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Pt. II - A Brush With The Law
by English Bob

This story follows on directly from Abducted Pt. I.

* * * * *

As they sat together surrounded by the plush interior of the Jaguar, Dave watched his beautiful wife slowly spread her long, sensual legs. Still naked and spattered with cum, Kelly stretched herself in the seat. David looked at his wife and marveled. He had always harboured fantasies about seeing her taken by another man, or group of men, and now she had made that fantasy come to life.

As she reclined in the seat, David watched her hands move slowly over her cum stained body. He fingers were circling her breasts now, tracing patterns in the wet, sticky fluid around the firm globes. He could see that her pink nipples were still pointing at right angles, stiff and swollen as she teased and massaged them. He was aware of a returning erection as his eyes followed her hands down, over her smooth body, and towards her well trimmed vagina. Kelly's pussy was soaked with a mixture of her own fluid and a copious amount of semen. Dave heard her fingers squelch as she opened her nether lips to expose herself in all her glory. He had never seen a sight like it. As her lips parted and her pussy unfolded before his eyes, he could see the cum start to dribble out of her exposed hole. She seemed awash with the creamy stuff as she deliberately dipped two fingers inside of her whilst a third scooped up some of the fluid and started to rub down towards her asshole. David was excited beyond speech now, as, for the second time that day he tore down his zipper and hauled out his erect prick. Using a hand on his thick, rigid shaft, he rubbed himself as he watched his wife finger her pussy and ass.

"Mmmm...I really want you baby." murmured Kelly, as her ass began to move backwards and forwards in the seat. "I need you...I need to cum so badly!"

David looked about him, outside the powerful car. They were still in a pull-in on the mountain road, and although it was a seldom used route, it was still broad daylight and anyone could see them! Dave weighed up his choices: take his wife now, and risk exposure, possibly affecting his career and business, or deny them both now and drive home to the safety of their own bedroom. Looking at his wife's lust filled face as she masturbated and feeling his own erection in desperate need of release, the choice was made.

Quickly stripping off his trousers and underwear, David almost leapt across the centre console and onto the passenger seat next to Kelly. They both giggled at his athleticism before sinking into a long passionate kiss. Manoeuvring his position, David managed to get himself in between his wife's spread legs and place his hard cock at the entrance to her vagina. With no effort at all, he thrust forward, sinking his entire length into her in one smooth motion. She was so wet he could hardly feel her vaginal walls as he started to pump backwards and forwards. He felt Kelly lift and wrap her legs around his waist as he thrust deep into her pussy. Neither of them were in the mood for finesse, but wanted and needed the sexual pleasure found in hard, fast and hot copulation. David could feel the car move as he slammed his cock into her juicy cunt whilst gritting his teeth. Faster and faster he thrust, penetrating her hole more deeply than he had ever gone before, his balls slapping her butt with audible smacks.

As they both neared orgasm, David's heart almost stopped as he heard the sharp RAP..RAP..RAP' against the Jaguar's window.

Both David and Kelly looked up in frightened shock. What the hell was that? They thought. WHO the hell was that?

Slowly, through the steam covered window, the figure outside began to take on a familiar shape. David groaned in realisation.

"Oh noooo...It's a cop"

"What the fuck's a cop doing all the way out here?"

David was slightly shocked by his wife's unusual use of language, but rationalised that he had discovered quite a lot about her today that he wasn't previously aware of! Quickly pulling on his trousers, he threw a car blanket over his wife to try to hide her modesty.

"Please step out of the vehicle, sir."

The voice sounded fairly young but authoritative.

Fastening his trousers, David stepped out of the car and faced the cop.

"Sorry officer......." he started but was quickly interrupted.

"We had a report of a possible kidnap involving this car" continued the officer, peering in through the window.

"Is that your wife sir?"

"Yes, she is my wife."

"Please ask her to step out also, sir."

"But she isn't wearing..."

"NOW, please sir"

Kelly opened the passenger door and stepped out. As she did, the blanket that she kept wrapped around her, caught on the door and dropped to her waist exposing her full round breasts complete with still erect nipples.

"Well, well" the cop smirked. "Looks like you didn't finish the job! She's still hot!"

Signaling to his squad car, another uniformed officer approached the three figures.

"Maybe we could help the lady get what she wants? Said the first cop as the second joined them.

