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A Groupie's Fantasy I:
Please Tease Me

by Isabella Thorne

"If you getcha one girl, better get two
Case you run into Gypsy Lou
She's a ramblin' woman with a ramblin' mind
Always leavin' somebody behind"
~ Bob Dylan ~

* * * * *

Manic hysteria is oozing out of the Forum tonight. I know it's the groovy British invasion of The Skiffles and all but my mind keeps wandering to what's going to happen after the gig with my men.

It's hard to see past the blinding stage lights into the mainly mod wanabee 14-year-old girl audience. Do they even care that they can't hear a note, a beat, a syllable for fuck's sake? The constant screaming of the Skiffle-fanatics drowns out any other attempt at anything resembling noise.

The other go-go dancer and I have our moves in check. Oh, yea, no one can say that we miss a beat.

The outfits Penelope and I are wearing were personally hand picked by the man himself, Rod, lead guitarist for the band. Tight short little t-shirts with the band's logo jutting out from our jiggly titties, tiny, tiny mini-skirts hugging our swinging hips and just barely reaching past the tops of our thighs, and of course our shiny white leather go-go boots. Mine are the coolest pair by far - the only pair with tassels I have ever seen!

We are dancing atop this immense stage prop while the group blasts out their songs. The prop is built to spell out the letters: T.H.E. S.K.I.F.F.L.E.S. I am doing the shimmy somewhere between the "K" and the "I" now.

Penelope is doing a groovy version of the monkey while The Skiffles are going through their unbelievably gear numbers. My straight long blonde hair flies through the air to the rhythm of our latest, hippest moves while my arms are thrashing wildly up and down to the fab beat.

This unbearable claustrophobic air though is making my mini skirt cling to my ass and I am thinking that maybe I should have worn panties after all.

I love watching them, watching my men, my four Skiffles. There's Rod on lead guitar, Stu on rhythm guitar, Keith on bass and of course my darling Fingers on drums as he shakes his head back and forth to the wild beat. Their shiny beautiful, long hair is what all the Skiffle-fanatics constantly rave about and it's no wonder 'cause their hair's rockin' too! Oh, fuck, do I love them - all four. I would do them any time anywhere any day any how. They can fuck my mouth, fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, cum all over my tits, my face, wherever they want. I love being the groupie slut for the The Skiffles.

"Psst, Isabella," whispers Rod with a wink. "Are you keeping that sweet little cunt hot for us now baby?"

"Yes darling of course," I giggle. Rod looks so unbelievably cute tonight. He is so fucking cool I don't think I can stand it for another minute. He signals me now.

This has become quite the habit for us on this tour. During each gig, I suck off one of The Skiffles on stage while they are still playing. The audience can't tell. It is such an incredible turn on for all of us and the band swears it improves their playing!

With the final chords of "Maybe It's You" wailing from Rod's guitar he casually strolls over behind the huge prop while still grooving to the beat.

"Sha na na na na na..." The Skiffles are harmonizing now. It is my cue to jump down unashamedly offering the audience a quick flash of my silken smooth pussy.

I am now kneeling before Rod out of view of the screaming Skiffle-fanatics, yet they can still see him from the waist up. That is how Rod planned it when he thought of The Skiffles lettering prop. What a sly little devil he is at that!

The stage floor feels hard and rough on my bare knees but I don't care. I know I am going to suck his cock. Oh God, he is making me horny. While his fingers are strumming those strings, he gently moves his guitar away from his body to allow just barely enough room for his blonde slut to squeeze in.

I slowly and carefully unzip his tight pants. Oh, yea, I'm thinking, Rod is horny tonight. His cock is already hard and eagerly waiting for my ravenous wet mouth.

He glances down, murmuring to me, "That's it baby, suck it good for me, make it feel good my lovely slut."

How I love it when he talks to me like that. I wrap my mouth around that beautiful hard cock and deep throat him instantly. Rod misses the next two chords. I love teasing him like this. "Now, Isabella," he grins, "you are the naughty little girl tonight."

