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A Fishing Trip
by WeJaySal

"Have you got everything you're going to need?" Ann asked as she finished putting sandwiches in a bag.

"I think so, but we're just going for the day," I replied. "Larry should be along here in a few minutes."

A buddy and I were going to do some fishing up in the small headwaters where you could catch native Brook trout. Larry is about 20 years younger than I am and we got together to hunt and fish or play a round of golf whenever our schedules allowed. He's a single guy and he and I bum around together when we can as he lives a couple hours away.

Ann and I are close to the 50 year mark, and have been married for a number of years. We enjoy the outdoors and both of us are in pretty good shape. I'm Jonathan and love to hunt and fish, luckily I have a beautiful wife that never hesitates to allow me to do these things I enjoy.

"I gave you an idea where we'll be, and won't be back till dark. What are you going to do today?"

Giving me a hug I could feel her nakedness under her robe. "I don't know. It's 4:30 in the morning so I know I'm going back to bed!" Ann laughed. "Maybe after you leave I'll get the vibrator out and play a little while." She knows what that does to me and rubbed her hand along my zipper. "That should give you something to think about today."

Headlights flashed down the driveway as Larry pulled in. "Oh I'll think about it all right!" I laughed. "Why don't you set up the camcorder so when I get home tonight I can watch it."

"Good morning everyone." Larry walked in with coffee in his hand. As I said Larry is about 30 and stands about 6 foot. He's single and works out and is in good shape, dark brown bushy hair, blue eyes and one of those friendly outgoing personalities. Ann always jokes that he must have a long dick because his fingers are so long. I had no idea personally, but she did from time to time find the fantasy interesting.

"Morning Larry, how was the drive this morning?" I reached for the coffeepot to refill his cup.

"Not to bad, beautiful clear morning, so it should be a good day." Steam curled from his cup. "We about ready to head out?"

"You boys have fun," Ann smiled then giving me a hug whispered in my ear, '..maybe I will set up the recorder so you and Larry can watch it some night..' Giggling she scooted out of the kitchen. "I'm going back to bed! It's still the middle of the night. You guys are crazy!"

I chuckled, and watched her head upstairs. She loved to tease and knew that she had 'peaked' my libido with just the few remarks, and that tonight she would have an enjoyable evening after letting me think about those remarks all day.

Larry and I headed down the road. "So how's the love life of the single man going." The sun was just beginning to brighten the sky and it was getting easier to see the highway.

"Terrible! It's been a week since I've gotten laid and I'm hornier than hell! Although after last weekend I was so drained I figured I'd never have sex again." He began to chuckle.

I never knew what was fact and what was fantasy with his stories but they sure were interesting, so I listened to his escapades as we drove. By the time we parked and started up the stream he had me horny with his story. We headed up the stream to enjoy the day...

Along about 11 we picked a spot on a big rock and sat down to have some lunch. It was a beautiful day, not to hot, and just a few lazy clouds in a blue sky. The trees and undergrowth were a deep lush green. We were a couple miles up the valley where not to many had bothered to fish. Ann had packed a few extra sandwiches for Larry because he never would bring anything except candy bars. "I'll tell you what Jon you have a good looking wife. If I were you I'd keep her tied to the bed and never leave."

"For all the women you have had I consider that a damn nice compliment, my friend." I laughed. "She's to willing though so I don't have to tie her."

"All the women I've had, HA!" Larry smiled. "If I could find one like you have I'd never leave home, and never let her get dressed." Giving me a poke in the ribs he continued on with what he would like to do. I laughed with him as he rambled on. He didn't mean anything by it and I took no offense to what he was saying. With his stories of the morning I was really getting horny and almost wishing I was back home!

I laughed at him, "You must be horny, you've got a one track mind this morning! And you're getting me wishing I had stayed home!"

"Sorry about that," Larry chuckled, "I'm just daydreaming, besides you get to go home to it, all I have is my hand." We ate our sandwiches and talked enjoying the solitude and friendship.

"Looks like we have company." Larry pointed down the stream and you could see someone walking along.

I looked where he was pointing. It was Ann. I wondered what she was doing up here, but she sure looked good coming through the woods, I thought to myself. "What are you doing up here?"

