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A Full-Fledged Woman At Last
by Larry Taylor

It is surprising that my wife Julie and I have had such a good sex life considering the great disparity in the size of our genitals. Her pussy is roomy enough to park a Volkswagon in. My five-inch cock doesn't even come close to filling it. We ignored the advice given in the Kama Sutra and didn't have sex before marriage, so it wasn't until our wedding night that we discovered that we were incompatible when it came to conventional fucking.

However, even before the honeymoon ended, we found many other ways to enjoy ourselves. It felt so good to fuck her in the ass that I hardly missed the pussy. Her blowjobs and handjobs, mind-blowing even in the beginning, got even better with practice. The well-oiled cleavage between her big, round tits has frequently served as a substitute for her pussy. And when it comes to satisfying her, I have always been able to get her off manually - I can work my entire hand into her - or with cunnilingus. And then there is the gigantic strap-on dildo with a hollow center that I use on her when she just has to have a cock thrusting into her pussy. Even when my cock boils over into that tight, greasy, rubber hole, I can keep on pounding away, albeit with less enthusiasm. It makes a reasonably good substitute for the real thing. And with the drawer of her night table practically overflowing with dildos and vibrators of various shapes and sizes, her cunt has never gone empty for long.

Even though we were able to compensate for the physical mismatch and enjoy an excellent sex life, I realized that Julie needed a big cock in her pussy to make her feel like a real woman. During the first few years of our marriage, I was too jealous and possessive to even consider letting another man fuck her. But as the romantic love faded and we became more like roommates than lovers, I had a change of heart. Getting another man to help me out with my wife seemed like just the thing to put some zest back into our ten-year marriage.

I asked Julie if she was still interested in trying another man. "Yes, if that is what you want," she answered. But how was I to arrange it? Then I remembered a rack of swinger magazines at my favorite adult bookstore. I bought a few issues and eagerly perused the listings for our area. I hit paydirt on the first try. One of the ads featured a picture of a good-looking young man proudly showing off an enormous hard-on. I sat down and wrote to him that very instant. A nude Polaroid of Julie went along with the letter as bait.

A week or two passed and one evening I answered the phone to hear the young man's voice on the other end. We had a friendly chat during which he revealed more details about himself, including the fact that his cock was roughly the size of two beer cans held end to end. "That should be more than enough meat to fill that peacoat sleeve between Julie's thighs," I thought. I had already decided to give him a try when he sweetened the pot. "My roommate is hung even better than I am and we make a great team." With a pounding heart, I made a date for us to meet them at a nearby motel lounge.

We met Dan and his friend Mark as planned. Although I had made the date without giving much thought to timing, it turned out that it fortuitously coincided with a peak in Julie's cyclical sex drive, and she was as horny as a mare in heat. It promised to be an interesting evening. Dan and Mark were both nice-looking college boys who had no objection to screwing a woman fifteen years their senior. After putting away a few drinks to relax our inhibitions, we checked into a room. On the way, we giggled like kids when we realized that we were holding our jackets in front of us for the same reason - to conceal our bulging crotches.

No sooner had I closed the door than clothing went flying everywhere and in a flash my eager wife was on the bed with a hungry mouth nursing on each tit and two eager hands groping her furry pussy. I had expected things to be a little awkward at first and was relieved that they had gotten right down to business. I watched in awe through the viewfinder of my camcorder as my lovely wife was ravished right in front of me. If the boys had any inhibitions about fucking a woman in front of her husband, it certainly didn't show. I felt compelled to record every detail so we could relive the experience again-and-again. I had even brought my digital camera so I could enjoy the photos on my computer. The boys soon moved lower and teamed up on her twat, one licking the clit and the other tonguing the hole. They turned her on her side and Dan went sixty-nine with her while Mark swabbed her asshole with his tongue.

