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A Friendly Game of Cards Pt. II
by English Bob

This story follows on directly from: A Friendly Game of Cards Pt. I

* * * * *

Mike rejoined the players at the table, as Kate sat back in her seat a little way back. This was too weird, thought Mike. The thought of Kate further exposing herself to his friends had him as hard as a rock! He could hardly believe he was feeling like this, but secretly wanted her to show them everything.....and, perhaps more! This was the basis of his plan. Hardly a master stroke, he knew, but, Kate seemed extremely keen and he knew that the more he lost, the more she would show!

The next hand saw Mike lose the pot and Kate lose her cut-off denim shorts. Getting really into the swing of it, Kate made an exhibition of taking them off. She stood in front of the table, and keeping her perfect legs straight, turned her back. Slowly she unzipped the shorts, dragging them inch by inch down over her thighs and letting them pool on the floor. Seeing the wide grin on Mike's face, all four players cheered and hooted as Kate's tiny, white bikini panties came into view.

As hard as he tried, Mike was unable to lose the next two hands, and Kate remained with just her panties and shoes on. Mike did manage to lose the next game, but as it was only a small win for Grant, Kate adamantly maintained that she would only remove her tennis shoes. The guys were now in a state of total excitement, as they fell over themselves to play the next hand. Brian won the hand convincingly, and as promised, Kate sashayed over to his side.

"Well, Brian" she cooed in her little girl voice "I only have my panties left. Would Master like me to take them off?"

"No...I want to do it," Brian replied in a slightly strained voice. "Your Master wants you to place your hands behind your back."

"Yes, Master. I am slave to all of you and I must obey!" she said complying immediately.

Now unobstructed, Brian hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the panties and began to roll them down over her hips. Mike could see a small damp patch in the front of the garment, and realised that the rest of the guys had seen it as well. They cheered and hollered loudly as Kate's shaved pussy finally came into view. Her pussy lips were swollen and puffy, and they could all clearly see small droplets of moisture that had formed as the lips spread slightly as if by some unseen force. All four men were now looking directly at her smooth mound.

"You all seem to like it!" laughed Kate, but her voice was strained and her breathing a little quicker than usual.

"Shall we continue with the game?" asked Mike, trying, unsuccessfully to conceal his raging hard-on. "The winner of the next hand gets Kate sitting on his lap, OK?"

It was Kate's turn to be surprised. Mike's attitude to this whole situation had changed dramatically. Originally, she had been worried that he might try to put a stop to it all, but now he seemed keener than anyone. She smiled at him to let him know that she wanted to take the situation further. She was so excited and so HORNY, she just had to get some stimulation somehow. Not being the shy type, she sat back down in her chair now fully naked. As the four guys looked on, she let her legs fall open and let her index finger drift lazily through the folds of her soft, smooth pussy. She shivered slightly and closed her eyes, as her finger touched her hard clit and drew in a sharp breath. Her exhale was more of a long sigh than a regular breath, as she repeated the process a few more times. Opening her eyes, she was aware that the men were still watching her in stunned silence.

"Well, aren't you going to play cards for me? If nobody wins, then nobody get this!" she indicated her intention by opening her long legs a little further.

Immediately Brian began to deal the cards. Each player desperately wanted to win the hand and it was several minutes before Grant laid a full house triumphantly on the table with a whoop.

Kate was at his side in a flash and began to move her self towards his lap.

"Wait a second" called Mike "If you're going to sit on his lap, you should make sure that you are comfortable. Take his cock out first!"

Grant looked fit to burst as Kate quickly unzipped his jeans. Her hand slipped inside his underwear, and Mike saw an expression of pure joy cross Grant's face. Mike could see Kate's cool, slender fingers wrap themselves around Grant's solid seven inches of meat, the shiny, purple head contrasting delightfully with her pink nail polish. As she swung her leg over him, guiding him with her hand, she slowly lowered her sweet pussy onto his cock. She was so wet, so aroused, that he sank in with a loud squelching noise.

