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A Gang of Memories
by Elle & Glen

It has taken you six months of searching Internet personal ads to finally find the opportunity to have your fantasy fulfilled. Ads for gangbangs abound on the net, but for one reason or another you have declined them all; except for mine.

I offer you a group of men, none of whom you will ever meet again, but who will fulfill your dream of being pleased in every conceivable manner. You are also granted the security of bringing anyone you choose as "chaperone' are, after all, entering into a VERY vulnerable situation.

All arrangements have been handled through your girlfriend, Corine, who you have chosen as your trusted guardian. This night has been chosen as a special one so all efforts are made to make it so. The two of you dress up and go out for a leisurely dinner before your friend will take you to the hotel which has been chosen for your fantasy. To fortify your determination, you have an extra drink or two with dinner and flirt shamelessly with your girlfriend and the waiter. Corine even takes the opportunity to run her fingers through your moist pussy lips beneath the table over dessert. Later, with absolutely no inhibitions left, you are taken to an exclusive hotel downtown.

Once you arrive at the designated suite, we meet for the first time face-to-face. You find me to be tall, slim, and well dressed with a soft voice confirms your feelings of trust that have developed over our conversations on-line. After a few minutes of small talk in the living area and another social drink, we get down to the details of your evening. You are told that after conferring with your girlfriend over the last few days, some of the rules of your fantasy have been changed.

Corine soothes your initial fears as she assures you that the changes have been made at her instigation and that they are designed to increase your pleasure. It has been decided that the other participants in this evening's fun with remain totally anonymous and that you will have no way of knowing them outside of this hotel suite. To ensure their identities are not revealed, there will be no talking and you will be asked to wear a blindfold so that that the other 'guests' can give you what you have asked for without your knowing who did what. Not sure of what other changes have been made to your fantasy, you agree, but only because you trust Corine.

You are led into the joining room, which is obviously the master bedroom. A large bed takes up a portion of the room as well as a sofa and chairs along the wall, there are no other people in the room. A blindfold is placed over your eyes and you are asked to stand still and wait for the others to join us. You hear the door open as we leave. Without warning you feel several sets of hands begin to touch you through your clothes. At first, you feel a bit vulnerable and you call to Corine, but there is no answer. As the hands become more familiar, they begin to undress you.

Slowly, touching every inch of your flesh as it is exposed, the hands strip you until you stand completely naked in the center of the room. A variety of lips and fingertips caress your body, exciting you with their shamelessness and lack of identity. You can feel your nipples harden and begin to ache with anticipation of more stimulation and your pussy feels wet and empty from want. It is difficult to remain standing, but finally, several sets of hands lead you to a bed and gently push you back upon it. Two mouths immediately begin sucking on your massive breasts, teasing your nipples and pulling at them to make them longer.

With surprise, you notice that at least one pair of lips belong to a woman, as you can feel no trace of a beard. You are pleased that a woman has been included tonight and wonder if it might be Corine. A cock brushes across your lips and you eagerly begin sucking on it, happily finding it to be thick and long. A second cock, not quite as large, buries itself into your already dripping cunt, but after about 4 or 5 strokes, pulls out and is replaced by a tongue flicking across your clit.

Slowly you are rolled over so as not to break contact with the penis in your mouth or the tongue at your pussy. Hands are running along your thighs holding them apart and squeezing your ass. When you rise up on your knees to give them better access, you feel your ass cheeks being parted and someone probing your anus with their tongue. The lips sucking at your pussy are gone now, but with a single thrust, someone has pushed the swollen head of his cock into your ass. Only the throbbing erection in your mouth prevents you from crying out from the sudden penetration. Your breasts begin to swing beneath you and a pair of hands catches them and begin to tug at your nipples again. The cock in your ass sinks a little deeper and presses you back down on the bed. Again, hands roll you onto your side so as not to dislodge either of the pricks fucking you.

A body crowds up to your belly and tries to enter you. After rubbing around in your wet pussy, they succeed. You feel as if a mob is fucking you all at once. Hands hold your head as the cock in your mouth pumps in and out with abandon, the cock in your cunt is pumping away as best it can from an awkward angle, and the one in your ass continues to drive deeper, but thankfully it's owner seems to be getting most of his stimulation from your heaves in reaction to the others on you. Two separate mouths have returned to your breasts and are alternating between teasing you gently and stimulating you as hard as you can take it. In a way, you are glad for the blindfold because the extra stimulation would only take away from the abandon that courses through Your body. The multiple sensations are overwhelming, you feel like an object that has no will, but can only react.

Someone takes one of your hands, puts it in their pussy, and begins rubbing off on your fingers, using them like a dildo. The cock in your mouth begins to pulse and swell even larger. You hear a groan and seconds later a hot stream of cum spurts down your throat. You try to take it all, but some runs over your lips and drips down your chin. Before you can lick the cum from your lips, a pussy takes the place of the spent member and you try and please this new person.

