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A Hot Sultry Night
by Peaches

It's hot here in Georgia...air is sultry, being that sticky humidity. Makes me constantly want to shower to cool off. My guy, Stephen, was due in any minute as he'd just left from work. I'd already fixed him a great meal and it was set aside, so I headed for some relaxation.

Prowling in the dresser drawers, I found some aromatic candles and laid them here and there in the bathroom, lit them and dimmed the lights. That always put me in a romantic mood. Switching the water on, I got it hot and steamy...letting the air fill with the moisture. I slowly took off my pink silk blouse and unzipped my white shorts, dropping them to the floor. I unloosened my hair from where I had pulled it to the top of my head earlier and shook it....letting it fall gently to my shoulders. My thumbs inserted in the sides of my white, silk bikini panties, I slid them over my firm ass and down my satin smooth legs. My foot kicked them aside and I stepped into the shower...mmmm, water felt so good pounding against my skin. I let out a small sigh.

Checking around, I found the peach smelling shampoo and soap. I love things that smell good. I poured a bit of shampoo in my hand. Lathering my hair...closing my eyes as I did so, enjoying the sensation of water trickling down my sleek body. After rinsing all the suds out of my hair, I reached for the bar of soap. Moving the bar over my breasts, I heard a husky, voice with a South African accent, from behind me in the shower....asking..."Need some help with that?" A slight smile touched my lips. This was my darling Stephen. I turned my head slightly and looked over my shoulder..."Mmmm, yes."

I handed him the soap and let my eyelids shut again...letting him lather my back. Yummy , I thought. After he had soaped up my ass, and rinsed it off, I felt his hands come around and encase my full breasts. I breathed in deeply, taking in the scent of the candles. My nipples hardened swiftly. He flicked his thumb across them and I moaned. I'm sooo sensitive everywhere. I leaned back into his hard chest, letting the sensations take over. Stephen let his fingers roam where they would...and kissed me on the side of the neck.

His fingers trailed down to my writhing stomach muscles and my hips pushed back against his crotch...wanting to feel his hard cock against my skin. I moved my hips back and forth...he got even harder. My lips tilted up in a slight grin, knowing it was me that made him horny as hell.

As Stephen's fingers sought my swollen clit, I got so hot I couldn't stand much more. I leaned forward and put my hands against the shower wall, begging him to take me from behind. I wanted it doggie style so I could get the full thrust of that hot shaft of his deep inside of my already soaked pussy.

"Fuck me now!" I pleaded in earnest, waiting for him to place himself against me and to push in deeply.

I heard a deep chuckle from behind..."You're sure you are ready for me, Angel? You know you're at a disadvantage this way, don't you? I have full control from behind."

My body craved his touch so much, I didn't care..."Just fuck me and do it hard and quick", I begged.

He let his finger twitch my clit a bit and parted my pussy lips. Rubbing his thumb against my cunt hole..."Mmmm, you are really hot, Sarah. How long have been waiting on me like this?"

I whimpered, "Ohhh, don't ask, just push it in, Stephen! Don't make me beg for it any longer."

He grabbed one of my hips to steady him and directed his dick to my dripping wet hole...slipped it inside. I gasped as it went deep within the first time. Two more thrusts and I moaned softly, calling out his name... "Stephen!" I had cum already. He pulled out and went back in slowly...and a soft, steady pace this time...knowing I could cum in multiples. As one hand staid on my hip, he smoothed my back with the other one...leaning forward to kiss the base of my spine. Chills ran up and down my body. I started squirming and pushed hard back against him, swaying my butt from side to side, my feet shifted slightly to make sure I didn't fall.

He let himself go all the way inside of me and leaned over my back, pushed my hair aside and whispered... "Don't be afraid, little one, this is your Stephen. You are safe with me."

I whispered back, "I know, darling. Now, fuck me harder, and fuck me faster! I want you now!!!!!"

