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An Evening With Denise
by Muse

We had always been friends. Ever since I went to work for Consolidated, we had struck a rapport. Maybe it was because we were the same age or perhaps because we had so much in common; we seemed to always enjoy our lunches and time together. Denise was twenty-three and maintained as cool a reserve as I had ever seen. As the executive secretary for the president, she always managed to maintain a professional distance with everyone, including me, while making me feel that I was special to her. She was married and seemed very much in love with her husband. She talked about him regularly during our lunches and often regaled me with stories of their personal life. I was constantly amused by her humor and sensitivity. I often wondered what it was that drew us together. Often men and women cannot be friends, but there was never a question of our friendship. Regularly she gave advice to me concerning my lack of desire to settle down. Often she said, "You wouldn't seek out my friendship if you had a sweetie to keep you company." I laughed and avoided her attempts to match-make.

One day, she cornered me in my office. "I've just gotten some wonderful news," she gloated.

'Well, spill your guts," I responded.

"I'm pregnant!" she exclaimed.

I was so happy for her. She and Joe had tried for the past year and I knew that she really wanted this child. Yet from that day forward, I noticed a subtle shift in her behavior. As I watched her blonde hair begin to shine and her skin develop a glow, somehow the light within her dimmed. Denise was an attractive woman, average in height with a slim build. She constantly kidded with me that she was built like a boy, but I knew that her slimness had all the womanly curves. As the pregnancy continued, her figure began to ripen, not with the fullness of excess weight, but with the roundness of the new life contained within her. I constantly quizzed her about the reason for her moodiness and subdued behavior, but she would brush off the questions and often blame the pregnancy. Yet the pregnancy was a fair topic. I would ask, because as a man, I knew I would never know what it would be like, at least until I decided to settle down and have a few kids of my own. Denise shared even the smallest of aspects of her pregnancy with me, from the morning sickness to the itchiness she had on her palms and soles of her feet. It was a special time in her life and I was glad to be sharing it with her.

Although we got to see each other every day, I constantly marveled in the changes with her. I had always thought Denise was attractive, but as the pregnancy progressed, she became almost an embodiment of womanhood in my eyes. I shrugged the feelings aside and thought it was the fact that I had fallen in love with the whole idea of pregnancy. Denise's breasts filled out, and their fullness reminded me of rounded peaches, with all of their lusciousness. I often thought of how firm they would be under my touch, yet with the ability to be so yielding. The gentle spread of her hips were now widening, making room for the baby. As she entered her last trimester, I thought that Denise was possibly the most attractive woman that I had ever seen. Her every movement radiated her excellent health and she manifested a quiet serenity that I craved to be near. "Get a hold of yourself," I admonished myself. Here I was, lusting after a good friend that one, was married and two, immensely pregnant. I kept my feelings bottled up, passing her an occasional compliment and constantly teasing her about her condition.

One evening I dropped by the mall after work. Knowing that she had chosen Winnie the Pooh as her nursery decor, I stopped to purchase the throw for the baby's room. I had it wrapped and decided that I would drop it off on the way home. Denise had told me about the baby's room; in fact, it was all that she seemed to talk about. Her entire world seemed to be wrapped in the arrival of her child. She hardly mentioned Joe any more and I hoped to see if they were all right. As I walked to the door with the present, I noticed that only Denise's car was in the driveway. I walked to the front door and rang the bell. Denise opened the door. She was still wearing the dress that she had worn to work, but had taken off her shoes. As she stood in the doorway with bare feet, I smiled and said, "I've come to see the nursery!"

She responded, "Come in."

I stepped into the foyer and she closed the door behind me. "Is that for the baby?" she asked. I laughed and handed her the package. "Come into the den," she invited and we both sat down on a large blue leather sofa. "Go ahead and open it," I prompted. She slowly peeled the wrapping paper from the package and lifted the top of the box to reveal the cotton throw. "It is beautiful," she exclaimed. As she brushed the top of it and reveled in its softness, I watched her close her eyes and begin to cry. "Why in the world are you crying?" as I slid over to put my arms around her. She responded with "All women get weepy during their pregnancy."

