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An Ego Trip
by Larry Taylor

Jeff grinned down at the man kneeling in front of him, very skeptical of his claim that it was his first time. The blowjob he was getting was much too good to be coming from a beginner. He glanced over at his beautiful wife Joy. The former beauty queen, now a successful catalog model, had put them up to it, and it wasn't the first time. Mark was just the latest in a succession of attractive young men who had succumbed to her beauty and charm. It was an ego trip for her. "You can have my body but first you must prove to me that you really want it," she would tell them. "If you suck my husband's cock while I watch, I will know that you are sincere. And believe me, you won't regret it."

They had met Mark at a singles bar where they had been successful in the past. Joy had danced with him a few times and they had bought each other drinks. Then Joy bluntly asked him if he would be interested in a threesome. Just as Joy and Jeff expected, he jumped at the chance. There are few men who would pass up the chance to fuck a gorgeous woman like Joy. He wanted to do it then, but Joy told him she would call the following day to arrange a get-together.

They had learned by trial and error that the best approach was with a follow-up call the next day. It went something like this:

"Hi, it's Joy from last night."

"Hi, Joy. How's it going?"

"Great! Listen, before we make a date for that threesome, there is something I must know. Have you ever sucked a dick?"

There was a long pause.

"No, I haven't."

"How about the other way? Ever get yours sucked by a guy?"

"No, never."

"It's hard to believe a good-looking guy like you hasn't tried it."

"I swear I haven't."

"If you want to get into my pants you're going to have to go that route with Jeff while I watch."

Another long pause.

"I'll think about it."

"No, I want an answer now or you'll never hear from me again."

"Well, I guess I could try it."

"You'll never get a better chance, and you have to admit, my husband is good-looking."

"Okay. I'll do it."

"You're going to love sucking his dick, baby."

Joy went on to arrange the date. Jeff wasn't surprised. The strategy worked every time. Joy and Jeff never invited their dates to their home or gave them their phone number. They were only interested in one-night stands. When they were finished with Mark, he would never hear from them again and he would have no way to contact them. They had arranged to meet him at a motel lounge. He was there when they arrived and was obviously eager to get started.

They had a drink and then checked into a room. "Get your clothes off," Joy ordered as she stretched out on the bed. Jeff and Mark stripped and stood in front of her. Joy was pleased to see that her soon-to-be lover was well-endowed. He wasn't yet erect, probably due to anxiety, but Joy figured he would measure out between eight and nine inches after her husband worked on him. She wasn't obsessed with size - Jeff's six inches suited her fine - but it was nice to get something bigger from time to time.

"Masturbate for me," she said. Jeff casually began to stroke his cock and, before long, Mark joined in. Joy relished the power she had over the two men. They were shamelessly jacking like teen-age boys right in front of her. She smirked when she realized that she could tell them to jack off and they would do it. She had them wrapped around her little figure. "Okay, do it to each other now."

Without hesitation, Jeff reached over and took Mark's big cock in his hand. It began to stiffen as he stroked it. "Get your hand on his cock, Mark," Joy demanded. "What the fuck are you waiting for?" She knew that this was the critical point when their date might have second thoughts and bolt for the door. She giggled with glee when Mark took Jeff's rock-hard cock in his hand and stroked it. "See, that feels pretty good, doesn't it?" Joy said. She was very pleased with his response. Her husband's hand had caressed Mark's cock out to its full eight inches.

"For being such a good boy, I'm going to give you a little incentive," Joy said. She stood in front of them and slowly began to remove her clothing. "Don't stop jacking each other," she warned. Soon she stood in front of them wearing only a garter belt and nylons, which she intended to leave on because they made her look like a slut.

"Mark, I want you to get down on your knees now and suck my husband's cock." Mark knelt and stared at Jeff's bobbing cock. "I don't know if I can do this," he said. "Take a look at what you'll be missing out on if you don't," Joy said, rubbing her golden tits and blond pussy. Mark opened his mouth and closed it around the head of Jeff's cock. If he hadn't had his eyes closed, he would have seen a triumphant grin on Joy's beautiful face.

From the instant of penetration, Mark liked the feel of a hot cock in his mouth. He tried to remember what his last, and only, girlfriend had done when she had sucked his cock, and then tried to do those things to Jeff. He remembered how good her lips felt on the sensitive area just behind the head, and concentrated on that. Then he remembered how she had alternated shallow strokes with deep ones and tried that. "Hey, you're a fast learner, aren't you?" Joy teased.

This brings us back to the beginning of our story with Jeff grinning down at Jeff's bobbing head. "I think you had better switch now," Joy said. Jeff knelt down and took Mark's meaty cock in his mouth. He hadn't enjoyed sucking cock in the beginning and had done it only to please his wife. But after having nearly twenty dicks in his mouth, he had acquired a taste for it. He proceeded to give Mark the best blowjob he had ever had.

Joy manipulated them like puppets on strings, making them switch places and changing their positions for variety. What she was doing was more than an ego trip for her. She genuinely enjoyed watching gay male sex, especially guys sucking cock. Nothing made her randier. Watching those two handsome guys suck and stroke each other's meat had her pussy hot and wet in short order. She rubbed her clit and stuck fingers up in her pussy as she watched the men obey her every whim. In a reckless abuse of her power, she ordered her husband to stick his tongue up Mark's ass. She knew he found rimming distasteful unless it was done to him. Mark, grinning from ear to ear, was bent forward holding his cheeks apart. "I've never felt anything so fucking good!" Each flick of Jeff's tongue against his sensitive asshole caused his cock to bob up against his belly.

