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Anything For You Pt. I
by LR

Well school is finally out. I am a 30 year old teacher in a large inner city school and the end of classes is something to be celebrated. I headed out to the large Metro Park on the outskirts of the city to go for a jog. I was hoping that the jog would help the stress from the previous school year fall away.

I got out of my car and started to stretch. It had been at least two weeks since I had time to go for a run and I was feeling a bit tight. As I warmed up I watched the girls jog by. There were always some that were incredibly hot. This day was no exception and I had a smile on my face as I began to run. As I ran my four miles I was caught looking at many of the girls on the route. Not embarrassed, I smiled at each one. Most gave me a frown or a smirk, but one near the end of my run gave me a big smile and a wink.

This girl was something special. She was a tall brunette with pretty good size tits. She could only have been 18 or so, but she had checked me out. The day was good.

As I was doing my cool down stretches the brunette I saw on my jog came over and sat down next to me. I smiled at her as she began to do her stretches next to me.

"Hi," she said with a big smile. "I haven't seen you running here before."

"I haven't seen you around here either," I replied. "I'm sure I would have remembered you if I had."


"Oh yes indeed. You have to draw about a hundred stares as you run."

She smiled at me then and leaned in closer to me. "Do you think I am really attractive?"

I grinned openly at her. "I would love to have you seen in public on my arm. What's your name?"

"April. Yours?"


"Well, David, how would you like to take me out to dinner tonight? It's almost dinner time and I would really like to spend some time with you."

We set up dinner plans and then I raced from the park to my apartment to change for dinner. I picked her up and we had a fantastic time at a nice Italian restaurant. When we started to leave she mentioned that she would love to see more of me at my place. How could I refuse?

We were sitting on the couch at my apartment watching TV when she leaned in to kiss me. Our first kiss started out slow but quickly grew in intensity. She was soon moaning into our kiss and I was incredibly turned on.

She grabbed my right hand and placed it on her chest. I started rubbing her tit through her shirt and she was loving it.

"Let's go into the bedroom." I suggested. She readily agreed and we quickly moved to the back of my apartment.

Before we fell to the bed she took off her top and showed me her two beautiful tits.

"Before you come here," she said with a big grin, "I want you to strip."

I stripped so fast I must have been a blur. I crawled into bed and she climbed on top of me. Her face slowly kissed its way down to my middle. I moaned as her lips slowly encircled my dickhead.

"Wow." She was fantastic. Her bobbing motion caused me to arch my back and moan. She was insatiable. Her blow job was causing me to writhe all over the bed. "I am so close," I managed to grunt out just moments before I shot my load deep in her throat. She kept at it for a moment and then moved up be side me. She smiled as she kissed me. I was startled to find she had not swallowed. What could I do though? I kissed her back and together we managed to swallow my load of cum.

"Did you like it?" She asked.

"It was incredible," I replied.

"Well then Mr. Adams, I guess it's my turn then."

"It sure is," I replied. Wait a sec, "How did you know my last name, April" I asked her. I had not yet gotten around to telling her that.

She suddenly had an evil smile on her face. "You didn't recognize me did you Mr. Adams? Maybe you would have recognized me last year at Franklin High School."

Uh, oh. My stomach suddenly sank and I got a sour taste in my mouth. My school system is fairly conservative and sleeping with a student even one year out of school would probably be grounds for my getting fired. I still did not recognize her from last year though.

"I'm sorry," I replied, "I really don't recognize you. All I know is that you are an incredibly beautiful girl."

"Well there is the problem," she said with her grin in place. She straddled my chest and put my hands on her tits. "Do you like these?"

"They are fantastic," I replied truthfully.

"They should be," she said, "They cost a fortune. And maybe that is the reason you don't recognize my face. You've been staring at my chest."

I looked closely at her face and realized it did look familiar, but I still could not match her up with any of my former students.

"Sorry," I told her, "Still no connection."

"How about now?" With that she unbuttoned her skirt and threw it aside. Then she pushed aside her panties and out seamed to leap a fully erect penis!

I tried to roll over but she was still on top of me.

"Mr. Adams I was Jim Summers last year in your Physics class. I returned to town just this week. I sure was hoping I could run into you. What do you think about my maturing out in California? You always said I could have anything I wanted if I tried hard enough... well now I've got you!"

I froze in shock. It was Jim. He was always a shy kid that seemed to be a bit of an outcast. I always tried to help him out by encouraging him to shoot for the stars. I was in total shock. "Get off of me Jim." I started to struggle again.

"Why Mr. Adams," he leaned down to me and kissed my cheek." I will if you insist, but if I do I will also have to go the principal tomorrow and explain how you had sex with me, a she-male 19-year-old former student. Do you really want me to do that?"

Shit. I was trapped. I could see no way out. April/Jim could see it in my eyes too.

"Good boy, Mr. Adams," she said. "Now open wide." She slowly leaned forward and forced her dick into my face. I felt the dickhead at my lips and realized that I was going to have to go along with her.

I opened my mouth and she slowly pushed her dick in. I tried to work on it like she had to me. She started to thrust it into my mouth. I used my tongue to try to get her to cum as fast as possible. She began to moan and shot her wad deep in my mouth. I started to spit her dick out but she keep it in until I had swallowed most of the cum in my mouth.

"David," she purred into my ear. "That was fantastic."

"Are we done now?" I asked her hoping this would be the end of this horrible evening.

"Why of course not," she said with a grin. "Your first blow job is only the beginning!"

I suddenly knew this summer would be a very long one.

To Be Continued...

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