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An Evening With My Sister
by BJ

I'd had one of those days at work that makes you wish you could run off and join the Army or some such thing. The job didn't end until well after dark and I was tired. On my way home I stopped in at my favorite Bar for a beer or two, so I was not really feeling any pain when I pulled up to the house. I parked my car and entered my parents 2 story house. It was quiet so I knew my parents were out again, which was fine with me. All I wanted at the moment was a shower.

I went upstairs and stepped into a nice warm shower. The flow of the warm water over my body felt good. While I was washing my hair I thought I saw the door to the bathroom open further than I had left it. I could have been wrong. I dried myself off and with just a towel wrapped around my waist I started for my room. When I am alone I rarely worry about getting dressed right away. As I passed my sisters room I could heard a noise and thought I would peek in and see what the noise was. Boy was I surprised!! It was my sister on her bed one hand was playing with you breasts and the other had opened the top of her pants and she was sliding her hand between her legs and massaging her pussy. I could not take my eyes off her young body. I don't know if it was the beer or what, but I felt myself drawn towards her. My hand started to gently rub my now hard cock. The towel did little to hide my excitement. I moved into her bedroom.

She was still playing with herself and I was getting more aroused as I got closer. She saw me and yet she did not stop what she was doing. She saw my aroused cock and reached out and pulled my towel from around my waste. "Take your shirt off sis. I want to see your breasts." I heard myself say. My voice seemed to get husky. I could not believe that I had said that. My sister removed her shirt and exposed her very nice breasts I took one in my hands an started to fondle it.

I could feel her nipple harden . My sister started to gently stroke my cock I felt myself ready to explode in her hand, but she said "Not yet, I want to suck your cock." I felt her tongue slide over and around my cock I could barely stand. She was good.

She was gently sucking my cock when I pushed her back on the bed. We "French" kissed and ground our bodies together. I started running my tongue over her firm breasts and started to suck on each one in turn. She was pushing her breast hard into my mouth I could hear her moaning in pleasure. I moved a hand between her legs and gently started to finger her very wet pussy.

We were really getting excited when my sister said: "Now, put your cock inside my pussy, I want to feel your cock real deep." She guided my cock to her pussy and I slid my cock in. It was all I could do to stop from shooting to soon. She wrapped her legs over mine as I started to slide my cock in and out I was moving slowly not wanting to go to deep "Fuck me harder!!!" she said.

My cock was ready to shoot it's sperm into her hot pussy, and I got the feeling that my sister was aware of that also because she pulled my cock out and said "Fuck me in the ass!!" I let her help guide my cock towards her ass and I put the head of my cock into her ass. I could feel how tight it was going in and how she moved so she could feel my cock deep in her ass. I started fucking her ass hard just like she wanted, I was near my climax and I knew that I could not hold back anymore so I pumped faster and harder until my sperm shot out and into her ass just like she wanted. I kept pumping until I was completely spent. " Now it's my turn" she said with a smile as she lay on her back and she spread her legs. She guided my face towards her hot pussy and I started to suck and lick her lovely mound, she started to run her finger nails over my back and ass, pulling me closer till I could barley breath. She was moaning and digging her nails in harder as she neared her climax. Her breaths came faster and faster until she let out a gasp of delight.

We laid together for a moment to let the pleasure sink in when my sister said "I'm hungry, I want something to eat." She knelt in front of me and took my cock into her mouth and started to gently suck on it running her tongue over the head of my cock I could see that I was getting hard again. I didn't think I would but I did. My sister licked my shaft and sure enough I was ready to blow my sperm. She let flow into her mouth and over her lips she even rubbed my damp cock over her nice breasts. " You know I've been watching you in the shower ." She said matter-of-factly. I can see she never thought she would get caught, or was did she want to get caught?

I didn't care. She got up and took my hand and lead me to the shower, where we washed each other from head to toe. "Your mine now dear brother." That is what she said when we finished.

"And I am yours." I got to see the firm young body at last. I was glad. "Are there anymore like you around sis?" I asked. She just smiled and lead me towards the bedroom. I wonder what will be in store.


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