"Mark, it's time for you to make my husband cum." Mark grimaced. He had enjoyed sucking Jeff's hot dick, but taking his load was another matter. "Can't I just jack him off?" Joy scowled at him. "No, I want you to suck him clean off to prove that you sincerely want to fuck me. But since it is your first time, I'll let you spit the cum out in the sink."

She ordered Mark back onto his knees in the slave-master position. Jeff had been struggling to hold back his sap for a long time. With a great sense of relief, he prepared to shoot his load. He surrendered to the sensations and began thrusting uncontrollably into Mark's mouth. He did not put his hand on Mark's head or try in any way to hold him in place. It was important that Mark take the offering voluntarily. Jeff came so hard that Mark gagged on almost every spurt, but he somehow managed to keep his mouth on the throbbing squirt-gun. With Mark sucking the head, Jeff stroked the shaft to coax out every last drop, then the fully initiated cocksucker pulled away and swallowed hard. "Good boy!" Joy praised. "You decided to swallow it after all. He saved it up for five days, just for you. As a reward, I'll give you a little extra sugar. Now thank him for his syrup." It took six or seven hard swallows for Mark to get it down, then he said, "Thank you, Jeff."

Jeff went to his knees and made short work of Mark. Mark's head spun and his legs turned to rubber as Jeff sucked the cum out of him better than it had ever been done before. "You passed the test, now come and get it," Joy said, as she crooked her finger at him. "You can start by eating my pussy." Mark crawled between her legs and planted his mouth on her neat, blond pussy.

Jeff pulled up a chair and sat next to the bed to watch. His part was over, but his pleasure certainly wasn't. Making him masturbate while he watched another man fuck the daylights out of her was part of Joy's ego trip. She didn't realize how much pleasure it gave him. She was a wildcat in bed, and when she was especially horny, as she was then, pleasing her could be a strain on any man.

Before long Mark was mounting Joy, who called her husband forward to guide Mark's thick cock into her snatch. They fucked like animals, clawing and scratching and thrusting their bodies against each other. Joy's first orgasm hit her after only a few minutes of furious fucking. "Be sure to tell my husband when you are going to cum so he can cum, too," she said, breathlessly.

Thanks to getting sucked off first, the young stud was able to last a long time. After thirty minutes of servicing Joy in a variety of positions, he shouted that he was going to shoot. Jeff pumped his dick hard to catch up, and just as Mark's load shot out all over his wife's tits and belly, his gushed out on his chest and belly.

Mark hadn't had any sex in a long time, and was eager to get back to it. Joy sucked, stroked, and rubbed her tits against his dick for awhile to get him ready. He fucked her long and hard again and it ended the same way, with Mark soiling Joy's body as Jeff jacked off.

After a rest, Joy said, "I promised you something a little extra for swallowing Jeff's load." Mark grinned like a kid being offered a piece of candy. "I'm going to let you fuck me in the ass." Mark was thrilled. He had never in his young life had a piece of ass and now he was going to find out what it was like. Jeff was thrilled, too, at the prospect of watching his wife take such a large cock up her ass. She usually only let small dicks in that tight tunnel.

"Go get the lotion," Joy ordered. Jeff retrieved the hand lotion from Joy's purse, and under her supervision, carefully lubricated Mark's tumescent cock. Joy went to all fours then reached back to spread her cheeks. Jeff guided Mark's cock to his wife's asshole and watched as it slowly disappeared into her body. Everything seemed to be going fine, but then Joy let out a howl and pulled away. "Ouch, that hurt! You're too big to fit back there." Mark was very disappointed. He had only managed to get the head in, but it had whetted his appetite for more. "Well, I promised you some ass, so you will get it," Joy said. "Get your ass over here, Jeff."

Jeff had been fucked in the ass several times at Joy's whim, but he wasn't sure he was broken in enough to take Mark. Nevertheless, he was eager to try. He went to his elbows and knees as Joy spread his cheeks and guided her lover's cock to his anus. Jeff bit down hard on a pillow to keep from crying out as his asshole was stretched wider than it had ever been stretched before. "Beautiful, just beautiful," the voyeuress said as she watched the full length of Mark's fucker disappear into her husband's body.

Joy slipped beneath her husband in the sixty-nine position and pulled his head down onto her cunt. Mark had sprayed his last load all over the furry mound. Jeff licked the savory droplets out of his wife's blond cunt-hairs. Joy had no intention of sucking her husband's cock. She had assumed the position only so she could have a front row seat to the ass-fucking. "That's it, Mark, fuck him as good as you fucked me!" It only took a few minutes for them all to cum. Joy came so hard that she lost control of her bladder and peed in her husband's face. Mark strained to get every inch of his cock up Jeff's ass and planted his load deep inside as Jeff jacked off on Joy's tits.

Joy and Jeff never saw Mark again. They thrilled in the conquest and moved on to other territory. Mark waited anxiously for their call, but after several weeks passed, he realized that he had been used for a one-night stand. But the experience had been worthwhile in that he had learned something about his own sexuality. It wasn't long before he placed an ad in a swinger magazine. "Bisexual male seeks couples.."


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