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A How to for Woman Pt. III
by Softly

This "How To" is for ladies only. There won't be any vivid sex descriptions, so you guys just shuffle on to another story.

Hi, I'm Sue and I wrote two of the stories in the "How to" story section. I use the name Softly. I wish to apologize to a lot of you that wrote to me, because I was unable to answer all your nice e-mails. At last count it was 138. Instead, I will write this, "How to - Three" and I hope it will hit all the high spots for you.

First, let me say that all men are clueless when it comes to understanding that one week you have no interest in sex, and the next can't walk by the running dryer without leaning on a corner. Life is unfair in that we gals spend hours talking with five year olds and changing diapers, while our man, in suit and tie, is having lunch at a downtown hot spot. Our only sex outlet is him, while he has the world.

If your man is on the road a week or more a month, I guarantee you that he has been with another woman at least five times during the last year. How do I know? My husband and I have a very open relationship. Several swinger couples were at our Villa and "men on the road" came up in conversation. The men said that it would be easy for them to enjoy the company of a woman an average of one night out of every three nights. Why? Well, think about it. They stay at the best hotels. They are wearing expensive suits that mark them as a man that is from out of town and will not pester a woman after a one night fling. The men said that the woman's motive ran from: "mad at their other" "divorced and wanting sex" to "hunting for a man to marry." So much for the men!

Ladies, they owe you. Yes, they do. As you sit there reading this, you know that you wish that you could have sex with several men that you know, but don't for all the reasons that are social control. Well, now you can have sex with exciting men without any danger to yourself or your marriage. Your computer is the best sex machine ever invented. There are two routes that you may take:

First set up a screen name that does not identify you. Have your husband contact men through some of the sites that I am providing? Never provide you name, or phone number. Have the men you are interested in send you a G rated photo. Set up a meeting in an area away from your home area. Meet with the persons or persons, flirt and dance with them and then retire to the room. Your husband should leave you alone for twenty minutes, so you can get it on without feeling you have to act out a part for him. Go without bra and panties, and be committed to going all the way. Leave your valuables at home, and your ID in the glove compartment.

Determine ahead of time what your real interests are. If your "pocket" (vagina) is small, don't think a thick eight inches will be fun, or he can keep part of it outside. It will hurt like the blazes. If you like gentle tender sex, look for it. You can tell by the tone of the ads what is in store. On the other hand, if you are like me and you are deep enough for anything and can have multi experiences, then by all means look for men that can help you out.

The men, I have found, are more nervous then you are, when you meet. Think of it. They know that the woman must approve of them for anything to happen. They are afraid that they will somehow not meet with her expectations. They hope that you will consider them again. If you are good looking, they are often so excited that it is several minutes before they can "rise". Most are intelligent, professional men that have given you their e-mail address and their photo. The last thing they will do is harm you. Remember the "clueless" part of men, and tell them exactly how you want your sex. He will do his best to please you.

Usually, when a man won't allow his wife to explore her sexuality it is because he is insecure. Try to change that by telling him how good he is in bed - no booing in the peanut seats please - and trying to get him to swinger parties so he can see that "you go home with him." If that fails, use the below sites to contact men in your area. Set up an e-mail account with Yahoo, or another e-mail provider. Be sure to make up a fake name, because it will be part of your e-mail address. A word about swinger clubs. They are always run by a woman. FYI, couples become swingers because the man wants excitement without cheating on his wife. They stay swinger because the wife has found a forum that is an answer to her prayers. Imagine, being at a party where if you find an attractive man you cozy up to him and in minutes can be in bed with your husband and his wife's blessing! Wow! No means no, and there is little booze and no drugs, If you are a "single" woman, you are always welcome. As soon as you get there, cozy up to the gal running the show. She will gladly tip you to what will be of interest to you. Again, never give your real name. For your meeting with on line men, infer in your E- mail that your husband may wait for you outside in your car, or at a nearby bar. That way, when it is time for you to leave, you can say; "times up." Easy as pie.

Write to me, and I'll give you a list of sites that are very, very helpful.

My husband and I flew into Tampa in the Company jet for a business meeting that he was to attend the following day. He had paper work and a brief speech to prepare that would keep him in our Villa all evening. I asked him if he minded if I "went out." He knew exactly what I had in mind and said, "sure, have a good time." At 7:30 PM, I sent E-mail to seven different men that I had never met. By 8:40 PM, two had responded, both with pictures. Since both were from Clearwater, I suggested that we meet at the "Golden Surf". It turned out that both were better looking then their photo's indicated and one was an extremely funny guy. After a drink and some dancing, we retired to that guys condo. I returned to our Villa at 2;15 AM, after having a gentle friendly meeting with two really nice guys. I won't look back when I'm an old lady and say, "gee, I wish that I had done that!" Your old man owes you some excitement too.

Girls only: if you want some pictures of me and some of my friends having a really good time, write to me. Let me know if I help you "get it on with someone exciting."


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