I slowly release his cock from my wet mouth inch by inch, allowing my saliva to trickle forth, guiding his slick cock bit by bit in and out. Now I take his member and start licking, slowly licking every tiny spot from the base to the throbbing head, up and down. He is squirming now but his guitar playing never sounded better.

The Skiffle-fanatics in the audience are on their feet at this point, dancing in the aisles, pulling on their hair, screaming so loudly now that it is piercing my ears. Some are crying, some are shouting, some are fainting, and I am blowing Rod.

I swallow him again, slowly fucking his cock with my mouth back and forth to the rhythm of "She Wants Me".

He is starting to move his hips. It is Rod who is doing the fucking now. I know this is a sign that he is close to shooting his precious sweet semen. His eyelids begin to flutter and with three hard long strokes deep into my mouth he releases his cum with a scream, "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", as the song climaxes at the same time.

I love the taste of his cum. I love the taste of all four of my men. Each one has a slightly different flavour, but I can't say I prefer one taste over any other. I love the taste of them all. My darlings.

After the unbelievably gear concert ends, we push our way backstage past the photographers, roadies, security guards, and various entourage members for a little of "our time". Oh yea. I am the only one allowed to enter the dressing room with The Skiffles.

Gypsy Lou is waiting for us inside. She is that incredibly talented, hip American folk singer / songwriter. It was about four weeks ago that she turned The Skiffles and me on to reefer for the first time ever. Wow! What a wild trip that was! My darling men, Lou, and I were flying high as kites. Lou certainly turned us into raving potheads, that's for sure! That night I couldn't stop giggling. God, everything anybody said was so fucking hysterical. I love laughing when I'm stoned. I can laugh until tears stream down my face and then I'll laugh some more.

Ramblin' Gypsy Lou is tall, slim, young, and beautiful. Her dark blonde hair flows loosely past her shoulders almost to her waist and is prominently parted in the middle. This makes her strikingly delicate features ever so much more noticeable. She is a child of nature and one can see instantly that her beauty is never hindered by the brush of rouge or the stroke of mascara.

She is wearing a long flowing dress with a flowery print of yellow roses, or is it daffodils? It is hard to tell because the print is almost psychedelic in the way the flowers weave together. What I can tell you though is that her clinging dress accents that sensual lithe figure to something very closely resembling flawlessness.

Gypsy Lou greets The Skiffles with fleeting kisses on their cheeks, congratulating them on the groovy gig. Smiling lustfully, she turns towards me. She wraps her arms around me, shoves her tongue into my mouth, and kisses me quickly and forcefully.

"Now, Isabella" she says with a wink, "weren't you the naughty slut on stage showing off your pussy to the audience and then sucking Rod's cock like a bitch in heat? I saw you from the wings, baby. I have a nice big fat joint rolled for us, dear. The only thing is we have to wet it down first, don't you think? Be a good little girl now and spread those sexy legs of yours wide for me. I want to fuck your cunt with the joint to get it nice and wet before we toke up".

The four lads start laughing.

"Ah, Lou," says Keith, "you do come up with good ideas, luv. That'll make for a tasty spliff at that."

I quickly clear off the clutter of mags, fags, and Skiffle pics scattered chaotically across the sofa. I peel off my mini skirt, sit down and spread my legs nice and wide for Gypsy Lou.

This cheap fucking vinyl sofa is such a drag. It's making my ass feel sticky again.

The men gather around me. Stu yanks off my t-shirt with great force and finesse (my darling Stu always likes his melodrama) and his hands start exploring my titties. Keith is spreading my cunt lips for Gypsy Lou while Fingers is probing my eager mouth with his hot tongue.

Rod is stroking my hair and whispering filthy almost non-intelligible mutterings into my yearning ears: "Fuck the joint, slut! Fuck it baby! That's it, make it taste good! Fuck it! Fuck it good, baby!"

Gypsy Lou removes the wet joint from my dripping pussy and we toke up on this amazing ganja that Lou scored in New York. I'm telling you just two tokes on that thing and I am flying high baby. Oh, man, I am buzzed.