I maneuvered for a better camera angle and captured some wonderful shots of my wife sucking one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. She couldn't take more than the egg-sized head and her eyes were literally bulging as she tried to take more of the tasty flesh. Mark, who was pressed up behind her, was impatiently rubbing his dick against her cheek. She spit out Dan's dick, turned her pretty head, and sampled Mark's proffered cock. What an incredible sight it was! It suddenly dawned on me that my beautiful wife had the makings of a porno queen, not that she would ever consider such a profession. She was like a kid in a candy store with so much to try that she hardly knew what goodies to sample next. Having so much male flesh at her disposal was a new experience for her.

The foreplay lasted for about twenty minutes, with the boys turning her over every so often for variety. I was growing restless, impatient to see some more advanced activity. My angel must have read my mind. "I want you guys to fuck me now," she said in a low, husky voice. Dan rolled her on her back and mounted her, but I stopped him before he could penetrate. It seemed appropriate that I introduce a strange cock into my wife's pussy for the first time. "Help yourself," Dan said, after I asked his permission. Through the viewfinder, I watched as my hand encircled the bobbing ramrod and guided it to Julie's well-prepared barrel. Holding his cock tightly to prevent it from bending, I urged him to push hard. I gasped and Julie moaned as the huge member slipped into her soft core.

With each thrust, Dan buried more cock in her. When he had most of it planted, he got down to business, settling into a smooth rhythm, his girlish ass bobbing and circling. Mark stretched out on his side next to them and rubbed his cock against Julie's lips. To somewhat make up for not being able to take more than the head, she licked and kissed every square centimeter. Her face and lips glistened with pre-cum that had dribbled from both men. My wife had never looked more beautiful than she did at the instant of her first orgasm induced by a genuine cock pleasuring her pussy. She covered her head with a pillow to muffle her howls of delight. After twenty minutes or so, Dan announced that he had to shoot. In a maneuver that had obviously been planned, both boys scrambled onto their knees. Mark wrapped his hand around Dan's shaft and jacked him off all over Julie, who squealed with glee and held her big tits up to be decorated with the creamy white icing.

It was Mark's turn to fuck my wife and he took her in a different position. He rolled her over and hoisted her onto all fours, brought his cock near her pussy then looked at me expectantly. For the second time, I mated another man to my wife. Dan had done an excellent job of breaking her in. Her milky juices flowed from her dilated fuck-hole like lava from a volcano. Mark's cock sank into her as easily as a hot knife sinks into butter. "Doggy-fuck the bitch," I said. "Doggy-fuck this bitch in heat until she faints." I could hardly believe those words came out of my mouth. Dan knelt at Julie's head and stuffed his half-hard dick into her mouth, putting them in the classic porno position with a man at each end. Did I mention that I was masturbating constantly? I held the camcorder in one hand and jacked my aching cock with the other.

Dan soon slipped under Julie and went the sixty-nine route with her. With his cock at half-mast, Julie was able to take more of it into her mouth. It was all I could do to stop myself from cheering when she swallowed it all! But within minutes, his dick was much too hard for more deep-throat. Mark pumped her pussy with long, hard, careless thrusts, and at one point his prick slipped out. I was shocked to see Dan take it into his mouth and suck hard on it for a few seconds before stuffing it back into Julie. The boys hadn't mentioned anything about being bisexual, but I am glad that it turned out that they were. It made things much more interesting, as you will see.

"OH, FUCK, HERE IT COMES!" Mark shouted. Dan reached up to jack him off all over her back and ass. When the spurts ended and the dribbles began, Dan opened his mouth wide so none of the precious fluid would go to waste. The pungent, musky odor of spunk permeated the room. "Waste not, want not," Mark said as they put her upright on her knees and licked up the leftovers. Dan cleaned Mark's essence off her ass while Mark licked up every drop he could find on her front. I declined their invitation to join in.

Julie, who had enjoyed two orgasms from each of the boys, needed a break before round two and wanted some entertainment while she rested. She easily coaxed the boys into putting on a gay show for us. They casually masturbated each other for awhile then sucked each other's cocks sixty-nine style. I'm not gay, but the sight of those two handsome young studs gobbling each other's thick tools got me so overheated that I had to stop frigging myself lest I shoot too soon. When they had restored each other's erections, they went for my wife again.

