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All From a Picture
by GF

Bud took this picture of me bending over getting something out of the car where my panty clad derriere showing when I didn't know and he showed it to a group of people he had over for a BBQ a few weeks ago. I was pretty pissed at him cause first I didn't know about the photo and second most of the people who were here I didn't know very well. At any rate, the photo stirred up a fair amount of interest and some of the guys were making comments about my tush and how great it looked and what I might look like in the flesh.

I tried to laugh it off but some of the guys and particularly this guy called Jake kept saying to Bud that Bud should have shown us the real thing instead of a picture. Bud just laughed and kept to his chores on the BBQ. Jake was one of the guys who Bud played cards and drank beer with, he was a pretty good looking guy who had the reputation of being a ladies man with a an equal reputation of being a cocksman with good equipment. He comes to our house a number of times and he kind of flirts with me on occasion.

Today however, he seemed pretty interested in pursuing the route of seeing my butt naked. I kept doing the good host thing and chatting with people and refreshing drinks and the usual routine when Bud put some dance music on and people started to dance. A slow song came on and Jake took my hand and took me out on to the patio to dance. I have to admit it felt real good to have this construction worker's hard body holding me and moving me around the patio. At first, he chatted and held me out there while he swung me around and showed me some pretty smooth moves.

It was really nice and he was a great dancer. His hands seemed to touch me in places they shouldn't, but just long enough for me to feel them but not long enough for me to object. He would move in close and rub his cock against my hip and then pull away and his hand would rub across my ass and then up to my back and he would swing me away and then in close so that my tits would come up against his chest and then he had a way of twisting a bit so that my nipples scraped sideways to send a chill into my spine then he would swing me away. He would swing me out and back in, so that his arms wrapped around my tits and so his hands just cupped them as he swung me out.

It was very sexy, It was getting me so hot and turned on so that I could feel my juices starting to flow. I was in a little world of my own dancing and feeling those sensations and getting all turned on. My mind was in a cloud and I was in never-never land just loving the solitude of just me and Jake. Then out of nowhere, my tie top was off and he was swinging me around with my naked breasts free and my pert nipples hard and pointing. I was in panic! What was happening? What would people think? What was I going to do? Should I run? Should I cover up? Should I scream? I looked wildly around to see what reaction the people would have!

People were watching but none seemed too alarmed or their reaction seemed pretty subdued. I was surprised and was about to leave the patio when Jake pulled me close and kissed me, I was so hot and so confused I thought if I kissed him back it would give me a few moments to think about what I should do.. Bad thinking, his tongue was like a snake and it probed my mouth and I sank into his arms and got all caught up in the kiss. He was wonderful, he made my head swirl and I just wanted to feel every sensation, I forgot my mission to think about my predicament and I just kissed him deeper and used my tongue to let him know how great it felt.

His hand went down the back of my shorts and gripped my buttock. He squeezed it and massaged it and I could feel the juices of my cunt making my crack feel so slippery. I tried to see where Bud was, but got caught up in the moment and then forgot all about him. As he kissed me and groped my ass his other hand was on my tit and his fingers were pinching my nipples and I was making noises uncontrollably. In a flash his hand on my but moved around, inside my shorts to the front of my hips and his hand shot down and he covered my mons and slipped a finger into my cunt.

My first reaction was to feel the juices and think about how slippery it was and how fantastic it felt to have this finger inside me and how easy it went in and how I loved the sensation. Next I panicked! Here this guy was finger fucking me in front of all these strangers on my patio and in front of my husband. I frantically looked around to see where Bud was and saw the people had paired off, either making out, necking or just watching us. When I spotted Bud he was off by himself with a grin on his face watching me. As I caught his eye and made contact, the most explosive orgasm that I have had in years wracked through me. I heard someone scream and groan and grunt like an animal and realized it was me. I was out of control. I was orgasming like never before. My heart was pounding, my brain was like mush, and my body was like it was someone else's.

As the orgasm subsided, I relaxed in Jake's arms, Bud came across the patio and cut in on Jake and said to me, "How was it Honey? Did you like your fantasy come true?" and in his next breath said to Jake "thanks buddy".

I couldn't believe my ears. I couldn't believe what I thought I had heard. Bud had set this up. He had brought our sex fantasy that we had made up a few months earlier as we had made love to reality. During one hot sex session, I had told him that I wanted to get mauled by a strong construction worker type hard body in front of a bunch of people. I went into a fair amount of detail about how hot it would make me and what a turn on it would be.

On another time we had imagined what it would be like if I had sex with Jake. He had been over watching a ball game and I had seen his cock from up his shorts as he sat in front of the TV and I told Bud about it and that had led up to a hot sex session as we talked about what it would be like to have Jake do me. Wow! Bud had really come through.

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