"It was such a beautiful day I wanted to go for a walk and thought I'd pack the picnic basket with some drinks and snacks then come see you and Larry." Ann sat down on the rock with us, "since you didn't bring anything to drink, I thought you could use something by now."

Taking the offered can of pop I couldn't help but notice as she sat that her blouse was unbuttoned to the top of her bra and you could see the cleavage of her 38D beasts. With her hair pulled up and tight denim jeans she looked damn sexy. A breeze whispered through the trees and the coolness of it brought her nipples up and they were very pronounced against the sheerness of the blouse. Glancing out of the corner of my eye at Larry I could see that he had noticed it too. I found that exciting, knowing he was looking at her and what was going through his mind. My cock began to get hard with the thought of Larry mentally undressing Ann...

Hopping off the rock I walked behind her and put my arms around her, my fingers tracing along her belly just under her bra. Her blouse was loose fitting and as I pulled her back to me it pulled tight over her breasts and outlined their size and really gave Larry a look at the nipples. I knew that my light touch on her belly would get her juices flowing, as she loved to be caressed just under her breasts. Leaning to her ear, I didn't bother to whisper, "You know Larry is staring at your breasts, are you giving him a show."

"I..I...didn't mean to...," Ann stammered. My fingers kept their slight caress. My cock was hard and I pressed against her back, I didn't know where this was going but looking over her shoulder towards Larry I could see the effect it was having on him. His eyes followed my hands and there was a bulge beginning in his pants.

My fingers found the buttons on the front of her blouse..."It's such a warm day, and with the sun shining it is a great day for a tan." I stopped when I got to the last button where her blouse was tucked into her jeans. Spreading the blouse Larry stared at her breasts encased behind the sheer bra. I knew he could see the aerole's and the hard nipples through the material. My fingers traced along her bare flesh just under the edge of her bra. Softly I kissed the side of her neck and felt her shudder. "You sure do look sexy, should I stop?" My tongue left a trail along her neck to her shoulder and I pulled the collar of her blouse back. My tongue tracing her bra strap...

"" She tried to talk but her eyes were fixed on Larry's crotch. Glancing up he was sitting with his legs spread and with his hand squeezing his cock through his pants I knew Ann was imagining the size from the outline he was presenting. My fingers continued moving slowly and my thumbs flicked across her nipples. "...ohhh..damn..."

"Isn't it beautiful and peaceful out here, the sun is so warm and the trees so green..." Ann's hands hung at her side. My fingers bumped against the center clasp of her bra...I worked the clasp and when I felt become undone I pulled her bra apart and felt her naked breasts fall into my hands. Cupping them I offered them towards Larry. "Beautiful aren't they?"

Larry moved slowly down the rock towards the uplifted naked breasts as if in a trance. He pulled his T-shirt over his head and he moved closer. I held Ann's breasts and watched over her shoulder as he took a nipple between his lips and began to suckle. "...oh...ohh...ohhhhh..." Ann's body shuddered as he sucked her nipple between his lips and I knew that she had just climaxed and her panties would be soaking wet with her juices. His own hands began caressing her breasts and he noisily licked and sucked Ann's breasts. The areolas had pulled tight around her nipple and he flicked his tongue back and forth over it.

I stepped back to allow him access to Ann's beautiful breasts. As I did I pulled her blouse and bra from her shoulders and she lifted her arms to allow them to fall away. Pulling my clothes off I sat down naked on the rock next to them, my hand stroked my cock as I watched Larry play with my wife's body. "Go ahead honey, pull his cock out," I directed. Her fingers fumbled with his belt getting it undone and then getting his pants unzipped. She pushed his pants down, her fingers slipped into the elastic of his briefs and as I watched she pulled them over his hips.

I hadn't ever paid attention to a man's cock too much, but Larry was big. His cock was thick and curved up towards and past his belly button. The veins stood out and I could see his heart beat in them. His cock was so rigid the skin pulled tight and his balls hung heavy between his legs. Ann always thought my cock was big at about 7 1/2" but Larry's had to be at least another 2" longer. I heard Ann suck her breath in when her hand closed over his hardness. "Suck his cock, sweetheart, suck it good."

