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Anna's Gymslip Lover
by English Bob

Dave had decided to finish work early. It had been a tough day and he had resolved to cut his losses, so to speak, and go home. As he started his car and pulled out of the office parking lot and into the main stream of afternoon traffic, an idea struck him. It was 4.30pm and his wife Anna should now be finishing her day teaching gym at the local college. Dave decided that he would swing by the college, pick up his wife and then surprise her with an impromptu meal at a nice restaurant. Maybe a little R&R was what he needed as well!

It was nearly 5pm as Dave pulled his car into the college parking area. The place was almost deserted and he hoped that Anna had not already left for the day. Pulling into a vacant bay near the sports complex, he quickly scanned the few other vehicles he could see. He relaxed slightly when he saw his wife's familiar old Toyota parked in a corner of the lot. Good, he thought, she was still here. Locking his vehicle, Dave made his way towards the main hall. It had been some time since he had been here, he realised, and had a little trouble finding the way to Anna's small office. As he remembered, it was just off the changing area that the students used. After wandering the corridors with their familiar smell of disinfectant, for a few minutes, he came across a door that he recognised. The attached name plate bearing the name Mrs. A. Patterson confirmed his thoughts.

Knocking gently on the door, Dave waited. Several seconds passed without reply, so he decided to go inside and wait, he didn't suppose she had gone far and he thought that he would surprise her. The office was small and contained the usual junk that one would expect to find in the office of a gym teacher. Racks of footballs, softballs and baseballs, tennis racquets, bats of all shapes and sizes and an assortment of spare team shirts, shorts and skirts. Against one wall was a small desk piled high with long forgotten paperwork and on the other wall was another door that let into the changing area. This door was slightly ajar, and Dave could hear the sound of running water. Assuming that Anna was taking a shower before leaving for the day, A wicked thought slowly entered his mind. He would creep into the changing room and surprise her in the shower! Who knows? He thought, she might be up for a little fun as well! As he began to move quietly through the door, the steam shrouding the room obstructed his vision. With his heart beating fast he walked towards the source of the steam.

Suddenly he stopped short and listened. He could hear Anna's voice and relaxed a little, but then again tensed as he heard a second, female voice. What made his ears suddenly stand up, was the fact that the two voices that he heard did not seem to be engaged in idle chat, but rather seemed to be moaning in pleasure! He now doubted his identification of the first voice. Surely it could not have been his wife. He must have been mistaken. As he began to think about making a quick escape, for fear of being arrested, he heard the first voice again. This time he was absolutely certain. Without a doubt, it was Anna! He had heard that sound before, not only was it Anna, but it was Anna having a damn good time! The steam was still obstructing his view as his excitement rose. He had to see, had to get a closer look.

Moving as quietly as possible, he found the privacy wall that separated the shower area from the rest of the changing room, and carefully craned his head around the side. His heart almost missed a beat as he was presented with a view of his 28 year old wife leaning back against the shower wall while a much younger girl of about 18, sucked greedily on her large firm breast. As the water cascaded over the lovers and streamed down their bodies, Dave saw his wife put her hands on the girl's shoulders and gently push her down to her knees. Dave was shocked. He had no idea that his wife had harboured any thoughts of lesbianism. She had certainly never said anything to him in all their eight years of marriage, and, frankly, it was not the sort of thing that Dave had ever thought about. But the undeniable fact was that Anna was now pulling the girls head firmly towards her crotch and obviously loving every minute of the attention.

Dave watched closely as the young student extended a long pink tongue and began to slide it over Anna's closely trimmed vagina. He heard Anna gasp out loud as the tongue made obvious contact with her clitoris, and pull the girls head closer. The pair seemed locked in a lewd, oral embrace that neither of them wanted to break. Anna was writhing against the wall with her head back, letting the water from the shower, stream through her long blonde tresses while the girl on her knees was nuzzling her face as deeply into Anna's pussy as she could get, lashing her tongue against her clit and virtually sucking the juice from her taught body. As Anna began to shudder and buck her hips forward, Dave knew that she was cumming hard. At first he had been shocked by her actions, but now he had seen her obvious enjoyment, he wanted to see more. Getting a little bolder, he tried to step closer without being seen. The steam was still making it difficult to see, and Dave was unable to notice the empty coke can that had been left on the bench seat. As his leg moved forward, he caught the bench and sent the can spinning across the tiled floor. The noise echoed loudly around the room causing the two lovers to immediately stop. Anna's expression was extremely strange; a mixture of terror at getting caught with a student, combined with that dreamy just come' look.

"Who's there?" called out Anna. Her voice little more than a strained whisper.

"Who is it?" This time slightly louder and with more authority.

Dave knew he was busted and had to come clean.

"It's me honey. I..I..I.. came to meet heard the water running and ..." His voice trailed off.

"Christ Dave! You gave me the fright of my life. I thought you were the Principal or something!" Anna's voice became calmer as she continued.

"So, get a good view did you? Did we get you all hot and steamy? Well, now you know that I like girls as well as guys!"

Dave was completely speechless. He was having trouble knowing which way to look as he stood before the two naked and wet girls with his mouth agape.

The younger girl had not spoken, but had risen from her knees and was standing slightly behind Anna, looking suspiciously as Dave.

"It's OK, Trisha," Anna whispered to her. "It's only my husband. We're perfectly safe."