"Mmmmmmmm....aaahhhhhhhhhh....that feels so much better" groaned Kate. Grant's erection slipped into her pink, swollen vagina with ease as she sat on his lap facing away from him.

The other three men watched and silently licked their lips. From his position, directly in front of her, Mike could see his wife's hard pointed nipples visibly stiffen further as she began to rise and fall on Grant's hard prick. All thoughts of the game were lost now, as Mike led the way. Quickly unzipping his jeans he released his erection. Confined to his underwear, it had grown to it's full 8" and the head was glistening with pre-cum. Mike walked swiftly over to where his wife's body was bouncing up and down on his friend's cock with abandon. He put his hand in her hair and turned her head towards him.

" are our own little slave girl, are you?" He spoke in a deep domineering voice.

"Yes Master" Kate squeaked as she bounced.

"Then so be it. Suck on you Master's cock for him, my little slut" Continued Mike as he pulled her head lower, and proceed to unceremoniously stuff his hard tool between her lips. Kate seemed only too willing to oblige, as her mouth drew the thick meat inwards. She gagged slightly as Mike thrust his cock a little harder into her mouth sending it down towards the entrance to her throat, but quickly adjusted the angle of her head and allowed her husband to slide himself deep into her velvet throat.

Ian and Brian had now taken up a position on either side of her, their cock's exposed and standing out proud in front of them. As Kate began to pull on their tools with her free hands, they both took a breast each and began to squeeze and massage the heavy globes of flesh. With a cock in her pussy, another in her mouth and jerking one off in each hand, Kate was in slut heaven!

Mike could hear her moan deep in her throat as her orgasm approached, and he could feel the sensations that this caused, ripple up and down his cock as he face fucked his sweet, young wife. The vibrations her throat caused as she moaned were fantastic and Mike knew how to take her over the edge.

"Pinch her nipples harder, boy's" he said as he thrust faster and faster into her mouth, his orgasm rapidly approaching. "Don't worry, she loves to have them squeezed hard!"

Brian and Ian obliged, and Mike was rewarded with an attempted squeal which resulted in Kate's throat tightening and vibrating on his thick shaft as she exploded into orgasm. Mike knew he was about to cum, but looking at Grant, realised that he would be beaten to the line. Grant was gasping in lung fulls of air as he thrust his hips up towards Kate as hard as he could. She was in mid orgasm as Grant unloaded the first burst of his cum deep into her twitching vagina. Again she tried to scream, but with her mouth and throat full of her husbands cock, she could only manage a strained gurgling sound. This time the vibration around his cock was too much for Mike. He shuddered and erupted into a shattering climax. The cum shot from his prick deep into his wife's throat as she tried to pull back a little to accommodate the flow. She swallowed hard and fast, but there was just too much, the creamy white fluid seeping from the corners of her mouth and trickling down onto her chin. Mike and Grant thrusted in unison as they filled their little slave girl from both ends.

Mike looked up and realised that as the cum-fest had continued, Brian and Ian had reluctantly let go of his wife's tits and were watching the scene as they were slowly stroked by Kate's hands. Steeping back from her and letting his cock slip from her cum filled mouth, Mike, gently pulled his wife from Grant's wilting, slimy cock. Cum was running down the insides of her thighs in rivers, and Mike realised that Grant must have released a torrent of his seed into her.

As Kate leaned, with shaking legs, against the card table, Mike looked at Ian and Brian. His two friends had not yet cum and their cocks were throbbing with anticipation.

"You've not finished yet my little slut" Mike said as he swept the cards and chips from the table. "Still two more to go! And by the time you have serviced them, Grant and I will probably need a little more attention!

With a tired but happy smile, Kate climbed up onto the table and prepared herself for the next onslaught.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

Don't worry! Part 3 coming very soon!


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