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After Hours
by Shintani

Extra Special thanks to Alyssa

Tina looked down at her watch. Only 15 more minutes to go. She sighed. 15 more minutes, then a short ride home to...nothing. Loneliness. Complete and utter emptiness in her life right now. In some ways, she dreaded it so much, that she'd rather be at work.

A promotion had gotten her transferred to this new store, while it was bigger and better than the one she ran before, but it had moved her away from her friends. And even further away from her family. Plus with all of her added responsibilities, she didn't have time for her lover's calls and letters, at least not as much time as she used to enjoy. In fact, the only good thing for her with this promotion so far, was that it gave her the perfect opportunity to ditch her loser ex-fiancée.

"Are we moving down together?" the dimwit had asked.

"No, I don't think so," had been her reply. That ended that. So here she was, counting down the minutes until she could go home. Well, maybe there would be some good news. Perhaps a letter from her lover, that always cheered her up, even if he was far away. She toyed with the idea of calling him, then realized what time it was. He would still be on his cross-country flight, out on another business conference, just like the last time. But this time, he was supposed to be flying out to Chicago, very much unlike the last time, when he had come down to see her too.

And what a weekend that was, she smiled to herself. He surprised her in the parking lot; they were in his hotel within minutes. That night led to two full days of non-stop fucking, that's what it was, they never even left the room. On some of the lonely nights she spent now, she relived that weekend vividly, her toys substituting for him, her thoughts and memories rekindling the flames of their passion. "Well," she thought, "maybe tonight will be such a night." Time to go and get started on it.

"Are you coming out with us?" one of the girls asked as quitting time approached.

"No, not tonight, I'm not dressed for it," she lied. She was wearing a sheer top and tight, hip-hugging pants. Her lacy black bra was clearly visible beneath the thin material of her shirt. It was enough to turn heads when she walked through the mall, and keep the attention of any guy who walked into the store. And that included the queer who ran the shop next door. Truth be known, she just wanted to be alone with her thoughts. She bade her workers good night as they left, they really were great, it was just hard to get to know them very well in the amount of time she had been with them, especially considering the amount of work she was doing. She left with them, then realized that she forgot her purse, and went back for it.

"That's funny," she thought. "I was sure I left it here under the counter, Maybe I left it in the back room." Stepping quickly through the door to the back, she spied her purse and reached for it. Before she got there, a hand reached out and clapped over her mouth. Tina gasped, as if to scream as another hand landed on her shoulder and spun her around. Her brown eyes opened wide in shock as she saw the dark figure standing behind her.

"Stephen!" she cried out as she recognized her lover, standing there with a seductive grin on his face. "Oh, my God, how did you...when did you..." Tina never finished her question as he drew her in close for an enticing kiss. Their lips met once again, she savored the taste of his kiss as their tongues intertwined. It had been months since his last visit and months since she had been kissed. His arms wrapped around her, his hands running through her luxurious black hair as he caressed her and slowly bent her backward. Tina closed her eyes in complete surrender to him.

When they had first met, and kissed, a fiery passion had been ignited between them. Time and distance were unable to extinguish those embers. Now they roared back to life as the two lovers shared another stolen embrace. For Tina, there was no description for the love she felt there in his arms. Fearful that this was all an illusion, she wrapped her arms around him and held her man so tight, as if to never let him go. Neither one of them had ever felt true love until they had found each other, yet destiny had conspired to keep them apart. Not tonight. Tonight was going to be theirs and theirs alone.

Still in Stephen's arms, Tina stumbled back a step or two, through the swinging door back into the darkened store. As they flailed around in the darkness, Tina knocked a display rack over, its contents crashing down to the floor. They ignored it. He matched her, step for step through the seemingly endless series of displays. Their kisses grew hotter and more passionate as Tina found herself backed up against the register counter, held firmly in place by Stephen's strong hands. This was too good to be happening, it was a dream come true. Only a few minutes ago, she thought she'd be spending yet another night alone, but through some miracle, he was here, in her arms again, his fiery kisses caressing her face.

They bumped up against the counter, a fitting place for them, if any. During the hours that they spent on the phone, Tina was usually leaning over this counter, ostensibly keeping an eye on her store, but in reality, far, far away, dreaming that she was in her lover's arms. With the counter supporting her, Tina threw her head back, giving Stephen full access to her neck. He lost no time in taking the hint. As his kisses tracked their way down the soft skin of her neck, he flicked his tongue out, gently, lightly, to lick her sweet body. In one swift motion, she pulled her thin shirt over her head, leaving only her lacy bra between him and her magnificent breasts. Bracing her arms back against the counter, she didn't have long to wait for him to take the invitation. She had missed him so; she wanted him now, had to have him.

For Stephen, the feeling was mutual. He trailed his kisses down onto her exposed cleavage, his hands cupping her breasts together. Tina felt his fingers gently caress her nipples through the lacy material. She hugged him tighter to her as his hands pushed the cups of her bra out of the way, and his mouth enveloped her breasts. As he continued to caress her breasts with his hands, his tongue ran out over her nipples. He sucked them into his mouth greedily, listening to the growing moans of pleasure that he was eliciting from her. Overcome with pleasure, Tina pressed him against her hard, forcing him to suck her breasts harder and harder. His hands wandered lower on her body, tracing the outline of her form.

A gentle squeeze of her soft ass was followed quickly by Stephen hooking his fingers over the waistband of her pants, then pulling down firmly. He dropped to his knees before her, quickly stripping away her soaked panties as well. He leaned her back against the counter, then slowly ravished her pussy with his tongue. His first strokes were gentle, almost teasing. A quick flick of the tongue against her shaved pussy, barely catching her lips or clit with the tip. Stephen followed that with a few gentle kisses on the taut skin of her inner thighs. But Tina was in no mood for a tease.

