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Adventures in Amsterdam Pt. I
by English Bob

Both twenty three years old, Adam and Jo had married young. They had both decided that, before settling into a domestic lifestyle, they would use their savings and travel to Europe. The sights beckoned them; London's parliament square and majestic bridges that spanned the River Thames, the sunshine of the Spanish coast, the Eiffel Tower in the heart of historic Paris and the red light areas of the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

When they eventually arrived in Amsterdam, they soon realised that their cash resources were running dangerously low. What they needed, was work to tide them over for a few months and after finding a small apartment available on a short term basis, they both set about the task of locating suitable employment. For two days Adam scoured the streets and wanted ad's without success. All that he had been offered were a few lousy bar-tending jobs that paid very little. He wanted to try just a little longer before accepting this sort of work. Jo, however, had faired much better. Her training as a dancer had impressed many leering club owners, and had finally accepted a position in a small club that paid almost twice what Adam would have earned as a bar tender. She was certainly no prude, she had been almost disappointed to learn that the club only required her to dance topless, and not fully nude.

After another two days of fruitless job searching, Adam finally decided to take one of the bar tending positions that he had been offered. It would not be too bad, he reasoned, they would both be working at night, and with a little money coming in, they would be able to explore the city during the day. Besides, it would not be for ever.

The club that Jo was to dance at was called Bella's, and, as Adam was not due to start his job for another few days, he decided to accompany his wife on her first night. He was not worried at all about the nature of her job, they had always had a very understanding relationship before and after they were married, he just thought it would be nice to watch her dance and Max, the owner of the club, had promised him free admission. He sat quietly at the bar nursing a beer and watched the dancers. He had to admit they were very good. Jo had not yet begun her set, but the other dancers kept the earlier part of the evening going well. He watched several girls of differing shapes and sizes gyrate their bodies over the small stage in various stages of undress, and soon realised that the one thing they had in common was the size of their breasts. All the girls were extremely well endowed in that area and Adam guessed that this was in keeping with the theme of the club. This was fine with him. He had always been a boob man himself! He always adored the way that Jo swung her 36DD breasts in front of him when they made love, driving him crazy by teasing his cock with the long sensitive nipples and eventually letting him bury his face in her ample cleavage. Adam knew that the club's customers were in for a treat tonight.

Just after midnight, the club was full. A young man dressed only in leather trousers and a leather waistcoat leapt up onto the stage holding a microphone. Adam guessed that he was the MC.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." The mans voice boomed out. "We have a special attraction for you tonight. All the way from the United States, please welcome onto the stage......the lovely...Josephine!"

As the MC quickly left the stage, the lights dimmed and the customers cheered and clapped. A single spotlight hit the stage as Jo slowly danced out from behind the curtain. The room was silent. All eyes watched the stage as Jo began her set. The music was the theme from Swan Lake, and Adam knew it well. His wife loved ballet, and her classical training would delight the customers. Instead of the usual leotard or ballet dress, Jo wore little more than a see through chiffon wrap and bikini panties as she pirouetted and leapt across the small stage. Her large breasts swung delightfully under the flimsy material and Adam was close enough to see that her sensitive nipples were becoming swollen and erect. The sight was not lost on most of the customers, either, as shouts encouraging her to lose the top and display her breasts could be heard all around the dark room. Jo was good. Very good. Rather than just rip her top off immediately, she teased the audience with selective glimpses of her ample breasts as she danced. A peek here, a glimpse there, had the customers shouting and cheering loudly. As the music came to a thundering crescendo, Jo pulled the chiffon wrap clear of her tits and dropped to the floor in a wide splits. As the lights went out, the audience applauded and cheered. The set had obviously been a huge success.

When the lighting returned to normal, the same, earlier dancers were back on stage twisting their hips and flashing their breasts to the low beat of some slow rock music. Adam was still a little breathless from watching his wife's performance, and turned back to his drink on the bar. A pretty waitress, again with a large bare chest, sidled up to him.

"You can go backstage if you want." she whispered in his ear. "Jo's finished her set now. Come on, I'll show you the way."

