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A Groupie's Fantasy II:
Tramps Like Us

by Isabella Thorne

"'Cause down the Shore everything's all right
You and your baby on a Saturday night
Nothing matters in this whole wide world
When you're in love with a Jersey girl"
- Tom Waits

The screen door slams. Deuce and Richie shuffle into the Prince Bar after their late night gig at the Stone Pony. It's a miserable rainy Saturday night in Asbury Park and there are only a few stragglers left in the dark dingy bar.

Some scruffy longhaired cat is downing his last shot of bourbon while I'm cleaning off the bar counter with a rag. "Honey," he babbles, "I know that it's getting late but I don't want to go home. I am in no hurry baby; time can wait. I don't want to go home." Then he spews out, "Baby you can jus' call me 'The South'." And I'm thinking, can this dude be any more plastered and what the hell kind of name is that anyway?

Deuce leans over the counter and brushes my cheek with his lips. "Looking good, sweet Isabella," he says as he looks me up and down. I smile. It's been a long day and the two of them are a welcome sight for this Jersey girl's eyes.

He whispers with a wink, "Hey baby, can we come home with you tonight?"

My heart skips a beat. I love fucking Deuce; I always have, and Richie I do when he's with the Deuce.

"Sure, of course darlin'," I say, "just let me finish up here." I glance at the clock as I wipe my hands on my jeans. Oh shit, it's 3:00 a.m. and I'm late closing up. I pour a couple of cool ones for the Deuce and Richie as they slide onto their barstools. I hastily kick out the rest of the customers.

Richie is strumming that guitar of his again and singing absently under his breath:

"Sha la la la la la la la ... Sha la la la I'm in love...".

A bright bandana is wrapped around his head and he looks like a wandering gypsy who stayed out too long in the rain. He takes a sip of his beer. "Hey Deuce, you know I'm thinking that Isabella's jeans are so tight they are making her sweet little ass look mighty tempting."

"Yea," laughs the Deuce, "and, man, those beautiful nipples of hers are standing out so nicely under that snug little t-shirt. Damn." His wet dark curly hair falls loosely around his bearded face. A pair of worn out Levis hugs his slender bod and he is wearing a black leather jacket with one of those hooded sweatshirts underneath.

"Hey, Richie, you know what I'm thinking man? Our little blonde slut is in dire need of some C Street loving," the Deuce drawls huskily.

He pulls a doobie out of his jacket pocket. The Deuce he always has the best pot man.

"I scored a nickel bag from Crazy Janey tonight at the Pony," he tells me.

Deuce, Richie and I smoke this shit and we are flying high. Richie starts laughing so hard at something or other, I'm not really sure what, that he spits out the beer he's drinking. This just cracks Deuce and me up. Man that Richie can get us laughing.

"You know, Isabella, I know how a little bit of reefer gets you nice and hot," teases the Deuce. "Are you feeling horny for us now, baby?"

"Deuce, darlin', you know I always keep myself hot for you and Richie," I say. I am feeling so spaced now.

"Climb on top of the counter, you naughty little slut, and strip for us nice and slow."

The Deuce walks over to the jukebox and drops his dime in. He chooses his favourite Crystals' number. He lifts me and stands me up on the counter in front of them.

My hips start swaying sensuously back and forth to the haunting melody ...

"He walked up to me and he asked me if I wanted to dance..."

I kick off my red cowboy boots and wiggle out of those tight blue jeans. I am still wearing my white cotton bikini panties.

"Oh, yea, baby," the Deuce shouts out, "and now that little top of yours has to go."

I slowly peel off my t-shirt and start swinging it back and forth over my head to the beat. I am not wearing a bra and my tits are swaying now to the song too.

"So, won't you be my... be my baby... my one and only baby..."

They are both clapping now and whistling and shouting. "The panties have to go now, darlin'. Off with the panties."

I start giggling. I slide my panties down my hips and legs and kick them into the air.

"There go the flying panties." They laugh as my underwear sails through the air over their heads.

"I never get tired of looking at that sweet bod of yours, Isabella," says the Deuce. "Come over here and give me a nice big wet kiss."

I bend down to kiss him and he pulls me closer.

He kisses me hard with his tongue and then places both of his hands on my shoulders. He sits me down on the counter and spreads my legs.

"Looks to me little darlin' that we'll just have to check exactly how hot you've been keeping yourself." He traces his fingertips lazily up my inner thigh.

I am starting to feel goose bumps now.

It doesn't go unnoticed. "Well look at our little slut, Richie. She's already getting so excited. Damn that's a hot girl."

