clean.

As your fingers slide from your mouth, I notice Wendy over your shoulder, her hand gently resting on your slender waist. Wendy watches as my hand slowly slide up and down my aching cock, her eyes moving in time with my hand. Glancing down at me, a sly grin slides across you face. Your hands reach for Wendy's, bring them to your breasts. I watch as Wendy kneads and strokes you tender breasts. As she pulls and twists at your nipples, you look at me dead in the eyes.

"Cum for us Chris", you almost command. The sound of your voice is enough to take my breath away, but this was almost too much. My hand tightly grips my cock, working the skin up and down as my fingers rub against the underside of my swollen head. My left hand slides from the armrest, across my thigh and lightly grasps my swollen balls. As I watch the both of you fall to your knees before my spread legs; I lightly but firmly grasp and pull at my balls tightening the skin on my cock. Moving my hand from my balls, I reach out to Wendy's shoulder, but you slap it away.

"Watch us Chris", you quietly say. "Cum for us Chris". I look at you a bit puzzled. I need release. Oh fuck I'm so hard I have to cum, I think to myself. Turning slightly, you guide Wendy onto her back, positioning her so that her pussy faces me. Licking my lips, my hand dance a little faster on my aching shaft as you run a finger up and down her wet pussy. My eyes are drawn to the both of you, and I moan out uncontrollably. Reaching up to me, you slide your wet finger into my mouth, and I hungrily suck it dry.

"Can you taste her? Can you smell her? She's so fucking wet Chris. She's ready to be fucked. Her pussy is begging for your hard cock Chris. Close your eyes and imagine your cock in her wet pussy?"

"Ah" I moan as my eyes slide shut. I can her Wendy's moans as well, as my hand races up and down my aching cock. My legs spread even wider, as I can feel cum start to well in my balls. I can hear the wet sound that Wendy's pussy is making as your fingers slide in and out of her pussy.

"Oh God Chris!" Wendy cries out as I arch my back from the chair. As Wendy explodes again into your hand, my cock explodes. As I loudly groan out, a stream of thick white cum shoots from me out onto Wendy's legs.

"Oh God", I moan. Trying to catch my breath, I watch as you smile at me, rise to your feet and walk towards the bathroom. I try to speak, but I'm unable to catch my breath in time. Slumping back into the chair, I look down at an exhausted Wendy, her eyes are shut as her chest heaves in an attempt to regain her breath also. Smiling, I chuckle out loud. Wendy opens her eyes and sits up a bit.

"What's so funny", she asks with a questioning look on her face. Smiling from ear to ear I reply,

"Nothing really, its just that, well..."

"Well what", Wendy asks as she sits up completely. "Is something wrong?"

"No Wendy, nothings wrong", I say as I watch the sweat roll down off her body. "Its just that I've spent the last 12 months blowing a load in the men's room while I was fantasizing about you, and I just shot a load onto your thigh!"

"Is that so", Wendy says with a sly gin on her face. "Well, I have to admit that I really played up to that bulge you constantly had your pants." Laughing loudly, I rise to my feet and help Wendy to hers.

"Is that so. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to have a raging hard on while you sitting in a meeting," I say.

"Absolutely! There nothing like having to explain to your husband why you freaking panties are soaked when you get off from work every damn day," Wendy says laughing. "So tell me Chris, what were you thinking about while you were in the men's room? Wendy says with an almost wicked grin on her face. As I start to reply, I hear the shower turn on. Smiling I pull Wendy to me, kissing her lightly.

"What you want me to just tell you? What's the fun in that," I say grinning from ear to ear. Grasping her hand, I guide Wendy to the shower. "Come on," I say grinning, "let's go clean up."

Holding the door to the shower as Wendy walks in, I watch as you smile sweetly at me. Taking the bar of soap from you, Wendy slowly begins lathering your back. My hands quickly find your soft skin, massaging the soap into your breasts and belly. Your hand snakes down my belly to my tired cock, gently stroking it. Slowly you look up into my eyes, cupping my face with each soft hand. You lips reach for mine, and our tongues rediscover one another. Gently they dance as my hands stroke and message you slender back and ass. Pulling back, you whisper a thank you.

Turning back to Wendy, You gently kiss her neck as you guide her towards me. Pressing me into the corner, the water and steam cascades from the three of us as my mouth finds Wendy's. My eyes close as your hand slide between Wendy to grasp my hardening cock. My hands slide down Wendy's sides, to her ass, as you move to my side. Grasping Wendy's ass, I lift her as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

Wendy's back presses against the steamy shower wall as your mouth nibbles at my ear. "Let me Chris", your breathe into my ear, as your hand guides my cock to Wendy's wet cunt.

"Ahh," I moan as my cock slides deep into Wendy.

"Fuck her Chris", you breathe as your hands continue stoking my back and Wendy's breast.

Grasping Wendy's ass, I slam my cock hard and deep into her. Wendy grasps my back, her nails almost tearing into my skins as my cock rocks in and out of her throbbing pussy.

"Faster Chris", you cry at me as my cock hammers into Wendy's pussy.

"Ah God", I moan as I explode deep in Wendy. Wendy's legs tighten as she cums again. Sliding from my grasp, you help to bathe both Wendy and I. I can look at Wendy and I can tell she's absolutely exhausted. I'm not far from it, I think to myself as we all step from the shower. Grabbing a towel, you carefully dry first Wendy, and then me. Smiling, you turn and we follow you to the bedroom.

Climbing into bed, Wendy settles in on one side of me, you on the other. My arm around each of you, Wendy mumbles something just before she slips off to sleep. My body feels heavy from exhaustion as you slowly stroke my chest.

I can feel you breath on my cheek as you urge me to rest. As my eyes go heavy, I mumble something inaudible.

I can't tell if I'm dreaming now or not. I mean shit; the last 2 days have been a fucking dream. My body tingles and my back arches as my cock is gently caressed. Your head is resting on my chest as your hand slowly messages my cock. Glancing at Wendy, I notice she's turned to her side and is soundly asleep. Slowly turn back to you, my arm pulling you closer to me. As you look up at me, I slide down, gaining access to you soft lips. Gently I press mine to yours, as my hand stokes you soft hair. Our tongues intertwine, as my knee separates your legs. Gently I roll on to you, as your legs apart for me. Our kiss intensifies, as my cock grows hard against your belly. Gently my hands find your supple breasts, massaging them, lightly pinching and twisting your nipples. Gasping out, you break our kiss as you arch your head back. My mouth finds your neck as I nibble and suck your tender skin.

Pulling my hips back just a bit, I press inward, allowing my cock to press into your soft pussy. Gasping yet, you bend your knees back a bit further as my cock slips further into your tight pussy.

"Oh", you moan as I slowly work my cock in and out of you. I can feel every inch of your skin pressing into me as we work our bodies toward the one goal.

"Mmm", I breathe into your ear. As my cock slides over your sensitive clit, I whisper lightly into your ear. "This isn't a fuck baby. Let me make love to you." I can feel your pussy tighten as you head arches backward again. Pressing deep into you, you grasp at my back as I explode with you. My mouth finds yours again; out tongues making a love of their own.

To Be Continued...


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