Ann pushed him back onto the rock and stared at the cock in her hand. The head a deep purple, precum leaked from the tip and lubed the shaft. She began to run her fingers along the length as she stared at the throbbing head. Pulling up the shaft I watched as she leaned forward and the head disappeared between her lips, her hand met her lips at the crown and she pulled down the shaft. Opening her mouth wide she tongued the head, she circled the entire head and along the crown then took it deep into her warm mouth.

"...ohhh my GODDDD...damnnnnnnn..." Larry groaned and his hips came up towards Ann's mouth. Holding his shaft tightly Ann lifted her mouth from his cockhead and I watched his first load cover her breasts. Stroking his cock she couldn't get her mouth over his cock before he unloaded again onto her neck...I held my cock tight in my fist as I watched her suck the hard cock. Taking the head of his cock in her mouth she worked up and down over the head, her fist working in cadence with her mouth...I watched his cock throb from her movements and could see her swallowing each load...cum ran out the corners of her mouth as she sucked...slurped and...swallowed...

I moved behind her, up on her knees like this her jeans outlined her rounded asscheeks. Reaching under her I found the snap of her jeans and ripped the zipper down...wrapping my fingers in the belt loops I pulled them down to her knees. My cock pointed straight out wanting to bury itself in her hot wet pussy. Ann was wearing thong type panties and I could see the connecting string going from the top down between her ass cheeks and connecting to the front. They were pulled tight and the lips of her pussy were protruded around it. Holding my cock in one hand, I pulled the thong to the side and pressed my cockhead against her wet slit. "...ahhhh fuck!!...ohhhh..."

Pulling my fist back to the base of my shaft had released my first load before I could get into her and landed hot on her tight puckered asshole then flowed down along her slit. Holding my shaft and squeezing it hard I slammed into the open waiting slit. Ann had always kept her pussy shaved and I loved to enter her doggie style where I could see her naked slit inviting me. Holding her hips I pumped cock erupting time after time with cum. She held Larry's cock in her pumping fist as she sucked his cock and he continued to unload. Reaching under her I fingered her hard clit...her body.. mouth...pussy bucked and shuddered against our cocks as she orgasmed...

Lifting her mouth off his cock "...ohhhhGoddd..yessssss..." She enveloped the cock again and sucked faster and harder. Her moans muffled by the cock stuffed between her cum leaked around my shaft and out her wet pussy as I pumped into her. Cum dripped down onto the rock...I watched her suck Larry's rod as I emptied my balls into her.

My cock softened and I watched it slip slickly from her used pussy. Pulling her jeans and panties off I laid them on the soft meadow grass. "Let me see you fuck her with that big cock." Larry smiled and lifted Ann's head off his still hard prick, and helped her down off the rock onto the grass.

Ann stared at the cock she had been sucking..."It's so big and still hard... ..." Larry turned her onto her knees, holding her hip firmly with one hand he aimed his cockhead at her exposed slit and began to pull her back onto it..."ohhh Jonathan it's so big...ahhhh..ahhh..." She looked up at me her eyes going wide as Larry pushed deeper splitting her. "Larry I...I...can't ...ohhhhgawdddddd..." Larry had half his rod into her and had slowly begun to pump. The mixture of her cum and mine coated his cock and helped it open her up. I sat on the edge of the rock watching my friend violate my wife's hungry cunt. I slowly stroked my flaccid prick and reached under her to play with her clit. She jumped at my touch..."'s too sensitive...ohhh's big..." My finger continued to gently rub knowing that it would allow him to push deeper. I wanted to see that cock buried in her... "nooooo moreee...I...can't..." Larry finger teased her clit... the shaft began to disappear...his cock was buried full length his balls smacked against my busy finger. "...uhhhggggg...fuckkkkkmeeee...yessss..." Larry held his cock deep then began to pull back..."nooooooooo..." He pushed in ..."yesssss..." Ann tried to push back wanting the cock...

"You've wondered how big his cock was sweetheart...I guess you know now .. don't you? Do it Larry... fuck her good ...give her a good load of cum..." I urged him on and he began long slow strokes into her.

"I've spent many...nights...jacking off thinking...about...fucking this pussy." Larry continued his slow rhythmn. "...I'm going to fill it up... damn it feels so good..."

