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A Great College Memory
by Dylan8

I've been a long time fan of erotic stories, and figured, perhaps it was time to give back...all comments are welcome, so please send them.

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Some authors that have befriended me over the years recommended that I begin with a story that actually happened to me. Thus, I reflected back to one of the most intense sexual experiences I ever had.

This occurred when I was a student at a large, Midwestern university. It was towards the end of the year, so my girlfriend Robyn's sorority was having their annual formal affair, and as usual, it was an incredibly loud and raucous, albeit good-natured event. Formal Events with her sorority sisters were always a blast-they were by far the best group on campus: a fine collection of the smartest, most athletic and creative girls on campus, who just happened to be among the most gorgeous women on campus. Their parties always held the potential for something exciting to happen, however, I had no idea what Robyn had planned for me that night.

We spent the whole night dancing, talking with friends, drinking and having a great time. Towards the end of the evening, as we were heading upstairs towards her room, she was unusually quiet. I asked her, "What's wrong?" She replied that she was just tired, which I saw as not a great sign for what I had hoped would be an evening fraught with activity. However, trying to be supportive, I picked her up in my arms, and carried her up to her room, hoping that my gallantry might improve her mood. Little did I know...

When we arrived at her door, I heard noise within the room, which Surprised me, because her roommate, Alison, was supposed to be spending the night down the hall, so that Robyn and I could spend the night together in peace. Seeing my inquisitive look, Robyn chuckled, and though it did not completely register, I remember thinking that something was going on. Once again, Little did I know...

As we entered, the entire room was bathed in soft red light, and their normally separate twin beds had been pushed together in the center of the room. As I gazed in amazement, Robyn quietly shut the door behind me and turned out the lights, leaving me in darkness. I felt, rather than heard her move around me and out into the open area of the room. It was very still and very quiet for what felt like several minutes before I felt four hands lead me into the center of the room and begin to remove my clothes.

I asked, "What is going on?" not angrily, but more out of sheer shock. I received no answer, save for the continued movement to two warm and obviously naked female forms around me. It was actually quite erotic, feeling these soft hands running over my body, never really lingering anywhere, but teasing me relentlessly. After the last of my tux had been removed, I felt those four hands once again pulling my towards the other side of the room, where one of them placed their hands over my eyes, while the other lit a small candle. When the hands were taken from my eyes, I could begin to make out the forms of Robyn, and what now appeared to be her roommate Alison. They laid me back into a large reclining chair, and proceeded to kneel before me, facing one another.

They began caressing one another, until Alison leaned down and began to kiss Robyn's 36 C breasts. I nearly lost it right there, my girlfriend of almost a year, captain of the women's lacrosse team, honors student in Political Science, her long red hair cascading over her shoulders, was now making out with her roommate, a beautiful California girl, long, long blond hair falling over her 34 C tits. As nearly every guy on the planet Earth would have, I had pictured this fantasy in my mind on more than one occasion, and here it was, directly in front of me.

They kissed and moved their hands over their bodies in slow, deliberate fashion. Robyn leaned back and Alison positioned herself in between her legs, and began to kiss slowly up her thighs, working her way toward my girlfriends newly shaved pussy. Alison eased her tongue inside of Robyn, and began to work her tongue around Robyn's clit in a big circle. never really touching it, until she suddenly sucked it deep into her mouth. They had been trying to stay quiet, but no longer able to contain herself, Robyn burst out with a loud moan similar to many I had heard her make before. It was intoxicating.

Momentarily sated, the girls looked up at me with a look filled with passion, and moved back to their knees, where they positioned themselves before me. They started kissing me at my ankle, moving up my leg with excruciating slowness. With each passing moment, they inched closer together, until I could feel their hot breath on my cock, which they began to kiss, very slowly, until they both opened their mouths and ran their tongues together, with my cock in between them. I've never seen anything, nor do I expect to see anything more erotic than that as long as I live. It was unreal. Robyn loved to give head, as much as I loved to go down on her, and it almost became a competition between these two roommates as to who could get more of my cock in their mouths. Alison soon relented, and settled for licking on my balls, and tasting the growing amount of pre-cum off of Robyn's lips.

The girls, sorority sisters and roommates, could tell I was getting close to losing my load, slowed at this point, and they moved me to the bed. No words were exchanged, and the silence was in it's own way incredibly erotic. They laid me down on their bed, and Robyn proceeded to climb aboard my cock and begin slowly riding me, while Alison placed her also recently shaved pussy a few inches from my lips, and facing Robyn, began to kiss her, while they towered above me.

I eased my tongue into Alison's soaking wet pussy and she began to grind her snatch into my face with increased ferocity. Robyn leaned down and began sucking on her left tit, while Alison decided to take on the right one. She knew how hot it made me to watch her lick and suck her own beautiful breasts, and I soon exploded, sending the largest load of cum I'd ever shot deep within the pussy of my girlfriend. She climbed off of me, and began licking my cock clean, and was soon joined by Alison, who leaning us into a 69, began to cum and drench my face.

Exhausted, the three of us fell into one another and slept deeply, for several hours. When we woke up, well, that's a story to be told another time...


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