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A Ghostly Fantasy
by thekurgin

He had been fascinated with ghosts and ghosts stories since he was a young child. Telling scary stories around a campfire with friends, or simply reading books about ghosts and paranormal experiences, it quickly became his life.

One myth in particular always piqued his interest. It was the story of a ghostly lover, who would appear floating through a window in sheer white robes, slowly killing its victim with passion and desire. The eroticism always got to him, and many nights he lay in bed, with the window open, hoping against hope, that one night, this lovely vision would enter his room, and seduce him.

Back in the real world, his class at the university would be conducting their own field study at a 'haunted house'. He was studying for a masters in Parapsychology, and he leapt at the chance to lead the team. The particular house that they would be studying was built in Victorian times, in farm country, away from the city. The night before he was to leave, he poured over the literature about the house and its supposedly ghostly inhabitants.

The house was built in 1795, to prominent landowners. Most of the reported sightings were of a young girl, the landowners daughter, who disappeared. As he read further, the reported sightings were of a girl, in flowing sheer robes, who would attempt to seduce any man who stayed the night in the house. He felt an erection growing.......Reading on, there had been various sightings throughout the years, mostly by drunken college kids who had slept there for a fraternal initiation. None had disappeared, but the rumors grew until the house sat abandoned, in a state of general disrepair.

Driving up to the once proud mansion, he and his team spent most of the daylight hours setting up their equipment. Motion detectors, infrared cameras, sound devices dotted the hallways and rooms of the house. As dusk approached, the team giddily awaited the nights events. Walking down into the basement, the musty smells and shadows began to set his heart racing. Hearing a small noise, he turned quickly to see a small mouse run under the cabinet. He didn't see the log beam until it hit him on his head.

Waking up slowly, he turns and looks at his surroundings. He's not in the basement, he is in a beautifully decorated bedroom, and his jeans and tee shirt are replaced by Victorian era garb. "What's going on?" he thinks to himself.

He has no time to answer as the door to the room slowly opens and a vision of loveliness walks towards him slowly. A long flowing dress made of purple silk, with a revealing bodice, frame the gorgeous young woman walking towards him. As she draws closer, he can smell the perfume, lilacs, coming from this heavenly creature. "Excuse me, but where am I?" he asks.

His questions are muted as the woman melts into his arms and kisses him forcefully, longingly on his lips, her pink tongue dancing about his mouth. Startled at first, he begins to kiss her back in earnest, her body arching into his. After what seems like an eternity of bliss, she slowly pulls away and looks at him coyly. "Why, Charles, you naughty man. You know where you are. You are in my bedroom. I should call my father and tell him what a rascal you are."

"I hit my head and that's the last thing I remember." I weakly stammer. Her face changes to concern. "Why you poor dear!" she states, and pushes me onto the bed. "I should have a look to make sure you're not injured."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, this angel begins to rub her hands throughout my hair, but I only notice the plump cleavage of her straining breasts as they gently rub against my face. Trying to compose myself, I stand abruptly. "I'm terribly sorry, but this is a little odd. The last thing I remember was being down in the basement, and I hit my head, and then...."

Looking confused, then angry, she says "Well, then Charles Endicott III, don't tell me you forgot me?" she says indignantly. "No...I wait..I don't know what I mean." Dropping her angry facade, she put her hands on my chest and sexily says, "Do you remember what we did, right there?" pointing to the bed. "You always liked to play games Charles, now hurry, before father comes back, I saw a slave girl doing this to another man slave, and I have to try it."

Pushing me back on the bed, she deftly begins to unbutton my pants. Freeing my cock from its confines, she gasps at its length and slowly circles it with her hand. Before I can utter a word of protest, she slowly begins to lick the swollen head, moaning softly. I can't believe this is happening. Is this real? It sure as hell feels real enough. My cock swells to its full length as she continues to lick and suck the head. "Oh, Lucy, Lucy my darling..." I mutter, quietly.

Looking up at me through slitted eyelids, she says, "I knew you wouldn't forget me, Charles." and continues the heavenly sucking. "How did I know her name was Lucy?" I think to myself. Because idiot, my mind answers, that was the landowners daughter's name.

My mind becomes a blur as all my feeling is concentrated on my prick as this angel licks and sucks me to heaven. Slowly wrapping her tiny hand around my cock, while sucking on the head, she begins to jack me off in earnest. Her other hand grabs my balls and slowly squeezes them. "Yes, my angel" I say.

She doesn't noticed when I gently place my hand on the back of her head. With growing pressure, I force more and more of my cock into her mouth, as she continues sucking me. I can feel my orgasm growing, and she looks hurt and confused when I pull her up away from me. "What's wrong, Charles?" she asks.