It is time for our nightly skull-fucking session to begin. It's Stu's turn to start tonight. He pulls his cock out and starts jerking off. Oh, yea. He wants to get it nice and hard for his slut. "Come on Isabella on your knees, luv," he says with a wicked yet oh so delicious grin.

Grabbing me by the shoulders, he gently yet firmly pushes me down to a kneeling position in front of him and places his sweet hands on each side of my head as he fucks my mouth. He fucks me hard and I swallow his cum.

They each take turns skull-fucking me.

Tonight Fingers is feeling a little friskier than usual. While I gyrate to the incredible sex highs I feel as he pulls my hair and fucks my mouth, he cums all over my face, but I lick off as much as I can. I don't want to miss tasting one of my darlings.

Keith then picks me up and throws me over his shoulder playfully spanking my ass as he does. He tosses me back on the sofa. The Skiffles once again surround their naughty, dirty little slut. I am in ecstasy as I feel all eight hands touching and exploring every part, every inch of wet hot me. My body is beginning to surpass earthly thoughts. I cum almost immediately from their mere strokes.

"Isabella, you naughty slut, not yet dear," scolds Gypsy Lou with a laugh as her hungry mouth dives into my open cunt like that of a savage animal. How I love her sucking my soaking pussy while my men are pinching my nipples, licking my tits, stroking my hair, and whispering filthy smut into my ears. I climax for Lou within a few minutes.

"Oh yea, that's it, darling, you are always such an easy cum," Gypsy Lou hoarsely whispers with my juices oozing down her chin. She kisses me so hard it takes my breath away. She knows how I love to taste my pussy on her.

Lou then raises her flowing dress, revealing her beautiful panty-less blonde pubed pussy. She straddles my face while she slowly lowers her cunt to my mouth. Oh my beautiful Gypsy Lou. How I love her intoxicating fragrance. I will smell and suck her cunt anytime.

I teasingly tongue her clit. I know how to get my babe off well. My licks are becoming more intense now and Lou is starting to rock on my face. She is almost bucking now. I start hmmmmmming steadily while continuing my licks. This always puts Lou over the edge and she climaxes all over my mouth with a shuddering scream.

The Skiffles are ready to take their slut now. I straddle Keith's hard cock and bend forward to suck and rub his nipples. My Keith always likes his nipples played with. I raise my head to let him kiss me as he leans forward towards my hungry mouth while fucking my tight dripping cunt.

Fingers and Stu are in front of me now with their cocks eagerly outstretched to meet my longing mouth and hands. Stu starts fucking my mouth.

Rod fucks my ass. He starts off nice and slow. He knows how his slut likes her ass fucking. "Oh, yea, sweet Isabella," he tells me, "that's my pretty slut - letting your men stretch you like this. What a naughty girl you are. You look like you are in utter bliss, my luv." He is pumping harder now as he pulls back my sweat-drenched hair with one hand.

This is the most amazingly powerful feeling ever - being fucked in my cunt, my ass, and my mouth while Fingers' mouth and hands leave no part of me untouched. I am jerking off Fingers' cock and finger-fucking Gypsy Lou while she is licking my clit.

The men's thrusts quicken and deepen. My pussy juices are overflowing and spilling down my thighs. My ass is being stretched so lusciously that I am starting to lose sight of reality.

All of a sudden, Rod blurts out, "Cum together, right now."

"Over me", I somehow manage to utter, my voice pleading lustfully.

Suddenly and without warning, an intense wave of sheer elation overpowers our entangled, sweating bodies and, as if we become one, we all cum together trembling, shaking and moaning deeply to the most intense orgasmic climax.

I'm in this totally slutty euphoria with Rod's hot load exploding in my ass, Keith's cum shooting into my dripping wet pussy, Stu's semen deep throating my mouth, and Fingers' sticky cum tricking slowly across my tits.

Ooooh fuck. I can't stop cumming.


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