The pair sharing your ass and cunt seems to have found a rhythm that strikes a cord deep within you. Their pumping forces you to come. As your second orgasm floods over you, you hear a cry and the man humping your pussy comes deep within you. As he slowly withdraws you can feel his semen begin to run out of your hole. His partner in your ass continues to slide in and out with a little more force now. A head is pushes itself between your thighs and begins licking you out with a frenzy. The sensation of being ass-fucked and eaten at the same time is a new one and it pushes you over the edge of orgasm again.

Hands are gripping the back of your head and you focus on the demands being made by the wet pussy in your face. A heavy thick cock appears in your hand and you begin rubbing it up and down. One of the mouths on your nipples leaves and is replaced by a pair of hands that rub your entire breast, kneading it like dough. Off to one side, you hear someone asking to give you a REAL spanking. The pussy you have been sucking on seems to force itself down harder. You lick it for all you are worth and thighs squeeze tight as she reaches orgasm and climbs off of you. A new cock quickly replaces it and forces its way into your mouth. You imagine a line of people all just waiting for a turn with you.

The blindfold has taken away everything but your ability to feel what is happening to you, and you admit to yourself, you had hoped it would be like this. The man fucking your ass seems to have reached the point of no return. He grabs your hips and forces you on and off his massive cock, slamming into you at each stroke. Seconds later you feel him spurting deep into your ass. He falls across you breathing heavily and you feel his cock soften and slowly slip out of your ass. He slides away from you, leaving your backside exposed so you roll onto your back. The mouth on your right breast is replaced by another set of hands. Your breasts are massaged in tandem now.

All hands on your breasts leave for a moment and you feel something-warm splash in the valley between your breasts. A hand spreads it around and you realize that someone has come on your tits. A body straddles your stomach, slides up and places a hard cock between your slippery mounds. Hands push your breasts together around his organ and he begins to pump your breasts with abandon. The cock in your mouth slides out without shooting down your throat. The bulging cock in your hand is replaced by another steamy cunt.

Someone is kissing your mouth, a woman you think, her tongue playing games with your own. You can still feel come leaking from your ass and cunt. The penis fucking your tits increases its speed. Someone takes your ankles and pulls your legs up, exposing your ass. Ten hard swats are interspersed with someone's hand in your pussy, bringing you off. The cock on your chest begins to spurt, cum splashes across your face, dripping down over your cheek. The woman kissing you must have been hit full in the face, but she has continued kissing you without pause. The spent cock gets off your chest. The mouth kissing you departs as do the finger in your snatch. You lay there exhausted for a moment before you realize the blindfold has been removed. A towel is draped over your belly and you hear a door open. Sitting up to dry yourself with the towel, you open your eyes to find Corine and I sitting on the sofa against the wall.

We are both clothed and apparently did not participate in your fantasy. From the flush on Corine's face, however, you can tell she had definitely been up to something.

"Did you have fun?" Corine asks as you take the elevator down to the lobby. "I know I sure did! Just wait till I tell you more about your 'host'."

The Host Speaks

I want to get back to you so I will tell you a quick version of what Corine and I did while you were so busy in the other room. It is true. Corine and I did not stick around for your fantasy, but I have to tell you, she really wanted to watch you being pleasured by so many at once. She and I returned to the living room where we met and had drinks. You are right to want her, Elle. The woman is an orgasm waiting to happen!

You definitely need to include her in your next party. Our conversation faltered as soon as we started to hear the moans coming from the other room. Corine was already hot from fingering you beneath the table at dinner and had started running her hand along my thigh as soon as we sat down. It was obvious that we were going to end up naked; you can't expect me to set up these little fantasies without getting excited about the outcome. Besides, you and Corine are two of the most beautiful 'clients' I have ever served. I still can't believe that you needed my help to set up your fantasy. Corine wasted no time in opening my trousers and pulling out my semi-erect cock and balls (I seldom wear boxers). She started teasing me by stroking my shaft and running circles around the engorged head with her tongue. I begged her to take it all, but she only giggled and got up to undress for me and told me to strip as well. Once naked, she dropped to her knees and slipped my erection down her throat in one quick movement. Cupping my shaved balls in her hand she proceeded to suck me off with long, deep strokes. I had to force her to ease up so that I could lie back on the sofa and pull her up on top of me. That way, I could suck and lick at her clit as she continued her blowjob. God she is good with her tongue! I had to concentrate just to last long enough to bring her to orgasm. I am surprised that you didn't hear us in the other room! She finally lowered her pussy over my face and started to hump against me. My tongue was wriggling deep in her cunt and her clit was rubbing across the bridge of my nose. As she cried out and flooded my mouth with her cum (she is a squirter!) I let go and came in her mouth. As I came, she took me clear down to my balls and swallowed every drop.

Your friend is incredible, Elle! Make her your own if you can. We have plans to get together and finish what we started. Maybe you would like to come along?


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