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An Incredible Hole - One Golfer's Delicious Tale
by Peter Pocket

Seems everybody has their favorite little story to tell here. I never thought I'd have much to contribute on the matter, but that may have all just changed! Here is my incredible tale, unbelievable but true:

I'm an avid golfer, though not all that accomplished. I'm nearing 50, happily married and have all the comforts one could hope for. If I want for anything I suppose it would have to be, like for so many middle-aged men, the incomparable thrill of holding a young, beautiful woman naked in my arms and delighting in the incredible beauty of her young supple body. But that want was the furthest thing from my mind when I entered the couples tournament sponsored by our Club.

My wife doesn't play golf so I was paired with one of the single lady golfers, who happened to be a spunky young girl with a cute Canadian accent whose family had recently moved into our area and joined our Club. She was a beginning golfer, having played very few rounds and as a result we were paired with another couple in the very last group of the tournament. It seems they expected us to be slow in our play! Little did they realize how right they were!

As we drove in our cart to the first tee, I stole a few glances at this young golfing goddess and wondered to myself if I would be able to restrain myself over the course of the next 18 holes from an all-out assault on her incredible body. She looked to be in her early 20's, athletic and tanned. Dressed in dark shorts and a simple white golf shirt. No hat, shoulder-length brunette hair and she wore little if any makeup - she didn't need any, though she may have had a shade of eye-liner on.

And I thought I detected just the faintest hint of some perfume, very understated. Her shirt was tight, though certainly not strained, and revealed a perfect set of breasts. I caught just glimpses of her nipple buttons through it all, though I tried like hell not to gawk! On the first tee she addressed her first drive and I got a long leering look at her backside. No bra clasp in back on what looked to be a sports bra, a tantalizingly small waist and superbly curvy hips framed inside her mid-thigh shorts, from out of which poured tight smooth legs. Just above what would be the top of her butt-crack was a panty line giving away the fact that her panties were very small thin bikinis. As I looked all this over, I felt the precum involuntarily seep from my own very interested penis.

But she played golf for shit!! And with every bad shot she gave a cute little giggle and never once did she get discouraged. Maybe it helped that I was thoroughly enjoying every swing she took and I think she was well aware that I was happy just to be in her company. The other couple was playing very well and was probably in contention to win the tournament. As the holes played on we got further and further removed from the competition as they got more and more competitive and into their chances of victory. But we were becomming less and less aware of their games and much more into our own. At one point she got into the cart after yet again a horrendous stroke and said "Partner, I can't play this game for shit, can I?" And I said "No partner, not yet, but what's it matter - you've got the finest ass this course has ever seen!!" And we both laughed. "And wouldn't you just love to see more of it you ol' coot! Help me find my fuckin' ball and maybe we'll both get lucky" she said. And we laughed even harder. She was opening the door, apparently undaunted by the spread in our ages. Or was I just dreaming?

At the 13th tee, a par-3 hole on a desolate part of the course, I suggested to the other couple that they play on without us since we were playing so slow, a no-no in golfing under any circumstances. They were happy to oblige, as I think they sensed we had lost our interest in serious golf. As we sat in the cart waiting for them to finish out the hole, she turned to me and said "Thank goodness for that Partner - it's about time you sent them on their fuckin way!" And with that, sitting right there next to me in the cart and smiling, she unzipped her shorts, slid her hand inside her pants and began rubbing; I could hear the friction of her bush and the clicking sound of a wet pussy, but I felt any action on my part would be premature. She was in control of this game!

We were alone on the tee and not likely to see anyone until we got to the end of our round. She walked to the tee, her shorts opened and a huge grin on her face. Looking at me as she placed her ball on the tee, she let her shorts fall to the ground and kicked them towards me. And laughed. "Ever seen a swing look this good?" she asked. My mouth was parched, my heart was pounding out of my chest and my pants were becoming a wreck. She was fucking gorgeous and I knew I was going to be had, just didn't know quite how! Her bikini panties were all white, with a little pattern of some sort throughout. They were see-through enough to reveal her dark patch underneath. She put me at ease after hitting her shot saying "Now, for the rest of this round I want you to show me your best strokes!"

With that, she came over to me and stood just inches in front of me. I could feel her hands on my trousers button as she opened it, all the while gazing into my eyes and smiling easily and warmly with hers. I felt and heard my zipper go down. And felt the freedom of my pants being dropped. She removed my shirt running her hands up my sides and started kissing down my hairy chest, licking my nipples then continuing down. Kneeling before me, she stroked me through my boxers and gave a tug on my balls; I was rock hard and ready as she peeled me naked before her. Then I felt the incredible warmth of her mouth encircle me and I nearly lost control as she sucked in a way I'm not sure I'd ever felt before, an indescribable feeling. Looking down at the scene, I noticed she had a small tongue ring which had escaped me before. Despite wanting to free myself from her control and give her the best fucking I could imagine, I was powerless to stop it. Sucking and stroking she soon had me moaning as she took every inch of me into and out of her hot wet mouth. My knees nearly buckled as I exploded stream after stream of cum, all of which she hungrily took in. I was drained but excited beyond belief. Throwing me back my boxers and shirt she said "Rest up, Partner, you've got more holes to play!" And we laughed our asses off as we popped ourselves a beer and got into the cart, both in our shirts and underwear only.