Dan pulled her on top of him and sucked hungrily on her big tits while Mark helped him get his dick into her. By then, she was nicely broken in and only one thrust was needed for deep penetration. Dan planted his feet flat on the bed for leverage and holding her beautiful ass-globes in both hands, began thrusting up into her. With each thrust his slack balls slapped against her ass. "Fuck that slut, fuck her good, Dan," I urged. I zoomed in and got my best look yet at the penetration. Viewed across its widest dimension, Dan's cock looked even larger than it was. Mark got on top of Julie, buried his face between her cheeks, and teased her asshole with his tongue. Occasionally, he wandered lower to provide a little extra lubricant to his friend's cock.

Mark got off the bed momentarily, retrieved a small tube of lubricant from his pocket and applied it to his cock. I knew what he intended to do and had mixed feelings about it. Suppose he damaged my favorite fuck-hole? On the other hand, double-penetrations are my favorite porno scenes, and I had never seen one that featured such large cocks. The voyeur in me wanted Mark to succeed. If he did, I would have a gem for my porno collection.

No matter how hard Mark tried he couldn't work that thick horse-cock into her rear. Her asshole simply would not stretch wide enough to accommodate such a large cock. He finally gave up and stuffed it into her mouth. Then I had a wonderful idea. I wanted my beautiful wife to experience the pleasure of three cocks penetrating her body. If I were a woman, I would certainly want to experience the ultimate sex act. I used Mark's lube to oil my cock, then straddled Dan's thighs. I told him to spread her cheeks for me and taped my little cock smoothly penetrating her ass. I had such a perfect hard-on that I didn't even have to use my hand to guide it. As I slid my cock in to the balls, Julie had the strongest orgasm yet, and even with her mouth full of cock her loud groans could probably be heard in the adjoining rooms.

All my previous drives down the old dirt road had been smooth ones, but the ride was rough this time what with Dan fucking the daylights out of her pussy. His bulbous cock-head rubbing against mine through the thin membrane that separated the two tunnels was enough to set me off. I pulled out and ejaculated prematurely all over his thrusting cock and bouncing balls, somehow managing to get the copious cum-shot on tape without shaking the camera. Later on when I watched the tape, I timed my pathetic performance. Only twenty seconds lapsed between penetration and withdrawal. The pleasure had been brief but extremely intense.

Using one hand to hold Julie's head on his cock, Mark leaned over and slapped her ass hard with his other hand. Another blow to the other cheek quickly followed. Julie flinched and moaned but did nothing to stop the spanking. Mark delivered a brisk slap every ten seconds or so turning Julie's beautiful ass a rosy red. The effect this had on her was quite surprising. She sucked Mark's cock even more passionately as though to thank him. Then Dan took a turn, slapping both cheeks with both hands simultaneously, the slaps coinciding with his upward thrusts into her. Before long, she had yet another strong orgasm. When her orgasmic throes had subsided, Dan rolled her over onto her back and continued to fuck her. "I'm going to show you how easy it is to take Mark's cock in the ass," he said. After lubing his cock, Mark mounted the couple and pressed his cock-head against his friend's puckered asshole. He penetrated smoothly and slid half of his dong into Dan's ass. He kept his legs spread allowing me to zoom in and capture the incredible feat on tape. It wasn't long before every inch of Mark's cock was deep in Dan's butt.

The threesome continued that way for quite a long time and ended with them all coming together. As they squirmed in ecstasy, I shot a load right across Mark's clenched ass. Julie was all fucked out and refused to let another dick get anywhere near her sore pussy. The virile boys, who had only cum twice each, were far from satisfied, however. Good sport that she is, Julie went to her knees and switch-sucked their cocks until they were begging to be sucked off. At one point, entirely for the benefit of the camera, she stuffed both heads in her mouth at the same time and winked at me as I got it on tape. She made them jack off in her face and as she was caught in the crossfire from two cocks, I stepped forward and let mine shoot onto the tip of her nose. Julie smiling into the camera with three loads decorating her pretty face is the last thing I see when I watch the tape. The last thing I hear her say is, "A full-fledged woman at last!"


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