"Really," I replied "Are you sure there isn't anything else going on?"

She snuggled into my chest and sighed. "Can I just sit here a while?" she asked. "Take as long as you like," I told her. As I held her and stroked her back, I could smell her perfume. It was a subtle floral with vanilla tones. I breathed in to envelope myself in the scent. I tried to remain in control, but it was like a floodgate to my emotions was opened. I could touch her. I could smell her. What I wouldn't give to taste her. My penis began to swell at the thought. She lifted her head to look into my eyes. I saw caring and love and was taken aback.

"You really are a thoughtful man," she murmured softly.

"Just call me 'Old Faithful'," I responded.

She propped her chin on my chest and continued to look into my eyes. It seemed that hours passed before either of us spoke. "Are you OK?" I asked.

"Yes, but . . . oh never mind," she answered.

"I've had about enough of you hiding a portion of you from me. Why won't you tell me what is wrong?" I requested.

As I continued stroking her neck and back, she buried her head back into my chest. Yet I felt her somehow becoming more relaxed. As she looked at me again, I saw something I thought I would never see in her eyes. In that instant I saw open, honest desire. I sucked in a breath and continued to peruse her eyes for the answer. She reached up and gently stroked my cheek. As I closed my eyes to enjoy the caress, I felt her lips gently touch mine. My eyes opened to see her kissing me with her eyes closed. As she broke the kiss, I looked at her. She was trembling. "What is wrong?" I asked again.

"Well, you probably aren't going to believe this but here it goes. Ever since I told Joe that I was pregnant, we haven't, well you know. . . made love."

"Why the hell not? You are one desirable lady and I would think that carrying his child should give him one huge erection." I flatly commented.

"Don't you understand?" she asked. "Joe wants the child, he doesn't want me."

"Oh Denise, I'm so sorry."

"I am too," she stated, "Because I thought that you were attracted to me. I guess we are too good of friends. I'm sorry if I have grossed you out by coming on to you"

"Don't you understand Denise, I want you. I want to make love to you, in spite of the baby," I said.

"Then what are we waiting for?" she asked.

"Are you sure we won't harm the baby?" I questioned.

"No, for goodness sakes NO!" She laughing retorted. I leaned my head down to recapture her lips. She slowly parted them and I inserted my tongue to touch hers. She sighed and snuggled closer within my arms.

With all of the pent up lust I had been feeling over the last few months, I continued to kiss her with a tremendous urgency. I broke the kiss long enough to ask her about Joe. "He is working second shift, he won't be home for hours." I returned to her lips. The vanilla tones in her perfume invaded my head and her kisses became vanilla flavored. Our tongues swirled in an intricate dance between each other's mouths. I broke the kiss slightly only to have her tongue snake from between her lips to flick at my lips. I closed the gap and sucked her tongue into my mouth. She had wrapped her fingers into my hair and was slowly drawing my hair between her fingers. My hands were busy exploring her body. I leaned back into the sofa and she was lying across me. I had full access to her breasts. Her breathing was rapid as my hands enclosed the softness of her breasts. She looked at me and gently kissed me on the lips while I slowly squeezed the fullness.

As I felt her hands working the buttons on my shirt, I gave up my hold and reached behind her to lower the zipper on her dress. She let out a moan as the cool air hit her back. I slowly peeled the garment from around her shoulders. She let out another groan and tilted her head to recapture my lips. As I pushed her dress around her waist, I marveled at her breasts. Hidden beneath the confines of the cotton brassiere she was wearing, you could actually see her nipples, dark and hard through the garment. I reached to the fasteners at the back to release her breasts from their simple confinement. As I removed her bra, her breasts swayed slightly. The pregnancy had made them so soft and full. I returned my hand to cup the left one gently.