Supporting herself against the counter, she spread her legs for him, and pressed his mouth against her. His gentle motions were quickly replaced by more vigorous ones, as he darted his tongue inside her. She did not relax her grip on him, even as she writhed when his tongue found her hardening clit. It didn't stop there. Stephen was fully enjoying the taste of his lover's pussy, his mouth and tongue ran all over her. The harder she pressed him against her, the harder he sucked her cunt. Tina began to moan louder and louder as he sucked on her clit. A short gasp escaped her when he slid two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy.

Stephen slowly fucked her with his fingers, easing them in and out of her hot cunt. Tina was fully aroused; her juices literally dripping down his fingers and her thighs. He ran his tongue across her wet lips again, then slid his fingers back inside her, three at a time now. Her tight pussy was stretched trying to take him in, she squealed with delight. The first waves of her orgasm were overtaking her, Tina relaxed her grip on the back of his head, and Stephen moved in to finish her off.

She looked down into his eyes as he licked her pussy juices off his fingers, then slid them inside her once again. His tongue followed their motions, darting in and out of her swollen pink lips. His deft fingers massaged her clit, slowly at first, then faster and faster. With a surprisingly loud cry, Tina came hard for him. The feeling of his mouth and fingers on her was just too much for her to take. She screamed out his name, begged him for more, pleaded with him to continue. She had not felt this much pleasure since his last visit, and this one was only beginning. As her orgasm subsided, Stephen stood before her, feeling her hands fumbling for his belt buckle and zipper. Her delicate fingers found their way inside his pants, and freed his stiff cock. She stroked him, stroked him long and hard as she guided his cock to her drenched cunt.

She felt him brush up against her waiting pussy, but before he could thrust himself inside her, she moved. Tina dove down onto his cock, taking it all the way into her mouth. In the same motion, she pressed him back against the counter, and began to suck. His hands found the back of her head, and recovering from his initial surprise; Stephen slammed her head down onto him. She gagged, just a bit as his thick cock slid down her throat. His taste was just as she had remembered it, just as she had fantasized about all those lonely nights. Oh how she had hungered for this! Tina was down on her knees before her man, savoring the taste of his cock in her mouth. Her gaze rose to meet his, the wild seductive look in her eyes as she hungrily gobbled down his cock was something he would remember forever. Her hand caressed his soft balls as she licked and sucked his swollen shaft.

"Mmmmm, she murmured as she took him down into her throat again. The vibration that caused and her delicate hand stroking him nearly drove Stephen over the edge. Tina could feel the first sticky sweet drops of his precome in her mouth. Slowing her pace, she withdrew his cock from her mouth, but not before planting a sensual kiss on the tip, and sucking off the last droplets of his precome. As she rose up before him, her voluptuous breasts swayed lightly, enticingly. Just as she stood completely, he was on them again, sucking her gorgeous mounds and pressing her back against the counter.

Tina hooked her leg around his waist, and slowly drew his stiff cock closer to her dripping pussy. The swollen tip gently slid between her pussy lips, they both moaned with delight. Then, in a quick, almost savage motion, Stephen slammed his hips against her, driving his cock deep into her. Tina's eyes widened and she gasped with surprise as he rammed his cock into her pussy. No words were yet spoken, but it seemed as if the lovers had read each other's minds. She wanted him so badly, so desperately, and he wanted her too.

In their first encounter, they had made sweet, gentle love to each other, but not now. Time and distance had intensified their love for each other, now it intensified their lust. Tina was pressed up against the counter, gasping and moaning in pleasure as Stephen fucked her. Fucked her hard and fast, just as they had both fantasized on countless lonely nights. Animal passions overcame them as he reamed her tight pussy with his thick, sexy cock. Her juices flowed down her thighs, lubricating the way for him to take her. His hands reached around her, grabbing her soft ass and pulling her in tighter to him as he continued to slam his cock into her. In all their experiences, Tina had never been fucked so hard nor had Stephen taken a woman with such reckless abandon.

Several more hard strokes slammed into her, she gasped and moaned, surrendering her body to him. Stephen's pace quickened, his fucking of her was faster now, more intense. "I love you," he managed, winded from their exertions.

"I love you too," was her reply. "Oh God, Stephen! Oh baby do it to me! Mmmmm...Unnnnghhh.... Oh YES! YES! YES!" she cried out as he made her come once again.

Her words were met with an "Oh Tina!" as Stephen started to shoot his wad deep inside her. The force of that final thrust into her seemed to break her trance as she quickly slid off his spasming cock. Dropping down to her knees again, Tina tried to take the rest of his cum in her mouth. His next ejaculation sprayed his sticky cum on her face, but she managed to catch the rest in her mouth and on her tongue. Sucking down on him again, Tina sucked and swallowed every last drop from him. Stephen looked down to see her shimmering lips wrapped around his shaft, pearly white drops of his cum streaked down her face and onto her breasts.

As she slid his spent cock out of her hot mouth, Tina caught some of his cum that was streaking down her breasts with her fingers. Teasing him, she rubbed his cum on her tits, then licked her fingers clean. He smiled at the erotic site. A very satisfied Tina looked over at her lover, and noticed his evil grin as he dangled a hotel key in front of her. The seductive look he got back in return was accentuated by her enticing smile, and the two lovers gathered up their things and dashed for his car...and another night of endless lovemaking.

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