He wets his thumb with his tongue and then places it on my pussy and makes a "tsssssssssssssssssss" sound. "Oh, yea, our Jersey girl is cooking tonight."

Now we are really laughing.

Can there be anything better in life than fucking Deuce and Richie in a dingy bar on a rainy Saturday night in Asbury Park? I can't think of anything.

Deuce is finger-fucking me now and my cunt is soaking for him. He is slowly kissing and licking my entire body while his other hand unties the ribbon holding back strands of my long blonde hair. He strokes my hair and then pulls it back, tilting my face towards the ceiling so that he can cover my hungry mouth with his hard wet kiss.

Deuce has always been the most passionate kisser I have ever had and I guess you could say I've had a few. They've all been the boys from around the Shore though so maybe there are some better kissers out there but, then again, I'm thinking, Uh uh.

Richie pulls out his hard cock and is playing with himself now as he watches us.

Whenever the Deuce and I haven't been with each other in over six days, I always know he will fuck me first. He can never wait to feel my hole with his cock. There is never any question. Never any thought that my pussy will be licked first.

He pulls me down from the counter and turns my bod away from him and places my hands on the counter. He spreads my legs wide. He then pulls out that hot hard penis of his and he rams it in me quickly and forcefully from behind.

I cum instantly. I always do if I haven't been fucked in over six days.

"Hey baby," he whispers, "you feel so fucking good, Isabella. I better pull out. I am liking this way too much, girl".

Deuce loves fucking my mouth while his cock still tastes so strongly of my own cum juices. He tells me how he loves watching me do it cause it's so fucking slutty.

He then manhandles me in place, arranging my body so that it is lying out horizontally on the countertop. He straddles my chest just below my tits.

He is swaying that engorged member of his back and forth in front of my face. A drop of pre-cum falls on my lips. "Open up nice and wide, sweet Isabella," he tells me and he feeds me his cock.

"Hey, Richie man, come over here and suck her off. Let's see if we can get her any hotter."

Now this doesn't sound too bad to me at all cause Richie has a pierced tongue. That always makes so much more oomph for nice long licks on my clit.

The Deuce tells me to spread my legs for Richie. My legs are hanging over the sides of the counter now and Richie's mouth heads straight for my open slit. He is licking, stroking, poking, and sucking me. It feels so amazing. My hips start bucking.

I try to scream out in orgasmic pleasure but Deuce's cock is stifling my cries. It makes me feel so deliciously slutty. I love being their naughty Jersey girl.

The Deuce shoots his wad into my mouth. He pats my hair and tells me what a good little slut I've been to swallow it all and not to miss a drop.

He asks me to do Richie now too. I suck off Richie and he cums quickly - I'd say in about 3 minutes or so. I swallow his semen too.

The Deuce is licking my cunt now and finger-fucking me again. He knows how I love it and he knows I will climax soon.

I always cum quickly for him once he starts sucking my clit. "Oh yes, Deuce baby. Oh yes, my darlin' . Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck." And I cum.

"Hey, baby", says Deuce, "let's split so we can get some serious fucking time in."

I put my clothes back on, lock away the cash, grab my jacket and we are outta there, man. It's still raining like hell. But we don't care.

We're laughin' and huggin' and rappin' as we walk north on the Boardwalk in this nasty night. We're walking arm in arm and we're getting wet, well soaked really, and then we walk some more.

Just then, way out in the distance at the other end of the Boardwalk, we see something coming towards us. He's big - fucking huge. It's a black dude wearing a white suit.

"Hey, Deuce", I say, "Am I crazy or is that man carrying a saxophone?"

Deuce tells me that any cat as big as that, dressed in white, carrying a saxophone and walking like there's no rain is not to be messed with. So, the three of us try to run. We dive into a doorway and cower.

The footsteps get closer and closer until he is standing in front of us.

The Deuce, Richie, and I are getting really scared now, man. Deuce throws down his money.

But the big cat - he just stands there. All he does is put out his hand towards Deuce and when they touch I swear I see sparks.

Then again, you have to remember, I am pretty buzzed so maybe not.

The four of us hit it off right away. So he tells us his name and we all introduce ourselves and start laughing and stuff. This is a really cool cat, man.

The four of us are in this doorway now with the rain pouring down and all. I'm thinking to myself that I have never done a big black cat before. I whisper something to the Deuce and he looks surprised at first by what I say and then he starts laughing.

"OK, Isabella, baby, I will ask him for you," he says. "Hey there, Big Man, our little Jersey girl here would like to suck you off."

The Big Man's face breaks out in this fucking huge grin and he looks at me and says, "Oh yea, baby," as he unzips his fly and pulls out this amazingly massive cock.

