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Anne: Getting Intimate
With A Neighbor

by Patrick

Phil and Anne had moved in next door about a year ago, barely into their twenties and recently married, they were both working hard to get their life established. Anne seemed to be quite balanced in her approach to life and work, but Phil was determined to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible, so he worked incredibly long hours. Reminded me a little of myself at that age, but now I was in my mid forties, a widower, and had long ago decided that the corporate ladder was not from me and had settled for working from home at my own pace and in my own good time. Consequently I was invariably available if they needed any help around the place, and the obvious person to ask to keep an eye on the house and look after the dog when they went on holidays for a couple of weeks. I was delighted that they were taking some time off, as Phil in particular was looking very tired and drained, so agreed straight away. Oddly enough, despite the age difference we got on very well, I guess I was something of an uncle figure to them, so we occasionally had a meal together either at their place or mine. It was no real surprise therefore that on their return I got invited over for dinner on the Saturday evening, but little did I know how it would turn out.

The first thing that hit me when I arrived for dinner that night was the air of tension in the house, particularly from Anne. The second thing that hit me was the fact that Phil was clearly already deep into the bottle! indeed, although Anne had prepared a delightful meal, Phil made the majority of his intake a liquid one. Fortunately Phil turned out to be one of these 'mellow' drunks rather than a violent one, and after the meal, simple sat in a chair in the lounge room with a silly grin on his face and slipped deeper and deeper into his own world until he finally fell asleep. I could feel Anne's embarrassment right from the start, so determined not to overstay my welcome, but when I suggested that it might be best if I left, Anne got quite adamant that she wanted me to stay, almost pleading in looks if not in words, "Please, Peter, I don't want to be on my own tonight" she said. So I shrugged and agreed to stay, and started to ask how the holiday had gone.

She half laughed and half snorted, "It was supposed to be a second honeymoon" she said "and I guess it was pretty similar to the first one, some really enjoyable moments laced with some pretty depressing ones, with Phil having a little too much to drink at times, but the place itself was fantastic, would you like to see some of the video's we shot?". I thought it might help to clear a little of the tension that Phil's recumbent, drunken form seemed to be creating, so I agreed.

The first video was of their journey and their arrival at the resort Island, and the scenery was quite stunning. The commentary, both on the tape itself and from Anne who was sitting beside me on the couch was quite amusing, and she seemed to be really loosening up and starting to enjoy herself, at least the air of tension seemed to diminish. The second tape was of the various parts of the island itself and some internals of the resort, and again was quite spectacular. Phil and Anne obviously took turns in handling the camera and both were very competent, in fact it didn't look at all amateurish, something I pointed out to Anne who admitted that they'd both taken a video construction course at College. I also seemed to please her by saying how fantastic she looked in some of the location shots on the island, noting that it was the first time I'd seen her in really casual clothes, and the fact that she looked relaxed and happy made her appear even more beautiful.

When the second video was over she asked if I'd like another drink, which I accepted, and she did make an effort to see if she could arouse Phil, but to no avail, he just mumbled something that neither of us could understand and curled further into his chair. For a moment Anne looked particularly sad, then just shrugged her shoulders and walked over and inserted the third video and , carrying her own drink with her, came back and sat next to me on the couch. The video began with a beautiful panoramic view of a deserted beach, and from the long shadows thrown on to the sand by the trees it was obviously late afternoon. Anne explained that they had discovered this beach on their second day there and loved it so much that they'd gone back almost daily, and the incredible thing was that after 5 days they had never met another soul on that beach. The video was taken on the sixth day, as I suspected, late in the afternoon.

After the first Panoramic view, there was vision of Anne setting up the blankets and the picnic basket, and then to my instant discomfort, vision of Anne disrobing to a very small bikini. What made it discomforting was the fact that as something private between her and Phil, the disrobing had been done in a very sultry and sexy manner, and I wondered for a moment if she'd forgotten this was on the tape, but when I glanced sideways at her, she was watching the video quite unperturbed, in fact, she had a grin on her face. I returned to watching the tape, where Anne was doing a series of model type poses in her brief bikini, with suitable audible encouragement from the camera man, Phil, and I had to admit she looked absolutely stunning! I guess seeing her mostly in her fairly severe work suit and only occasionally in jeans and a jumper, I hadn't quite realized just what a beautiful woman she was, she had good facial features, without being classically beautiful, although when she adopted that rather impish smile she was using in the video, along with the occasional lip pout, she did indeed look beautiful. But of course it was her body that really hit me in the eye! in the brief bikini, she was an absolute cracker! long legs, a tight sexy ass, and high firm breasts that were ripe without being overly large! and much to my embarrassment, I found myself getting incredibly turned on watching her performance.