"I too, saw the slaves doing something. And now I'm going to do it to you." I say. Standing her up, I switch places with her. Turning her around so she is facedown on the bed, I begin to pull her skirts up around her waist until the only thing left is her pantaloons. I begin a slow, delicious rubbing right where her slit is. She jumps at the contact, as my rubbing grows more direct. "Charles...what are you doing? Stop now or I'll scream" she implores.

Pulling her pantaloons down to her knees, I bury my face into her hot sex from behind. Her cries are cut short, as she begins to moan into the pillows and grab the sheets. Slowly at first, I trace my tongue all over her hot wet slit. She is pushing herself back onto my face as my tongue finds, and flicks her hot clitoris. As I gently suckle her clit in my mouth, her body convulses in orgasm, bathing my face with her juices.

"OH MY GOD....MY GOD!" she screams into the pillow in her sexy southern accent. As she lay there face down, I position my cock at the entrance of her pussy. "Tell me you want it Lucy" I say as I begin rubbing my prick up and down her slit. "Yes Charles...YES.....please me a woman..." she stammers.

Rearing back with my hips, preparing to plunge entirely into her with one thrust, the door opens suddenly. "What in the hell? YOU SCOUNDREL!" It's her father..... "I'll kill you Charles!" "Charles!" she pleads. "Charles!" he shouts... "Charles" "Charles".......

"Charles, are you ok? You must of knocked yourself out on a beam over there. You got a pretty nasty bump. Wanna go to the doctor?"

"What happened?" I ask, groggily realizing I'm back with the team in the basement.

"I came down here to check on some cables and I found you lying on the floor. Dude, who's Lucy? You seemed like you knew her pretty well." laughing to himself.

"No one!" I reply curtly. Was it a dream? Did it happen at all? Or was it just the shock of the beam and my fantasies? Snapping back to the world, I say "Are all the preparations complete?"

"They sure are. Hey doc, do you mind if the team stays out in the monitoring van overnight? This place is giving me the creeps."

"No, that will be fine. I'll stay in the house by myself" as we slowly walk up the stairs. Bidding the team goodnight, they walk to the van as I light a candle and proceed to the bedroom. Walking in, it is all vaguely familiar. Clapping as much dust as I can from the bed, I unroll my sleeping bag. Settling in, I replay the 'events' from the day. Too much caffeine and not enough sleep, I decide. Still, I can't help but wonder....

"Charles.....Charles" a quiet voice states. Waking up with a start, I can barely make out the form of a beautiful woman in sheer see through robes floating above me on the bed. She is beautiful. "You left without me, lover. Don't you want to finish?"

This has got to be a dream, I try telling myself. Hurriedly I try to grab the candle, but only proceed to get hot wax over my hand. Recoiling in pain, I'm amazed as the apparition slowly floats closer and begins to kiss my hand. I can feel it! "Lucy?" I ask.

"Yes lover. I've been waiting so long for you to show me things. Would you like to see what I've learned?"

With that, the sleeping bag unzips by itself, leaving my swollen cock straining through my shorts. "My my" the apparition continues "what do we have here?"

Ghostly hands creep forth and begin to slowly stroke my cock. "My god!" The sensation is incredible. Hands like satin running up and down the length of my cock. Suddenly, my shorts move of their own accord and I lay naked under the being floating above me. Just as quickly, the tip of my cock is swallowed by a liquid heat, as the apparition begins to suck and lick me, all the while jacking me off with its hands.

"We don't have much time, Charles, we must hurry." I feel a weight settle unto my thighs as the ghost hovers closer. Looking into Lucy's beautiful face, she lowers her head and kisses me passionately as my penis fills her. The feeling is incredible. Like a velvet glove, her pussy slowly stretches as she accommodates my length. When ours hairs meet, she begins a subtle rocking motion, adding to the friction. As she begins to ride harder, I reach into her robes and touch a perfect breast. Ripping open the bodice of her gown, I lock my mouth onto one of her stiff nipples. Her back arches, taking me deeper into her sex. "I've waited so long for you to come lover" she says. "You feel so good"

"Oh, Lucy, Lucy.....I love you." I scream. I feel her pussy start to pulsate around my shaft. Continuing to thrust, my arms around her waist, I pull my ghostly lover deeper onto me.

"Cum with me Charles" she says.

"Yes, Lucy. I'm cumming...I'M CUMMING" I scream as jet after jet of semen rush into my lover. As our orgasms subside, I realize that Lucy is still here, in my arms. Looking around the room, it is no longer musty and decayed. Everything is vibrant, like the beautiful creature laying next to me. I kiss her forehead lightly, and she returns my kiss. Rolling her over, I prepare to plunge into her once again. "Oh Lucy, I love you. I'll never leave you again."

The manhunt continues for a university professor who disappeared while researching paranormal activities in the House at Lexington Estates. While foul play is not ruled out, authorities are stumped as to what could have happened. The manhunt will continue into next week. Another ghost story to add to the tales surrounding this house? Only time will tell. For action 4 news, goodnight.


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