After a while, having leisurely driven a couple of holes and feeling the late afternoon warm breeze and having shared a couple of sweet kisses and easy laughs I felt my strength returning and my desires stirring. I had to taste this goddess, had to hear the moaning of her ecstasies. I drove the cart under a large weeping willow tree lining the fairway, stopped and turned towards her. Instinctively I slid beneath her as she raised up and sat comfortably in my lap, giving me a splendid view of her flat tummy, her intoxicating muff just beneath those nothing panties, and some bodacious thighs. This babe was a prize! I was grateful I had selected one of the open, unroofed carts at the beginning of the day. She sat in my lap and kissed me easily with her soft lips. So warm and soft. Like quicksand, she sucked me in and soon we were hungrily kissing open-mouthed with our tongues dancing and exploring.

I felt as though she was kissing my soul! Her kisses screamed "fuck me". My hands were under her shirt and it was off in seconds; I was looking down at her breasts mostly visible now through her bra. She was going to let me do it all, thank god! We watched as I opened the front clasp and slowly let her breasts come free as I tossed aside the bra. I had forgotten the power and beauty of such a sight and she raised them up to me as I kissed down her neck and chest, landing firmly on a nipple. Kissing, licking and sucking deeply I took one then the other into my mouth and I heard her moan as my hands slid down inside her panties. Soaked and ever so slippery. Fingers inside her and she fairly jumped out of the cart as I brushed over her clit. I had to taste her! I laid her on the seat of the cart and leaning over her, kissed down her tummy biting as I went to remind her of my progress and of my direction.

She knew my intentions. Passing below her navel, I slowly lowered her panties for my first unobstructed look at this awesome looking young snatch. It was captivating. Softly mounded and framed in a beautifully manicured dark bush. I could feel the heat from her pussy as I lowered my nose to the top edge of her bush, feeling her cunt-hair on my chin. Slowly I worked my way down, breathing in her scent as I went. Opening her pussy with my fingers I ran my nose up and down inside her then landed with my tongue firmly on her clit. And started my labor of love, kissing and sucking, flicking my tongue all over her clit. Drinking in her juices, I could feel her begin to tremble and hear her moan as she began to give up control. She was letting my tongue and lips take her away and soon began to push my head deep into her crotch, calling my name and panting heavily as she climaxed explosively. Her juices were everywhere and I drank them all in, wanting only more.

Not able to wait for her recovery, I turned her over in the cart and pulled her legs over the side. I was amused and tantalized to see a small butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. She was completely wet and slippery and my hot, rock-hard hard dick searched up and down her butt-crack in search of its opening. She gave a soft moan as I pushed my way in. So tight. So unbelievably warm and the stroking was incredibly easy and sensuous. I couldn't stop, though I thought I wanted to end not here but in her pussy. But this I could not control. She was watching us now, as was I, as we fucked each other more and more feverishly. I wondered if my heart could take this kind of testing. My mind was exploding with all senses strained to their limit.

Her beauty, her scent, her touch, her sounds, her so fucking sweet taste. I heard myself muttering her name stupidly and heard her screaming mine as we both came in animalistic convulsions. I was worried I had hurt her as I squeezed her ass and pounded into it as I gave her jet after jet of my steaming hot semen. As my muscles slowly melted I laid over her back and kissed and nibbled softly on the back of her neck. I was spent. She had all my energy.

We dressed and got back in the cart. There'd be no more golf, just a nice ride past the holes until we'd hopefully get reconnected with our other couple. As we rode, we shared a deliciously cold beer and she told me how glad she was to have gotten to play with me. I wasn't sure how to take that but decided not to press it, unsure of what her explanation might be.

In the clubhouse after the round she went out of her way to explain to the other golfers what a great stroker she thought I was. Said I had a long smooth stoke. A powerful stroke. They were all surprised to hear this - they'd all seen my swing before - and I delighted at her inside teasing! This was one captivating young lass and I couldn't believe the incredible luck I'd just had. But the day drew to a close and it was time to leave.

As she was preparing to leave the course she called me over to her car. Standing outside her car door, I watched as she unzipped her shorts and wiggled herself once again out of them. The thrill of seeing that furry patch through those panties was just as intense as it had been earlier in the day. After massaging her panties for a few seconds and rubbing them deep into her pussy, she slowly peeled them down and then casually gave them a knowing little sniff, gave a contented little moan, wrote a brief inscription on them and handed them to me. Then with that beautiful smile and a fiendish wink she said "Thanks for a wonderful day, can't wait 'til we play again!" And off away she drove.

Holding my prize, I glanced down and read "Loved Your Shots Partner!"


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