I sat back and watched as her breasts, hanging down, bounced with each thrust from Larry's cock. He began to move faster and I could hear his cock working inside her. Ann's cum mixed with mine was being forced out her slit everytime he pushed deep...Watching him fuck her pussy my cock had gotten semi hard and getting on my knees in front of Ann I offered it to her waiting mouth. I gasped as she sucked it in completely. "...yes that's it Ann..suck his cock..." Larry watched her " him like you did me..." His cock began to pound into her cunt as she sucked. Each thrust pushed her head farther down my cock.

Ann moaned as he thrust into her and low groans came from deep in her throat...her tongue and lips never stopping on my cock...I wanted to see his cock splitting her...fucking the used pussy...Pulling from her mouth I moved down under Ann and positioned my head so I could watch Larry's cock move in and out of her. Without thinking my tongue licked her exposed clit.. "ohhhhhhhhh...yesssss...ohhh...yessssss..." Ann cried out and grabbed my cock in her hand..."I'm going to..." She stroked my cock faster..."..cum... oh damn...I'm going to cummmm..."

My tongue worked harder against her clit. I moved down her slit and licked the lips where Larry's cock was penetrating her...I could taste my was a salty sweet insensed tongue found the underside of Larry's cock and I licked as he plunged into her...his balls bounced against my tongue on every thrust. Without thinking I opened wide and took one in my mouth and sucked it gently...Releasing it I ran my lips down the underside of his shaft back to the point where his cock was disappearing into her wet cunt and up to her clit...I moved faster back and forth as his thrusts increased...

"oh damn...that feels good..." Larry moaned as I licked his cock and balls. He leaned forward and he cupped Ann's hanging breasts, his movements quickening..."Ann he's licking my cock and you're clit...I'm going to cummm..."

"ohhhh...ohhhhh...meeeeeeeeetooooOOOOOOOO..." Ann screamed as her climax erupted deep in her belly. Sucking her clit between my lips my tongue flicked roughly over the tip...She bucked against both of us and I knew that from her orgasm the muscles inside her were gripping the sides of Larry's shaft and milking it as he fucked her..."oooohhh..OOOHHHHH..." Her body convulsed uncontrollably...replacing my tongue with my finger I began licking at the junction of pussy and cock. Larry slammed hard against her thighs and then pulling back partially began quick rapid strokes. My tongue against the underside of his cock I felt his flood of cum erupt into Ann's pussy...

"ohhh fuck...ohhhh damn...ohhhfuckkkk...cummmmmmmm..." Larry's hips slammed against Ann's thighs. Ann pushed and bucked back against the cock ramming her...I laid under them his balls slapping against my face...his cock throbbed with each load...his cum forced out the sides of Ann's pussy. I licked it up and swallowed his hot cum...I pressed my mouth to where they were joined as there movements slowed and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth I held them and the underside of Larry's cock and continued to swallow all the cum I could suck out..."ohhhh damn Ann...damn Jonathan..." Larry froze in midstroke as I sucked greedily...

His cock began to soften and Ann, exhausted, fell forward onto me. Larry held tightly to her hips as she fell and his cock slipped wetly from her and I found the head against my lips. The taste...the smell of sex...the sight of my beautiful wife getting another man's cock...the thoughts flashed through my mind...I opened my mouth and sucked his softness deep into my mouth and tasted all of us...he pressed forward so I took his entire length and cleaned the juices from his shaft...

Ann rolled off to the side and looked back. "That is as erotic as you watching me with another woman. How does it feel Larry?" Her finger slipped lightly along the length of her slit.

Larry moved slowly to sit up and his cock slipped from my mouth. "It felt good...really good. I didn't know I could cum so hard the second time."

I laid back on the soft grass and listened to the two of them talk... glancing towards Ann I watched as her finger moved along her slit and the remnants of all the cum deposited in her that I hadn't swallowed leaked out onto the grass between her legs...My cock had come to full erection again and was against my belly...Propping myself up on one arm I looked at the both of them..."I don't know how long it will take Larry to recharge, but..." I held my hard cock, "...I'm really hard..."