As I kneaded the entire breast, I gently rolled the nipple between my fingertips, but the additional play was not necessary. Both of her breasts displayed nipples that were quite prominent. Her entire chest area was flushed, as if she were blushing. As I continued to caress her, I could tell that she was becoming more and more aroused. She was enjoying her exploration as much as I was enjoying mine. While lying on my chest, she was busy nuzzling the hair on it while gently lapping at my nipples.

"No fair," I muttered and shifted her weight to my side. In a single motion, I rose to kiss her breasts. I licked all around the areola and flicked my tongue over the tips of her erect nipples. She sucked in a breath and sighed such a deep and long sigh that I paused from what I was doing to look up. She was watching me kiss her breasts. Her face was flushed and her eyes glittered from the passion that was building inside her. Her lovely face caught in the whirlpool of desire blew me away. She smiled at me and I returned to my explorations. As I licked a path across her breastbone between her breasts, I gently eased the dress down her hips and past her thighs. She was wearing cream-colored pantyhose and to my amazement, a serviceable pair of large white cotton panties. I felt her stiffen under my gaze and I looked up.

"Not really sexy, huh?" she asked.

"My, my, Denise, you have a very narrow definition of sexy," I responded. I continued long enough to remove the dress and draw her pantyhose down from her legs. I lifted her calf, and proceeded to run my tongue from her anklebone to the curve of her arch. She snatched her foot away and giggled.

"Are we ticklish?" I quizzed. "Just a little," she laughingly responded. "I don't think that it is quite fair that I am this far from naked and you are almost completely dressed," she stated. With this, I felt her hands at the buckle on my pants. She quickly undid the clasp and swiftly unbuttoned and unzipped the trousers. Her hand crept in and eased its way between my legs, capturing my erect member within its grasp. Her grip was firm and complete with her fingers encompassing the girth of my penis. As she gently squeezed, she ran her fingers back and forth, mimicking so well the feeling of being within a woman's vagina. I growled low and requested that she slow down. She continued the slow masturbation.

By this point in time, I could not continue to lie still. I stood up and removed my shirt and pants. Whether it was because she was still wearing her panties or if it was a measure of modesty on my part, I left my underwear on. She rose up on her elbows to watch me undress. As I turned back to her, she smiled and as I slowly lowered my way back onto the couch, she murmured in my ear, "You forgot something". She then hooked her index finger in the front of my Jockeys and gently pulled down. My cock sprang from its confine like it had a mind of its own. Other women that had the pleasure of my company in the sack had always voiced their approval of my cock. It was eight inches long, a little bigger than most of the guys I had ever had the pleasure of comparing tools with, and quite thick. Denise's eyes widened with amazement.

She grinned and said, "Boy, are you ever full of surprises!"

I responded, "Oh Denise, it isn't the size that counts, but what I can do with it."

She giggled and replied, "I can't hardly wait." I leaned over to guide her panties off. As the waistband eased over her light brown curls, I sucked in a breath.

Her voice warm with desire and amusement said, "Now you didn't think I was a natural blonde, did you?"

I laughing retorted, "No, but I am a little concerned with the amount of humor that you are throwing into this encounter."

"Don't be," she giggled, "Take laughter as one of the most arousing sounds that come out of making love."

"And the other sounds?" I asked.

"Well I suspect you will be hearing them all a little bit later!" she quipped.

Her mons was dewy with the moisture of her arousal. Beneath the hair, the lips had parted ever so slightly. I gently stroked a finger, almost as if to make sure that my eyes had not deceived me. She groaned as my finger moved from the front of her clit to the back of her vagina. Before making my finger back up, I gently tapped the perineum area behind the vagina towards her anus. She arched her back, forcing my fingers back to the front. She widened her legs so that the lips of the labia opened even more. I continued to stroke her. She was so aroused, the lips, both inner and the labia were swollen. I started with my index finger to gently circle her clitoris.