Trisha visible relaxed and began to smile. Dave realised that she was certainly no blushing virgin, as she spoke.

"Perhaps he could join us, Mrs. Patterson?" She asked. Dave was certain that he saw a twinkle in her eye.

Anna was now, once again, firmly in control.

"Hmmmm. Maybe you're right. I nearly forgot that you haven't cum yet. And Mr. Patterson has always been extremely good in that department! Yes. Good idea. Dave get those clothes off and get your ass in here!"

It took a moment for Dave's mind to comprehend what was being said. When his wife's words had finally permeated his brain and he understood, he was not about to be asked twice! Not for a second taking his eyes off the two beautiful, naked women in front of him he tore off his clothes in a matter of seconds. The younger girl was a direct contrast to his wife. While Anna was nearly as tall as his own 6ft, Trisha was petite. Anna's breasts were full with large pink nipples and almost overshadowed Trisha's small, recently developed young tits, and where his wife had a nest of neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair, Trisha was completely shaved. As he finally removed his underwear, both women cheered as his long, thick penis sprang up, fully erect, and slapped his abdomen. Following Anna's instructions, he joined them quickly under the warm water.

Dave immediately made a beeline for his wife's large, succulent tits, but as his hands reached up towards the fleshy globes, Anna stopped him.

"No, Dave. You can fuck me ragged later at home if you like, but right now, Trish is in need of your cock. I've been sucking on her sweet little clit earlier. She's got really wet and horny, but she has not managed to reach orgasm yet. I'm thinking that a good hard fuck from that big cock of yours should do the trick nicely!"

Trisha smiled and reached her hand out towards Dave's rock solid erection. He sighed and closed his eyes as he felt her cool young fingers close around the thick shaft and luxuriated at the light touch as she caressed him gently. With her hand still around his meat, Dave and Anna each grasped one of Trisha's small breasts and began to back her up to the wall. For a few minutes they stayed in that position; Trisha stroking Dave's hard penis, while he and Anna pulled and squeezed on Trisha's nipples causing them to visibly grow and turn a deep red colour. Not wanting to blow his load too soon, Dave gently removed the young girl's hand from his shaft and dropped to his knees in front of her. With his head in a direct line with her shaved vagina, he could smell her sweet feminine scent. Without further delay, Dave buried his head in Trish's smooth mound. He loved the way that her outer lips unfolded as his tongue urgently sought out the wet interior. He heard her gasp and moan loudly when he located the small hard bud of her clitoris, and felt her body tense as he sucked it gently into his mouth. For several more minutes, he lashed at her hairless vagina, fucking her deeply and wetly with his tongue, stopping every now and then to nibble softly on her now, very hard bud. Trisha was writhing up and down and wriggling her butt against the wall as Dave took one last suck on her clit. As he had expected, this sent her well over the edge as a shattering orgasm crashed through her petite frame.

Wanting to keep her orgasm going for as long as possible, and realising the need for his own release, Dave stood. With Anna's assistance, they quickly turned the still convulsing girl around so that she was facing the wall with her legs slightly parted. Moving into position between her legs, Dave used his feet to gently move her ankles further apart. He could see his wife keeping Trisha's excitement level high by reaching both arms around the girls small back and cupping both breasts in her hands and massaging them softly. With her legs now well spread, Dave, with his penis in his hand, began to gently rub the head along her wet slit, revelling in the way her lips parted and almost tried to suck him inside.

Without any further warning, Dave positioned his thick meat at the entrance to her tight young hole and pushed forward hard. The feeling was almost indescribable. Her smooth lips opened like a blossoming flower as he speared her, drawing him inside. She was tight but very smooth and before he knew it, he was inside her vagina to the hilt. As he pulled back, and then drove home again, he could hear little murmurs of sexual fulfilment escape her open lips. Inspired by her verbal encouragement, Dave began to fuck her pussy deep and hard. For every intense thrust that he made, so Anna would pinch one or the other of Trish's nipples, causing her to cry out in passion. Only a few seconds more of this treatment saw Trisha explode into her second orgasm. As her ass twitched and her legs buckled, Dave gritted his teeth and began slamming his erection into her juicy pussy. In and out he thrust with such intensity, he almost lifted her feet from the wet, tiled floor. Even though the warm water continued to cascade over the threesome, Dave's mouth still felt dry. His breathing was becoming ragged and short. His balls twitched uncontrollably and as his head began to swim, he felt his semen course along the length of his penis and erupt from the tip flooding Trisha's tight young vagina. For several more seconds he continued to thrust, making sure that she had received his entire load.

Stepping back from the young naked woman, his cock slipped from her hole with a slurping sound. Followed by a generous trickly of thick semen mixed with vaginal fluid that meandered it's way down the insides of her thighs. As all three lovers, regained their composure, Trisha was the first to break a slightly awkward silence.

"Thank you Mrs. Patterson, Mr Patterson. I think I am learning far more in your class than I am in Sex Ed!"

"Good Trisha, I'm glad. Now you had better run along to your boyfriend. He may be wondering where you've got to. I need to take Mr. Patterson home. We have some unfinished business to take care of! Make sure your available later tonight though, Trisha, I might need you!"

"Yes Mrs. Patterson." called Trisha as she collected her clothes. "I'll be waiting for your call!"

- The End -

* * * * *

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