Ann looked down at my cock and smiled, "Why don't you hold that thought for a few minutes while we rest." Standing we watched her walk naked towards the stream. We both watched quietly as she squatted and washed her pussy, splashing the water up between her legs. As she walked up through the grass her breasts swayed with her every step. From the corner of my eye I could see Larry watching her and surprizingly his cock, laying against his thigh was beginning to harden.

"Damn sexy looking woman, Jon. Her pussy looks like it's pouting just wanting my cock. I've never seen a pubic bone so pronounced that pushes it right out."

I nodded my head as I watched her come towards us. "When she lays flat and spreads her legs it is so large that the little tuft of hair stands up as if inviting you to see what is hidden in the lips below it. I've seen her use it to push against another clit and rub it. Talk about getting someone excited." My cockhead was turning a deep purple thinking her and Lynn, plus with her walking towards us naked only added to the eroticsm...

Larry's cock had begun to move along his thigh as we talked and his hand was stroking the rising shaft. "Then she wasn't kidding when she spoke about her with another woman."

"Nope, even have movies," I smiled. His cock stiffened at the thought.

Ann stopped and stared at Larry's hard cock. Taking her hand I stepped her towards him. "Lay on your back Larry," He looked up at her naked slit as I had Ann straddle his shoulders. Taking her hands to help her maintain her balance, "sit down, honey." I could see Larry's tongue touch the lips of her pussy. He found her button and began to lick and suck...

"ohhhh...ohhhh," She began rubbing her pussy along his mouth enjoying the feel of his tongue. "Ohh...that feels good." Her hands went to her breasts and she began caressing them and pulling on her nipples as her hips forced her pussy back and forth along her slit.

I sat back on the edge of the rock and stroked my prick as Larry reached up and wrapping them around her thighs pulled her tighter to his mouth. "That's it, suck her pussy, get it nice and wet." My hand kept stroking my cock as I watched. "Cum in his mouth, lover. Rub that hard clit on his tongue. That's it...faster...faster,honey...give him a load..."

"Uhhhh...uhhhhh..." Her hips bucked as she pressed tighter over Larry's face. "...aaahhhhHHHHH...DAMNNN...CUMMMMMMM..." Ann's pussy worked furiously over Larry's mouth, his tongue noisely licking the cum as it covered his face.

"Now ride his hard cock." I stepped down and grabbing Larry's cock he pushed her down off her face. I pointed the tip at her wet spasming pussy and watched as his cock disappeared deep into her wet and more than ready cunt. She rode it like a bucking bull as her orgasm continued. Her cunt slapped against his balls.

"Ohhh damn I'm getting ready, her cunt is so fuckingg tight!" Larry moaned. I watched as his balls filled and his cock filled with cum that he struggled to hold back. Pulling her down towards to his chest his hips bucked up into her the first load exploding deep inside her..."GAWDDDDD...CUMMMMMM..."

Ann straddling his hips... her round asscheeks spread wide...her little puckered hole stretched...the cock splitting her pussy wide...his balls pumping load after load into her...My fist worked faster and faster... "ohhh fuckkkk..." My load landed on the crack and ran down between her cheeks. Dropping to my knees between Larry's legs I squeezed the base of my cock and pushed my cock head to the tight back hole...

"NOOOO...JONATHAN...NOOOOOO," Ann screamed as my cock passed the tight outer muscle of this virgin hole. Larry sensing my intent reached between them and fingered her clit. "ohhhh...ohhhh..." His fingers played lightly over her clit and her muscles relaxed as I slowly pushed deeper into her. I could feel Larry's cock through the thin membrane still pulsing and unloading cum ...using my finger and thumb I completed jacking off and felt my hot cum filling her..." meeeeeeeee," Ann's body began to shudder. "ohhh...ohhh...ohhh..." I let go of my cock and pushed the last couple inches deep into her. Ann did the rest, her hips jerked and bucked against both the cocks that were filling her...

My cock, empty slipped from her and I rolled off to the side. Larry's cock still deep inside her my cum leaked from her puckered ass and ran down over the base of his shaft and onto his balls...

Ann lay quietly for a few moments and then slowly dismounted, and with a soft 'plop' his cock fell from her pussy. Taking it in her hands she began to lick and clean it as a cat cleans their paws...

It was going to be a long walk out. The sun was behind the trees as we walked down to the creek to clean up...


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