I heard the rhythm of her breathing increase. I couldn't help myself; I leaned over and ran the tip of my tongue along the same path that my finger had just followed. She bucked up under the flicks of my tongue. I tasted her, a different flavor, but almost every woman carries a different taste. Denise was like, well, sweet cream tempered with vanilla and musk. My tongue drove deeper into the folds. I licked and nibbled at her clit. I could hear her almost panting and I knew that it wouldn't take much for her to come, so I gently sucked at her clit and within moments felt her orgasm. As her limbs stiffened and she cried out my name, I felt her hands grasp my hair, but I had no intentions of stopping until she finished. As it passed, I felt her entire body slowly relax, almost as if someone had gently rubbed all the tension from her. I lifted my head to see a sated Denise staring amusedly at me. "I couldn't tell you the last time someone went down on me," she murmured.

"Boy, Joe is a bigger wuss than I thought," I replied. I eased back up the couch and enfolded her in my arms; my hand reached down to caress her belly, distended with the babe. I felt the infant kick and I moved my hand. Denise laughed. She reached down and took my hand and placed it back on the swell then gently kissed me. "I can assure you that this little guy is enjoying this as much as his Mommy is!" she told me. She breathed in deeply as I kissed her back. She quickly deepened the kiss and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I continued to gently stroke the length of her abdomen while we kissed. "What are we waiting on?" she asked. "I'm concerned that I might hurt either you or the baby," I stated. "You aren't getting out of this that easy," Denise admonished.

She threw her leg across my thighs and before I could determine her intentions, she was poised over my swollen penis. I could only lean back and enjoy as she lowered herself, inch by inch onto my awaiting prick. She took the entire length, but she became comfortable in her position before slowly starting to work herself up and down on it. As she picked up the pace, I reached up and cupped both breasts. She smiled down at me, and continued to ease back and forth. I felt her inner walls becoming more demanding and wet. She was moaning with each downward motion and I let go of her breasts to grab hold of her hips. On her next downward descent, I gently lifted up with my hips to meet her motion. When I realized that my penis was gently pounding on the mouth of her cervix, I exploded with a groan. As I continued to be swept away by the power of my orgasm, I heard her cries to God and me. The next thing I knew, her vagina was spasming around the base of my cock, forcing out the balance of my semen while sucking me in as deep as I had ever been taken. As she collapsed on my chest, I felt her orgasm slowly diminish until only the glow of the remembrance remained. I felt her weight fall to my chest; my prick still entrenched into her pussy. She murmured her contentment as I stroked her back gently. I eased her to the side so her chest would not take the majority of her weight. I leaned to the floor and grabbed the throw from the box and bundled us up in it. She snuggled up to me on her side and as her breathing became steady, I realized that she had dropped off to sleep. I was blown away by the depth of our passion as well as the contentment that enveloped both of us. I was just lying there as the room lost the rosy glow of twilight only to gain the darkness to hide both of our emotions. I had to get a hold of myself because there was plenty of time to slip on my mask for tomorrow, yet I knew I needed to complete the night. Somehow I needed to make this special for Denise. I slowly arose and slipped on my trousers.

She continued to doze as I padded upstairs. I looked around until I found the master bedroom. I glanced around and made my way into the bathroom. There was a large garden tub. I started the water, tossing in a generous helping of bubble bath. As the water filled the bathtub, I went back into the bedroom and turned down the covers. I returned to the bathroom to shut off the water after making sure that the tub was filled to the brim. I went downstairs and slowly lowered myself onto the couch. Denise muttered something and I rolled so that I could put my arm around her. I slowly began to stroke her back and place soft kisses at the lovely juncture where her neck met her shoulder. She let out a slow murmur of satisfaction and I continued my ministrations. After five minutes or so, Denise's eyes opened and she smiled at me. "I guess I didn't fantasize this?" she quizzed. "Well if you did, it was one hell of a joint fantasy!" I responded. "Come upstairs," I urged. She wrapped the throw around her and she made her way upstairs.

