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A Girl in the Country
by Stephanie

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

After moving all her things back home, Stephanie quit her job and went to live in the country. The funeral was tough but the pain of losing her parents passed soon, as did the pain of losing her girlfriend. After six months or so Stephanie still couldn't settle into the country environment. Where she lived was a very small town where everyone knew each other. There were no girls for her to meet. She ended up becoming very reclusive after she finished her chores. She would hideaway in her room fantasizing about a princess charming that would show up and fulfill her natural lesbian desires. She missed the soft touch of another woman, the smell of their perfume mixing with the scent of their sex. She missed having a girls long hair tickle her thighs while she was being licked. The only turn on for her was getting some girly magazines and bringing herself off while she looked at the pictures. She got pretty depressed. Her sister noticed and one Friday night said that they were going to see if they could get lucky at the local pub. She didn't want to tell Sally she was gay so she decided to play along. Seeing as how she wasn't going home with anyone she decided she'd dress sexy for her own pleasure. She wore a tight lycra dress that went mid-way down her thighs, with no underwear.

At the pub Stephanie sat at the bar by herself drinking cocktails and turning down advance after advance from the local males. After a couple of hours she was ready to go, when two gorgeous ladies walked in. They didn't look familiar to Stephanie so she decided to ask them where they were from. She felt as though she had nothing to lose anyway so she walked directly at them. "Hi, my names Stephanie and I live at the Fernwood Farm. Where are you girls from?"

"My names Kylie and this is Jasmine, we're visiting some friends for a week." The taller girl answered.

"Oh," said Stephanie, trying to hide the disappointment she felt, knowing that she only had a week with these two beautiful women, "so, what are you doing out tonight?"

"We're just really bored." Jasmine replied. She was very pretty thought Stephanie.

"I'm afraid you won't have much fun here, unless sucking down beer and passing-out is your idea of fun."

While this conversation was going on, Sally was watching from across the room. She noted that up until the time the two girls came in, Stephanie was moping around. Now she was smiling and being sociable.

Jasmine answered her, "Not really, actually we just wanted to take in the country, but the people were staying with are busy with their farm."

"I could show you around, I grew up here and know all the best spots."

"Even now?" Kylie queried.

"Especially now!" Stephanie turned to the bartender. "Give me two bottles of champagne to go, and three glasses." The supplies were handed over and Stephanie returned her attention to her friends. "Lets go."

Sally watched Stephanie leave with the two girls and immediately began to understand what was going on.

"It's not to far, just up the hill." Stephanie reassured them, her pussy growing wet as she imagined how she could seduce these beautiful ladies. They seemed totally comfortable with her, not worried about where she was taking them. Soon they reached a small cave that looked out over a darkened valley of trees and bushes. "My sister and I would come up here and have fires when we were young, help me gather some wood." Under a sky filled with stars the three girls went off to get some wood.

"It's so beautiful!" Jasmine said to kylie.

"You're the one who's beautiful." Stephanie was only a few metres away but out of sight.

"SH! She might hear." Jasmine said. Stephanie froze, she crouched down so as to go un-noticed, and she listened carefully.

"I don't care if she hears, you are gorgeous." Kylie grabbed Jasmine and wrestled her to the ground. They started kissing. "Besides, she's cute. How do you know she wouldn't join in." Stephanie's heart was pulsating, and her pussy was soaked. All she could do was smile.

The girls returned sometime later to meet Stephanie at the cave. They smelt wonderful as they handed her the wood, and she noticed that Kylies hand glistened in the moonlight. After the fire was going the girls sat and talked and drank the champagne. As Stephanie started to feel dizzy from the alcohol she asked the girls why they were here. She was fishing for an angle to use so she could get laid, but the girls didn't give her anything. Soon, being frustrated and a little drunk Stephanie decided that if she didn't do something soon they'd leave. She knew they were into women, so she thought what the hell. " You know what I hate about the country?" she asked no-one in particular, "the fact that there are no knew people to meet."

"Hey, what about us?" Kylie said.

