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A Good Daughter
by Kip Carson

Bob Jackson had just came home from work, it was so lonely since his wife had passed away. His daughter Robin was 18, and she was gone a lot with her friends and such. So, he pretty much sat around, and drank a little, and didn't socialize much. He had been drinking for about an hour, and was feeling pretty good. It was Friday night, and he knew that Robin was out with her friends, so he took a quick shower, and put on his bathrobe. He put his favorite porno movie in the VCR, and sat on the sofa. He fastforwarded it through the adult warning, and censorship things, and watched as Jeanna Fine hungrily devoured a large black cock.

His own cock began to stir, and soon all 9 and 1/2 inches were rock hard and throbbing. He looked down and saw his large cock as it protruded from the gap in his robe. He reached down, and lightly began stroking himself. His precum oozed as he slid his hand up and down his thick shaft. He opened the robe and lubed his hands with his own saliva, and began really stroking. He didn't really watch the movie, he closed his eyes, and began really getting into it. He didn't hear Robin as she came down the stairs. Robin heard her father lightly moaning, and quietly sneaked towards the sofa. She now had a good view of him as he stroked his enormous, gorgeous cock. Robin felt herself moisten between her legs, and she slid her hand inside of her tight shorts, and lightly rubbed her wet pussy.

Her eyes focused on her father as he masturbated his wondrous cock. None of the teen boys she had been with were endowed like him. She craved his cock as she watched. Her pussy was so wet it was actually dripping as her finger slid across her swollen clit. She softly moaned and slid a finger inside of herself. Her pussy tightly gripped around her finger as she slowly fucked herself. Her father moaned louder, and she quickly removed her hand from her pussy. She coughed loudly, and Bob froze. He sat on the couch with his large cock in his hand. Precum oozed from the swollen tip, and a large strand of it went from his hand to the tip. Bob tried to pull the robe around his massive erection, but it really couldn't hide it. Robin now stood in front of her father, and had a large grin on her face.

Bob let the robe fall open, and his large cock popped into full view again. "Want to touch it?" he asked his daughter.

"Mmmm, yes" Robin softly moaned. She thrust her hand between his legs, and took his large cock into her soft hand. Bob moaned as his daughter began to stroke his cock. It had been so long since anyone but he had touched it. He grunted as her other hand lightly cupped his balls. Robin knew her father needed this badly, and she quickly knelt to the floor. Her mouth felt so hot and wet, as his cock head slid inside. He groaned as his daughter took him deeply into her throat. "Oh God" he moaned. "Slow down, baby" he begged. "I'm gonna cum if you don't" he continued. Robin only moved her mouth faster and further onto his cock. Bob grunted and his cum erupted like a cannon. Robin moaned as the sweet sticky liquid squirted into her mouth. She hungrily swallowed every precious drop as her father came in her mouth.

"Mmm God" Bob moaned. "That was incredible" he groaned. Robin slowly slid her mouth from his cock, and pressed her mouth over her fathers. Her tongue slid inside of his mouth, and he quickly thrust his tongue against hers. She wiggled from her tight shorts, and Bob looked at his daughters, neatly trimmed dark bush. Her pink wet pussy slit was so pretty. Bob's hand slid between her legs, and he began rubbing her swollen clit. Robin moaned, and grabbed her father's still very erect cock. As his finger slid inside of her she stroked him fast and hard.

"Oh God, please fuck me Daddy" she moaned. She climbed onto his lap, facing him, and began lowering her pussy onto his long stiff cock. Both moaned loudly as he fully entered her.

"Oh God, it's so big and hard" Robin moaned. She slowly rode her Dad, grinding her clit against him, as her pussy tightly squeezed his cock. Bob pushed her t-shirt upward, and revealed her small, bra less breasts. They were so milky white, and the nipples were pink and hard. Bob took one of her nipples into his mouth, and gently nibbled on it. Robin climaxed, and her body shook furiously, her pussy gripping him like a vise. Bob grunted, and thrust upward, shooting his cum into his daughter's hot tight pussy.

Robin groaned, and came again. She pressed her mouth over her Father's and their tongues passionately met. She continued to ride him, her wonderful pussy milking the remaining drops of cum from his glorious cock. "Oh God, Daddy" she moaned. They continued to kiss, and she slowly slid from his large softening cock.

Robin slid from his lap, and took his semi erect cock into her mouth, and licked her juices from it. She loved the taste of her own pussy juices, and was dying to taste another woman's. She kissed her Dad, and grabbed her shorts, and ran to her bathroom.

To Be Continued...


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