Without waiting for a reply, the officer grabbed the blanket that Kelly was holding and tore it away, exposing her nakedness. Roughly grabbing her around the waist, he put his hand directly onto her pussy.

"Hmmm. Seems like she's fucked a few times already today!" he laughed as he pushed two fingers deep inside her "Her cunt's really wet!"

David tried to move towards them but was easily restrained by the second cop. The first cop, named Joe as David had heard it, pulled the helpless woman towards the front of the Jaguar.

"Right. You two hold her, I'm gonna give this bitch what she wants!"

David was forced to join the second cop as they stretched Kelly out face down over the hood of the large car. Joe was standing behind her briskly opening his uniform trousers and withdrawing a large semi-erect cock. Moving closer to her prone body, he slapped his cock against her ass a few times and stroked his fist up and down the length. David watched it stiffen before his eyes, as, with a grunt, the cop gripped her hips and thrust his weapon deep into her vagina.

Kelly moaned deep in her throat. Still very wet, David could see only intense pleasure on her face as the large tool was thrust deeply into her body over and over again.

"Argh..yes..yes..argh..yes..yes....mmmmm... I think she's enjoying it Paul!" grunted Joe as he ploughed into her.

David's mind was in a turmoil. Was this real? Or had his sexy wife set this up as well? He wondered. Whatever, she certainly seemed to be enjoying yet another deep fuck, the fifth or sixth today, he could hardly keep track.

As Joe groaned and grunted his way towards his climax, the second cop Paul was expectantly licking his lips. He knew his turn would come soon. With a final loud cry, Joe pulled his huge cock out of Kelly's pussy with a sucking sound. Two more jerks with his hand saw a stream of white cum arc almost gracefully through the air and land on Kelly's upturned ass cheeks. Kelly was shaking and sighing just as loudly. As the cum hit her skin, she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body. She seemed to start shaking at her knees, the sensations travelling through her upper body to her head and then back down again and finishing with a trembling and quivering of her buttocks.

Not wanting to waste any time, Paul and Joe quickly switched places. Paul was already hard as a rock, and David watched him place his cock against Kelly's now dripping pussy. Like his partner he stuffed his erection straight into her cunt. As he thrust back and forward, he was seemed only too aware of the copious amount of fluid that was leaking out of her vagina and dripping over her asshole. David thought that he had changed his mind about raping Kelly, as he pulled his erection all the way out of her. But David was wrong. Throwing a grin towards his partner, Paul started to ease his cock into the woman's tight nether hole. David watched in awe, as he saw his wife's most private opening stretch and widen to accept the monster attempting to invade her depths. Kelly was breathing hard now as with a high pitched cry her anal muscle opened and expanded, and Paul's prick slid smoothly in. Again there was no finesse, no time wasting as the cop set up a good strong rhythm. In and out he thrust, beads of sweat starting to form on his brow in the summer sunshine.

"Mmmmm...oh yes're so want me to cum baby...want me to fuck your asshole harder?"

David was taken aback as his wife stopped her guttural moaning and yelled out at the invader behind her.

"Yes...yes...YES...fuck me ..fuck my tight me...take me...make me scream you fucker! I want to feel you cum up my tight asshole...DO IT!!!"

Her words obviously had the desired effect on the cop, because with a final thrust he closed his eyes and let out a sigh of pleasure. With his tool buried deep inside her butt, David and Joe were unable to see him cum. What they could see was Kelly's reaction. She bucked her naked hips up from the warm metal of the car and thrust herself back onto him, milking the cum right out of his heavy balls. For ten more seconds, Paul emptied himself into her ass, grunting and groaning as the last of his cum seeped from the end of his cock. When he was finally finished, he pulled out, his cock appearing with a popping sound.

As Paul tucked his softening cock back into his uniform, Joe spoke.

"You better forget all about this," he said to Dave. "Nothing happened OK? Or you'll both find yourself in jail for lewd behaviour."

The two cops casually strolled back to their squad car and, as quickly as they arrived, they were gone.

Once again Dave and Kelly were alone on the deserted road. As he helped his exhausted wife back to their car, Kelly whispered into his ear.

"Mmmm...well...that was an unexpected treat!"

"You mean you didn't plan it?"

"No.. Not that part...but I loved it anyway...specially the anal bit! You can do me in the ass any time you want now lover!" She exclaimed with a grin.

As they started on the long drive home, David wondered where the change in his wife's behaviour was ever going to end!!!

To Be Possibly Continued...

* * * * *

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