Stephen laughed at hearing this and plowed deep inside of me as fast as he could...not giving me time to breathe. My hot juice exploded around us... pouring down over his cock and heaving balls. Cum dripped down to the shower floor as I came over and over! He asked if I was satisfied enough by then and I let out a groan. Slowly he pulled out and knelt down in front of my pussy, letting his tongue lap up the juice he had created inside of me. My head moved from side to side as I started to cum again. "Tongue fuck me, Stephen!"

As he let his tongue dig deep within my pussy walls, I slipped my hand between my thighs and rubbed my clit. I shook from head to toe as I came in such a hard orgasm that I almost fell to the floor. You loved making me react this way and came up afterwards, kissed me tenderly on the lips. I let the flat of my tongue run across your lips where you'd recently eaten me. "So, this is what he loves so much." I thought to myself.

With a twinkle in my eyes, I knelt before him. It was his turn now. The water was still pounding on my back as I stooped and touched him, holding him gently against my cheek. I love this instrument of his. He leaned back against the shower wall waiting. He knew he was in for a good time too.

My pouting lips engulfed the head of his shaft and my hand went under to stroke his balls softly as I let my tongue flick around the edge. I dipped down and put swift butterfly kisses on the back of his rod. Glancing up to see if he approved. He smiled down at me, lust in his eyes. Going back up, I put it back in my mouth and went down gradually, my tongue swirled around it as I did. I heard him moan in the back of his throat. My eyes gleamed with mischief as I told him this is my specialty.

Letting the cock slip all the way back to my throat, I pulled it completely in my mouth, letting the muscles in my mouth tighten. I pulled up slowly and dropped down hard... all the way to the base. Pulling back up, I licked the pre-cum off the slit. Then leaned down to lick Stephen's heavy balls. My fingers lifted them to my lips and I sucked them in...licking and slurping. Steve felt the rasp of my tongue and groaned. The balls dropped out of my mouth and my tongue found my love's g-spot under them. Running the flat of my tongue against it, I sucked against the skin, letting my full lips run across it afterwards. I pushed my wet, brown, curly hair out of my eyes as I went back up and put the fingers of my right hand around his throbbing boner.

I looked up and saw him with his head back, breathing hard. He was near to cumming. My heart started racing as I saw the pulse in his throat beating rapidly, this turned me on as nothing else does...making my man cum! Getting a firm grip...I started stroking his dick...steadily. The fingers of my left hand encompassing his balls as I did. His cock, got even harder, flexing, I gathered him into the dark cave of my mouth and relaxed the muscles in the back of my throat...letting the smooth, silky textured head slide down to the back. Sliding up and down his hot shaft, I hummed a sweet tune of no consequence to vibrate against the hotness of his cock.

I felt him start to squirm, moving his hips. He couldn't take much more. As I moved up, I placed his rod between my tits and pushed them tight around his cock. He started thrusting his manhood between them! My head leaned down and I licked his bulging head each time it shoved up...running my tongue across it. He thrusted harder and swifter...and I begged..."Fuck my tits harder, Stephen! Cum to me, baby! Fill my mouth with your hot, steaming jizz! Cum down my throat and let me swallow it! I want to taste you, now!!!"

Right after I said that, he yelled out and shot hot streams of white cum against my lips and I opened my mouth so I could get it all in...load after load poured down my throat! My fingers tried to catch the drops as they dribbled off my lower lip and dropped down to my breasts. He took his hands and rubbed his spilt sperm all over my tits, letting the pads of his thumbs and forefingers tweak my nipples....I shivered violently as I came once more deep inside of me.

Reaching up with my hands, I cupped his handsome face, resting my cheek next to his. I whispered softly, "I love you, Stephen." Then slipped into his warm arms and let the water beat against our bodies. A bit later he grabbed the soap and lathered us both up again...rinsed us off. So much for cooling off on that hot, sultry night. I think I liked it better that way anyway.


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