I had turned on a lamp in the corner of the bedroom. The room was lit, but not brightly illuminated. Denise walked into the bedroom and turned around to glance at me, "What was your first clue that this was where I slept?" She asked. "I assumed that you and Joe slept together," I responded. "Not for the last three months," she advised me. "Come on Denise. Now is not the time to discuss that. Please relax and come into the bathroom." I took her by the hand and led her into the room. The smell of the vanilla bubble bath immediately thrust my mind back to the encounter on the couch, but I kept my concentration and slowly removed the throw from around her shoulders and urged her towards the bath. Denise eyed me over her shoulder, but made her way into the water. As she settled in below the bubbles, I sat by the tub. She leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes. I leaned over the edge and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. She returned the kiss, but did not open her eyes. I reached for the soap and placed my hands below the water's edge to lather up the bar. With my hands covered in soap, I began to gently rub around her neck and shoulders. She murmured, "That feels so good." I continued, washing her entire body and removing my scent from her.

"Just stay in here and relax for a few minutes," I requested. I returned to her bedroom to search her drawers for a nightgown. I yelled back into the bathroom, "Denise, what does your nightgown look like?" She answered, "My birthday suit."

"Good answer," I thought and returned to the bathroom. I took a large navy towel from the rack on the wall and hold it out for her. She eyed me and said, "What if I don't want to get out?" I responded, "Then I will just have to come in and get you!"

"I dare you," she laughingly responded. I proceeded to drop my pants and step into the bath water. She yelled as I settled in at her feet. "This tub isn't big enough for the two of us," she stated flatly. "Well, either we have to make do, or we have to get out." I replied.

"OK, OK, OK!" she stood up. As her body glistened from the water and strategically placed puddles of bubbles pooled on her breasts and mons de venus, I settled back to enjoy the view. To my dismay, she undid the stopper causing the water to drain. I sat as the water slowly receded, watching Denise towel herself off. The ends of her pageboy bob were damp and the ends were trying to curl. My eyes slowly moved from her neck and shoulders to her beautiful breasts. Her waist was full and there was a faint black line, the lina negra, running from her bellybutton into those wonderfully tight little curls that covered her sex. I stepped out of the bath to throw my arms around her. "Do you know just how beautiful you are?" I asked.

The smile did not extend to her eyes and suddenly they were a mirror of sadness as she responded, "You just know exactly what to say, don't you." as she adroitly avoided the compliment. I grasped her chin between my thumb and forefinger and tilted her face upwards to look into my eyes as I stated, "Denise, you are possibly the most beautiful and erotic woman that I have ever had the pleasure of being with, please don't take my words lightly." She smiled, her most Madonna-like smile and said, "But I can assure you that the pleasure was mine."

I grabbed the body lotion that was on the bathroom counter and led her to the bed. As I urged her to lie down, she settled in facing me. "Roll over," I requested. In her compliance, I was treated to the beautiful sight of her back. To my amazement, you could not tell that she was pregnant from the back view. I poured a small amount of lotion into my hands and gently rolled them together, warming the lotion between my palms. Slowly I began to stroke and rub her back. She might have well have had been a cat because the sounds of contentment that she made sounded like a purr to me. She rolled onto her back and I repeated my motions to her lovely front. My hands caressed and my eyes devoured her beauty. As I lowered the massage to her stomach, she arched her back and I felt the baby shift with each stroke I made. I could make out a little elbow, or it might have been a knee, but the little bugger was enjoying the massage as much as his mother was.

I was startled when she commented, "I do this almost every night and I expect that the baby is enjoying the massage." I smiled and she laughed. I worked my way down the lengths of her legs and even massaged her calves and feet. "What a job of pampering," she complimented. "I can assure you Denise that I am enjoying this as much as you are." I replied. "Why don't you turn in for the evening, and I will let myself out."

"Mason, I will always remember your kindness this evening," she voiced slowly. "Denise, this has possibly been one of the most. . ., " when she cut me off. "Please don't go there, not now," she begged. "OK, Denise," I stated, "But eventually we will talk about this." "Not now, not today," she demurred. "OK, Good night," I responded. "Sleep well, and we will talk soon." I think she was asleep before I finished dressing and let myself out.


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