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Anyone For Squash?
by English Bob

My name is Cane, and I want to tell you a story about my wife. I met Stella six years ago and was immediately captivated by her. With her long, strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, I don't think that I'd ever met a more attractive woman. Her facial beauty was complimented by a stunningly perfect figure; flat, tight stomach kept that way by her interest in sports, long slender legs leading to pretty, dainty feet and a nice pert bottom. Her breasts were to die for; firm, perfectly formed globes with pink nipples that just cried out to be touched! It was love and lust at first sight, and we were married a year later.

To start with, our sex life was ok, if a little infrequent, but over the years it has steadily declined to a situation where I now have to almost beg her to have sex. As you can imagine this has frustrated me immensely and caused many fights between us. It has got to the stage recently, where I was convinced that my wife was having an affair. I have a close work colleague, John, and I have spoken to him on many occasions concerning my misgivings. John is what people used to refer to as a ladies man'. Originally from Africa, he stands over six feet in height and has a captivating charm. He always seems to have a new woman on his arm and the parties he holds at his beach front house are notorious around the office.

After a particular discussion with John, I found myself following Stella around to try and catch her with her lover. The more I followed her, the more a strange feeling came over me. Part of me was angry, but another, stronger part of me was beginning to feel excited about catching her with another man. This thought was beginning to turn me on!

After a couple of weeks without finding anything wrong or Stella doing anything untoward, I slowly began to realise that the affair had been all in my imagination, and our relationship returned to its usual state. The trouble was, that although she wasn't having an affair, my feelings of excitement when I thought that she was, did not go away. In fact they grew stronger. The more I thought about them, the more I became desperate to catch her in the arms of another. If the situation was not going to materialise naturally, then my mind turned to thoughts of how I could create the situation myself. I needed a man I could trust and who would be attractive to my wife. The choice was obvious; John!

After a long discussion with John in a bar one night, we hatched a plan. John was all for the idea, as long as I was sure that it was what I wanted. He said that he found Stella most attractive and would enjoy making love to her. We were to be invited to his next party at his beach house. It would take place there and John gave me his virtual guarantee that I would see my wife fucked by another man, as long as I obeyed the rules; I could watch, but I was not to interfere in any way whatsoever. I readily agreed, and the date was set for the following Saturday.

After some persuasion, Stella had reluctantly agreed to go to the party. I told her that some important clients would be there and that it may help my career to make a few contacts. The Saturday arrived and Stella descended the stairs after taking two hours to get ready. It had been worth the wait. She virtually glided down the staircase, a jet black sleeveless dress clinging to her perfect thighs. She commented briefly on the fact that I seemed a little agitated, perhaps nervous. I agreed, and put this down to the fact that useful business contacts would be at the party, and mentally praised myself for my quick thinking. Stella seemed to accept this plausible explanation and we left the house for the hour long drive to the beach.

The party was in full swing as we arrived. John greeted us both at the door and in a display of old-fashioned courtesy, kissed Stella's hand. As he bowed his lips to her small hand, he looked into her face and caught her eyes with a steely stare. It was amazing. I could almost feel the electricity between them, as Stella seemed unable to break away from his gaze. The party progressed well and John kept both Stella and I well stocked with delicious cocktails. I could tell that they were quite strong, but Stella, who hardly drank at all, was enjoying the fruit flavour without appreciating the strength and was knocking back glass after glass. John never seemed to miss an opportunity to drag my wife onto the dance floor, and after several close dances, Stella seemed to become less and less concerned about his hands on her pert little ass! As the evening wore on, Stella was obviously becoming more and more intoxicated. I hoped that John would make his move soon before she collapsed in a drunken heap!

Stella and I were talking quietly in a corner, as I saw John approach us.

"Stella" he said in a soft, matter-of-fact voice. "I understand that you like sports. I have a full squash court in the basement. Would you care to take a tour with me?"

Again his eyes looked deeply into hers, almost challenging her to refuse his invitation. As Stella nodded her agreement and took his arm, John threw a quick look over his shoulder at me. I knew that this was it. I knew that I was to follow, but at a safe distance. They were several feet in front of me as they descended the stairs to a huge basement. John flicked a light switch and a full-size squash court became immediately visible. Quickly, so as not to be seen, I ducked behind the dark glass of the court's back wall, as John led my wife out onto the playing area. I quickly became aware that the glass was in fact a two way mirror, and that I could see through it to the court, but that neither of them could see me. I heard their voices clearly and realised that John must have set up a microphone inside the court.

"You know, I'm not really dressed for a game of squash!" I heard Stella comment.

John wasted no time and circled his arms around her slim waist.

"It's not squash that I had a mind to play, tonight. You look so attractive in that dress, I've been watching you all night."

"I know you have!" she giggled. "I could feel you hands on my butt every time we danced! But we can't do this. I'm married and Cane is only just upstairs."

She made a half hearted attempt to push him away, but John was not to be denied. Lowering his face to hers he kissed he deeply. I could see her trying to push him away with her hands, but her lips betrayed her as she parted them and allowed John's tongue to enter her mouth and dance lightly over her teeth.

"No John. We mustn't do this....mmmmmm oh you taste nice!.....No..please" she murmured as they kissed.

John was not about to take this feeble denial seriously. All three of us knew that she would capitulate to his advances eventually. Still kissing her deeply, John backed my wife the short distance to the side wall.

