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Alone in London Pt. III
by Crystal

Adam paced around his room disbelieving what he had just done. Masturbating in a corridor outside a young woman's room - what had he been thinking! But despite his guilt he just could not forget the memory of the sweet murmurs he had heard that night. Lying awake in the middle of the night he would toss and turn, desperately attempting to block that sensual melody from his mind and find rest. Feverishly he would masturbate trying to appease the tension that had filled his body like an unstoppable force. Finally, one night he could bare it no more and again returned to the young woman's door. His heart leapt when again he could hear the woman's sounds of pleasure emerging from under the door. Carefully, he unzipped his trousers and began to stroke his long muscular cock following the same rhythm as his unwitting companion. His imagination flared and before his eyes he could visualise the woman's strong naked body engulfing, touching, consuming every single tender pore on his body. He imagined her full red lips devouring his tongue, sucking on it as if to find some potion of life. As he dreamed his dreams, his cock grew and grew until at full size it quivered before him like an assailant, his animal instinct trying to force him to crash through the door and take this woman's body for his own selfish pleasures.

He could feel the tension building up in his balls and the warm gut wrenching sensation of orgasm take him over in the harshest manner he had ever experienced. His entire lower body contracted in a seizure-like state and with a large gasp his cum shot out over his hands in a shower of chemical white. As he gasped he noticed that the sounds from the woman had suddenly ceased and that footsteps were approaching the door. Frozen with panic he stared at the door realising that he would finally confront the woman of his dreams with his hands and trousers covered in voyeuristic drenched semen. The thought seemed so terrible that with only an instant to spare, he leapt from outside her door and backed into the adjacent communal bathroom just as the handle turned and the door slowly opened. Through the hinges, Adam stared in terror as the young woman took two steps from her door dressed only in a loose fitted gown. She then remained still listening for what Adam felt like hours. Then with a shrug, she turned and for a split second Adam saw a glimpse of skin at the top of her thigh before the door finally closed and she was gone.

It was several nights before Adam again ventured downstairs to hear the woman's moans. He had been severely shaken by that night's events and at first had vowed never to try his game again. But, just as before, the memories and visions of the woman had tormented him and Adam soon realised that he could not but humour his new dark obsession.

Again, Adam silently crept downstairs to enjoy the one-way company of his female neighbour. As he approached the door he noticed with great surprise that a small shimmer of light was protruding from the door. After closer inspection, he realised that the light was due to the fact that a key, that had presumably been firmly in place on previous visits, was missing. With great trepidation he gently knelt down and brought his eye to the keyhole.

His heavy breathing came to a sudden halt and all that could be heard was the percussion of his heartbeats. Before him, in the small tatty room was Rachel. She was lying on the bed with her legs dangling loosely over the edge. Her head was laid flat and could therefore only see above her. Adam, on the other hand, had a tunnel vision view of her crotch which was glistening in the harsh light. The rosy pink lips of her pussy seemed slightly swollen, yet deliciously subtle and inviting. Rachel was playing with her breasts, gently massaging them with what appeared to be underwear. The silky lace played with each nipple hardening it and turning it to the colour of dark red. Without realising Adam had already drawn his cock and was kneading it in his palm, transfixed by the wonderful sight before him.

Rachel continued to massage her upper body for some minutes but then turned her attention to her legs and thighs. The closer she came to her pussy the faster Adam's heart raced. His cock was now as hard as steel and he could begin to feel cum slowly making its way up his rod. Finally, Rachel's fingers begin to slide between her pussy lips, disappearing for a split second before reappearing at the top where they would then gently tweak her clitoris causing her entire body to shudder. Her juices were in abundance and could be seen trickling down her thighs in gentle rivers of honey. Adam knew that he would not be able to last much longer so he resisted pulling on his cock and simply knelt, by the door, watching. Rachel was now fully fingering herself, inserting two fingers deep inside her pussy, retracting them slowly before firmly jamming them again inside her. Her hand was completely lubricated by her juices and before long she had three fingers ramming into her cunt.

As Adam watched on in wonder, the woman formed an arc type shape with her hand hiding her thumb in her palm. She then tentatively started to insert her hand through her trembling lips, slowly at first but gradually making more and more ground. Adam looked in disbelief as gradually her whole hand disappeared into her pussy causing her to shake with pleasure. She began to fuck herself with her arm stopping just after her wrist. Adam's cock began pulsating wildly has he watched this woman writhing on her bed wailing from pleasure. Then suddenly she stopped, completely rigid, unbreathing. Then with a scream she forced her arm once more causing a cascade of liquid to relinquish itself down her legs forming a pool of juice around her feet. At this Adam's cock took over completely. Without even having to touch it, it leapt into action, bursting stream after stream of sperm over his hands and the floor. As he gasped from pleasure, the woman slowly sat up, her chest heaving wildly and looked directly through the keyhole at Adam, her eyes burning a hole through his head and his mind. With a look of complete savagery she stood, juices still flowing freely from her pussy and approached the door. be continued


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