"No I mean, well for sex."

"Oh. But there were heaps of guys at the pub, do you mean you've been with all of them?"

"No, none of them."

"What? But they can't all be married?"

"Actually, most of those guys are single."

"Well what's your problem then?"

"My problem is I'm a lesbian." It felt good saying out loud again. She could feel herself tingling, knowing that she was about to have sex for the first time in months.

"I can see your problem." Jasmine sympathized.

"So, should we help her?" Kylie asked.

"Absolutely!" Jasmine said.

They both moved over to Stephanie and sat either side of her. They placed their hands on her and rubbed her gently. Jasmine started kissing her mouth and Kylie stood up and got undressed. When she was naked she took over from Jasmine. She straddled Stephanie and ground her moist vagina into her crotch. She held her hand under Stephanies nose and said, "Know what that is?" Stephanie shook her head; "It's my girlfriends cum. Do you want it on you?"

"Oh yes, please, yes!" Kylie reached back and re-coated her hand with Jasmines girly juices, and then she rubbed it on Stephanies face. Stephanie stuck out her tongue and tasted her fingers, but Kylie pulled away. "Later sweetie, first we need to have a good look at you!" They stood her up and removed her sexy dress. When the found she had on lingerie on the y smiled. "Good girl, we like girls that are easy to undress don't we, Jazz?"

"We sure do." Jasmine said as she placed a hand on Stephanies thigh. "She is stunning isn't she honey?"

"Lie her down, spread her legs." Jasmine did so and Kylie laid herself down on top of Stephanie. She lined up her pussy so that as she thrust her hips they would both are stimulated.

"Watch me fuck this country bitch!" She said as she surged her vagina into Stephanie, who was in ecstasy, moaned loudly into Kylies ear. Jasmine sat to the side of them and spread her legs so she could finger herself and the girls could watch while they fucked.

It wasn't long before Stephanie felt herself start to climax. Kylie pushed against her harder and faster and as she started to shudder with a crippling orgasm Stephanie screamed out, "IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!" When she stopped shaking Kylie slid down her and replaced her pussy with her tongue. Stephanie turned her head and looked at Jasmine rubbing her pussy. It turned her on and she was still ticklish from the first orgasm. When Kylie first licked her she giggled and squirmed but Kylie held her waist down. She started licking Stephanies girl-cum off her, then once it was all gone, began to suck her clit. Stephanie was still looking at Jasmine while her pussy was being eaten.

"I love watching my girlfriend suck another woman, it gets me so hot." Jasmine told Stephanie as she rubbed herself faster. Stephanies face started to crinkle as she felt another hot orgasm build inside her. Jasmine was crying and moaning as she fucked herself, and she started coming. Stephanie watched her closely, trying to hold her climax in, but Jasmine looked so sexy when she came that it sent Stephanie over the edge. "OH GOD! I'M COMING AGAIN BABY! OH, OH OOOHHHH!" She came on Kylies face.

Totally worn out, Stephanie fell asleep by the fire to the sweet sound of Jasmine and Kylie fucking each other next to her. When she awoke, Jasmine was between her legs licking her pussy, she became instantly turned on and sighed out loud. Kylie came over and started to kiss her, pushing her soft feminine tongue deep into Stephanies wanting lips. As the sexy kiss went on, Jasmine focussed harder on making Stephanie come. While she licked her, she placed a finger inside her wet vagina, and slowly teased her girly ass. This sent Stephanie wild with arousal and she started to come with more intensity than ever. The girls fucked and sucked until the morning broke over the sleepy countryside, and by the time they'd had enough, Stephanies body was ached with desire. She kissed the girls good-bye and staggered home, promising to see them later that night. When she got in Sally stood in the kitchen waiting.

"Where were you all night?"


"Is that right? The last time I stayed out all night I got lucky."

"Yeah. So?"

"You left with two girls!"