As he dropped a hand down to her waist and then her thigh, I knew that it was finally going to happen. I could not help squeezing my own cock through my trousers, unsurprised to find that I had developed quite an erection myself. Satisfied that I could not be seen from behind the glass, I unzipped and hauled my throbbing cock from my underwear. Resisting the temptation to masturbate just now, I contented myself with just letting my hand caress my heavy balls while I continued to watch scene in front of me.

By now, John's hand had slid up Stella's thigh taking the hem of her tight black dress with it. They were still kissing deeply and from what I could hear, Stella's voice was becoming strained as her dress was lifted higher up her shapely thigh. I could now see the tops of her black stockings and a little of the suspender belt, as John's hand moved closer to her inner thigh. The dress moved higher and I caught a peek of her black, lacy panties just before her crotch was covered by John's meaty, black hand. As I watched, John broke away from her lips and began kissing his way down her body. Nibbling gently, he nuzzled the bare skin of her neck and then further down to her deep cleavage, letting his tongue sweep over the swell of the upper part of her breasts. Quickly, he yanked the top of the dress down exposing her beautiful tits, and began to suck hungrily on the hard nipples. I could see Stella lean herself back, using the wall for support, as she opened her lips to gasp his name as he bit lightly on the hard buds.

With an elegant grace, John slipped to his knees and pulled the dress up towards Stella's waist. With one hand he held it bunched there while his other hand quickly tore the lace panties down her long legs. As Stella, almost gratefully stepped out of them, John lifted her left leg onto his shoulder and buried his face in her sweet muff. Stella's face was a picture of ecstasy as my friend began the extremely pleasurable task of eating her pussy. Sadly, I was unable to study his technique at close quarters, but from Stella's gasps and sighs, It was obvious that he was very experienced.

There seemed little tenderness in his approach, as he virtually attacked my wife's vagina with his tongue, pushing his head upwards into the vee of her legs and forcing his tongue up inside her visibly wet hole and letting it stoke roughly over her exposed, hard clit. The temptation to masturbate was too strong now as I began pulling my foreskin back and forth over my swollen cockhead watching my wife explode into her orgasm. The sight was quite exquisite; her head was tilted back against the wall, her mouth open and gasping. She had begun pulling and squeezing on her own tits (something that I had never seen her do) as her legs buckled and the climax shot through her body.

As she finished cumming, I had to slow down on my cock for fear of joining her in my own orgasm. As my cock twitched I watched John draw himself up to his full height in front of Stella and start to undo his trousers. In a second they were pooled around his ankles. It became obvious that he had not bothered with underwear, as, staring at my wife was the largest, blackest, penis that I have ever seen. She too seemed most impressed with it's dimensions as she just looked at it with astonished eyes. John, however was in no mood to have her just look, and, placing his hands on her shoulders, slowly pushed her to her knees.

"Suck it" he demanded "Suck my big black cock, my little bitch!"

Slowly, Stella attempted to close her hand around his thick shaft, but soon discovered that her fingers would only fit about three quarters of the way around. However, she did her best. Squeezing the bulbous end, she ran her finger into the puddle of pre-cum that had seeped from the eye, and massaged it into the mushroom shaped head. John closed his eyes and sighed, his hands sliding into her long blonde hair.

"Mmmmmmm....ohhhhh yes baby......suck it now.....suck Big John's cock for him now! Suck it like the bitch that you are."

I would never have used that sort of language with Stella. Certainly never called her those sort of names, but it seemed to have an undeniable effect on her as she made a valiant attempt to guide the huge head towards her red painted lips. Try as she might, John's monstrous erection seemed unable to pass her lips, until John forcefully pulled her head towards him. This physical encouragement did the trick. Stella's mouth seemed to open just a little wider and three inches of black shaft disappeared inside.

As John began to push his huge organ slowly in and out of her mouth, my own erection demanded more attention. Once again I began pumping myself as I watched the much larger organ face-fucking my wife. She seemed to have little control of the situation as John manouvered her head back and forth over his penis going deeper with every thrust. I could hear his gasps as he ploughed her, and tried to pump my hand on my own cock in time with him. I could see he was getting closer as I heard his breathing become ragged. Stella seemed to be enjoying herself as well, just allowing her mouth and throat to be used in this fashion. Faster and faster I pumped my cock trying to time it just right.

I knew I was about to cum as I felt my balls twitch. I was about to try and control myself once more when I heard John bellow and pull his slick cock from Stella's mouth. As the tip became visible, he shot a huge stream of cum onto her face. Furiously pumping his cock with his hand, the first burst was quickly joined by several more as he released more and more of the thick white fluid. Stella's face was covered in semen as it dripped from her chin and splashed obscenely onto her upturned pink nipples. The sight of my wife in such a slutty pose sent me over the edge, and I in turn splashed a repeating stream of cum against the glass of the back wall.

Within a few minutes, John and Stella had adjusted their dress. John commented that his guests may be wondering where he was and he must return to the party. They headed for the door and left me to me thoughts. So this was it. My wife seemed to have enjoyed the event as much as I had. It only left me with the thought of how to persuade her to have another affair and thus continue to fulfill my voyeuristic fantasies.

Somehow, I did not think that she would take much persuading now!

The End

* * * * *

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