Draining his beer and rising from the stool, Adam followed the waitress through a small door at the side of the bar. The dressing room was full of semi-naked girls and Adam didn't quite know where to look. Seeing his slight embarrassment, the waitress laughed.

"Don't be shy! I'm sure you've seen tits and pussy before!" she giggled, pointing "Jo's over there."

Max, the bar owner, had been watching his new girl's set as he watched all of his new dancers. He was most impressed. The customers obviously loved her. As his mind worked, he came to the decision that maybe she could do better than to dance, perhaps there was something else that he could offer her to make her and Max a lot more money. Still thinking, he made his way to the dressing room to talk to her. As he approached, he found Jo and Adam chatting with the other girls.

"Congratulations!" he commended her in near perfect English. "You dance very well."

Jo and Adam looked up as they heard him speak.

"Thanks, Max. By the way, this is my husband Adam."

The two men shook hands. Max looked at Adam with an experienced eye. This gets better all the time, he thought, as he took in Adam's tall, muscular frame and striking good looks.

"Come to my office, both of you. I wish to discuss something with you."

Intrigued, the young couple followed Max into a plush, air conditioned office. Expensive looking portraits hung from the walls, a large desk occupied the centre of the room, and a leather sofa sat against one wall. Max invited them to sit on the sofa as he parked himself on the edge of his desk and addressed them.

"You dance very well." He repeated. "But I have an offer for you both that would pay you each more than double what Jo is being paid."

As he waited for a response, Jo and Adam looked at each other excitedly.

"I have another club." Max continued. "Not quite the same as Bella's, it's a little more...risque, you know?" I'll get straight to the point. How do you both feel about making love in front of an audience?"

Adam and Jo looked at each other again. What he was talking about was a live sex show. It was not the sort of thing that either of them had ever considered, but the money he was offering was, frankly, fantastic and would set them up nicely.

Sensing that they were undecided, Max continued with the sell.

"All you would have to do is one half hour set, four times a week. No holds barred, you can do what you like as long as the customers are happy."

The couple had decided even before Max had spoken. They both loved sex and were more than happy to earn a large sum of money by fucking each other. They would do it!

"Excellent!" cried Max. "Your first performance will be right now, for me. I have to ensure that you will be suitable before you go on stage."

Adam and Jo nodded eagerly. What Max had said sounded perfectly reasonable. He was offering a lot of money. It made sense that he would want to check the merchandise, so to speak.

"What do you want us to do?" Asked Jo.

Max lifted himself from the desk and locked the door.

"Firstly, Adam, strip you wife naked please."

Jo was still wearing the chiffon wrap and panties that she had worn for her performance, and Adam realised that stripping her would not take long. Unclipping the hidden fastener, the wrap easily fell back from her shoulders, once again exposing Jo's large breasts. Kneeling in front of her, Adam hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the small panties and rolled them down her long, slender legs until they were pooled around her ankles. As she lifted on foot and then the other to step out of them, Adam carefully untied the silk ribbons of her well worn ballet shoes and slipped them from her dainty feet. Finally he rose and stood beside his now completely naked wife.

Max was pleased. There was no sign of any embarrassment from either of them. She was extremely attractive. Her flame red hair framed a pretty, heart shaped face with wide inviting lips. Her large breasts topped with nice pink nipples, he had already seen and approved of, but as his eyes travelled downwards he was most impressed by the lack of pubic hair. Max like all his girls to shave, it made it easier for the customers to see the pussy. Continuing his inspection of the girls body, his eyes appreciated the slim contours of her well muscled legs and delighted in the high arch of her dancers feet leading to delicately painted toes. Yes, he thought, she will do well!

Turning to Adam, Max continued. "Now you, Adam, please undress."

Adam was a little concerned. Seeing his wife naked had produced the usual effect and his erection pressed hard against his underwear. He was not sure if this would please Max, or if he would consider him to be inexperienced, but Max was waiting, and after all, who wouldn't get a hard-on by looking at his beautiful wife?

Wasting no time, Adam began to undress and within a few seconds was down to his boxers.

"You have an erection already?" Max said with a smile. "Excellent! It is good that you are so easily aroused by the sight of your wife."