"Sally, I'm too tired for this." Stephanie went to bed knowing that her sister knew that she liked women, but not in the mood to do anything about it. When she woke-up in the afternoon she found herself alone. She thought about how to tell Sally that she wanted to go back to the city with Jasmine and Kylie. After a lot of thought she decided that she should just be straightforward and get it over.

"Sally, I'm a Lesbian."

"I know, and it's okay with me. To be honest, I always thought you would be, being at that all-girls school for so many years."

"I think I might have been one before I went there, anyway that doesn't matter now, the point is I am one and I need to be with girls. That's why,..."


"I'm going back to the city."

"No! You can't!"

"I have to, you don't understand."

"I do perfectly, and I wish I could let you but if you leave I'll lose the farm. I need your business skills to make good deals or I'll just lose more money. Please you can't go." Stephanie was torn, but she knew that Sally was right, she couldn't leave.

"Okay, I'll stay, but only for a while. In the mean-time, start looking for some new help."

Stephanie spent most of the week with Kylie and Jasmine. She did very little on the farm, preferring to satisfy her natural lesbian desires. After they left she re-absorbed herself in work. Not craving sex for many weeks. Then on a special Saturday, Sally came up to her.

"Steph, I want you to know you can go back to the city, I've hired a helper."
Stephanie looked over and saw the most brilliant blonde girl she's ever dreamed of.

"Is that her?"

"Yeah. Do you like her?"

"She's hot!" She said as she looked at her slim perfect girly figure.
"Well, I told her you would show her the ropes then you are free to leave." Stephanie went up to meet her.

"Hi my names Stephanie."

"Hello, I'm Airyn." What a perfect name for a princess, Stephanie thought.
"I'm showing you around so I guess before we get started I should show you the farm." Stephanie was getting so wet just talking to her. "Let's go." She said with a smile.

The two girls went to the stables and took out two horses to tour the farm. "It's a big place to see, it'd take a day at-least on foot." Steph said. They rode around the whole farm, Stephanie showing Airyn everything she'd need to know, plus all of her favourite places, (to have sex, but she didn't mention that.). They stopped near a small stream to rest the horses and Stephanie asked why she wanted to work on the farm.

"Well, I guess I just got tired of the city. I just want to come here and settle down."

"I'm afraid most of the men in this town are neanderthals, but you might meet someone."

"I hope it's not a man."


"Didn't your sister tell you, I'm gay." Stephanie didn't say a word. She lent over to Airyn and started kissing her like they'd been girlfriends for years. The kissed lovingly for a long time until their panties were nice and damp. Then Airyn said, "I want you, right now!" Stephanie opened her blouse and let Airyn take off her bra. She then started sucking Stephanies breasts, bringing each nipple up to a point in her soft wet mouth. After licking Stephanies breasts she came back and kissed her again. Then she helped take of her pants and wet panties. She sniffed her wetness and said "You smell sooo nice!" Stephanie opened her legs to her knew lover and let her get to work. Airyn kissed her moist womanhood softly, and then she teased her with her tongue bringing on more of Stephanies gooey girl cum. She licked all the right spots of a girl, knowing exactly when to press hard, lick slower, kiss softly and lick fast. Stephanie was almost about to explode when Airyn stopped.

"Do me." She said. Stephanie quickly undressed her and sucked her breasts and pussy. She was the best tasting girl she'd ever had. They moved into a sexy sixty-nine and Stephanie felt like coming again almost straight away. She buried her face deep into Airyns shaved pussy, covering her nose in her feminine scent. As she started to cry out with pleasure Airyn stopped again. Without a word she helped Stephanie inter-lock her legs, so that their heads pointed away from each other, but there wet pussies could press together. Stephanies body trembled with passion as the two lesbians started to fuck each other. They pressed and rubbed their pussies together in a slippery sexy girl-fucking motion. Soon they were both moaning and making the sweet noise of orgasm as they both came hard. Their bodies shuddering together for several minutes.

When it was over, they gave each other a pussy-coated kiss, and Stephanie whispered, "I love you." She still lives on the farm, because all she ever needed, was a nice, lesbian, girl in the country.......

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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