I was rather hoping the video would move on to something else so that I could calm down, when I heard Phil say "Hey, why don't you take the bikini off too!", I almost jumped off the couch, and I was sure that Anne would realize her error and turn off the video, but she just sat and watched it, seemingly oblivious to my presence. "Oh no, I couldn't, someone might come along" Anne replied, and I breathed a momentary sigh of relief, Phil laughed, and it was so loud that for a moment I thought he was back with us in the room, but when I looked across he was still snoring softly, curled up in his chair. "We haven't met a soul here in five days, so I'm sure no one is going to come along now" Phil said, "strip for me baby, strip for your horny husband!". I didn't almost jump off the couch this time, but my cock certainly did! just about bursting out of my trousers, I was totally turned on to the point of steaming at the thought of Anne stripping naked, the same Anne that was sitting right next to me, but this was crazy, this had to stop. I jerked my head around to look directly at Anne for the first time, "Anne, I don't think..." I tried to say, my voice cracking slightly as I spoke, she looked at me and her eyes seemed to be alive with a strange light, she lifted her fingers to her lips, and giving me a hot smile, said "Shhh, just watch", then she dropped her hand onto my leg, and turned her head back to the screen, my own head followed suit, but I was acutely conscious of the heat of her hand through my trousers, so close to my rampant cock!

On the video, after a few 'someone might' and 'this could be the day that someone else discovers it', she gave in to Phil's pleas and reached around, unhooked the top of her bikini and let it fall to the floor, and I was seeing those hot breasts of hers completely naked, and I couldn't hold back the gasp that erupted from my throat, God they were absolutely beautiful, half melon size and topped with exquisite, thrusting red nipples. Phil even zoomed in for a quick close up that had me absolutely drooling, before pulling back to film her as she untied the bottoms and let them drop to the sand too. Now she was totally naked, an absolutely ravishing beauty! another close up, this time of her delicious pussy, and I groaned. Still plenty of sunlight, so nothing was hidden, I had an absolutely front seat view of one of the most exciting pussies I'd ever seen, and I leaned forward on my seat and drooled openly!

Again Phil pulled back in his filming, and Anne went through another series of posing for the camera, posing in the most provocative sexy way, as if determined to turn Phil on - or any one else that was watching! and perhaps she did, because the filming stopped at that point, and resumed with a rear shot of a still naked Anne walking into the water as the sun set over the sea, a most evocative shot to end the video.

I sat there stunned, staring fixedly at the now blank screen, until I heard Anne say very quietly, "Well, what did you think?", I couldn't answer, I could only make strange sounding noises deep in my throat, and she laughed, "Perhaps I don't need to ask" she said, and slid her hand upwards to cover the huge bulge in my trousers and squeezed gently on my cock, and I almost jumped out of my skin once again. But it dragged my eyes from the screen and I looked at her, she was smiling hotly, and I noticed instantly that at some stage during the video she'd unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing and it was now open to the waist - and she wasn't wearing a bra! so only inches away from me were those delectable breasts I'd been watching on the screen, and they looked even better in real life! I glanced quickly over at Phil and Anne grinned, "He wont wake up until morning or until I rouse him to stagger off to bed" she said, and I brought my eyes back to hers, and for a long moment we just seemed to stare deep into each other's eyes. Then, without a word I reached out and cupped my hand around one of her breasts, and a shiver ran through her, "What did I think?" I finally said, somewhat hoarsely, "I think you're the most beautiful, exciting and sexy woman I've ever seen, and I would dearly love to fuck you!"

For a long moment she looked at me quite solemnly, and I thought I'd gone too far, then her face broke into the hottest, horniest smile I'd ever seen "I was hoping you'd feel like that" she said, "so it's just as well that I feel that way too, isn't it?", and she leaned forward and crushed her lips onto mine. Immediately our tongues were dancing and twisting around each other driving our temperatures up even further, and we shared a deep, deep and incredibly lengthy kiss, my hands fondling her naked breasts and her hands stroking my cock through my trousers. Then we pulled apart and literally tore the clothes off our bodies until we were both totally naked! her eyes lit up when she saw my hard cock for the first time, although whether it was the thickness or the length ( a good 7 inches ) or the fact that I was circumcised, that excited her I don't know, but excited she sure was, and grabbed it immediately and wrapped her hot lips around it. After sucking on it for a short while, she let it go and stood up and slid her arms around my neck, her hard nipples rubbing sensuously over my chest, and kissed me lightly, "Please Peter", she whispered, "take me into the bedroom and make love to me long and hard, long and very hard please".