Adam breathed a sigh of relief and swiftly pulled his shorts down over his well muscled legs. As his eight inches of hard meat popped into view, Max seemed genuinely pleased.

"You both have excellent bodies and as long as you can perform well, you will go far. Now, just do what comes naturally. Try to forget your audience, but don't fake anything. The customers pay a lot and expect realism. You can use anything you see in the room to help you. Don't forget that your set only lasts thirty minutes and the customers will want to see ejaculation at the end of that time."

The couple did not need to be told twice. They were both so horny and Adam just hoped that he would be able to last the half hour!

As Max had settled himself on the sofa, content to watch, Adam led his wife to the large desk and lifted her easily onto the cool mahogany surface. Spreading her legs wide, he knelt between them and began to rain soft kisses over her dangling feet and ankles. Jo's hands immediately went to her own breasts as she started to squeeze the large pendulous globes, every now and then pinching a hard nipple between her fingers and sighing deeply.

Max could see Adam's kisses getting higher and higher as his head moved up his wife's legs towards her shaved pussy. Her nipples looked large and swollen as she pinched them harder and harder and Max was pleased when she groaned deeply as her husband's tongue finally found and parted her slick vaginal lips. Her nipples seemed to swell further as Adam's tongue sought out her clit and began to lick over it sensuously.

Jo's orgasm was quick and powerful. Max saw, and Adam felt her whole body tense. She shuddered once, then twice and let out a long deep sigh as the climax coursed through her body. Her nipples ached where she had been pinching them, but she knew that a little pain always sent her crashing over the edge. Beginning to lose herself in her own pleasure, she suddenly remembered that she had a job to do here. She was sure that, while people may well pay to see her cum, they would definitely expect more! Gathering herself together, she gently and a little reluctantly, pushed Adam's head away from her wet pussy and stood in front of him with her ass resting against the edge of the desk.

Adam knew what was coming next and his penis was throbbing in front of him in anticipation. Jo bent forwards and kissed him lightly on the lips before slowly sinking to her knees. He gasped in a short breath as he felt her cool feminine fingers circle around his pulsating shaft. He felt harder, and more powerful than he had ever known and his mind did somersaults as her lips closed over the end of his cock. He tried to concentrate all his self control while Jo built up an exquisite suction around his glans. She bobbed her head. She rolled her tongue around his shaft, her lips keeping a constant tight seal on the head. He knew that the time was getting on, but did not want to cum just yet. He looked up to check how much of the thirty minutes had elapsed and caught a sight of Max from the corner of his eye. Adam smiled. They must be doing the right thing, because Max was sitting with his suit trousers undone and openly masturbating a very thick penis while watching the show! Adam found the whole situation so erotic, he was worried that he might cum on the spot, and they still had nearly five minutes to go. With some regret, he pulled his throbbing erection from between his wife's sweet lips and helped her to her feet.

Adam knew that it was time for their grand finale! With only a few minutes left he backed Jo up to the desk, so once again her bottom was resting against the edge. With her still standing, he moved her feet apart, opening her legs. He looked down and saw her wet lips peel back invitingly. Positioning his penis between the lips he pushed slow and hard. Both men heard Jo gasp out loud as the large cock slid in to the hilt. Adam then heard a groan from the sofa, and looking up, saw Max shoot a great wad of cum over his hand. Adam smiled once again, pleased by the sight of his boss' climax, and turned back to his task. He knew he would not last long inside his wife's wonderfully tight vagina as he began to thrust his erection in and out of her.

Max was quietly cleaning himself up and listening with satisfaction to the young couples groans as they fucked hard and fast against the edge of the desk. He could tell that Adam was close. His teeth were clenched and his eyes were shut tight as he pounded into his wife's rapidly stretching cunt. Adam grunted and then cried out loud as he came, pulling his cock from Jo's pussy, as instructed. Pulling on his shaft rapidly, Max watched as a long, thick stream of cum pumped from the tip and landed on Jo's stomach. This first emission was quickly followed by several more, as Adam emptied the contents of his balls in long arcing streams that looped through the air and splashed onto his wife's hot skin.

They were a hot couple, all right, and Max had many plans for them!

To Be Continued...


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