I am, well, what you'd say - slightly taken aback. It is by far the biggest cock I have ever seen and you could say I've seen a few.

I get down on my knees in front of him and swallow most of that cock. But as much as I try I cannot swallow the whole thing. He is just too fucking big - well over 12 inches. That doesn't stop me from licking and sucking and kissing it.

The Big Man is digging this big time now. He starts pumping that thing in my mouth back and forth like there's no tomorrow.

Deuce is holding on to my hair and whispering into my ear to suck that thing good - make the Big Man cum real good.

The rain is pouring harder now and the Big Man shoots his hot semen all over my face.

It is running down my cheeks and I wipe as much off as I can and cup it in my hand. I drink his cum.

"Oh yea," says the Big Man to Deuce and Richie, "you really do have a hot Jersey girl there". He turns to me, "Honey, you sure do know how to suck cock, girlie. Mmmmmm."

The four of us head over to my apartment in the rain. We are almost running 'cause it's only about 5 minutes away. I live in a small walk-up above Madame Marie's.

We dry ourselves off and I slip on some Roy Orbison tunes. We smoke another joint.

"Come on, baby", says the Deuce in his raspy voice as he leads me by the hand into my bedroom. The others follow behind. "Take off your clothes, honey, and lay down on the bed. That's a good girl now. You know the drill, Isabella. Lay spread-eagled while I tie you up with the silk scarves."

I love being naked and tied up for the Deuce. I love feeling so vulnerable and slutty for him. It always makes him hotter than hell and I could sure go for some good fucking from that hot cock of his.

He pulls out the scarves that are always fastened to the headboard and he ties my wrists to the brass posts. He tells me he will not tie my ankles tonight. He wants my legs free.

Richie and the Big Man are sitting on each side of me now playing with my tits, kissing and watching me.

I smile at all of them. I am feeling so fucking good right now.

They explore my entire body with their roaming hands - each hand finding one spot after the other that makes me quiver. The Deuce pinches my swollen nipples so hard that I almost cum from that sensation alone. The three of them quickly undress and I can't believe my luck as I see three stiff erections staring back at me. They each take turns fucking and sucking my hungry mouth, dripping pussy, and tight ass.

I am continuously cumming now. It is impossible to tell when one orgasm finishes and the next one begins because they are overlapping. Yes, it's true - overlapping orgasms. You see how lucky I am?

Deuce unties my hands and tells me to stand up. The Big Man lies down on his back now with his huge erect penis standing straight up in the air like a periscope looking for prey. I lie on my back on top of him and spread my cheeks wide so he can fill my ass up nice and slow with that enormous beautiful ebony cock.

I spread my legs and Deuce starts fucking my longing wet cunt deep and hard. I love the way his cock feels stretching my hole as he intensely forces that hungry cock of his in to depths I never before thought possible. He leans over and pulls my head towards him to kiss my outstretched mouth. His kiss is almost as deeply penetrating as his cock feels in my pussy.

He gently pushes my head back so that Richie can straddle me. Richie is playing with himself and his cock is nice and hard for my wet mouth. He fucks my mouth and whispers in my ear that I am a good little slut to deep throat him so well. He tells me that I am the best cocksucker on the Jersey Shore.

Richie's filthy whispers put me over the edge and once again I start cumming non-stop. My sweat-drenched body is shaking, my cunt and asshole walls are spasming uncontrollably and my pounding feet and hands are beating the mattress. I'm moaning and panting heavily as I start hysterically screaming orgasmic gibberish.

The Big Man abruptly fires his explosive cum in my ass as he shouts out his own manic gratification.

The Deuce and Richie pull out and start jerking off on top of me. "Now look what you've done, Isabella," says Deuce. "You've made us so hot and horny, darlin', that we just have to shoot our juice all over our sweet little slut."

As if on cue, they both spurt their hot oozing cum all over my face, hair, neck, tits, and stomach. There is so much of it that I am drenched in their sperm. I climb off of the Big Man.

"Good girl," whispers the Deuce as he spanks my ass playfully.

After a quick shower, we are ready to crash. At 6:00 a.m. I am thinking that these vampire hours are going to kill me yet.

The four of us try really hard to fit into my bed to sleep but try as we might we cannot get comfortable with the Big Man. So I tuck him in with a big wet kiss for a good night's sleep on the couch next to his beloved sax.

Deuce, Richie and I nestle into my bed like spoons with Richie stretched out in front of me and Deuce snuggled closely behind me with one arm draped loosely over my naked body.

The Deuce plays with my hair and whispers into my ear as I drift off into a peaceful contented sleep: "Isabella, baby - my beautiful Jersey slut - you are so very, very fuckable."


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