I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom and laid her on the large Queen size bed, and began to stroke her gently with my fingers, kneeling alongside of her, trailing my fingers over her incredible breasts and hard nipples and down over her stomach to her eager, and already juicy pussy. Then I followed the same path with my lips, spending a little more time on the nipples, sucking them hard into my mouth and making her squirm with pleasure. Then I repeated the process, this time trailing my tongue down over her body, spending some time on her breasts and nipples, but reserving the most attention for her hot, delicious pussy. She almost jumped off the bed as my tongue slipped in between her pussy lips for the first time to caress her clitoris, and she began moaning, "oh, that's so good, suck me Peter, suck me good, oh yes, slip your tongue deeper, fuck me with your tongue" and I did, slowly at first, but building the speed and the intensity until she arched and shuddered into her first orgasm. Twice more my tongue trailed her body, ending up lifting her pussy into an explosive orgasm, but by this time she was almost screaming out for my cock, "please Peter, give it to me, give me your big cock, fuck me Peter, fuck me', and finally I slid my rock hard cock slowly between her pussy lips and she lifted to received it "Oh yes, so big, so beautiful, give me more, harder, faster, fuck me Peter, fuck me"

But I had no intention of being rushed, Anne had the tightest, hottest pussy imaginable, and it isn't often that a man in his mid forties has the opportunity to have his cock in such a young, eager pussy, so I wasn't going to waste the opportunity, and I think Anne appreciated that, because even thought she was crying out for me to go harder and faster, she was enjoying the whole series of orgasms her body was going through, and of course, I did go harder and faster, fucking my cock into her writhing, receptive pussy with all the vigor I could muster, and all the time I was licking and sucking on her gorgeous, firm, ripe breasts and her stiff, swollen nipples. Then I knew I could hold back no longer, and I thrust my cock harder and deeper into her pussy, "I'm cumming" I cried "Oh god Anne, I'm CUMMING!",

"YES PETER!" she screamed, "Juice me, Juice me, Shoot your hot Cum into me, Fill me, Fill me, FUCK MEEEEEEE!", and my cock exploded, and kept on exploding, pouring an amount of cum into her bucking pussy that even amazed me! it just seemed to keep on cumming and cumming, just as the both of us did! eventually, I pulled out, my cock still spewing juice and I shot it over her stomach and breasts, "Oh yes Peter", she almost growled, "I love that, I love your cum on my tits, are you going to lick it all off?", I groaned aloud at the sudden heat that went through me, "Oh yes Anne, I'm going to lick off every drop and then I'm going to shoot some more on your breasts and into your mouth and lick that off too" she shuddered and grabbed my cock, "Oh yes, again and again Peter, again and again!"she cried, and we did just that, again and again and again, it's amazing how much stamina a young, eager pussy can give to a middle aged cock!!

I don't know how many hours later it was that we finally wandered, still completely naked, back into the front room to find Phil still asleep in the chair, but we left him there and without bothering with our clothes, retreated to the kitchen for some sustenance and a cooling drink. Sitting naked opposite each other in the kitchen, there wasn't a bit of embarrassment between us. She told me how Phil's drinking and his long hours at work had virtually killed their sex life over the past few months, even thought they still loved each other like crazy. I admitted that the same sort of thing had happened in my marriage when I was hooked into the Corporate ladder climbing syndrome, and it had taken my wife walking out for a while to make me come to my senses - although I certainly wasn't suggesting she should do that! I guess I was just saying that they needed to communicate more. Tell him of her concerns without it becoming a huge aggravation between them, and of course to be sure to look after herself, not just Phil! She grinned at that, "and if I need help looking after myself, are you offering?" she asked. I looked her right in the eye and grinned widely, "any time, any where, any way!" I said, and she shivered slightly, "I may take you up on that" she said.

"Take you up on what?" said a voice, and we both jerked around to find a grinning Phil standing in the Kitchen doorway, looking not the least drunk and not the least sleepy! for a moment there was a heavy, frozen silence, then Anne grinned brightly, "Peter was offering to keep me sexually satisfied while you climb up the Corporate ladder, so you'll still have a wife to come home to!" she said, and I almost fell off my seat, my face suddenly going bright red. Phil just nodded, still grinning, "Well you certainly need and deserve lots of loving, that's a fact, and I can't think of anyone I'd trust more with you than Peter" and he threw back his head and laughed "and you have had the hots for Peter ever since we moved in haven't you?" he added, I was even more shocked when Anne grinned and nodded her head "Yes, and he's even sexier than I'd hoped" she said "He has an absolutely gorgeous cock, and sure knows how to use it!". I couldn't believe what I was witnessing, I know I'd just said they needed to communicate more, but this!! then she got up from the table and walked naked around to where I was sitting and in front of Phil, kissed me deeply and passionately, even lifting one of my hands to her naked breast, then she pulled back and smiled at me warmly, "Until the next time" she said, "I hope you don't mind letting yourself out, but I think I have a horny husband to take care of" then she reached down and stroked her hands over my cock and looked straight at it "and I'll definitely meet you again, real soon!" she said. Then she turned away and taking Phil by the hand, led him from the kitchen, and I could see that she was right, Phil had a huge bulge in his trousers! WOW, what a night, what a Woman! and I just know that there's lots more to come, and looking down at the way my cock is standing strictly at attention, I think he knows that too!!


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